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Coliving In France: A Must-Have Guide For Remote Workers

Thinking of coliving in France as you consider living arrangements as a digital nomad?

Digital nomadism has become trendy and practical nowadays, especially in developed countries.

Sure, many people have begun coliving and coworking in common locations like Bali, Indonesia and information on coliving there is widely available.

But not much information exists on coliving in Europe and especially coliving France.

Well, I’m here to tell you, as a digital nomad, you cannot miss the chance to try co living in France because France has great bread and cheese. And have you seen the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night?!

Known for its wine, food, and fashion, France is easily the world’s most popular tourist destination by country.

If you think going on holiday to France is quite expensive, coliving in France gives you the opportunity to live and work in France, at a lower cost.

Summary of Best Co living Spaces in France:  

  2. Cloud Citadel
  3. Coliving Provence
  4. Mutinerie Village
  5. Colonies
  6. The Babel Community
  7. LifeX
  8. Sharies


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coliving france

All the Best Coliving Spaces In France:

To complete your French digital nomad experience, you can stay in awesome and unique co-living spaces in France.

France coliving is going to be quite the experience for you, as all the coliving spaces I will share below, are different from typical coliving spaces: 

Coliving in France

1. is a platform you can use to search for coliving spaces in France and where small coliving owners advertise their coliving spaces.

You can customize the amenities you want to include and choose your preferred city to stay in.

Also, you can see how many residents are living in the coliving space. 

That way, if you prefer fewer people in the coliving space, you can search for coliving spaces with fewer residents.

The price range starts from €410 ($488) and the most interesting part is you can have a virtual 3D tour inside the house before you decide to rent it.

Coliving in France At Citadel

2. Cloud Citadel (Briançon)

For a coliving digital nomad who loves to have a productive professional life but also do mountain-based activities in your free time, this co living France space in French Alps is for you.

Cloud Citadel is situated in Europe’s highest town in the center of Ecrins National Park, Briançon and at the foot of Serre Chevalier, one of France’s largest ski resorts.

You will enjoy a perfect balance of work and outdoor activities while staying in this coliving space.

Some of the activities you can do there are snowshoeing, alpine skiing, ski touring, Nordic skiing, sledding, snowkiting, ice climbing, fat biking, ice driving, and ice skating.

There are even thermal baths at the Great Baths of Monetier you can try.

Cloud Citadel offers four types of rooms with a minimum duration of seven days but if you want to stay for less than seven days, you can just email them.

Types of rooms available:

  • Private Room Double Bed (Ensuite Bathroom)
  • Private Rooms Double Bed (Shared Bathroom)
  • Private Rooms Single Bed (Shared Bathroom)
  • Dorm Room

Amenities and features:

  • Coworking space with a nice view, ergonomic chairs and a fireplace
  • Cosy chill room with projector and couches
  • Dining room 
  • Shared fully equipped kitchen
  • All-time access to all common areas
  • Free commodities such as tea, coffee and spices
  • High-speed internet in the whole house
  • Housekeeping

The price starts from €30 ($35.7) per day per room.

Want to know more? Go to their website to find out more about what you will get by staying there and to learn about winter activities in Cloud Citadel.

Make sure you read their booking conditions, booking alteration, and cancelation policy beforehand.

Coliving in France at Provence

3. Coliving Provence (Aix-en-Provence)

This coliving space resembles a 400-years old typical hamlet where you can experience a typical French lifestyle, in true coliving en France style.

Coliving Provence is a good choice for you if you want to relax, retreat and re-focus. It is an off-grid paradise with breathtaking panoramic views with a typical French touch.

There are beautiful hiking trails around the coliving base and other amazing activities you can do such as rock climbing, canoeing treetop escapades, and canyoning.

Coliving Aix-En-Provence is only open from April until November but you can make a request to them if you plan to stay outside of these months.

To reach the base, you will take their 4×4 for ten minutes through an exhilarating off-road route and pass by olive plantations, lavender fields, and prairies against the backdrop of spectacular mountain peaks.

The pricing is divided into two, short stays (up to three weeks) or long stays (one to three months).

You can choose to pay for the accommodation only or include food and drinks and to have a shared room or private room.

The rate starts from €57 ($67.80) per person per night.

Things to note:

  • Five nights minimum stay
  • Additional charges for extra activities
  • A 35% deposit of the total package price needs to be paid upon confirmation of your booking and the balance needs to be settled one month before arrival.
  • You cannot get a refund if you cancel the booking less than two months before check-in

All stays include:

  •  Coworking areas
  •  High-speed WiFi
  • Swimming pool
  • Transport during your stay
  • Delicious French cuisine
  • Events & activities
  • Community for life
Coliving in France at Numondo

4. Mutinerie Village (Saint-Victor-de-Buthon)

Located in Saint-Victor-de-Buthon, France, this place is surrounded by fields and forests. They have a permaculture vegetable garden and ongoing classes on permaculture every day.

If you want to learn something new while enjoying being a digital nomad in France then coliving in Saint-Victor-de-Buthon is a good choice, especially with the countryside lifestyle.

Mutinerie Village has private rooms and shared rooms that can occupy up to ten people and a communal kitchen with over 80% local sourcing.

This means the kitchen is filled with consumable products bought from within the area. 

They have a fast internet connection for you to work with the internet. You will even be able to stream video using their internet connection.

The price starts from $720 per month, you can check out their Instagram page to see more about this place.

Shared accommodation France

5. Colonies

Offering flexible urban housing, Colonies is one of the French coliving startups that you need to consider for your coliving in France experience. 

Their homes are tastefully designed with private rooms and studios for singles and couples. All coliving spaces by Colonies are fully furnished and equipped.

The price starts from €650 ($773.60) including the rent, utilities, home insurance, Wi-Fi Internet, and weekly cleaning of shared spaces.

They have a few coliving spaces around France:

  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Lille
  • Marseille
  • Lastly how about trying coliving in Bordeaux?
Coliving in France Babel Community

6. The Babel Community

The Babel Community is the largest coliving & coworking residence in France and they are expanding every year.

I can say this coliving is an all-in-one. They have everything from coliving, coworking, a restaurant, a sports center and an event center. 

Amenities and features :

  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Dressing room
  • High-speed wifi
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Home automation
  • Nespresso coffee machine

Services offered:

  • A Conciergerie
  • Desk and room service
  • Cleaning and ironing service
  • Group sports service
  • Cinema club
  • Rental of  meeting rooms
  • Restaurant room service
  • Mail management
  • Exclusive event

Coliving space in France – Coliving in Montpellier

Rental prices for the following flat types:

  • Flat sharing – €590 ($713) TTC/ month
  • Studio – €740 ($894) TTC/ month
  • Type 2 – €1200 ($1449) TTC/ month
  • Studio Suite – € 850 ($1027) TTC/ month

Coliving in France – Coliving in Marseille

Rental price for the following flat types:

  • Flat sharing – €590 ($713) TTC/ month
  • Studio – €720 ($870) TTC/ month
  • Studio Suite – €830 ($1002) TTC/ month
  • Large Studio Suite – €1000 ($1208) TTC/ month
  • 1 Bedroom – €1200 ($1449) TTC/ month

All prices exclude the security deposit and administrative fees €149 ($180) TTC.

Private consumptions such as water, electricity and conditioning are excluded from the rental price.

Coliving in France at LifeX

7. LifeX

Living in Paris is costly but with LifeX, your dream to experience staying in this city will come true.

This coliving space has been featured in top publications such as Culture Trip, The Spaces, The Financial Times and Vogue. 

Located in the city of love, Paris, this coliving space has not only one apartment but four in total. 

They are a well-established brand in France and your comfort will be their top priority.

If you like small communities then this coliving space is the right one for you because they have apartments with 4 rooms.

You can choose which type of apartment you want and see how the room looks from the photos they provide.

Amenities and features:

  • Bi Weekly cleaning
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Fast wifi
  • Dishwasher & laundry
  • All basic appliances
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Beddings
  • Towels

LifeX offer two types of monthly rate which are for individuals, from €1,300 ($1,570) and couples, from €1,500 ($1811),

They also have coliving apartments in other European cities so you can also try other coliving spaces in Europe such as coliving in Munich, Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, and London.

Coliving in France at Sharies

8. Sharies

A simple yet very comfortable coliving space, Sharies not only provides all-inclusive rent, but also other facilities but it is different for each coliving space.

Those who choose coliving in Nanterre and Paris can even rent electric bikes, sign up for sports coaching sessions every week and have access to laundry services.

Each coliving space is near to public transport such as the metro, grocery shops, cafes and restaurants.

Rental costs cover:

  • Furnishings and equipment
  • Water and electricity
  • High speed wifi
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Tax and insurance
  • Basic supplies

 Coliving space around France:

  • Nancy – from €500 ($604) per month
  • Marseille – from €500 ($604) per month
  • Nanterre –  €820 ($990) per month
  • Paris – from  €1200 ($1448) per month

What Is Coliving?

Coliving has become a new lifestyle where like-minded people share their living space. 

Coliving is like living in a co-working space except with supplementary services where you can eat and sleep in the same place.

Nowadays, many millennials and digital nomads are adopting this way of life to avoid the high price of buying property and paying rent.

With co-living, digital nomads are free to enjoy living in any place of their preference, at an affordable cost of living.

coliving france

Why Try Coliving In France? 

Every corner of France is atmospheric and has an incredible combination of culture, food, weather, architecture, and historic buildings with their own stories. They also have a range of different kinds of desserts and pastries.


Living in France, you must speak their language, French as they are proud of their mother tongue. This will be an opportunity for you to learn a new language. Also, it appears that French is the official romantic language of the world – prepare to woo the world! 


France is also famous for its cheese and wine. They have the utmost respect for the food and will match suitable flavors of cheese and the meals with the right wine. No complaints here.


French people very much respect the work-life balance and if you are the kind of person that loves to enjoy the best of life (THAT’S ME! ), France will suit you. 

So, you should consider coliving in France to experience the wonders of France… but on a budget.

coliving france

Why You Should Absolutely Go For Coliving in France

Before you become a French digital nomad, you should know a little bit about coliving. 

1. Living On A Budget Is Possible

People always say that moving to a new place will cost you a lot since there are many costs that you have to consider.

But if you choose to co-live, this problem will be alleviated as there would be coliving split of costs for things like furnishing, bills and potentially groceries.

Most of the coliving spaces also have fixed prices which will include all amenities.

Having said that, you should double-check with the host to avoid any hidden costs.

2. Many Stunning Places To Stay

The best part of coliving is that you can live in tech-friendly and beautifully designed spaces.

Unlike most traditional rental spaces that provide you with the basic needs of a house, co-living spaces are designed to suit the needs and wants of digital nomads.

There are plenty of coliving spaces with different interior concepts for digital nomads with different tastes.

Also, there are coliving spaces outside of the city for those who would want to escape city life and enjoy nature!

Don’t worry, most of the coliving spaces outside the city have good internet services for their residents.

3. Coliving Counteracts Urban Loneliness

Urban loneliness is a real deal, although people are living in cities surrounded by millions of people.

If you are traveling alone, it may feel lonely to rent a house just to live by yourself.The best solution would be coliving, as you share common spaces with other people. 

You have the opportunity to strike up conversations to overcome loneliness.

Let’s say you are an introvert, you might think that coliving is not for you because the idea of living with strangers will mean your privacy is taken away.

This is not going to happen because most of the coliving spaces have private space options and you can choose to rent a private room for yourself.

4. Coliving Ensures Safety

Living with other people is safer than living alone. 

Although you might be thinking twice about living with strangers, don’t worry.

The host is responsible for helping you if there are any inconveniences while staying at their place.

A coliving report also states that safety is the number one aspect in a coliving space, so you can be sure hosts are vigilant about this aspect.

The security of coliving places are normally quite tight compared to normal rental places. 

You can ask the host about the security of their coliving space before you agree to live there as a safety precaution since you will be staying at a new place that you are not familiar with. 

coliving in France

Cost Of Living In France

If you think living in France costs a lot, think again!

Expatistan mentions that the cost of living in France is cheaper than more than half of Western European countries.

You will save more money by coliving in France instead of staying in a normal rental house.

Furthermore, if you choose coliving, you will save money on utilities and other hidden costs, as coliving offers a fixed price that includes utilities, wi-fi internet, and cleaning services.

While the cost of living in France is cheaper compared to other Western European countries, you need to make a wise choice of the cities you plan to stay in.

This is because the average cost of living in France differs depending on the cities.

The costs for coliving in Lyon, for example, will be different from coliving in Nice and even coliving in Toulouse.

So, what living expenses will you have to take into consideration?

1. Dining Out And Groceries

The cost of groceries may vary but you can budget the cost to be around €250 ($298) per month.

You can lower the cost by buying from local grocery stores instead of supermarkets.

If you are dining out for two, the average cost would be € 50 ($ 60) for a three-course meal.

If you love to try out cafes and restaurants there, you can lower your grocery costs and allocate more of your budget on dining out and vice versa.

2. Travel And Transportation

In France, you do not have to worry about high transportation costs. 

France has an extensive public transport network to help you commute around, but you will need to spend some time to understand the local public transport system.

The good thing is that the public transportation systems in French cities are well-developed, so it is reliable.

Public transport in France:

Taxi – The best transport option if you are in a rush and cannot wait for the scheduled public transports

Bus – Taking a bus is a good option if you want to travel through rural French villages or between suburbs in a large city.

Métros – One of the quickest and most efficient ways to travel around some cities such as Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, and Lille.

Tram – An efficient and quick transportation into the central areas.

Train – An inexpensive choice of public transport that serves views of the spectacular countryside if you plan to travel between cities with no rush.

Coach – An alternative to getting around France because the distances between major cities are surprisingly long.

Mobile Services

Here are the top four mobile devices you can consider:

1. Orange – The largest telecommunications operator that has the most advanced network coverage. The package price (binded plan) is from €3 ($ 3.60).

2.   SFR – The first company to offer 4G coverage and the most well-developed 4G networks in France. The package price (binded plan) is from €3 ($ 3.60).

3.   Bouygues Telecom – The third-largest telecommunications provider. The package price (non-binded plan) is from €5 ($6). 

4.   Free Mobile – The most recent major mobile provider and is growing rapidly.  The package price is from €2 ($2.40). 

I would recommend the RED by SFR because you can customize the mobile plan to your needs. 

This plan offers a €14/month plan with unlimited calls, 80 GB of internet in France, and 10 GB in Europe with no commitment and cancellation fees.

Note that the performance will be different if you are in a small town in rural France. So, it is better to check the best mobile services in the place you plan to stay.


According to Expatistan, here are some of the entertainment costs that you might want to include:

  • Two movie tickets – €20 ($24)
  • Two theatre tickets – €85 ($101.20)
  • One cocktail drink – €11 ($13)
  • One beer – €6 ($7)
  • One package of cigarettes – €10 ($12)


You will have to take out private health insurance from a non-profit company that is known in French as l’assurance complémentaire santé or mutuelle.

Note that France’s private health insurance does not mean you get a faster service, but you will get 100% coverage. This means you do not have to use your own money, or if you do, you will be reimbursed for it.

The average cost of health insurance for one person in France is €40 ($48) per month and the price varies depending on the policy.

I suggest that you do research on insurance policies and choose the most suitable insurance policy plan that fits your needs.

coworking in France

Coworking Places For Digital Nomads In France

There are plenty of choices of coworking spaces that you can choose from in France. Here are some cool coworking spaces in France that you might want to consider.

La Verrière

La Verrière is located in the city center of Nice, France which is not far from the famous Promenade des Anglais

This coworking space includes a large open space, five meeting rooms, two relaxation areas, a free-access book box, and a small kitchen for their subscribers.

You can come and test coworking for a day for €25 ($30), but you have to make a reservation first.

Plans & Pricing:

  • Espresso – from €120 ($143) for 4 days per month (Access 9am-7pm)
  • Macchiato – from €225 ($268) for 10 days per month (Access 9am-7pm)
  •  Cappuccino – from €360 ($428) for 10 days per three months (Access 9am-7pm)
  •  Lungo – from €375 ($446) access 24/7 per month


All Now coworking spaces are near tram and metro stations in the city center. If you like trendy décor, chic design, and refined, unusual working spaces, Now is a good coworking space in France for you.

Branches around France:


  • Nomadic – Pioneer €49 ($58) per month / Globe Trotter €99 ($118) per month / Explorer €219 ($261) per month
  • Shared Office – Between €300 ($357) to €400 ($476)
  • Private Office – From €300 ($357) per month

*All prices do not include tax.

Make It Marseille

If you plan to stay in Marseille, Make It Marseille is a cool coworking space as they not just have open spaces for you to work but also storage spaces and tools for you to work efficiently, such as telephone booths, and a photo studio.

Coworking prices:

  • Full-time subscription – €250 ($298) per month
  • 10 Days subscription – €160 ($190) per month
  • 5 Days subscription – €100 ($119) per month
  • 10 Half-day book – €140 ($167) valid for six months

*Prices already include tax.

The best thing about this place is that they have the à la carte services and daily price if you don’t want to subscribe to their membership.


It has a beautiful, cozy, and calm interior that will help you boost your work efficiency.

Atwork, located in Cannes, also has a place to relax outside where you can enjoy fresh air under trees after staring at your laptop all morning. 

Apart from the coworking space, they also provide fully equipped and furnished private offices for small and medium-size teams.

 Types of private offices:

  • “Standard” private offices – up to three workstations from €39 ($ 46.40) excluding taxes.
  • Private “comfort” offices – up to six workstations from €79 ($94) excluding taxes.

You can check on their website to know more other services they can offer you and do email them to make any reservation, quotation, or any questions to ask.


Established in 2016, Wigi now has three branches, all in Bordeaux. This coworking space is a little chic and is convenient for everyone to work alone or with others.

Branches in Bordeaux

Wigi offers different types of spaces such as open spaces, private posts in open spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and a domiciliation with special offers for students and job seekers.

You can make payment by time spent from as low as €3 ($3.60) per hour or by week or month, depending on your preference, as this coworking space in France is very flexible.


In a historic and modern place, Olocal is a coworking space located in an old warehouse whose construction began in 1830.

Adopting the France culture of work-life balance, they provide bikes, table football and an arcade machine to be used while working.

Olocal is accessible every day from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.


Anticafé is a mix of a café, a workspace, and the warmth of a home.

It is the first coworking café where everything is included, such as drinks, sweets and savoury snacks, work equipment, and other facilities provided by them.

Anticafé outlets:

Three ways you can enjoy their spaces:

  • Hourly rate € 6 ($ 7)
  • Daily rate € 28 ($ 33)
  • Monthly rate € 300 ($ 357)
coliving france

Things You Should Know About Living In France

  • Be aware of local scammers such as the gold ring scam, the ATM scam, and the clumsy jogger. These scammers are always found at tourist attractions and cities.
  • Locals consider snapping your fingers at people to be very rude.
  • Always check on your valuables and avoid leaving any belongings whenever you leave your rental car in tourist sites and villages because petty thieves always prey on rental cars.
  • French people love compliments and are patriotic. 
  • Learn basic French language as the locals do not like to speak English although they understand it.
  • I advise you to avoid the Réseau Express Régional (RER) train unless you have visited the country several times because this area is the hot spot for locals to pickpocket tourists.
  • If you have leftover food while dining out, restrain yourself from taking it home, or else you will be frowned upon by French people.
  • You can talk about all things with French people except money.
  • Never chew gum in public as it will make you look rude.

FAQs On Coliving In France

What’s The Difference Between Coliving And Shared Flat?

Both coliving and shared flats can have private rooms, but a coliving space is more likely to provide you with your own kitchen and bathroom. Whereas a shared flat shares these facilities. 

Coliving places tend to also be in modern, trendy parts of the city while shared flats can be found almost everywhere in the country. 

What Is The Average Age For Coliving?

The average age for coliving is 30.6 years old and appears to have risen in recent years, due to the shifts in attitudes on coliving.

Coliving is no longer seen as a cheaper living alternative or a student accommodation style nowadays as people above 30 contemplate this option. 

Coliving offers flexibility in terms of the term of rent, and can also be value-for-money for digital nomads or people who move around a lot.  

Is Coliving Cheaper?

Coliving can be cheaper and a more affordable option for those on tighter budgets.

The concept of coliving allows one to stay in a space with others while having key private facilities for yourself still, like your own bedroom and an ensuite toilet. 

Being able to stay with others allows you to split things like furnishings (for the common spaces) or have these included by the coliving company.

You can save on things like food even – you guys can always take turns cooking and sharing! 

What Is The Difference Between Coliving And Coworking?

The difference between coliving and coworking is that coliving involves sharing a living space, while coworking is a shared space that you work at.

In a coworking space, you work with others who may not work in the same company as you but are in the same space as they’d like to use the same facilities.

In a coliving space, you are likely to live in a complex with many others and can socialize with these individuals, though you will have your own private facilities. 

Should You Live With Roommates In Your 20s?

There isn’t a hard and fast answer on whether you should live with roommates in your 20s as everyone has different life situations. 

Roommates are a great source of comfort, advice, and help in general especially in your 20s.

But as you get older or your living demands change (where you might want a quieter space), perhaps the appeal of living with roommates might decrease. 

What Is The Downside Of Co-Living?

The downside of coliving is that you may encounter a lack of privacy, and you could potentially fall into conflict with your housemates due to living so close to each other. 

You also don’t have control over how you want the space to look as this is often decided upon by the company or host maintaining the coliving space. 

That aside, there are many upsides to coliving like cheaper rent, being able to meet like-minded friends and the convenience of coliving facilities. 

What Is The Difference Between Co-Living And Roommates?

Coliving is quite similar to having roommates, except that with coliving, you’re likely to have your own bedroom and bathroom whereas with roommates you might share both. 

The similar aspect with both coliving spaces and having roommates is that you’re likely to also have to share common areas like the kitchen, dining room and workspaces. 

coliving france

I can assure you, you will enjoy coliving in France because by living and working together, you will easily learn the language and immerse yourself in the local French culture. 

In no time, you will adapt to how the French people live and their lifestyle. 

I am not surprised if you decide to stay in France longer than you planned, especially if you choose to stay in the top three co-living spaces.

Now you can scroll up, book your French coliving space and start to plan for your next exciting stay.

Coliving in France: A Must-Have Guide For Remote Workers

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