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15 FREE Proofreading Courses + Certification [2024]

Are you looking for a free proofreading course that will help you start a career in proofreading?

Being a grammatical whiz in high school will not cut it. The production of written content is at a record high, and almost everyone requires needs a fresh pair of eyes to screen through their work. 

Are you prepared to use your command of written communication to land a fulfilling career where you have control over your schedule and how much money you make?

This article will tell you about the top proofreading online course free available because I am a certified proofreader with experience in the industry.

We’re going to also look into some inexpensive options. Let’s get to it!

My Favourite FREE Proofreading Course that I took when I had no experience :

THIS FREE Proofreading workshop that will help you learn the basic skills and decide on whether freelance proofreading is for you. Perfect if you want to know how to become a proofreader with no experience and if you are looking for proofreading courses online for FREE

Affiliate Link Disclosure

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

Note- the Proofread Anywhere course helps you transition into a full-time proofreader/editor and run it as a well-paid business.

The Proofread Anywhere course begins with proofreading basics and then goes on to share advanced proofreading methods, how and where to find jobs, what rate to set, and common mistakes to avoid.

Caitlin is the lady who runs the course and she has been a proofreader since 2007. She turned her love for proofreading into a full-time job and now helps others do the same.

The Proofread Anywhere course is packed with 40+ lessons in 8 modules, grammar-specific worksheets, and real-life example jobs.

After passing with 90% or higher on the final exam you will receive a Certificate of Completion and access to the Self-Publishing School Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex.

Ps; Caitlin is offering a FREE Proofreading workshop that will help you learn the basic skills and decide on whether freelance proofreading is for you. Perfect if you want to know how to become a proofreader with no experience and if you are looking for proofreading courses online for free.

15 Free Proofreading Courses

1. University Of California – Grammar And Punctuation



  • 1: Course Introduction
  • 2: Verb Tenses And Conjunctions
  • 3: Compound And Complex Sentences
  • 4: More Commas, Parallel Structure, and Sentence Variety

Are you no longer the grammar police? Does your skill need a little basic refresher? If so, you’ll do great in this course.

This specialization serves as a review of some writing tools. You can use it to prepare for another free online proofreading course with a certificate.

It will take you roughly 10 hours to finish. Writing and proofreading are skills, and practice is the key to mastering any skill.

Watch the videos in this course, put into practice the topics studied, and get them reviewed in the discussion. 

Upon completion, you can: 

  • Recognize the appropriate verb tenses to utilize
  • Learn correct punctuations
  • Use a variety of sentence structures
  • Improve English writing skills

2. University Of Michigan – Writing And Editing Specialization



  • 1: Word Choice And Word Order
  • 2: Structure And Organization
  • 3: Drafting
  • 4: Revising

Even though this is one of the proofreading and editing courses online free, the writing component is the focus of this course.

It focuses on a variety of abilities, such as how to offer and accept high-quality criticism, how to organize a selection of writing material in a reader-friendly fashion, and how to regularly meet deadlines.  

3. University Of Michigan – Writing And Editing: Revising



  • 1: Editing And Empathy
  • 2: Uselessly Accurate
  • 3: Writer To Reader
  • 4: Feedback Loops

The distinction between proofreading and editing will be explained in this course. You’ll practice simplifying content so that the information and figures you use are understandable and convincing.

On top of that, you’ll learn about the feedback loop system that helps organize the contents to be eliminated and the contents to be maintained.

You will also have access to a huge selection of publications and other materials that you may use long after you complete the course.

These include the tasks and readings that were given to the students who participated in the live sessions of the class at the Universities of Michigan and Chicago.

4. Editing For Beginners


You can learn proofreading online for free with this minicourse.

This course will offer you an idea of what it may be like to be an experienced proofreader. It offers some grammatical lessons and details on what you might anticipate working as an experienced proofreader. 

This mini-course can be very helpful in assisting you in determining if proofreading is the correct choice for you if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of working as an experienced proofreader. 

5. Kickstart A Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career On Upwork

CostFree with a 7-day trial


  • 1: Introductory Information
  • 2: The Basics To Get Started On Upwork
  • 3: Bidding
  • 4: Ratings And Repeat Clients
  • 5: Macro-Level Tips For Doing A Great Job
  • 6: Practical Concerns
  • 7: Bonus Lecture

While this course is not your typical course that gives proofreading certification for free, it teaches you how to set yourself up for a successful proofreading career on Upwork. 

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where freelancers thrive and earn a steady stream of income. 

With this course, you will be able to draw clients and write a compelling cover letter for your bid proposal.

In Upwork, it is all about bidding for your job, and this course can help you gain contracts by using ethical bidding practices and improve your ratings quickly to increase your chances of winning a bid.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Impress customers with straightforward editing concepts and techniques.
  • Develop recurring customers to expand your business.
  • Develop your proofreading business more quickly.
  • Avoid the common errors that new freelancers make and lose money.

If you are keen on exploring Upwork, here are some articles that may benefit you:

6. How To Find & Correct Writing Errors: The Proofreading Guide

CostFree with a 7-day trial


1: Good Habits

2: Do These Things When You Proofread

3: Issues With Words And Punctuation

4: Lists And Guides

5: Proofreading The Format, Design, And Graphics

6: Final Tasks People Forget To Do

7: You’re Not Alone: Getting Help With Proofreading

8: Bonus Lecture

This course is intended for authors and editors of all genres who wish to improve their proofreading abilities and avoid mistakes in their work.

The proofreading phase is your final opportunity to find mistakes before your writing is seen by coworkers, authors, and the public. Effective proofreading involves polishing your writing so that it reads well and looks professional. 

7. Proofreading Power Basics

CostFree with a 7-day trial
LevelIntermediate grammar knowledge


  • 1: Proofreader Expectations
  • 2: Grammar Assessment
  • 3: Proofreading Tips
  • 4: Proofreading Strategies
  • 5: Proofreading Marks
  • 6: Proofreading For Capitalization
  • 7: Proofreading For Numbers
  • 8: Proofreading Error Hotspots
  • 9: Style Guides

Proofreading Power Basics is a distinctive online course that teaches the essentials of proofreading through hands-on exercises and exams.

This is a primer on the principles of proofreading for those with strong language and grammatical skills who desire an additional skill challenge, especially teachers, working freelancers, or anyone who wants to broaden their scope of services.

8. Writing Proofreading Course: Proofread Punctuation & Grammar

CostFree with a 7-day trial


  • 1: Master The Basics Of Proofreading
  • 2: Punctuation Checklist
  • 3: Other Language Mistakes Checklist
  • 4: Proofreading Practice Activities
  • 5: Proofreading job Sites & Full Upwork Guide
  • 6: Final Proofreading Lecture

The instructor of this course has been a professional proofreader for over 5 years and will teach you three crucial methods for proofreading translation.

You will learn the way to track modifications to Microsoft Word and choose an autocorrect program. 

Clarify your writing, and improve your grammar and punctuation.

On top of that, you will also study the basics of text proofreading and editing.

9. What Is Proofreading? (Proofreading Training Centre)


For anyone who is just starting out with proofreading, this course is fantastic.

Your grammar and proofreading abilities will develop from novice to more experienced proofreader upon completion of this course.

The course is broken down into a couple of chunks that make it easier for the student to understand proofreading principles and to help them develop their writing abilities through tasks.

10. How To Be An Editor/Proofreader (For Translators) 

CostFree with a 7-day trial


  • 1: What Does Editing/Proofreading Mean?
  • 2: What Does Editing/Proofreading Mean To You?
  • 3: Starting Strategies
  • 4: How To Proceed
  • 5: Other Issues
  • 6: Tips And Tricks

Translators who want to focus on proofreading should take will benefit from this course.

This course covers subjects and problems unique to the specialization of proofreading, which can be beneficial knowledge for a translator to have.

On top of that, advice on how to improve your résumé, how to get started with job notifications, and how to choose a reliable translation company.

11. Certification In Editing And Proofreading – Masterclass

CostFree with a 7-day trial


  • 1: Content Edit
  • 2: Structure Edit
  • 3: Presentation Edit
  • 4: IT Skills
  • 5: Choosing Editing And Proofreading As A Career
  • 6: Assessment
  • 7: Professional Updates

This is a comprehensive course that covers A to Z. You will have a deep understanding of how to examine a document for its context and break it down when you are proofreading. 

You will also learn to make the document evocative while correcting the tone, punctuation, and grammatical errors. 

12. Complete Writing Editing Masterclass + An eBook With Examples

CostFree with a 7-day trial


  • 1: Basics Of Writing Editing
  • 2: Writing Editing Step-By-Step
  • 3: Editing Rules With Examples
  • 4: Grammar Rules For Copyediting And Proofreading
  • 5: Proofreading Strategies And Rules

This course is a straighforward one. If you are looking for a course with minimal to no-fluff, the type that gets straight to the point, then this course is for you. 

By the end of this course, you will learn how to effectively write and edit, as well as have your proofreading skills enhanced. 

13. Editing Mastery: How To Edit To Perfection

CostFree with a 7-day trial
LevelBeginner and Intermediate


  • 1: The Magic Of Deep Editing
  • 2: The Content Edit
  • 3: The Structure Edit
  • 4: The Style Edit
  • 5: The Presentation Edit

You’ll learn how the best copy editors captivate loyal readers. Almost any kind of writing will be taught to be proofread well in this course. After completing the course, you will be given an Editing Mastery Certificate of Completion.

You will learn how to produce captivating writing with ease and how to effectively elevate a document. You will also learn techniques and certain tools that will make you stand out from the rest.

14. General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ (GPTP) (Proofread Anywhere)



  • 1: Introduction To General Proofreading
  • 2: Grammar Refresher
  • 3: Sentence Structure
  • 4: Spelling And Word Use For Proofreaders
  • 5: Punctuation Principles
  • 6: Proofreading Methods
  • 7: Proofreading Practice
  • 8: Types Of Proofreading
  • 9: Turning Proofreading Into A Business
  • 10: Finding Clients
  • 11: Marketing Basics
  • 12: Your Workflow
  • 13: Getting The Most Out Of The Freelancing Life

Yes, this is a pricey one but I can tell you that this course is well worth the investment. 

All there is to know to work successfully as a proofreader or editor will be covered in this course. You’ll be taught how to start an internet proofreading side hustle, how to locate clients, and the most recent proofreading techniques.

15. Becoming A Proofreader (Knowadays)



  • 1: Introduction To Becoming A Proofreader
  • 2: Proofreading And Editing
  • 3: The Basics Of Microsoft Word
  • 4: Common Spelling Mistakes
  • 5: Common Grammar Mistakes
  • 6: Common Punctuation Mistakes
  • 7: Other Common Errors
  • 8: Proofreading In Practice: Style
  • 9: Academic Proofreading
  • 10: Academic Proofreading: Referencing And Citations
  • 11: Creative Writing And The Publishing Industry
  • 12: Proofreading Business Writing
  • 13: Finding Work And The Final Assignment

Another pricey yet worthwhile course is Becoming A Proofreader by Knowadays (formerly known as Proofreading Academy). 

This course emphasizes fixing obvious tone issues, such as degrees of formality and improper language use. It is incredibly thorough and extensive, giving you all the resources you need to obtain a proofreading job.

The course outline is well-defined and simple to understand.

It is jam-packed with helpful advice and activities where you may put your newly acquired abilities to use. The practice tests strengthen your knowledge and comprehension, and the course can be completed at your own pace.

FAQs on Best Proofreading Courses

How Can I Learn Proofreading For Free?

THIS FREE Proofreading workshop that will help you learn basic proofreading skills

At the end of the day, regardless of the course, you can only achieve the goals you set for yourself to become a proofreader by taking action. 

You may hear people preach about really expensive courses or professional proofreaders trying to convince you that their course is the best. Remember that you can start with a free proofreading course first before deciding to splurge. 

Especially if you are a complete beginner to this field, you might find that being a proofreader is not your cup of tea. So why spend money which you will not be getting back. 

How Much Does It Cost To Proofread 1,000 Words?

The average proofreader charges $0.014$0.018 per word, amounting to $14 to $18  per 1000 words. 

Factors Affecting Rates

  • Deadline
  • Document To Be Proofread
  • Experience


The element that typically results in the biggest price fluctuations is the deadline set by your client. 

If a client demands a document to be submitted very quickly, that will result in a higher premium. Another scenario is if a client changes the deadline at the last minute, then you can impose a higher fee. 

Document To Be Proofread

The type of document is one thing to take into account. Different types of texts require different levels of proofreading. 

For example, if can proofread a 6-year-old preschool English language text quicker than an academic paper that is about to be published. 

Additionally, compared to most other types of writing, corporate papers often attract a higher premium. 

One way to ensure you earn big bucks is to niche down with the type of documents you proofread. Say you have a background in science and mathematics, you should start offering your services in the STEM field. 

With more scholarly papers being published now, you will find that there is a demand for proofreaders in this field. 

When you offer your service to a niche that is high in demand, you will be able to charge a higher fee.


The educational backgrounds, level of expertise, and previous experience of proofreaders vary widely and so does the fee imposed by them.

Due to these variations, average rates for independent proofreaders fluctuate greatly from one another.

This is given because just like any other field, a ‘specialist’ in a field will charge more than the generic worker. Similar to when you consult a general doctor compared to a neurologist in the hospital. 

Since the level of expertise varies, so does the fee imposed. 

As a beginner, you can start by proofreading documents of your friends, family, or colleagues to start building a portfolio. Once you have accumulated a few samples and attracted clients, you will then be able to charge your clients more.

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Can You Be A Proofreader With No Experience?

Yes, you can be a proofreader with no experience. (I had no experience when I started!)

Even with minimal to zero experience, you can still find work as a freelance proofreader. There are online courses, tests, and certifications that you can obtain when you are starting out with being a proofreader. 

Skills Needed To Be A Proofreader

The main skills needed to be a proofreader are – grammar skills, spelling, and punctuation. Then, later on, with the best proofreading courses online, you can discover how to identify typical mistakes in writing.

You will learn the fundamentals of grammatical structures and syntax in a proofreading-free course as well.

Having attention-to-detail skills is also a proofreading quality that you should have. You should have the patience to catch every single sentence-level inaccuracy. To make sure the text is flawless, go line by line through it and look for any mistakes. 

Another skill that is good to have is good communication skill. 

A proofreader with this skill is adept at negotiating their fees, keeping clients informed of their progress, and providing constructive criticism.

Maintaining professionalism also includes keeping an open line of communication with the customer.  

How Do I Study For Proofreading?

So, how do I study for proofreading? When it comes to proofreading, there is no studying required. However, there are some things you can do with the help of the best online proofreading courses to start a career in freelancing.

Decide On Your Niche

When it comes to proofreading, you can decide either to be a general proofreader or a specialized proofreader. 

In specialized fields like the legal, medical, scientific, or technology industries, you can anticipate earning more money.

This includes editing and proofreading research papers, legal files, medical reports, thorough transcripts of court sessions, and other court reporters’ work.

If you already possess knowledge in one of these areas, don’t be afraid to go for specialized employment where you can be paid more.

To decide on your niche, take into account your interest, work background, and current interests you have. 

Keep Developing Your Skill

The truth is that the English language is continually evolving, and even the most proficient writers can develop undesirable habits.

No matter how many proofreading courses online for free that you take online if you do not start practicing at the beginning of your journey, you will probably lag behind. 

Attempt to read as many papers and books as you can, but read critically and look out for mistakes. Then, put your knowledge to the test. You can find a lot of free tests online that will determine how well you can spot important proofreading issues.

Here are some platforms that offer free proofreading tests:

The most essential thing to remember is that if you want to earn from proofreading, is enrolling in the best editing and proofreading courses online to improve your abilities and expand your toolkit.

A good quality course can assist you in getting past the early obstacles that so many new people encounter. 

The one course I recommend multiple times is the General Proofreading course from Proofread Anywhere. It is a pricey course only because it is worth every penny. 

Key features:

  • Free 7-day program on proofreading.
  • Additional resource manuals are available for all service-provider markets.
  • Lifelong accessibility to program content
  • Certification

No Degree Required

The majority of corporations and authors merely request to examine your resume. You can also be required to provide a portfolio of sample projects that are relevant to the literary topic. 

Remember that a large portion of professional proofreaders in the market lack degrees. Even those who provide online training on how to be outstanding proofreaders can only speak from their own professional experience. 

Who Should Take A Free Proofreading Course?

Now, who should take a free proofreading course? Anyone who wants to their proofreading journey seriously will benefit from proofreading training free.

You can familiarise yourself with style guides by taking a proofreading course.

You can test out your proofreading abilities on a variety of texts when studying the program to see where you thrive and which part needs enhancement.

Courses can help you assess your abilities and determine whether you are prepared to begin working for potential clients with thorough practice.

Teachers or trainers will be able to provide you with constructive feedback that can help simulate real-world jobs.

Last but not least, enrolling in a free proofreading course with a certificate will boost your self-confidence because you’ll be sure that you can do the job well.

Some courses award certificates for attendance or success on the final test. Your customer base will be curious to know that you have received professional education. 

Now you can choose the best proofreading course that suits you!

These 15 incredible free proofreading courses may develop your proofreading abilities and become an authority in this field.

Learning proofreading procedures has become crucial because of the growing importance of competent proofreading in the field of digital media.

These classes, with ample modules, include subjects including editing and writing. These courses provide tools and approaches to help you grow your talents and accomplish your goals, even if you are just starting out.

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