Digital Nomad in Prague: A No Nonsense Guide

Digital Nomad in Prague: A No Nonsense Guide

Every digital nomad will go to Prague at some point in their journey, but it begs the question — how does one become a digital nomad in Prague?

The capital of the Czech Republic is no stranger to travellers — from typical tourists to world wanderers, Prague attracted an estimated figure of 8 million visitors in 2019 alone. 

But what is so captivating about this central European city which has people flocking to it?

In this article, I’ll be going into detail on the best of the best in Prague:

  • Why Prague?
  • Cost of Living in Prague
  • Weather
  • Prague Digital Nomad Visas
  • Top Destinations in Prague
  • Best Coworking Spaces
  • Where to Stay and Where to Go for Great WiFi
  • Best Food To Try When In Prague
  • Getting Around the City
  • Useful Tips You Should Know


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Why Become A Digital Nomad In Prague?

People say that good things come in threes. These three are the reasons why your next city to be a digital nomad is Prague:

  • Cost Of Living
  • Great Workspaces
  • Architectural Heritage

Cost Of Living

Compared to other European cities, the cost of living in Prague is reasonable and affordable.

Monthly expenses (including rent) are estimated to be between $1700$2500. In comparison, the cost of living in London is nearly 3 times more expensive.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to individual spending habits.

Great Workspaces

As one of the top digital nomad cities in Europe, Prague offers the best workspaces to help you improve productivity. 

With excellent WiFi coverage and speed throughout the city, you can work from almost anywhere — whether it’s at a local cafe or in one of Prague’s coworking spaces. Talk about practising multitasking!

Architectural Heritage

Thanks to its historic roots, Prague is now home to many architectural monuments which are influenced by a long list of civilisations. 

Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque architectures are some of the largely prominent types that can be seen throughout the city.  

Cost Of Living In Prague 

As one of the cheapest cities in Europe, it’s a no-brainer as to why many have chosen to be digital nomads in Prague. 

Here’s the breakdown of the living costs:

Rent and Utilities

A studio outside Prague city centre will cost CZK 15500/month ($703) including bills.

On the other hand, a similar property near the city centre sees a nearly 3 times increase in rent, priced at CZK 43406/month ($1969).

Tip: Monthly rent which costs anything below $1000 is considered reasonable, as the entire city is highly accessible by public transport.


After a quick survey in Prague’s supermarkets (Albert, Billa and Tesco to name a few), groceries will cost at most $200$250 each month.

This has taken into consideration the occasional splurge on meat and imported products.

If you dine out once in a while, it will set you back an extra $200 $500

In total, you would only spend about $1500 in a whole month.


Due to its strategic location in central Europe, the weather in Prague is warm enough in the summer, up to 25.3°C (77.5°F) but may get chilly in the winter to as low as -1.8°C (28.8°F).

Although the larger tourist demographic vacations Prague in peak summer (July to September), I think the city is better experienced in winter.

Here’s why:

  • Prague’s Christmas Markets
  • Smaller crowds of tourists, allowing you to take your time touring the city
  • Experience Prague’s special winter shows and performances
digital nomad Prague

Digital Nomad Visas In Prague

As the Czech Republic is part of the EU and Schengen area, EU nationals and Schengen visa holders are allowed to stay in Prague for up to 90 days.

If you intend to stay longer than 90 days, you will need a digital nomad visa.

For digital nomads, Prague offers a Type D Visa, under the long-term visa scheme.

These are some of the visas covered under the Type D Visa:

  • Long-Term Entrepreneurship Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa

Long-Term Entrepreneurship Visa

Also known as the Digital Nomad Visa, individuals who are third-country nationals (if they come from countries which are outside the EU and the European Economic Area) are advised to apply through this route.

Steps to Apply

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Czech Republic Consulate office in your country of residence
  2. Download and fill up the Long-Term Visa Form
  3. During the appointment, you will submit the application form in person, together with these documents (which includes but not limited to):
  1. Passport
  2. Passport-sized Photos
  3. Copy of Trade License (which allows you to carry out business activities in the Czech Republic)
  4. Proof of Accommodation
  5. Proof of Financial Means (eg. Bank Statements)
  6. Pay the visa fee of CZK 5000 ($226)
  7. Purchase travel insurance once your visa is approved

The Entrepreneurship Visa allows you to stay up to one year and may be renewable for another year.

Working Holiday Visa

Citizens from the following countries are eligible for this visa route:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

Requirements: Must be between 18-30 years old

Validity: 1 year

Fee: CZK 2500 ($113)

For further information, do get in touch with your local consulate, as requirements may vary depending on your nationality.

digital nomad Prague

Top Destinations For Digital Nomads In Prague 

Prague is great for digital nomads — from parks to food spots, you’d often find new gems to discover. 

These are some of the best that Prague has to offer:

Parks and Green Spaces

If you’re a digital nomad in Prague, you don’t have to worry about being hours away from nature. Prague is the perfect mix of urban and nature, with countless multifunctional parks scattered all over the city.

Best parks in Prague to visit:

  • Vysehrad Park is right in the centre of Prague, perfect for a peaceful morning stroll or a quick lunch stop
  • Riegrovy Sady is one park you cannot miss. It is arguably the best place to watch the sunset and is well-loved by locals and travellers alike.
  • Vrtba Garden, a unique garden-in-the-city, adorned with intricate Baroque-style terraces, flower beds and statues

Museums and Galleries

A stay in Prague, whether long or short is not complete without a trip to the best art galleries and museums.

  • The Communism Museum is a historical museum, which focuses on the period during which Czechoslovakia was ruled by the Communist regime
  • Prague Castle Gallery is home to a curated selection of paintings from as far as the 16th century
  • Antonin Dvorak Museum commemorate the life and incredible work of Czech’s famous composer, Antonin Dvorak
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Cool Co-Working Places For Digital Nomads In Prague  

Coworking in Prague is undoubtedly one of the best ways to meet other digital nomads in Prague and partake in community events.

Here are some of the best coworking spaces in Prague:

Best Places to Stay For Prague Digital Nomads 

As a digital nomad in Prague, having a comfortable living space and stable internet connection is the bare minimum. The last thing you want is losing unsaved work because of fiddly WiFi.

Best Places To Stay caters specifically for digital nomads and provides affordable accommodation, good wifi and excellent workspaces.

Here are a few useful facts about them: 

  • Largest coliving booking platform
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Free cancellation (within 24 hours after booking)
  • Advanced search
  • Verified guests and hosts
  • Secure payments
  • Verified properties and guests
  • Flexible lease (from one week to one+ year)

Book using this link to get 2.5% off your first month’s rent 🙂 


As the first coliving space in Prague, Collectif offers a dynamic selection of apartments and rooms in great locations at an incredibly affordable price. 

With excellent management and a community from different backgrounds, 

From CZK 13 200/month ($596), the rent is inclusive of bills, cleaning service, high-speed WiFi and insurance.

Cafes with Great WiFi for Digital Nomads In Prague

The coworking culture in cafes is very popular among digital nomads in Prague. As a city with a widely accessible WiFi connection, it can be overwhelming to decide which cafe to work from.

For cafes with top-rated WiFi, here’s where you should go:

Be Prepared as a Digital Nomad in Prague

Life as a digital nomad requires you to constantly be on-the-go. Moving from one workspace (or cafe) to another, it’s a hassle to carry a chunk of wires in a bag.

Consider adding handy digital nomad gadgets to your inventory, such as a portable laptop charger and a pair of high-quality, wireless noise-cancelling headphones

Instead of lugging your baggage around, get yourself practical digital nomad bags like the anti-theft laptop backpack and the all-time favourite selections of Osprey travel backpacks.

food in Prague

Best Food To Try In Prague 

  • Svickova consists of perfectly-spiced sirloin steak, typically eaten with mashed vegetables which are mixed and boiled with sour cream
  • Nakladany Hermelin is Czech pickled cheese, a popular pub snack in the Czech Republic
  • Kulajda is a type of soup made of sour cream and mushrooms
  • Fruit dumplings, a unique Czech delicacy filled with fresh fruits and sometimes cheese

Getting Around Prague 

Prague has one of the most comprehensive and efficient public transportation systems in Europe. The public transport system in Prague is operated by Prague Integrated Transport (PID).

These are the best ways to get around the city:

  • Metro
  • Tram
  • Bus


Prague Metro is the main commute choice in Prague. A network consisting of 3 main lines, the 61-stations wide network transports over a million commuters daily.


The tram network in Prague is the largest in the country, with over 30 routes covering most parts of the city. .


Buses in Prague is a complementary service network transporting passengers to areas that are not normally covered by metros and trams, such as the outskirts of Prague.

Fares and Tickets

The integrated public transport system has helped to standardise fare prices.

Here are the fares for adults (aged 15-60) under the PID:

Short-term tickets

  • 30 minutes for CZK 24 ($1)
  • 90 minutes for CZK 32 ($1.45)
  • 24 hours for CZK 110 ($5)
  • 72 hours for CZK 310 ($14)

Long-term travel coupons

  • Monthly (30 days) for CZK 550 ($25)
  • Quarterly (90 days) coupon for CZK 1480 ($67)
  • 5-month (150 days) for CZK 2450 ($110)
  • Annual coupon for CZK 3650 ($165)

Click here for the comprehensive list of fares 

digital nomad Prague

Things You Should Know as a Digital Nomad in Prague

Digital Nomad Community in Prague

Due to the prevalence of digital nomads in Prague, there are many communities that you can be a part of. 

Facebook groups such as Prague Digital Nomads and Prague | Girl Gone International will help you keep up with local digital nomad events and meetups.

Learn the History

Even if you’re not a history buff, learning about the country’s turbulent history is encouraged while in Prague. Czech Republic has come a long way, evolving from before to the thriving tourism hub that it has grown into today

Citywide Wi-Fi

One of the reasons why digital nomads prefer Prague as one of their top destinations is the widely available Wi-Fi throughout the city. 

You will find it very convenient to work in cafes and local pubs as most public places have decent internet connection.

In fact, the city has introduced LTE WiFi (high-speed internet connection) in the metro stations throughout Prague, a project expected to complete in 2022.


Prague has seen nearly 22 million tourists visiting the country in 2019, which gave a considerable boost to its tourism industry.

As a kind gesture to services provided, tipping has become highly customary, especially in cafes and restaurants. It is recommended to tip between 5 to 10% of your total bill. 

Bottom Line: Digital Nomad in Prague

Life as a digital nomad in Prague is extremely fulfilling, whether you are working away in the cafe or exploring another part of the city.

With a multitude of working options and plenty of networking opportunities, the city’s ever-growing nomad community is what helps other digital nomads to thrive in a city like Prague.

Have you ever been to Prague? Share your travel experiences, and bucket list for the next time you’re there.

Digital Nomad in Prague: A No Nonsense Guide

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