Digital Nomad Communities

Digital Nomad Communities: Your Ultimate 2023 Guide

Looking for the best digital nomad communities?

With the rise of digital nomads all around the world and more countries opening up their doors to the concept of digital nomads, many are realizing that they can quite literally work from wherever they are!

As fun and as exciting as traveling while you work sounds, it cannot be denied that it can get lonely and isolating, sometimes. 

No man is an island after all. As the thrill of being a digital nomad wears off and the realities of being away from family and friends settle in, being a part of a digital nomad community no matter where you are in the world will do you good. 

Even if it is just to be with like-minded people, sharing in each other’s experiences. 

Read on as we discover:

  1. What exactly a digital nomad community is
  2. Why you need a digital nomad community
  3. How to find digital nomad communities
  4. The best digital nomad communities to join in 2021.

 In summary, these are:

  1. WiFi Tribe
  2. The Nomad List
  3. Portugal’s Digital Nomad Village
  4. Nomad Gao
  5. Digital Nomad Network
  6. Female Digital Nomads
  7. The Digital Nomad World
  8. Digital Nomad Community

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Digital Nomad Communities

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What Is A Digital Nomad?

To put it simply, a digital nomad is one who travels while they work with the help of their laptop and lightning-fast internet. They are also frequently referred to as location-independent workers. 

This work can be done either as an employee of a company, which would make the digital nomad a full-time remote worker.Alternatively, a digital nomad can be a freelancer who works for themselves as a self-employed individual. 

Most digital nomads are freelancers and so have equipped themselves with the necessary skills and know-how to make the most out of their digital nomad lifestyles.

With more and more individuals opting to take on the life of a digital nomad, there are plenty of countries that have made it legal for digital nomads to work there. 

Some popular digital nomad locations include:

Of course, this list of countries is not exhaustive. 

That being said, it goes to show that countries all over the world recognize the concept of a digital nomad and more importantly, the potential value that they can bring to a country in terms of adventure and tourism. 

What Is A Digital Nomad Community?

As digital nomads travel more frequently all over the world, some have taken the initiative to set up digital nomad communities 

Digital nomad communities are essentially groups of digital nomads. As a community, the individuals in these digital nomad communities are likely to form bonds with each other over their shared experiences. 

It is crucial to develop relationships in a world that can otherwise be quite lonely, especially if you are the kind of digital nomad that travels solo. 

Whether you are a digital nomad who chooses to be in one place for an extended period or a digital nomad who is constantly on the go, being a part of a digital nomad community no matter where you are is bound to enhance your experience. 

After all, we don’t know what we don’t know. As such, meeting like-minded people who share the same experiences and who are open about their digital nomad resources are the best types of learning experiences. 

Why Do You Need A Digital Nomad Community?

As set out above, a digital nomad community is useful for forging relationships and bonds while on the go. 

However, there is so much more that you can get out of being a part of a digital nomad community. 

These include:

  • Sharing of digital nomad resources such as coworking or coliving spaces (more on this later!)
  • Exposure to a diverse range of experiences from people from all over the world
  • Learn more about digital nomad business practices, such as how to submit your taxes if you are a freelancer and the best ways to invoice your clients and ensure that you get paid
  • Accountability in terms of work and recreational activities. We all work better when we have someone to do the work with!
  • Learning about the best locations to be a digital nomad and where you can get the best accommodation, best places to work, and affordable internet plans. 
  • A support system and network. When things get difficult or you feel homesick, you have a community to help you through these hard times
  • Being a part of a digital nomad community is likely to push you out of your comfort zone and be open to new experiences.
Digital Nomad Communities

How To Find Digital Nomad Communities?

Now that you have grasped the importance of being a part of a digital nomad community, you may be wondering how to find the best digital nomad community that works for you. 

It cannot be denied that this is probably going to be a process of trial and error. It may take you some time to find a digital nomad community that you fit into and suits your personality. 

Here are  just some ways in which you can find the best digital nomad community for you: 

  1. Go To A Digital Nomad Hub

This is a great option if you are venturing out into the digital nomad world for the first time as a beginner or newbie digital nomad. 

Digital nomad hub here refers to a country that is a popular destination for digital nomads. 

Other than the countries mentioned above, some other digital nomad locations are:

Where there is a flux of digital nomads, you are sure to find a group that suits your needs and interests. 

  1. Work From A Coworking Space

Now this kills two birds with one stone. You get a conducive place to work and you get to meet other digital nomads. 

In recent years, coworking spaces have taken the world by storm. 

Coworking spaces are extremely useful for digital nomads as they can have the perfect office setup without having to incur unnecessary expenses. 

These are spaces that offer virtual office services, as well as desks, meeting rooms, and office facilities such as printing or receptionist services for those who may require them. 

Most coworking spaces also have common social areas such as pantries or chill-out spots for their clients to hang out in. Some also organize community events to bring their clients together. 

This is the perfect opportunity to interact with and socialize with other digital nomads and find your own digital nomad community. 

  1. Stay In Coliving Spaces

This is a relatively new concept and digital nomad countries and locations are slowly getting on board with it. This is because coliving spaces are seen as the ideal digital nomad accommodation.  

If you are interested in discovering what coliving spaces around the world are like, you can check out the following articles:

Essentially a coliving space is where you get a private room in a furnished home where the common areas such as the kitchen and living room are shared with other tenants. 

Amenities and housekeeping are usually included in the rent that you pay for your coliving space. 

This type of digital nomad housing is an attractive option because it is affordable. More importantly, most coliving spaces offer flexible living arrangements such as on a daily or monthly basis as opposed to long-term tenancies. 

Being in a coliving space, especially when shared with other digital nomads will undoubtedly bring a sense of community. 

  1. Digital Nomad Retreats

If you are looking to find digital nomad communities on a large scale, then attending and being a part of digital nomad retreats are the way to go. 

Some of the best digital nomad retreats include:

These are events that are organized by digital nomad communities.

 They can be weekend trips to a particular location in a digital nomad country or talks and workshops with other digital nomads who share their knowledge and experience in their field. 

Events like these digital nomad retreats also allow you the opportunity to interact and socialize with other digital nomads, especially over a meal or a few drinks. 

Digital Nomad Community

Best Digital Nomad Communities To Join in 2021

There are plenty of digital nomad communities that you can join online. You can either explore them before you embark upon your digital nomad journey or check out communities that are near your location once you get there. 

Some are VIP digital communities which usually means you need to pay to join them while others are free to join. 

Either way, both types of digital nomad communities can provide you with unlimited and invaluable resources in relation to life as a digital nomad, as well as being a support system with plenty of networking opportunities. 

Here are some of the best digital nomad communities to join:

  1. WiFi Tribe

This is probably the biggest digital nomad community out there. It is also the most sought-after digital nomad community for digital nomads to join, making it one of the best VIP digital nomad communities. 

The WiFi Tribe is unique in the sense that they choose a different city every month to call home and you get to travel along with them while you work. You can put in an application to join them at any time by filling up this form.

This is the perfect digital nomad community to be a part of if you are the kind of digital nomad who loves to constantly travel and discover new places. 

They truly bring you the most novel digital nomad experiences. 

Confession- It is my DREAM to The Wifi Tribe

You basically get to work and travel around the world with other digital nomads. They organise everything and you just turn up. 

You can jump on or off at any point, travel for a year to explore a whole continent, or just take it month-by-month, one country at a time.

I told myself I would make it happen once this blog earns me a decent income ($10,000 a month). I hope I can make this dream come true one day! 

  1. The Nomad List

The Nomad List is an online digital community that has over 17,000 members. The most useful resource of this community however is the fact that you can get quick access to information about different popular digital nomad locations. 

For example, if you wanted to find out about what it takes to be a digital nomad in Da Nang, Vietnam, all you need to do is a quick search and you will get up to date information on things like:

  • The cost of living
  • The weather
  • Whether it is safe to travel
  • The type of nightlife
  • What the food is like
  • Which company has the best internet

Once you join them, the site will also let you know which of their members are in the same location as you so you can start fostering new digital nomad relationships! 

  1. Portugal’s Digital Nomad Village

If you happen to be a digital nomad in Portugal then you are sure to have heard of Portugal’s Digital Nomad Village in Madeira

With blue skies and sandy beaches, this island-based digital nomad community is the ideal place to be. 

When you join this digital nomad community, you get access to:

  • Free workspaces
  • The best local accommodation
  • Exclusive events

You will also inevitably get to know your fellow digital nomad villagers

Places are limited so register quickly!

  1. Nomad Gao

If you are a digital nomad in India, then Nomad Gao is the perfect one-stop digital nomad community for you.

Interestingly, this digital nomad community has affordable flexible plans and passes that you can purchase depending on your intended length of stay in the country. 

As a member of this pioneer in India’s digital nomad movement, you have access to:

  • Coworking spaces
  • Coliving spaces
  • Quiet zen spaces to just be

You can join the Nomad Gao tribe at any time and be a part of their diverse digital nomad community that boasts members from all over the world! 

  1. Digital Nomad Network

This is a Facebook digital nomad community that makes it easy for digital nomads to connect no matter where in the world they are located. 

Among other things, you get detailed travel guides and can use the community to make arrangements to meet up with your fellow digital nomads in the country where you are located. 

  1. Female Digital Nomads

This is the largest online community for female nomads

Founded by Milou from, it is the only official female digital nomads group. 

This is a wonderful digital nomad community option for women and the unique issues that female digital nomads may face as they travel. 

With access to this well-established community, you will most certainly have a strong support network, no matter where you are located in the world. 

  1. The Digital Nomad World

This is the perfect one-stop digital nomad community. You can join the community for free and gain access to:

  • Detailed travel guides
  • Discounts on online courses
  • Job postings
  • Coliving and coworking spaces
  • Specific digital nomad groups by location or by profession

This particular digital nomad community clearly has thought of everything.

From the availability of digital nomad jobs for beginners to courses that enable you to upskill, the Digital Nomad World is one of the most ideal digital nomad communities. 

  1. Digital Nomad Community

This is a digital nomad community that gives you lifetime access in exchange for a one-off payment which at the time of writing is $57

That being said, the price you pay gives you access to tons of digital nomad content such as:

  • Access to thousands of community members
  • A digital nomad course
  • A blueprint as to how to set up your digital nomad business
  • Access to digital nomad forums, Facebook groups, and forums
community of digital nomads

How Do I Meet Other Digital Nomads?

If you are more of an introverted digital nomad and don’t want to put yourself out there just yet in a digital nomad community, then there are plenty of other ways in which you can meet digital nomads. 

These include:

  1. Facebook Digital Nomad Groups

You can do a quick search on Facebook and you are sure to find an online  digital nomad community that works for you. 

This is also a great option if you prefer to be in touch with digital nomads who are in the same location as you. This makes it easier to meet up or get tailor-made advice on all things digital nomad! 

  1. Digital Nomad Networking Groups

If you go onto sites such as Meetup, you can find digital nomads in your area that you can get in touch with. 

There is also a large digital nomad community on Slack. This includes Nomads Talk (which is the fastest-growing digital nomad Slack community). 

These networking groups are useful if you want to arrange a one-on-one digital nomad meetup or a group meetup for a more holistic networking experience. 

  1. Digital Nomad Conferences

Did you know that digital nomad conferences are organized regularly?

Here is a list of digital nomad conferences that you can participate in. Book your tickets if you can!

  1. Reddit Digital Nomad Groups

The Reddit thread on digital nomads has almost 400,000 users. They provide insights and feedback on everything you need to be a digital nomad. 

This is a great digital nomad resource to look into regardless of whether you are new to the digital nomad lifestyle or if you are a digital nomad veteran. 

  1. Digital Nomad Blogs

A quick Google search will give you tons of digital nomad blogs (like this one!) that you can get in touch with. 

Some of the most comprehensive digital nomad blogs include:

Note- If you want to become a Digital Nomad Family, you can get started here.

Most digital nomad bloggers are open about their experiences and are willing to share them. 

Get in touch with them and you are bound to expand your digital nomad network, and perhaps even make a friend for life!

Where Do Digital Nomads Live?

One of the best things about being a part of a digital nomad community is that you get real views on what it is like to live in certain types of accommodation as a digital nomad. 

As discussed above, the more popular option for where digital nomads live are coliving spaces. 

However, if you are  an introvert digital nomad, then most digital nomad countries have affordable hostels that you can look at as well. These are solo beds that you may have to share with others but are unlikely to have any common areas or facilities. 

Hotels in digital nomad countries are also another option you can consider. There are those which offer flexible long-term stay options for digital nomads. 

How Much Do Digital Nomads Make?

Now this truly depends on many variables such as:

  • Whether you are a full-time remote worker or a freelancer
  • The nature of the work that you do as a digital nomad
  • How much of that work you can take on as you travel 
  • How much you charge for your work (if you are a freelancer)

Generally speaking and according to Tech Republic, 1 in 5 digital nomads make more than $100,000 per year. 

Do keep in mind, however, that this amount is just an estimated guide. Do ensure that you have properly planned out your budget and finances before taking the plunge to become a digital nomad.

Check this article out for more details on how to become a digital nomad!

If you have been thinking of exploring digital nomad communities and joining one, this is without a doubt the best time to do so. 

Most digital nomad communities are warm and welcoming, so don’t be intimated to give them a shot. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from others once you begin. 

More importantly, you may just make lasting friendships and long-term relationships with people from all over the world. 

Things like these are truly priceless. 

Digital Nomad Communities: Your Ultimate 2021 Guide

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