Get paid to move to alberta

How to Get Paid To Move To Alberta in 2024!

You’re not reading this wrong — you can get paid to move to Alberta!

Canada has relaunched a move to Alberta program called “Alberta is Calling” — the “Move to Alberta” campaign was first launched in 2022. 

I don’t know about you but I’ve always entertained the thought of moving to charming Alberta and have done my fair share of research about relocating there!

Here’s what I found out: If you move there, you can receive a CA$5,000 (or US$3,600) refundable tax credit as long as you work in eligible full-time roles, file your taxes, and live in Alberta for at least a year. 

If that has piqued your interest and you’re wondering about what is the relocation bonus in Alberta, and if is it a good idea to move to Alberta, I’ll delve into the details! 

If you don’t have a job, you might also wonder, “How can I move to Alberta without a job?”. Don’t worry, I have the answers, just keep reading! 

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Can You Get Paid To Move To Alberta?

Need to know can you get paid to move to Alberta? The short answer is yes, you can get paid if you move to Alberta.

However, this payment for moving to Edmonton, Alberta, or any part of Alberta will come in the form of refundable tax credits, not cash. 

In short, you can receive CA$5,000 (or US$3,600) in refundable tax credit if you fulfill the criteria of being in any of its listed professions, live in Alberta for a year, and file your taxes that same year. 

If you need more details, the Alberta official website has all you need to know about the benefits of Alberta and details about moving to Alberta from another province. 

Get paid to move to alberta

How Much Can You Get Paid To Move To Alberta?

If you’re wondering how much can you get paid to move to Alberta, the figure is a significant CA$5,000 (or US$3,600) just to make the move, if you are a skilled worker.

Of course, this comes with a catch — the skills you need to be compatible with what Alberta is seeking, you need to be working full-time and live in the province for at least 12 months.

Above all, as the payment will come in the form of refundable tax credits, you need to file your year’s taxes within Alberta itself. 

Further details will be made known in the coming weeks as the program is still relatively new at the point of my writing this, but hey, you can always bookmark the Alberta website

Get paid to move to alberta

Types Of Jobs You Can Find In Alberta

Wondering what types of jobs you can find in Alberta? These are the current in-demand roles and sectors in the Alberta province:

  • Healthcare — Nurses, Physicians 
  • Transport — Truck Drivers
  • Retail — Sales Managers
  • Heavy Equipment — Mechanics, Operators 
  • IT — Software Developers
  • Accountants
  • Construction Workers
  • F&B — Cooks, Servers 

If you want to know how to become an Alberta resident, it’s worth keeping an eye out for vacancies in these roles and sectors or to skill yourself in these aspects. 

How Much Can You Make Working In Alberta?

If you have decided to take the plunge to move to Alberta and want to know how much you can make working in Alberta, it ranges from $38,000 to about $62,000, and averages $50,600 a year. 

How much you can make also very much depends on the type of role you choose to take on in Alberta.

For example, someone in a more specialized and in-demand role, such as a nurse or physician, will take home more than an F&B server. 

It is also worth knowing that within Alberta, cities such as Devon and Calgary have higher annual average salaries than places such as Manning and Fort McMurray. 

Pros Of Moving To Alberta

Debating about the pros of moving to Alberta? Here are three very favorable pros that would have me moving there in a heartbeat:

1. Good Healthcare

Health is not something anyone should ever take for granted, and thankfully Alberta has in place a plan for its residents known as the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

You are eligible for this plan as long as you are a legal resident in Canada and intend to make Alberta your permanent home, being committed to staying in the province for at least 183 days within a year. 

Get paid to move to alberta

2. Scenic Landscapes

As someone who grew up in the city of Kuala Lumpur, I’ve always loved traveling to areas with natural beauty — after all, the cement jungle can get very stifling after a while.

In Alberta, you’ll have unbridled access to natural landscapes. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, nature reserves, they’ll all be at your fingertips.

Some of my go-to bucket list spots in Alberta include: 

Honestly, the list could go on forever — there’s just SO much to see in Alberta, Canada!

3. Highest Average Wages & Good Job Opportunities

Out of all the provinces in Canada, Alberta has one of the highest wages, as well as good job opportunities.

Statistics Canada states that the unemployment rate in Alberta is 6.3%, which is just slightly higher than the Canadian average of 6.1%.

Take a quick look at the Alberta job market forecast, and you’ll see that there’s a clear need for many workers in construction, healthcare, IT, and education. 

Cons Of Moving To Alberta 

As with every decision, there are also the cons of moving to Alberta you’ll probably need to consider. Here’s some of them:

1. Long And Cold Winters

Honestly, as a tropical girlie, Alberta’s long and cold winters are a huge con for me. If you’re someone who embraces the warm weather, then it might not be for you.

Its winter temperatures can drop to a low of -35 degrees Celsius! 

But it could also be a pro for those who might hate the warm weather — you decide!

2. Landlocked province

Alberta may have gorgeous lakes and natural reserves, but it is a land-locked province — one of the only two landlocked provinces in Canada, with the other being Saskatchewan. 

So if you love your beaches and oceans, this might not be the place to reside long-term unless you’re willing to travel for the sea. 

Your Checklist For Moving To Alberta 

If you’re finally ready for that move to Alberta, you’ll want to prepare a checklist for moving to Alberta.

The official Alberta website has a very comprehensive checklist to help you move to this province with ease, but I’ll share some of my must-dos when I move to a new place: 

  • Prepare your important personal documents — this includes government-issued identification, driver’s license, and even notarized translated documents if you come from a country whose official language isn’t English.
  • Update your resume or work reference letters if you are coming to Alberta without a job
  • If you come without a job, sign up with a local headhunter ahead of your move
  • If you are coming with a job, make sure your employer knows of your move and ensure that you update your tax filing status with your current place of residence and Alberta 
  • Look for a local realtor in Alberta to help with rental opportunities or to help you with the purchase of a home 
  • Get your utilities set up, especially your electricity, water, and wi-fi! 
  • Register for Alberta’s Health Care Insurance plan — most people who live and work in Alberta have access to this, but do ensure you apply for this within 3 months of arriving, especially if you intend to be in Alberta for at least 12 months
  • If you have children, you should look into childcare options and even childcare subsidies. Alberta has a toll-free hotline you can call for this: 1-844-644-5165
Get paid to move to alberta

FAQs on Get Paid To Move To Alberta

Does Canada Pay You To Move There

Not sure if Canada pays you to move there? It does! Alberta, Canada has a program where that pays you CA$5,000 (or US$3,600) in refundable tax credits.

You just need to be a skilled employee in its eligible skills list, file your taxes in the year that its remuneration program is running, and live in Alberta for at least a year.

Sure, it isn’t cold hard cash, but CA$5,000 (or US$3,600) in tax credits is still a whole lotta money and a great incentive if you’re considering relocating. 

How Much Does Canada Pay You To Live There

If you’re curious about how much Canada pays you to live there, you can receive around CA$20,000 or US$15,000 in tuition fee rebate if you take part in Saskatchewan’s Graduate Retention Program. 

To be eligible for this, you’ll need to live and file your income taxes in Saskatchewan. 

The amount of tuition rebate is also dependent on your program, ranging from CA$3,000 (or US$2,200) for a 1-year certificate to CA$20,000 (or US$14,500) for a 4-year degree. 

Get paid to move to alberta

Is Alberta Friendly To Immigrants?

If you’re wondering is Alberta friendly to immigrants, you’d be glad to know that Alberta is extremely immigrant-friendly — it offers lower taxes than other provinces in Canada. 

If the cost of living and taxes are a huge factor for you when deciding where to immigrate, then Alberta should be top of your list. 

According to official Canadian statistics, Alberta welcomed close to 14,000 immigrants in the fourth quarter of 2023, a 2% increase from the same period last year. 

Is It A Good Idea To Move To Alberta?

Wondering is it a good idea to move to Alberta? Many reasons make a move to this beautiful province a good idea — good job opportunities, scenic landscapes and excellent healthcare.

If you’re keen on these factors, Alberta could be a good spot to live in.

However, as with all places, Alberta too does have its cons — the province has extremely cold winters, which might make it difficult for someone who’s not used to such harsh conditions. 

Another con is that while the province has many gorgeous views, it is still ultimately a landlocked province, so access to the seaside and oceans is limited. 

Get paid to move to alberta

Is Alberta A Good Province For Immigrants?

Not quite sure is Alberta a good province for immigrants? If you’re someone who’s a fan of low taxes, a decent standard of living, and affordable healthcare, then Alberta’s your spot to be.

To add, the province is home to many gorgeous scenic spots so it’s perfect to immigrate to if you love the great outdoors.

However, as with all locations, Alberta comes with its own cons, such as harsh winters. 

How Long Do You Have To Live In Alberta To Be A Resident? 

If you want to know how long you have to live in Alberta to be a resident, you’ll first need to know that every residency option differs in terms of its eligibility criteria and application requirements.

For example, if you want to apply for the Alberta Opportunity Scheme for temporary foreign workers who have full-time employment in Alberta, you just need to have a temporary resident status in Canada, and a temporary foreign worker permit.

There are also other programs such as the Canada Express Entry program, where applicants must complete a profile to determine whether they meet the criteria of any of Canada’s federal immigration programs. 

Thereafter, candidates are scored using a ranking system, and the highest-ranked candidates will then be invited to apply for permanent residency. 

There are different programs and different eligibility criteria so you can either refer to Alberta’s permanent residency website or Canada’s site to get the finer details. 

What Is A Livable Salary in Alberta?

Not quite sure what is a livable salary in Alberta? For a start, a livable salary in Alberta is the basic salary that someone needs to have to cover basic expenses and live a decent life. 

This differs quite a bit from state to state within Alberta. 

For Alberta, a livable salary in Calgary, Alberta stands at about CAD$23.40 an hour, or US$17.20 per hour

What this means is that to live a comfortable life, an individual should be earning at least CAD$23.40 or US$17.20 per hour, working a minimum of 35 hours a week. 

Of course, this is a basic sum and if one wants to live a more comfortable life, this sum will inevitably go up. 

Why Is Alberta So Cheap?

If all that research has got you wondering why Alberta is so cheap, for one, Alberta’s housing, which is a huge part of living costs, is very affordable. 

Another factor is that Alberta also has very livable and reasonable taxation policies — for example, it has no provincial sales tax and no land transfer tax on its residential real estate.

That said despite it being cheaper to live in Alberta than say Ontario, Alberta weather can be very harsh and it can be difficult to travel from place to place in the province unless you have a car.

So it is recommended that you only move there if you have a good job, are in good financial standing to buy a home, and have good transportation options. 

Why Do Canadians Move To Alberta?

Wondering why do Canadians move to Alberta despite the harsh winter conditions there? It’s a no-brainer, really — the place has great housing opportunities, which form a big part of one’s living expenses.

Housing is affordable and also has great taxation policies when it comes to housing-related taxes.

Additionally, Alberta has no shortage of good job opportunities — especially in healthcare, retail, education, and IT — so if you’re someone in these fields, moving to Alberta is enticing. 

Need we also mention how gorgeous Alberta locations can be, like the Banff National Park? 

Get paid to move to alberta

I hope that if you’ve come here because you’re wondering if you can get paid to move to Alberta, you’ve found the answer you’re looking for.

The “Move to Alberta” program is an enticing program that offers CA$5,000 (or US$3,600) for one to move to this scenic province, and as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, it’s worth a thought! 

Even if you don’t have a suitable or eligible job that could qualify you for the program, there are plenty of job opportunities in Alberta, as well as good reasons to move there.

Whichever your decision is, I hope this article has helped you along in your decision-making process.

Let me know in the comments if you eventually decided to move to Alberta or not, I’m keen to know! 

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