coworking spaces in sofia

7 Best Coworking Spaces in Sofia Bulgaria

You’ve just landed in the capital of Bulgaria and are wondering whether there are any coworking spaces in Sofia.

Not only there are, but you might stay positively surprised at the quality and the prices they offer.

Starting to bloom as a digital nomad destination, Sofia and its coworking scene are getting only bigger, bolder, and better.

And this article will help you to choose among the best of the best:


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What Is A Coworking Space?

coworking spaces in sofia

Before we hit the coworking spaces in Sofia scene, let’s make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to what is a coworking space.

The Merriam Webster definition of “coworking” is as follows:

being, relating to, or working in a building where multiple tenants (such as entrepreneurs, start-ups, or nonprofits) rent working space (such as desks or offices) and have the use of communal facilities

This definition is correct, but it concentrates only on the physical aspects of a coworking space.

What it misses is the more abstract, but most valuable features of coworking:

  •  Community,
  •  networking, 
  • cooperation, and 
  • interaction between its members.

This inevitably leads to the question:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coworking?

coworking spaces in sofia

Like anything else in this world, coworking has its pros and cons and we’re going to explore them right here, right now:


A Professional Environment

The prospects are you and your business are only going to grow and there will come times when you need to meet potential clients, investors, and so on.

And as cozy as your couch is, you cannot host them there. This is where coworking spaces come in handy.

You can rent an office and/ or a meeting room and welcome your future “partners in crime” there.

Or, imagine another scenario:

you’re working from home and constantly being interrupted by your family members, or maybe the neighbor upstairs decided to renovate its apartment right when you’re going to have an important meeting.

Annoying, right!

Flexibility And Reliability

Coworking gives you the flexibility and reliability to work in a professional environment whenever and wherever in the world you are.

Fast and reliable internet is the bare minimum that coworking spaces offer.

On top of that many provide 24/7 access to their members, so you can take advantage of your working style and most active hours, even if they’re in the middle of the night.

Other perks include mail and parcel handling, showers, free coffee, tea, and water, fully-equipped kitchens, printing services, private phone booths, personal belongings lockers.

Some spaces even offer coworking and coliving packages. Can your AirBnB beat that?

Even if it could, surely, it cannot handle the next coworking pro. 

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Working from home, freelancing, being a digital nomad are all cool, but let’s face it, they are all a lonely endeavor.

And I don’t mean only physical loneliness. While it’s there, the mental loneliness, that no-one gets you and your ideas or what exactly you do is probably even more devastating.

Coworking does shred away a bit of the physical loneliness, but the true wonders happen with the mental one.

You can meet potential supporters, investors, colleagues, the love of your life (ahem, why not), and literally skyrocket both your personal and professional lives.



While coworking spaces are definitely more affordable than leasing an office, their cost still might be beyond your budget.

Or if you are just starting on your entrepreneurial journey, paying for coworking is yet another expense you might not be ready to cover.

Fun Fact- I worked on my dining table when I was just starting out. Ain’t no shame in my game!


As professional as most coworking places are, they are occupied by people and we both know that even well-educated and aspiring people could act silly and childish.

You may want to concentrate on your work while your neighbor dies to share with you his/ her next best idea.

The information input could become overwhelming and instead of helping you to discourage you.


Coworking spaces aim to meet as many as possible of the needs of their members, still, they are not one size fits all.

Depending on what you do you may find the coworking environment limiting or as mentioned above distracting.

We’re soon to find out how coworking in Sofia, Bulgaria rolls, but let me just get this off my shoulders:


  1. All prices were converted into US dollars according to the exchange rate at the time of writing the article. Fluctuation is possible.

Now, we’re good to go!

All The Best Coworking Spaces In Sofia

coworking spaces in sofia

Without further ado, I present you with the best coworking spaces in Sofia.

1.betahaus – For The Startup Enthusiasts

Just like the software development notion (beta version) that it got its name from, betahaus is constantly evolving to meet and exceed the expectations of its members.

It certainly does so with two strategic locations, each with its charm and amenities, as well as a variety of events and cool perks.

The first one, on 6 Shipka Street, is bigger with spacious office areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, free beverages such as tea, coffee, and water, three meeting rooms, seven private and three open phone boots, lockers, and social space.

The second location, on Slaveykov Square, is smaller, but it boasts two rooftop balconies for an unmatched view of the city and two fully-equipped kitchens.

Among the events that betahaus organizes are the following:

  • betapich Sofia – a competition for local startup companies to present their business ideas and get support
  • Startup job fair – a meeting of startup companies with professionals to join their teams and help the first realize their ideas and/ or their overall development

While some of the cool perks that it offers to its members include:

  • b| reward – a refer-a-friend program with which both you and the friend you have referred can get rewards such as a BGN 100 ($61)-worth of additional services or 10 days workspace for free
  • A free trial day
  • One free day at the other locations of betahaus in Berlin, Barcelona, and Hamburg
  • Partners discounts


  • BGN 35 ($21)/day
  • Memberships begin at BGN 250 ($152)

2.SOHO – For The Creative Minds

SOHO stands for Sofia Holistic Coworking Company and the experience that it offers to its members, the majority of whom – creative professionals, is beyond holistic.

From its central location, close to the intersection of several of the metro lines, Serdika (Сердика) metro station, to the wide variety of amenities and services.

Whether you need a single desk, an office, or an event space, SOHO has it all and tops it with additional services such as multimedia and catering.

Besides providing you with everything to get your work done, SOHO hosts a number of cultural events such as exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts, seminars, literature readings, and workshops.

And that’s not all, unleash your full creative potential by the picturesque Bulgarian seaside at Villa Maxim aka seaside SOHO – a perfect all-year-round spot for a workation (work + vacation).


  • One visit with a flexible desk is BGN 30 ($18)
  • A dedicated fully-equipped office space suitable for three to twelve people varies from BGN 800-1000 ($486-608)/ month
  • Villa MaximBGN 60 ($36)/day for a room with two beds

The rental price includes unlimited usage of wireless internet and access to multiple amenities, among them, a fully-equipped kitchen, barbecue facilities, and a green garden with hammocks and sunbeds.

coworking spaces in sofia

3.Puzl CowOrKing – For The IT Geniuses

Our exploration of the coworking spaces in Sofia continues with Puzl.

And you can see right from its name that this place is like no other.If you’re an IT professional, that’s where you need to be!

Puzl has taken it to its heart to help “IT humans” and give them not only a specifically created for their maximum productivity working space but also build an inspiring and supportive community both off-and online.

Located at a former sewing company, this coworking space has kept its industrial roughness but upgraded it to fully-equipped office and relaxation areas, as well as its own rooftop Puzl CoCafé.

24/7 access, showers, personal lockers, community slack channels, partner discounts, and postal and package handling are just some of the cool features Puzl offers to its members.

Add to them the easy access via different means of transportation: metro, bus, and tram, as well as the fact that it’s pet friendly, and you can readily call Puzl the coolest coworking space Sofia has to offer.


You can have a free trial before you decide to commit to a longer membership.

  • A daily pass is EUR 10 ($12) 
  • Monthly passes start from EUR 112 ($133) 
  • A virtual office is EUR 44 ($52)/month

Founded in Sofia, Puzl is on its way to open coworking spaces also in Bucharest and Budapest.

4.COSMOS Coworking Camp – For Everyone

Strategically located at the heart of Sofia, just a street away from the main pedestrian street in the city, Vitosha Boulevard, is a house that used to host the Writers’ Union, COSMOS welcomes entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups from all universes 😉 

A fully-equipped office and a bar ensure you get your work done and have a moment of relaxation, while events such as bazaars and exhibitions keep you entertained.

But probably the most attractive feature of this shared office space Sofia has for you, is the flexibility it gives to its members.

You can use your pre-paid hours whenever you want.


  • A daily pass for a hot desk is BGN 25 ($13)
  • Unlimited access for BGN 275 ($167)

5.Work & Share Coworking Space – For The Collaborators

As the name suggests, Work & Share is all about collaboration.

Freelancers, startups, and corporations have the opportunity to interact and grow together.

Work & Share is situated in two buildings connected by an entertainment and relaxation zone covering a total area of 2500 m2 (27 000 ft2).

Here are just some of the amazing features and opportunities, with which this coworking space spoils its members:

  • Fully equipped open and team offices
  • Meeting rooms, private phone booths
  • Two kitchens
  • Showers
  • Free tea, coffee, and water
  • Weekly events
  • Access to partners network
  • Bike and pet friendly – you won’t need to worry about where to leave your two-wheel and/or four-legged fluffy companions
  • Eat & Share – Work & Share’s own café and canteen where you can grab a coffee or have a nice lunch with a coworker while chatting about how to conquer the world.


  • Monthly membership plans start from BGN 350 ($213) for a dedicated desk.
coworking spaces in sofia

6.NETWORKING Premium Coworking – For The Exclusive Experience Seekers

There are coworking spaces and there are COWORKING SPACES and NETWORKING is undoubtedly among the latter.

This is not the best of the coworking spaces in Sofia, but the best coworking space Bulgaria boasts.

You don’t believe it? Check this out!

Five locations in Sofia, one location in Bulgaria’s second-largest city, Plovdiv, and more than 50 coworking partners all over the world.London, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Dubai, Sidney – just to name a few.

In Bulgaria, you can spend up to one week at a location different from your home base one.

While abroad, you can use one day for free at NETWORKING’s foreign partners.

Since we’re talking about Sofia, let’s concentrate on the different locations in the Bulgarian capital. Each offers an unforgettable experience and boasts different amenities on top of the office basics.

For example, on Rakovski Street there are event spaces, as well as hotel and accommodation opportunities, while on Hristo Botev Street, there are four balconies and a garden.

On Vitosha Boulevard, you can enjoy a mountain view and play in the game zone, and on Gurko Street, there are more event spaces and conference rooms.

But probably, the most fascinating one is the Villa that operates on-demand basis, has a pool, and is perfect for team-building events.

What unites all spaces, however, is the fact that they are arranged following Feng Shui guidelines and principles for maximum productivity, as well as joy.

And what transcends NETWORKING from any other coworking space in the city, are some of these “not-so-cool” perks:

  • A grand piano
  • Roof-top yoga and/ or tanning
  • Home-made food cooked daily by an in-house chef
  • A barista
  • Complimentary local beers and selected wines
  • A makers room equipped with different crafts tools such as laser engraver, sewing machine, painting brushes and colors

Lastly, just when you thought it can’t get any cooler, NETWORKING also offers coliving opportunities.

Did I hear you asking “How much?”



  • BGN 5 ($3)/hour
  • BGN 19 ($12)/day
  • Monthly memberships start at BGN 189 ($115)


  • Starting from BGN 690 ($420)/month for a mixed villa located 20 minutes from the city center (yes, that very same villa with the pool from above).

The price includes all bills, as well as coworking membership, and transportation to the city.

What Should I Know Before Going To Sofia?

coworking spaces in sofia

Navigating around a foreign city or a country might be overwhelming, but here are some tips, so that you don’t feel completely lost while in Sofia.

Currency Board

Bulgaria is in the European Union, but it’s not part of the Eurozone yet. So, the local currency is Bulgarian Lev and NOT Euro.

This translates into more affordable prices for you, BUT what’s even greater is that there has been a currency board in the country since 1997 and the Bulgarian currency is tied to the Euro.

The exchange rate is fixed at 1 EUR = 1.95 BGN

Easy to calculate, right?

Air Quality

The air quality in the Bulgarian capital is one of the most common topics on the local news.

Sadly, not for a good reason.

The level of pollution often surpasses the recommended values, but the local authorities are constantly trying to improve on the situation by encouraging citizens to use their cars less, introducing green public transport tickets, and so on.

On The Street

Another huge problem not only in Sofia but in the country as a whole is that of stray cats and dogs.

The latter often form packs that roam the streets and the big parks and could become dangerous, especially, in the colder months.

Where “Yes” means “No”, And Vice Versa

It’s a little-known fact, but Bulgarians nod for “no” and shake their heads for “yes”.

Confusing for outsiders? Definitely! But it is what it is!

So, have it in mind when you ask whether, say, a taxi is available or when you look/ ask for something, cause you might end up empty-handed unnecessarily.

Where Am I?

Sofia is quite chaotic in many ways and you might find it hard to navigate around its streets, finding different buildings and/or addresses.

Make sure you have the GPS on your phone ON and you’ll be just fine.

“At Your Service”

As a formal socialist country, Bulgaria still has a long way to go when it comes to service.

The fact that Bulgarians are also quite straight-forward doesn’t help either.

Depending on where you come from, you may find the attitude of certain people and the service at certain places utterly rude.

By no means, take it personally and proceed to find the ones that are going to meet your expectations and that will make you feel nice and welcome.

And there are definitely more and more such people and places.


Bulgaria is one of the few countries that uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

Generally, there are also Latin instructions on the street signs, and the majority of Bulgarians, especially, in the bigger cities and the younger ones speak English.

But if you want to impress both Bulgarians and your friends and family, try learning some of these essential words and phrases.

Hello!/ Good afternoon!Добър ден!Dobur den!
Hi! (plural and singular)Здравейте!/ Здрасти! Zdraveite!/ Zdrasti!
Do you speak English?Говорите ли английски?Govorite li angliiski?
I don’t speak Hungarian.Не говоря български.Ne govorya bulgarski.
Only English, (please).(Моля), само английски.(Molya), samo angliiski!
Thank you!/ Thanks!Благодаря!/ Мерси!Blagodarya!/ Mersii!
Excuse me!Извинете!Izvinete!
I’ll call the police!Ще извикам полиция!Shte izvikam politsiya!
Goodbye!/ Bye!Довиждане!/ Чао!Dovijdane!/ Chao!


coworking spaces in sofia

And there you have it, all you need to know about the best coworking spaces in Sofia.

The city might be just getting started as a digital nomad destination, but it has so much to offer, especially when it comes to great coworking opportunities at unbeatable prices.

So, pick the space closest to your heart and go create some magic!

Coworking Spaces In Sofia

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