Get paid to move to tennessee

14 Ways to Get Paid To Move To Tennessee!

Do you want to get paid to move to Tennessee? If your answer is Yes, you’ve come to the right page! 

I was intrigued when I first heard it too! How does someone get paid to move to Tennessee? What type of gimmick is this? Glad to tell you there’s no gimmick here! 

Hundreds of people are moving to Tennessee every day. 

You must wonder what a good southern country with the windy breeze blowing your hair and a beautiful glimpse of the Mississippi River has to offer you.  

Well, if that doesn’t sound fancy then you might want to know that not only do you get paid to move to Tennessee, but you also would be living in a tax-friendly country! 

In this article, I’ll be sharing the best places in Tennessee, relocation programs, relocation jobs, and support groups that will help you in this move!

Top Cities in Tennessee 

1. Memphis

2. Nashville

3. Knoxville

4. Clarksville

5. Chattanooga

6. Rutherford County 

Relocation Programs 

7. Remote Shoals Program

8. Geek.Move

9. Make My Move

Relocation Offered Jobs

10. Zip Recruiter

11. Simply Hired 

12. Indeed 

13. Jobble 

14. Relocation Support Groups 

Get paid to move to tennessee

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1. Get Paid To Move To Tennessee – Top Cities in Tennessee 

Are you thinking of moving to Tennessee? Which county is the best place to relocate with you and your family? 

Here are some top cities in Tennessee to get paid to move to Tennessee that I’ve picked out that could be your new home! 

Get paid to move to tennessee

Memphis is home to country blues, soul music, and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s truly what Memphis is all about; the music. 

Famous for its music, it’s considered the 2nd most populated city in Tennessee and can be considered the best place to be in Tennessee. 

The entertainment is endless, it has a lot of great tourist spots with fantastic outdoor activities and has shorter commutes. It’s a plus that Memphis has great weather too! 

You may not be paid directly with money when moving to Memphis but they do offer a great deal for housing! 

Did you know Memphis has one of the lowest costs in the U.S.? You can rent a house as low as $700 and own one for $105,000

As such, it makes a great place if you’d like to start up your business here. 

If you’re a foodie, it’s even better! Memphis has food festivals happening all year round!

Memphis Chicken & Beer Festival, Memphis Brewfest & Brunch Fest, Memphis Food & Wine Festival, Memphis Tequila Festival, and many more! 

It’s no wonder people are moving a lot to Memphis! Moving to Tennessee pros and cons are listed below. 

Memphis is a food paradiseIt has high sales tax 
Housing market is great Traveling in Memphis is difficult 
Endless amazing entertainment Traffic is bad 
Growth in tech opportunities Heat is unbearable 

Nashville is known as the ‘Songwriting Capital of the World’. 

The place where songwriters all over the world will come to Music City and learn to share their passion. 

A lot of our music stars are from Nashville. To name a few, there’s Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kesha and many more! 

The city may be admired for its music, but most people choose to move to this part of Tennessee because it’s centrally located in the state of Tennessee. 

The neighborhood gives you a suburban atmosphere, and the people are very friendly and welcoming. 

What Nashville has to offer is rising job opportunities. Of course, if music is your thing, you shouldn’t be worried about the many opportunities there. 

There’s an increase in tech industries like Amazon and Apple setting up their headquarters there. 

The increased number of jobs would be great for the people of Nashville and people who are relocating to Tennessee. 

Nashville is currently the most expensive city in Tennessee to stay in. As more people are moving to Tennessee, the prices of rent are also increasing. 

It’s a great place if you’d like to retire in Nashville too! Retirees can enjoy a lively scene and enjoy the range of senior friendly communities and amenities in Nashville. 

A lot of cultural attractions are available too, like the Ryman Auditorium and Country Music Hall of Fame

Need more to weigh on? I’ve done the pros and cons of retiring in Tennessee for you to consider moving to Nashville. 

City of Music It can get very crowded 
Lot’s of options for housing The prices are gradually increasing 
Great tasty food Public transport system is quite poor 
It’s a lively city and everyone is friendly Tourism sector is booming, you’ll need to get used to the city life 

Knoxville is another booming city with lots of job opportunities and increasing. 

More and more people are moving here for its easy access to the other country and its close proximity to Tennessee’s national park. 

Moving to Knoxville also means you’ll be entitled to one of the lowest housing prices in the U.S., even though Knoxville is now increasing their housing costs. 

The county was known as the Scruffy Little City once in 1980 as it hosted the World’s Fair. 

When they hosted this, they planted thousands of plants and trees, and it became the greenest city in Tennessee! It’s an amazing place to do outdoor activities. 

The living cost here in Knoxville is also much lower than the US average and it’s known for its rich culture. 

There’s a lot of diverse culture here, too, with lots of Hispanics moving to the county. 

With the increase in job opportunities, the average salary here is about $34,000 per annum. 

However, if you’re moving to Knoxville with your vehicle, you’ll need to register your vehicle within 30 days after your move. 

To make your final call, here’s a list of Tennessee living pros and cons of moving to Knoxville. 

Pros Cons 
Beautiful landscape Rate crime is slightly high 
Increasing of jobs Transportation system is poor 
A lot of outdoor activities Allergy level is high 
Low traffic Hot during summers 

Clarksville is another county that you can consider moving to Tennessee. It’s just 50 miles away from Nashville, with lots of landmarks and historical sites for you to visit! 

The cost of living is also one of the cheapest in Tennessee, making it very affordable for you to bring your family to relocate. 

The rent goes as low as $900, and for housing, it’s approximately $500,000 for you to purchase. 

Are people moving to Tennessee for the education system? If you’re moving with small children, you would need to know that Clarksville has a great education system. 

The graduation rate is at 94.3%, while Tennessee’s average rate is only at 89.6%. 

The job market here is also booming with lots of opportunities, most of the residents are in Hospitality, Manufacturing, and even the Government. 

There are a lot of other industries to get into, of course, like retail, food and beverage, healthcare, and even education. 

Get paid to move to tennessee

Don’t worry about moving to a smaller county, the nightlife in Clarksville doesn’t die either! One of the most famous bars is called the Electric Cowboy

Give it a visit when you’re in Clarksville. Here’s a list of pros and cons that you would need to consider. 

Pros Cons 
Booming industry Traffic is high due to infrastructure 
Great outdoor activities Crime rate is higher than country’s rate
Great cost of living Humidity is high 
Education system is top notch Limited public transport
Get paid to move to tennessee

Love rock climbing, hiking, and sunny weather? Chattanooga might be the perfect place for you especially if you love spending your time outdoors. 

In recent years, there’s been an increase in millennials moving to Chattanooga as it’s a great place for startups to build their business. 

Chattanooga is also known for its great internet speed as it’s called a gig city, with lots of events and amazing nightlife for you to get on with. 

The cost of living in Chattanooga is also 3% lower than the average. Amazing cost if you ask me. 

With an average salary of $57,000 per annum and an average rent starting from $800, it seems like a pretty good place to move to. 

Chattanooga also has an initiative paying $10,000 called the Geek.move that is looking for amazing developers. I’ve explained a bit more about it below. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Chattanooga. 

Cost of living is great Crime rate is higher than U.S average rate 
Night life is amazing There’s a high poverty rate 
Spectacular landscape Summer heat is hot 
Tons of festivals and events Public school system not so great 

Would you like to get paid to live in Rutherford County Tennessee? 

Rutherford County is an upcoming and booming city with low living costs but big amenities like other big cities out there. 

You know how the people of Tennessee are! They are very big in their activities. Rutherford has the largest indoor climbing facility! 

40 miles of lots of green hills, spectacular landscape and amazing health care, that’s how I would sum up Rutherford. 

Recreational amenities are amazing, too with lots of sporting events happening all year round in Rutherford. 

If you’d like to get paid to move to Tennessee without a job, right now there’s a $10,000 incentive program for you to relocate to Rutherford from Tennessee! 

The requirements differ for each of the programs. 

TN Reconnect: You’ll have to be 24 years old and 1 year of residency

TN Promise: This program is available to all high school graduates. 

TN Hope: This goes out to TN high schools and attending TN Public University 

Sounds pretty amazing, right? I’ve listed the pros and cons for you below here. 

Pros Cons
Great activities to do Low in population compared to other county’s
Spectacular scenery Relatively high in crime 
Booming city Lot’s of construction going on 
Education system is great A lot of insects  

2. Get Paid To Move To Tennessee – Relocation Programs 

Another great idea is to go through some relocation programs to help you to move to Tennessee. 

Relocation programs not only pay you for your move but will help you settle in nicely, too. I’ve found 2 programs that are currently happening in Tennessee. 

The Shoals Program is offering $10,000 to do their job and live in Shoals. If you’re doing remote work, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Though not directly in Tennessee, it is just an hour away from Nashville, Memphis, and Birmingham, and it’s right at the banks of the Tennessee River. 

The $10,000 is being paid in stages to you. It offers $2,500 to help you with your relocation costs and another $2,500 once you reach the 6-month mark. 

You will get $5,000 at the end when you’ve stayed at the Shoals for a year. Consider it as an anniversary present to celebrate your 1-year mark of being in Shoals! 

The catch? You would need to earn a minimum of $52,000 per annum on your remote job, and you’re able to make the move within 6 months after being accepted. 

Ready to join the community at the Shoals? Sign up today!

Especially for the “Gig City”, Chattanooga is on the lookout for some techies with an incentive of $10,000

Behind this wonderful initiative is actually to flourish one of Tennessee’s largest cities into a tech paradise. 

According to CNBC news, the Vice President of communications in Chattanooga says they’re working with schools to enhance skills through this program. 

The “Geek Move’ initiative offers $1,250 cash to move to Chattanooga and a forgivable mortgage of $10,000 to help put a downpayment on buying a home! 

Of course, this initiative is only applicable to the 10 most qualified developers and the applicants must be staying within a 50-mile radius of Chattanooga. 

Think you got what it takes? Apply today and get to be part of Tennessee! 

Make My Move is a platform that shows locations that are offering incentives to relocate! 

Currently, Johnson City in eastern Tennessee is welcoming new members to join their communities. 

Johnson City is a small town with its southern charm still in place with big city amenities. 

For remote workers that are earning a minimum of $50,000 per annum; the city is offering up to $5,000 in relocation expenses. 

Along with other perks, you’ll also be able to receive a $1,000 discount on the purchase of a new hot tub from LPI, Inc. 

Other than that, you’ll also be able to get up to $500 purchase of a bike from Trek, discounts on sports amenities and a free outdoor grill for your new home. 

Johnson City ensures their new member of the community is packed with the essentials and makes sure their new move comes with nothing but relaxation afterwards. 

You can also earn an extra bucks of $500 when you refer a friend to move to Johnson City. 

Make sure you’re able to move within the next 6 months of offering the acceptance and you’ll be able to experience the beautiful view and perks soon! 

Apply today before their application closes! 

3. Get Paid To Move To Tennessee – Relocation Offered Jobs

Do you know some jobs will pay you to be relocated? 

By getting a job that will pay for relocation you don’t need to worry about how much does it costs to move to Tennessee. 

So where do you find all these job offers? Here are a few platforms where you can search for jobs in Tennessee. 

Zip Recruiter is one of the platforms you can use to find jobs. There are currently a lot of jobs being offered in Tennessee. 

Here’s one that caught my attention. 

Get paid to move to tennessee

Are you in the F&B line? If you are, here’s a great opportunity for you. 

Starting from $90,000 – $110,000 per year, relocation assistance is provided if you are qualified for the job. 

If you have 5 years of experience and have a comprehensive understanding of the industry, this could be your next job. 

On Simply Hired, there are a lot of job opportunities out there in Tennessee. However, there’s one that simply catches my attention. 

Get paid to move to tennessee

On Simply Hired, there’s an opening for a dog groomer! The Groom Club isn’t looking for any ordinary groomer, the groomer needs at least 3 years of work experience! 

They are looking for the best dog groomer to move to Nashville. Other than being paid for relocation, they also reimburse $50 on phone bills every month. 

You would need a valid driver’s license as you would need to drive a Mercedes Benz Sprinter for work. 

It’s important that you’re comfortable and keen on driving as you would need to send the pets back to their owners after grooming. 

The job pays you in the range of $5,000-$6,250! A very high range I might add! 

Interested? Click here for more information

Indeed is another amazing platform for you to find jobs. I’ve listed a few job opportunities that are paying for relocation.

I’ve found that Indeed has a lot of sales opportunities, so if you’re into doing sales check the list below. 

This position is open to people who would like to climb the ladder. After undergoing a 12-month cycle program, be ready to be promoted to Territory Manager. 

It has an excellent salary package and most importantly is able to pay for relocation! 

Starting from $57,000 a year, this position is not only paying for relocation but if you qualify, they would also pay for your monthly housing stipend!

That’s a whole lot of money saved, you would just need to perform well! 

Are you a decision-maker and problem-solver, who loves talking to people? Sales could be a career for you! 

With $40,000 as a base salary excluding commission and 26 weeks of paid training, it sounds like a great place to start off your sales career! 

Would you like to live that country farm life in Tennessee? Here’s a farm job I found available! 

Do you and your partner like to live a new life on a farm? Here is a post that’s looking for a couple to help manage their farm. 

450 acres to manage, 2 staff quarters, and 2 guest houses; it sounds like real Tennessee life. 

It’s a bonus if you can speak Spanish as some of the employees are Spanish themselves. 

Though I reckon you can always learn Spanish from books! 

Here is something I recommend. 

Of course, there are other jobs in Jobble if this is not what you’re looking for. 

4. Get Paid To Move To TennesseeRelocation Support Groups 

Moving can be very stressful and very taxing. That’s when I found these Facebook groups that you can join to get support from! 

They don’t only give support, but they can also act as a moving to Tennessee guide. 

  • Facebook Relocation Groups 

Moving to a smaller county also means you would need a group of friends who are able to support you every step of the way. 

Getting the right home, settling in and getting the necessary things for your house, and just simply finding your way into the town. 

Here are the Facebook groups I was talking about. 

FAQS on Get Paid To Move To Tennessee 

Moving To Tennessee In 2024?

Moving To Tennessee in 2024 is amazing as it has a high quality of life, low living costs, and low tax rates. Over the past 20 years, Tennessee has undergone an impressive population growth rate and although it’s not the perfect place to live in it’s about as good as it gets with the prices.  

Can I Afford To Move To Tennessee? 

If you’re wondering can I afford to move to Tennessee, the cost of living in Tennessee is very affordable and the prices of owning an average home only cost approximately $300,000 if you’d consider renting the prices of rent range around 20%-30% below the national average.

Why Is Tennessee So Cheap Living? 

Wondering why Tennessee is so cheap living, the answer is Tennessee does not have any income tax and their property tax is also comparatively low compared to others. This factor makes Tennessee a desirable place to move and as the economy is growing it automatically leads to job growth as well. 

Moving to another country can be quite overwhelming and is a big decision with so many factors to think about. 

I hope that I’ve given you all the details that you need to know when it comes to get paid to move to Tennessee.

My take on it? Feel it in your bones then go for it! Life is short and you don’t want to live a life and wish you had done more.

If you do decide to move to Tennessee let me know in the comments which city you decided to move to!

I might drop by when I travel to Tennessee!

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