Get paid for movie ideas

13 Ways To Get Paid For Movie Ideas in 2024!

I need to tell you something spectacular! You can get paid for movie ideas!

I know, I didn’t think that could be possible too. The comments you make after watching a bad movie are finally going to pay off! 

You can write your script and get paid for the movie ideas!

Don’t worry, I’ve done some digging for you and saved you all the trouble, all you need to do is finish reading this article.

In this article, I’ll list what you’ll need to do, what platforms are worth visiting, and all the sites to get your extra income from.

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Maybe you’re struggling to pay rent or want to make some extra cash to buy a gift for your loved ones. I know how difficult it is when the funds are tight.

Want to earn some extra income from movie ideas? Here are 13 ways to get paid for movie ideas in 2024.

  • Writing Your Logline
  • Writing Your Synopsis 
  • Writing Your Screenplay 
  • Protect Your Idea: Writers Guild
  • Pitching Your Idea 
  • Selling Your Option 
  • Pitching To Pitch Sites 

Movie Pitcher 


Movie Bytes 

Hollywood Pitcher 

The Black List 

  • Joining Film Festivals 


  • Writing Competition 


Austin Film Festival 

  • Joining Pitch Festivals

Virtual Pitch Fest 




Screenplay Committee 


Hollywood Pitch Festival 

  • Pitch To Film Investment Companies

Peacock Film Finance

Sundance Documentary Fund


Premiere Pictures

  • Follow Small Studios For Opening



Wireless Theatre Company 

BBC Writers 

Genlock Films 

The Screenwriters Market 

Unsolicited Scripts 

  • Find An Agent 

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

1. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Writing Your Logline

First things first, you need to write your logline. What’s a logline, you ask? A logline is a brief one or two-sentence summary of your screenplay!

Be it a movie, TV show, or short movie; a logline hooks readers that describes the plot of your story, it’s concise and it’s the most important line of your screenplay.

A logline can be described as a tool that sells your idea. It’s a 25-50 word that pops out and gets our attention.

Here are loglines from amazing movies that can help give you some ideas:

Titanic: Two star-crossed lovers fall in love on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and struggle to survive as the doomed ship sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Godfather: The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.

Reservoir Dogs: After a simple jewelry heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.

Forrest Gump: A simple-minded, kindhearted man enjoys a life of accidental success and fame when all he wants is to love the beautiful woman he has known since they were kids.

Creating a fantastic logline is the first step into the world of writing, imagination and sell a movie idea. 

Get paid for movie ideas

2. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Writing Your Synopsis

The next important thing is your synopsis! Can you sell movie ideas without a synopsis? 

Unfortunately, most of the time, when you need to do a pitch, the production company will ask for your synopsis. 

While your logline tells you the plot of your screenplay, your synopsis includes the main plot, big plot twists, and ending of your movie. 

Keep it sweet and short, as this isn’t a whole chapter you’re writing. It’s best to note and ensure that your synopsis and your logline should never be the same. 

Take this as your chance to turn interest to excitement from just reading your synopsis. 

Get paid for movie ideas

3. Writing Your Screenplay 

Now the screenplay, the challenging part of it all.

It’s a creative process that can take months and you’ll need to be patient with yourself as you perfect your script.

It’s great to have a completed screenplay script or spec script as it helps you sell your movie idea effectively. 

Imagine the screenplay as a blueprint of the movie that producers and production companies read to help visualize your movie. 

Consider getting help from a scriptwriter to help you finish or take up the challenge yourself! 

There are a lot of online resources and guides you can refer to write your script. 

If you need to start from the beginning you can always take this course that’s great for people with no experience. 

4. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Protect Your Idea: Writers Guild

Ready to submit movie ideas for money? Great! Before you pitch to anyone, ensure you’ve compiled your idea in a movie treatment.

A treatment is a written format that leads the reader’s scene by scene. Instead of 150 double-spaced pages that need screening, a treatment is only 10 pages.

It also helps producers, directors, or agents to understand your movie ideas more easily.

To protect this treatment, you can engage with an entertainment lawyer who can help you with all the legal aspects. 

You can also get a copyright through the Library of Congress so that no one can use your idea without your permission.

Another alternative is you can get it copyrighted by registering with the Writers Guild of America.

Get paid for movie ideas

5. Pitching Your Idea

Now it’s time to pitch and get paid for movie ideas! 

Pitching your idea is not only about selling your movie, but it’s also about selling yourself to the company you’re pitching to.

Practice pitching in front of the mirror or in the shower; saying the things you want to pitch to the producers if you have the chance. 

As you convey your points, you need to ensure that your pitch is engaging, concise, clear, and able to grab people’s attention. 

By the end of the pitch, your goal is to have the producers understand the key points of the movie and are highly intrigued by the idea. 

As you pitch to a few companies, make sure you tailor your pitch accordingly, as a big production company may have different goals than a smaller production company. 

Be passionate and confident about your story, and ensure you’re ready to answer any questions about your screenplay.

Here are some great books you can read to build up that confidence for pitching. 

This is an audiobook, perfect if you don’t have the time to sit down and read. 

The writer, Bill McGowan is a trusted advisor for many companies like Facebook, AirBnB, and Spotify.  

6. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Sell An Option 

First things first, what’s an option? An option is an agreement or contract between the screenwriter and the production company to have rights over the source material. 

During this period of the agreement, the producer or production company will set up the movie from the script. 

Get paid for movie ideas

A certain amount will be paid to the author for the tenure of the agreement. 

You can make money by selling an option as you rent out your concept to the producers. 

However, the production company is able to buy the concept and have rights to the treatment as well as the copyright to the treatment. 

Once it’s bought you no longer have rights to the idea and treatment, including any intention of having a sequel to the first movie. 

The producer can then do whatever they like to it, including changing the whole script entirely. 

7. Pitching To Pitch Sites 

So where to start? Where to pitch movie ideas? Here’s a few pitching sites that you can pitch your movie to and get paid for movie ideas. 

Movie Pitcher has worked with a few reputable studios such as Columbia, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Paramount and so forth.

It’s worth noting that pitching to a company that has worked with big studios before gives you the chance to be on the big screen!

For only $99 you can submit your screenplay and if you have additional pitches you can submit it for an additional $69.

Movie Pitcher typically reviews your screenplay by their creative executive and will give you an answer within a week.

Once your idea qualifies, Movie Pitcher will get in contact with you to improve your idea. 

If there needs to be any revision, attach A-list actors, and will also help you pitch movie ideas for free to the big studios!

To help you save the hassle of making appointments with studios and going pitch by pitch, I say it’s worth the money!

Movie Pitcher does charge a 15% commission and has a low subscription cost that you can have a look at here.

iPitch.TV is another great platform for writers to submit their pitches. Their website offers 2 registrations, one for a Creator and a Film Executive.

This platform gives opportunities for filmmakers, creators, and screenwriters to share their pitches and ideas in their marketplace with the presence of Industry Professionals. 

Producers looking for movie ideas can also subscribe to iPitch.Tv under Film Executive. 

Pitch your idea for a reel, screenplay, short film, pilot, documentary, verbal video, web series and more!

To pitch, you would need an active subscription that costs $39 per month. This subscription already includes your first pitch! 

For additional pitching, there is a one-time additional fee of $24.99. In my personal opinion, I would suggest the 6-month subscription. 

The 6-month subscription is cheaper compared to the annual at $59 and $189 respectively and both include 2 pitch listings. 

Pretty good deal right? You can click here to register as a creator today!

Pitch your screenplay on Movie Bytes and get access to free news, contest articles and so much more! 

Movie Bytes does offer a pro account when you sign up for $29.95 for a year! Using a pro account, you’ll be able to post full scripts instead of half ones. 

This way, when someone is scouting for potentially good scripts, they’ll be able to get to read the whole plot!

You’ll also have access to unlimited postings of synopsis, loglines, script, and contest results.

If you’re writing a few genres, you should really consider upgrading to the pro, as the basic plan only enables you to upload 1 genre of screenplay.

Get your pro version today, and you’ll be able to track who comes and visits your profile.

Hollywood Pitcher connects you to over 4000 Hollywood production companies and producers for just $39 and teaches you how to sell movie ideas. 

Amongst these 4000 production companies include major studios like Warner Bros, DreamWorks, and Paramount.

So technically how does the Hollywood Pitcher work?

Step 1: You click on the Order page and fill up your particulars where you introduce yourself, list your experience and share your logline.

Step 2. You have the option to pick a TV series database or Movie database from only $39! This generally depends on what screenplay you’re writing.

You should be able to hear feedback on your screenplay idea within a week’s time.

If you’re ever having any challenges in writing your own logline, Hollywood Pitcher offers an extra service! 

You’ll be able to request them to write your logline for just $95.

Hollywood Pitcher seems to be one of the best platforms out there. Quite frankly, if a website offers a satisfaction guarantee, I’m immediately sold! 

That’s true! If you’re not happy with their service, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee!

Want to join the pitch?  Fill up Hollywood Pitchers order today. 

Here’s another website that’s great for screenwriters to share their pilots, series, or movie scripts.

It’s as simple as creating a free profile and sharing your script with other industry professionals! 

Your script will be evaluated by vetted readers, and you’ll receive great feedback on your idea.

Create your writer profile for free, and you can host a screenplay, play, musical, or even a pilot. 

You can easily host scripts for $30 per month and receive evaluations for features, one-hour pilots, plays, or musicals for just $100 per read. 

Are you already a Guild member? If you are, you get 20% off on hosting and evaluations!  

Sounds interesting? Submit to be one of their exclusive writers!

8. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Joining Film Festivals 

Joining film festivals is another great way for you to start pitching! Here are some of the famous film festivals to register yourself into. 

Get paid for movie ideas

One great way to get your story out there is by joining film festivals and screenplay contests!

Over 2,000,000 million filmmakers use FilmFreeway to showcase their screenplay! 

FilmFreeway is one of the best websites in search of festivals out there including 206 Academy Awards.

You are able to browse different kinds of festival types with different kinds of categories. 

The categories are divided into Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Short, Student, Television and many more!

So how do you get yourself into the festivals? Well, the steps are simple!

Step 1: You browse and discover the thousands of amazing world’s creative contests and top film festivals.

Step 2: Once you decide on one festival, add your screenplay idea and submit it!

Step 3: Here’s the hardest part of it, the wait. The festivals will review your screenplay and once you’ve been selected they will notify you.

Don’t wait around, sign up today. 

9. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Writing Competitions 

Festivals are fun, but what better way to earn the big bucks with some competition? Here’s a few writing competitions that you can choose from. 

In Coverly you are able to search for competition that is best curated for you. Some competitions are giving out massive cash prizes up to $80,000!

There are many categories and genres you can pick from. Here’s the Coverfly list of filters available. 

  • Feature
  • Television
  • Short
  • Web Series
  • Treatment
  • Short Documentary
  • Short Story
  • Book/Manuscript
  • Stage Play
  • Logline/Synopsis
  • Series Bible
  • Pitch
  • Graphic Novel
  • Podcast

What I love about Coverly is that it gives you the opportunity to connect with other screenwriters and professionals on Coverage. 

The Coverfly Coverage Marketplace provides solutions for drafts, proofreading finished scripts, and everything in between! It’s an affordable and quick way to develop ideas. 

Other than joining competitions, Coverly also offers other services that make you become a better writer by giving you professional insights on CoverflyX. 

Have you gotten your script ready? The Austin Film Festival has already opened its 2024 Screenplay & Teleplay Competition, and here are the details:

  • Feature Screenplay
    • Regular Deadline: 4/19/24 – $70
    • Late Deadline: 5/24/24 – $90
  • Short Screenplay & Teleplay
    • Regular Deadline: 4/19/24 – $60
    • Late Deadline: 5/24/24 – $75

Austin Film Festival (AFF) is a non-profit organization that dedicates its time to aspiring writers to help launch their careers.

When you submit your story to the Austin Film Festival you are not only submitting a paper, but you are also joining a community of story lovers.

Your submission will go through a rigorous screening process, and each page of the script will be reviewed in order to give each writer the full consideration.

Once you go through the first screening, the 2nd round will read the script up to page 10

The winner of the competition will then be able to get a chance for their screenplay to be pitched to producers and production companies.

The Austin Film Festival offers a variety of other competitions other than screenplay.

All of the rest of the competition has different deadlines and payments for each tier. You can check them out here.

10. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Joining Pitch Festivals 

Don’t want to join competitions? You can join pitching festivals as well! Here’s some pitch festival’s I like. 

Virtual Pitch Fest grants you direct access to the Film & TV Industry pros. I love how simple Virtual Pitch Fest works.

You pick from a list of 500+ pros to pitch, submit your pitch, and get a response within 5 working days! How fast is that?!

If you’re just starting out in the industry, I do recommend just getting the basic package that’s only $59! You get the same perks as the VIP and VIP+ for only less pitches.

All the packages entitle you to full access to the pros, guaranteed access, and your pitches never expire!

So what’s the difference between the packages you say? The number of pitches you are able to make.

Here’s the breakdown:

Standard: $59 for 5 pitches

VIP: $99 for 12 pitches

VIP+: $199 for 25 pitches

What are you waiting for? Get started with Virtual Pitch Fest today!

International Screenwriters Association is another organization that helps connect your projects to the industry.

Look out at their contest on their website that you can enroll for. There’s a small fee to pay to participate in the competition, but you can save $5 if you’re an ISA member.

Each competition has different benefits and fees so it’s up to you to choose what best suits the direction you are going in this career. 

ISA has worked with a lot of top companies like Disney, Sony, Brownstone, Abc Signature, and so much more. 

When picking a platform, it’s great to acknowledge if they’ve ever worked with any production company. 

An established relationship between the production company and the network is great, as you know your script is in good hands.

You can also get support and guidance from other screenwriters on ISA. There is a small fee for each of the services. 

From just $39 you can get a logline review, script notes, development evaluation, and even producer-level evaluation. You can check them out here.

Filmatic is another platform that holds pitching competitions for you to join. 

They just recently closed their Season 6 but it’s worth checking their website to see when the new competition will be open.

The last competition Filmatic was offering 1000 cash prizes for overall winners! 

The semi-finalists will receive a pitching opportunity to pitch their screenplay. 

What I particularly liked was that everyone was given opportunities. For all entries, they were invited to come to the SUNDANCE networking event!

In Filmatic you can either submit your application on Freeway or Cloverfly. It’s best to subscribe so you can receive a notification on when the next season opens.

Get paid for movie ideas

ScreenCraft offers a variety of virtual pitching competitions that stand out to uncover the best writer to help launch their screenplay careers.

Here’s how easy it works:

1. Submit your best pitch consisting of no more than 350 words.

2. As a semifinalist; you’ll be asked to submit a 2-minute video pitch.

3. Once selected as a finalist, you’ll pitch live and online to a panel of A-list industry experts.

Past winners have pitched to big companies like Page Boy Productions, and Verve. Some pitches were so fantastic that they got signed on the spot during their pitch competition. 

Each competition has a different entry fee, so check them out! Here are some ongoing competitions now. 

1. True Story Competition 

2. Comedy Screenplay Competition 

3. Feature Screenplay Competition

4. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Competition 

Slightly bit different than submitting a pitch, here you can apply to become a reader!

The Atlanta Film Festival Application (ATLFF) Reading Committee is open and is looking for enthusiastic film fans!

Every year Atlanta Film Festival narrows down their submission to only 5 screenplays to join their program, and they need readers to help read through thousands of applications.

Readers should be able to write opinions and qualitative evaluations, analyze the script critically and read the submissions in a designated time. 

It’s important to note that if you’d like to be a reader you would need to have an open mind and have no bias or personal preference when making the comments. 

Being a reader gets you benefits as they pay you a little sum for your time too! 

If this sounds like you, submit it here.

Stage32 is a platform for networking. In a big industry like this, it’s important that you have a strong network too.

This platform is one of the biggest networking sites, with up to 1,000,000 million members. 

There are big players such as Netflix, Paramount Plus, Peacock, and many more that you can connect to easily. 

Stage32 gives you access to all the executives around the world. 

It acts like a marketplace where screenplay writers like yourself connect and go beyond the gatekeepers to decision-makers.

You are able to choose who you’d like to work with from script coverage, to consultations, and even mentoring!

Want to be part of the community? Sign-up takes less than 30 seconds.

The Hollywood Pitch Festival is for you to pitch your project to A-list Hollywood producers, executives, and representatives. 

Do you want to sell movie ideas on your screenplay, web series, short film, podcast, unscripted concept, streaming project, or even a reality show? 

This event is where you’ll want to sell. 

If you’re on the lookout for an agency, manager, or even entertainment lawyer; you’ll be able to find one here. 

Hollywood Pitch Festival is your chance to pitch your projects, as it is one of the largest assemblies of Hollywood stars and representatives. 

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the event, you can always send your pitch using Green Light Movie! 

Get paid for movie ideas

11. Get Paid For Movie Ideas – Pitch To Film Investment Companies 

You’re already pitching to all the websites, but where do you pitch if you’d like to get funding? Here are some investment companies worth looking at. 

Peacock Film has expertise in securing funds and sourcing projects from independent investors, it also acts as a one-stop film and television finance!

These companies also help with assisting with production, sales and distribution if they find your pitch worthy.

To make your pitch worthy, ensure you’re ready before meeting up with the investment company. Be excited and confident in what you pitch. 

How does an investment company like Peacock Film work? They identify compatibility between the producers and potential investors and match them with projects!

Once they’ve found a potential investor who loves your screenplay, you’re in it for the big run! Your script will finally be in action.

Writing a documentary? You can apply and try to get your funding from the Sundance Documentary Fund.

Sundance Documentary Fund supports filmmakers throughout the whole world in producing cinematic documentaries.

Other than supporting screenwriters, there are various programs to support independent screenwriters called Sundance Institutes artists programs.

Currently, there are 10 programs that you can choose from, such as the Producers Program, Women at Sundance, Indigenous Program, Feature Film, and many more. 

You can apply for these programs here

Macro is a media company that represents the perspective and voice of people of color. If this resonates with your passion, Macro is perfect. 

It was reported that Macro has completed raising more than $90 million from investors to expand its business. 

Macro is always on the lookout for stories that are inspiring and engaging. 

Their digital projects and award-winning film builds viewing experiences that reflect the multifaceted perspective of culture. 

Fences, Blue Bayou, They Cloned Thyrone is one of the award-winning films from Macro. 

Premier Pictures owns the largest privately held company in the world. It includes classic Hollywood films from the 1930s-60’s, and imported films from Europe and around the world. 

Their library also includes licensed stock footage that I myself use from Getty Images. 

Getting funding from a bigger investment company might be harder, though it also means working with a company that is full of experience. 

Getting insightful feedback is great, especially when you’re just about to start out. Here’s the contact to set up an appointment for your pitch!

12. Follow Small Studios For Opening 

When you’re just starting out, going straight to the big dogs can be scary. Here’s a list of small studios that you can sell your movie idea to. 

Great news! LLeju Productions and Films is currently opening to micro and low-budget films.

Being a small company, LLeju does not finance other companies or projects and productions are solely developed by LLeju Productions themselves.

As you start out, LLeju Productions is perfect as you are not required to have an agent or manager to engage with them.

Some of the great movies LLeju Production has made are Frank and Cindy, After Life, Unthinkable, and many more! 

Want to realize your dreams? Send over your logline and synopsis, and tell them I have a movie idea!

Need another place for you to share your great movie idea? Send your idea over to Omnifilm by filling in the form or contact Omnifilm at

Make sure when you send your pitch deck to Omnifilm it has a synopsis and a sizzle reel or zoom tape of the cast. 

Recent projects from Omnifilm are Mech-X4 for Disney, Wild Bear Rescue for Animal, and Jade Fever for Discovery.  

Are you into audio drama? If you are, you should consider sending your pitch to Wireless Theatre Company.

Wireless Theatre Company takes in 5 productions in a year and they have regularly created content for BBC Radio 4, and even to Audible.

If you’d like your script to be pitched to Audible or BBC you can send a 250-word pitch that includes: 

  • Synopsis of your idea
  • A paragraph on why the script is best suited for audio drama
  • Amount of characters in the drama
  • The background story of yourself 

Wireless Theatre is a small company, hence you would only hear back from them if you are qualified. 

You can send your submission to them via email at

BBC Writers Open call, what is it, and how do you submit movie ideas for money?

BBC Writers Opportunities announces an opening every year for you to be able to submit your papers.

If you’re shortlisted, BBC Writers open opportunities for the writers to be included in BBC Scripted and Voices development groups.

During the open call, you can submit:

Drama or Comedy scripts are written for Online, TV, Film, Radio, Stage, and Children’s scripts with a minimum of 30 pages.

What I personally like about BBC’s open call is that you don’t need to have any produced work or credits to be submitted. It is solely based on your passion for writing.

You can subscribe here so you won’t miss any of the notifications for the next open call.

Did you happen to write a big horror story? Here’s a platform that you can submit your story to.

Can you sell a movie idea on a romantic comedy instead? No worries! You can still submit your screenplay regardless. 

You may have heard the movie Slumdog Millionaire, Bend It Like Beckham and The Tormented, these are some production services from Genlock Films. 

Genlock Films is constantly looking for a new feature-length script, regardless if you have a director attached they are open to submissions.

Your script must be fully written, and you must be the owner of all the rights to the screenplay script in order for you to submit them.

Contact them to find out more! 

The Screenwriters Market is a platform for you to sell your screenplay and connect to producers if you do not have an agent.

So how do you get connected?

First, submit your logline for your movie through their forum.

Ensure you leave your contact information so that producers can easily contact you if they need you to submit the whole script.

Magnify your voice in the forum as the exposure gives your name and screenplay an opportunity to shine. As you do networking, you’ll find your way to the right people.

The Screenwriters Market’s forum also facilitates networking opportunities. As you connect to people you can find potential collaborations to do.

Get paid for movie ideas

You can also get feedback and mentorship from more experienced writers in the forum. It’s a great way to upskill your relationship in the industry and get a few pointers. 

Unsolicited Scripts is another great platform for new screenwriters to be introduced into the industry. It almost serves as a one-stop platform. 

Need screenplay feedback? You can get feedback on your script to make sure it’s ready to be pitched on how to sell a movie idea. 

You can also apply for a cash grant of up to $6300 for a post-production package. The grant is open to uncompleted short films up to 20 minutes. 

Occasionally Unsolicited Scripts opens a run script to connect the writers with directors and indie producers.

The run script calls can sometimes be free or there is a small fee you need to pay to join. 

Sign up to get their monthly newsletter so you don’t miss out on any open calls!

13. Get Paid For Movie IdeasFind An Agent 

When you’ve tried doing everything on your own, it’s best to find an agent. However it’s more costly to do so, and it will give you more time to work on writing more screenplays.

Agents have the networking in the industry and if you’ve got a great agent they would know which producers and production companies to submit your script to.

However, I won’t recommend getting an agent if you’re just starting out.

Here are some tips for finding the right agent for you:

1. Make sure that the agent is already registered under the Writers Guild.

2. Ensure that the agent you have chosen has worked with the specific type of genre you’re writing for. This speeds up the process as he has already pitched to previous production companies on the same genre. 

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FAQs on Get Paid For Movie Ideas

Can You Pitch Movie Ideas To Companies?

If you’ve been asking can you pitch movie ideas to companies, the answer is yes you can. Most studio executives and production companies do not accept unsolicited pitches, therefore always follow best practices, get yourself registered under the Writers Guild Of America and industry guidelines before submitting your work to the company. 

Can You Sell A Story Idea? 

How can you sell a story idea you ask, the answer is you can sell your story ideas and develop them through solid research. When you’ve uncovered facts and points after thoroughly researching you’ll see whether or not those points are enough to be writing an engaging story or screenplay; then you can proceed with a bombastic pitch over at the production company.

Does Netflix Buy Movie Ideas? 

Wondering does Netflix buy movie ideas well Netflix does buy screenplays during film festivals or production companies that have pitched to them before. Netflix has a strong network with many production companies, talent agencies and creative communities and may hire those agencies to generate and develop those ideas further to make a movie.

I hope this article inspires you to become the successful screenwriter you truly can be. I assure you that once you get paid for your movie idea, you’ll be able to sell more ideas in no time.

The idea is to push through your very first idea and be selling like hotcakes the next. This isn’t some gimmick to make some quick money so don’t be frustrated you’re not getting it right the first time.

It takes time and effort to be able to write your idea and practice your very first pitch so you can get paid for movie ideas.

Good luck! 

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