Proofread anywhere review

Honest Proofread Anywhere Review: Personal Experience [2023]

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a proofreading course and frantically searching for Proofread Anywhere review, then you’ve come to the right place.

So you’ve probably read your fair share of Caitlin Pyle reviews before arriving at my blog, or maybe my blog’s your first stop in reading about Proofread Anywhere reviews. 

First off, I want to assure you that there is no such thing as a Proofread Anywhere scam – the course is legitimate, and I’ve taken it before. 

What makes me different is that I’ve not only attended her course but later went on to get clients using her tips from the course. 

I started my online career with proofreading and I am forever grateful for all the proofreading courses and clients who hired me, you showed me I can earn from anywhere in the world and start with no experience- THANK YOU !

You might think – I haven’t seen many Proofread Anywhere negative reviews. Is it really all that it’s hyped up to be?

Well, my friend, it’s true it’s really that good a proofreading course and extremely value-for-money. 

But don’t worry, I won’t paint an overly-optimistic picture because there are definitely some cons to the course too! You’ll have to read on to find out what they are! 

Proofread Anywhere review

  • What Is Proofread Anywhere?
  • Is Proofread Anywhere A Scam?
  • Is Proofread Anywhere Legit?
  • How Long Does It Take To Complete Proofread Anywhere?
  • What Does The Proofread Anywhere Course Contain?
  • How Much Does Proofread Anywhere Cost?
  • Pros Of The Proofread Anywhere Course
  • Cons Of The Proofread Anywhere Course 

FAQs On Proofread Anywhere Review

  • Who Owns Proofread Anywhere
  • Is Proofread Anywhere Worth It?
  • Is Proofread Anywhere Free?
  • Is A Proofreading Course Worth It?
  • Can I Really Make Money From Proofreading Online?
  • Final Thoughts Of Proofread Anywhere Course

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If you want to know how to become a proofreader online but need some training, the Proofread Anywhere course helps you transition into a full-time proofreader/editor and run it as a well-paid business.

The Proofread Anywhere course begins with proofreading basics and then goes on to share advanced proofreading methods, how and where to find jobs, what rate to set, and common mistakes to avoid.

Caitlin is the lady who runs the course and she has been a proofreader since 2007. She turned her love for proofreading into a full-time job and now helps others do the same.

The Proofread Anywhere course is packed with 40+ lessons in 8 modules, grammar-specific worksheets, and real-life example jobs.

After passing with 90% or higher on the final exam you will receive a Certificate of Completion and access to the Self-Publishing School Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex.

Ps; Caitlin is offering a FREE Proofreading workshop that will help you learn the basic skills and decide on whether freelance proofreading is for you. Perfect if you want to know how to become a proofreader with no experience and if you are looking for proofreading courses online for free.

Proofread anywhere review

Proofread Anywhere Review

What Is Proofread Anywhere?

The Proofread Anywhere course is an entry-level online proofreading course designed by experienced proofreader-turned-blogger Caitlyn Pyle. 

Caitlin first began proofreading her friends’ papers for fun (yes, really!) and kickstarted her proofreading career by helping college students proofread. 

She decided in 2014 that she wanted to help anyone start proofreading anywhere, based on her own experiences and how she grew her business.

And with that, Caitlin created General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, a proofreading course that has helped many aspiring proofreaders kick-start their careers.

Myself included! 

This is why I’m here to share my Proofread Anywhere review, unfiltered, honest, and 100% real! 

Proofread anywhere review

Is Proofread Anywhere A Scam?

No, Proofread Anywhere is not a scam at all. 

Anyone who says it is a scam is likely a disgruntled customer who bought the course but didn’t put in the work after to improve at proofreading and didn’t manage to find work.

Caitlin is very upfront in stating that while her course teaches you how to be an effective proofreader and how to find proofreading jobs, she does not promise you clients or a job.

Most workshops, courses, or job scams promise you things that are too good to be true, such as an upfront job offer or guaranteed earnings. 

Caitlin’s Proofread Anywhere does none of that – it is not a scam. 

Is Proofread Anywhere Legit?

Proofread Anywhere is a legit proofreading course run by a very legitimate and experienced proofreader Caitlin Pyle who has two decades of proofreading experience! 

A quick search of Caitlin Pyle’s proofreading course reviews shows nothing but positive reviews, with constructive cons – as with everything. 

If you only see positive reviews, then it should be a red flag for you. 

Proofread anywhere review

How Long Does It Take To Complete Proofread Anywhere?

The Proofread Anywhere course will take you about a month to complete if you are structured and consistent during your self-paced learning process. 

The course is spread across more than 10 modules, amounting to more than 80 lessons

The good thing is that even if you don’t complete it within a month – which could happen because life could get in the way – you can take your time to complete it.

Access to the course is for a lifetime! Yes, YOUR whole lifetime. 

And you even receive updates to the course modules whenever Caitlin pushes them out.

Now you just need to make sure you have a good Internet connection and a digital device to access those lessons for the rest of your life, and you’re set! 

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What Does The Proofread Anywhere Course Contain?

Caitlin’s course General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ (GPTP) consists of the following components:

  • More than 80 lessons across 10 modules
  • Personal videos from Cailin herself
  • Grammar-specific worksheets
  • Resource guides
  • Workbook and syllabus
  • Vocabulary and module quizzes
  • Case studies 
  • Real-life jobs you can go into
  • Updated content 

The modules are broken into:

1. Introduction To General Proofreading

2. Grammar Refresher 

3. Sentence Structure 

4. Spelling And Word Use For Proofreaders

5. Punctuation Principles 

6. Proofreading Methods

7. Proofreading Practice 

8. Types Of Proofreading

9. Turning Proofreading Into A Business

10. Finding Clients

11. Marketing Basics 

12. Your Workflow

13. Getting The Most Out Of The Freelancing Life

14. Ignite Plus Exam 

The course also comes with many bonuses, including a freelancer tax guide, mindset mastery guide, and a handbook of commonly-misused words. 

If you’re hungry for more proofreading knowledge, she also includes a module at the end that introduces you to transcript proofreading, her other course, if you’re keen! 

How Much Does Proofread Anywhere Cost?

The Proofread Anywhere course comes in two tiers – Ignite and Ignite Plus – and starts from $397

Ignite costs $397 and is a one-time payment for lifetime access. 

Ignite Plus costs $497. It comes with everything that Ignite is offering but with these additions:

  • Additional hand-graded exam
  • Certificate of completion— this is important!
  • Access to a separate marketing mastermind group.

Only Proofread Anywhere proofreaders with verified skills can join the group, so you’ll be sure to get quality content, tips, and sharing from that group! 

A little tip – Caitlin offers a free 76-minute FREE proofreading workshop if you’re on the fence about putting down $397 or $497 for a course. 

The best part about this workshop is that if you watch till the end, Caitlin shares a code for you to get a whopping $100 off the course fees with a limited-time offer.

You’ll also get a workshop bonus that offers freelancing-from-home tips! 

I’d totally attend the free proofreading workshop first to get a feel of Caitlin’s coaching methods if I were you! 

What do you have to lose, eh? 

Proofread anywhere review

Proofread Anywhere Review – Pros Of The Proofread Anywhere Course

I’ll be extremely honest about both the pros and cons of the Proofread Anywhere course so you can make your own judgment about whether is Proofread Anywhere legit.

Here is my own take on the pros of the Proofread Anywhere course:

  • Comprehensive – It provides an all-rounded, step-by-step guide into the world of proofreading and doesn’t just talk about techniques. It goes into freelancing and even includes practical marketing advice.
  • Lifetime Access – You pay once, and you get access for life. Even if she adds modules or bonuses, you won’t need to top up anything. Neither are you affected by price raises or inflation. How awesome is that?
  • Value-for-Money – You get more than 10 modules for a lifetime for $397. That works out to barely $40 a module! Did I mention it’s for a lifetime?
  • Practice and Quizzes – You don’t just learn, but you get to practice what you’ve learned through worksheets and quizzes. 
  • Up-to-date – Just because Caitlin started this course in 2014 doesn’t mean the content is outdated. She and her team update it constantly. It even includes modules on how to integrate AI into your work. It’s THAT recent! 
  • Strong Support – You get extremely strong support from the peer Proofread Anywhere Facebook group. Feeling discouraged? Pop in there for some tips. Want to share a success or work win? Share it there!
  • Engaging user interface – A plus is that Caitlin also includes personal pep videos to keep you motivated, so it’s not just rote and boring modular learning.
  • Amazing, practical bonus items – Caitlin cares about you finding work and making this work for you. 

So she includes practical bonuses like how to file taxes as a freelancer, mindset mastery and shift course, and even access to her transcript proofreading course should you decide to specialize in transcript proofreading.

Proofread Anywhere Review – Cons Of The Proofread Anywhere Course

Now, I’ve raved about the course, but I’ll be honest too about the cons of the Proofread Anywhere course:

  • No Refund Policy – The course fees are not cheap, and if you suddenly change your mind or decide the materials aren’t for you, there is no refund.

But to get around that, you can always attend her free workshop first to get a sense of the course so that you can decide if it’s for you before you put down the money! 

  • No Instalment Plans – While $397 may not be a very big sum, it can be a lot for someone struggling to make ends meet. Most course sites offer installment payments for three-figure sums, but Proofread Anywhere is a one-time payment only.

If it helps, you can attend Caitlin’s free workshop to get $100 off within a limited time if you manage to make it to the end of the workshop! 

  • Limited Staff Support – Staff are always readily on hand to help you with technical or access issues. But if you want more tutoring support apart from what the course provides, you’ll need to pay $50 for a 30-minute coaching session

That said, the Proofread Anywhere Facebook group is truly a very strong, tight-knit, and helpful community, and if you have any questions at all, you’re likely to get your questions answered there.

  • Errors In Course Materials – For a proofreading course, you’d least expect the materials to have mistakes. But hey, we all make mistakes.

The good thing is that the community is extremely sharp on this, and the content is constantly being updated. So any errors are usually quickly rectified. 

  • You Can Probably Google Everything – I’ll be honest, if you had a lot of time, you could probably gather proofreading tips from all over the Internet on your own and save by paying the course fees. Or even ask ChatGPT to do it for you. 

But what you are paying for isn’t the information. It’s the structured learning process, expert advice, tips,0and proofreading methods honed over time. 

You are also paying for lifetime access to constant updates in the industry and access to a supportive community that can answer almost any proofreading questions you have.

Now that you can’t quite put a price to or just Google it, can you? 

FAQs On Proofread Anywhere Review

Who Owns Proofread Anywhere?

Wondering who owns Proofread Anywhere? It is a course started by proofreader Caitlin Pyle but has since been bought over by Onfolio Holdings for $4.5 million

Onfolio Holdings is a company that purchases and scales online content businesses. 

Caitlin made the decision to sell the business in 2022, after a series of life events like her divorce and health problems. 

She decided to sell the business to Onfolio Holdings as they were the ones who had shown their dedication towards preserving and building upon what she had built over the years. 

Proofread anywhere review

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Is Proofread Anywhere Worth It?

Thinking is Proofread Anywhere worth it? Proofread Anywhere is extremely worth it. A check on Trustpilot, a widely-used review platform, reveals a 4.6-star rating across 61 total reviewers.

Most of the reviews fell in the five-star category, with only a small amount (5%) with a one-star rating. 

If you wonder about whether it is value-for-money, the course has a staggering 14 modules at the moment if you opt for the higher-tiered Ignite Plus option ($497). 

This is not counting the peer support you get from its Facebook group and also lifetime access to course updates and revisions! 

Is Proofread Anywhere Free?

Wondering is Proofread Anywhere free? It is not free, but the course does have a 76-minute free introductory session where you can learn the following how-tos:

  • How to know if proofreading is right for you
  • How proofreading can help you work from anywhere
  • How to attract your proofreading prospects and clients 

The course costs $397 to enroll but the introductory workshop is completely free, so do sign up to make the most of it! 

Is A Proofreading Course Worth It?

Keen to know is a proofreading course worth it? 

Yes, proofreading courses are absolutely worth it especially if you intend to become a professional or freelance proofreader and earn a decent income from it.

By taking a proofreading course, you not only get the knowledge on how to start proofreading, but you also learn tried-and-tested proofreading methods.

Proofreading is an age-old skill, and there have been many who have turned to proofreading as their career. 

By attending a proofreading course, you can learn from the mistakes and best practices of these proofreading experts. 

Can I Really Make Money From Proofreading Online?

Not sure if can I really make money from proofreading online? Yes, you can make money from proofreading online! 

You just need to have the skills and the willingness to start proofreading, create your portfolio, and then find clients online! 

There are a ton of freelance work platforms like Upwork where you can look for and pitch to potential clients with your portfolio. (I will teach you how to find freelance work.) 

In fact, I took on my first freelance proofreading assignment right before I was preparing to climb Everest Base Camp. It paid $600 and nearly funded my whole trip!

When I took on more proofreading jobs, I was making $2,000 to $3,000 a month before I eventually pivoted to doing more freelance writing and running my blogs

Final Thoughts Of Proofread Anywhere Course

I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for in this very honest Proofread Anywhere review from me!

I personally benefited a lot from Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere course when I first decided I wanted to go into freelance proofreading and I still have access to her course to this day!

This is why I say it’s extremely value-for-money and well worth your investment, both time and moneywise.

Even though I no longer proofread as regularly since I have other income streams, I personally find a lot of the content in her modules very relevant, even as a freelancer.

Yes, there are shortcomings to her course, but doesn’t everything come with some cons? 

Give the Proofread Anywhere free workshop a go first and see where that takes you. Trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed! 

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