How To Get An Instagram Sponsorship [ 11 Unique Tips! ]

Looking to secure an instagram sponsorship?

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, do you come across influencers sharing the new clothes they’ve been sent by a clothing company and think to yourself “how to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram”?

With these steps mentioned below, you can start your little adventure on being an influencer and land yourself paid instagram sponsorship. You might think it’s silly to start posting pictures and get brands to notice you but you’ve got to start somewhere!

Speaking from personal experience, I managed to land a sponsorship to my tiny Instagram account when I had less than 1,000 followers!

Instagram has become such a popular marketing tool that businesses are constantly on the lookout for influencers. Due to the quality audience and reach an influencer has, brands are willing to invest in them. 

This modern way of marketing is taking over traditional marketing methods and now you can be part of it!

9 Effective Ways To Get An Instagram Sponsorship

  1. Build A Small But Engaged Audience
  2. Define Your Niche
  3. Craft An Effective Bio
  4. Consistency Is Key
  5. Hashtags And Geotags
  6. Connect With Brands
  7. Master Your Pitch
  8. Join Sponsorship Networks
  9. Start With Collaborations
  10. Put Out Specific Content
  11. Maintain Authenticity


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    What Is An Instagram Sponsorship?

    Instagram sponsorship is an approach of marketing that is liked by businesses across the globe.

    With over 1074 million active monthly users on this social media platform, brands are in search of Instagrammers with a solid following base to increase their sales and revenue.  

    An Instagram sponsored post is when someone promotes service or products from a business on their profile for a price. 

    Dwayne Johnson earns up to USD 1,015,000 for a sponsored post due to the high engagement and followers base that he has. A brand approaches him, offers a price to post about their product on his feed, and works out a deal. 

    This is how an instagram sponsorship works. 

    Instagram influencers have turned this into a lucrative means to earn money as brands find this a more efficient way to do marketing, to have more reach than the traditional marketing methods.

    9 Effective Ways To Get An Instagram Sponsorship

    1. Build A Small But Engaged Audience

    instagram sponsorship

    Notice how it says a solid audience, not a large audience base? This is because of quality over quantity, my friend. 

    When you’re trying to figure out how to get paid a sponsorship on instagram, think of it from a business’s perspective. A business pays you to get to your audience because they are trying to get your audience to purchase their product. 

    Their priority is to get a great return on investment (ROI).  

    How can they do that if you have yet to form your tribe of loyal followers? Having a solid audience base that will stick around and anticipate your content is key in securing instagram brand deals. So, how do you do that? 

    You need to know your audience. 

    Let’s say you’re targeting an audience of young single women in their early 30s. Would you recommend products that can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles or would you promote the best baby strollers?

    When you truly understand the demographics of your audience, you can then engage with brands that will most likely pique their interest. Get yourself equipped with these pieces of information: 

    • Are your followers from a certain age group, gender, and location?
    • What type of content do you get the highest engagement from?
    • What times of the day do you get the highest engagement?

    Even though there are “shortcuts” where you can buy your likes and followers, please do not do that. Brands are conducting their due diligence on influencers to gauge their engagement rate before deciding to partner up with them. 

    When your followers and likes are bought, you are bound to face inconsistencies in your engagement rate. So be true to yourself and put in the effort to connect with your audience. Here’s a couple of things to bear in mind :

    Just look at it this way, if your audience does not trust you, how would they trust the products you’re promoting? 

    2. Define Your Niche

    What is a niche and why is it important? A niche or a niche market is a specific market specialized in a particular service or product. 

    Get specific with the content subject that you want to put out. 

    For instance, when you’re brainstorming whether you want to dive into the beauty market or the health and fitness market, ask yourself this question – what are the brands I want to work with? 

    If you’ve been thinking of partnering with Fenty Beauty, your Instagram should be specifically tailored to beauty-related content. You wouldn’t be posting up content on building a business or launching the next best clothing line. 

    Brands look for influencers that can convert their promotions into sales.

     The more specific your niche is, the more likely your audience is as well. If your Instagram is about building a business, you will attract a like-minded audience, and hence be contacted by business services-oriented brands. 

    Having an Instagram feed that is unique, creative, and specially curated to one niche, you will gain the trust of brands who are targeting to sell their service and products to that specific niche. 

    Find a niche that is tailored to your personality and goals, that way you’re more likely to stick to it. For some ideas on how to start finding your niche, entrepreneur and influencer Christine Galbato has shared some useful tips on finding a niche on her Instagram reel.

    Note: If you are a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer check this article: Best Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers, to get inspired and have a popular Instagram profile!

    3. Craft A Unique Bio

    Do you know the famous elevator pitch? It is a quick summary of your profile and experiences that you would pitch to a client or company in the short time of riding in an elevator together. 

    That is how you should treat your bio

    When a brand comes across your profile, your bio should catch their eye. Provide a brief description of your brand and give brands access to all your contact information for them to contact you. 

    Things to include in your bio: 

    • A one-liner to describe who you are
    • The niche you’re working in
    • Email address
    • Link to website/other platforms
    instagram sponsorship

    Your bio should entice a brand to work with you. 

    4. Consistency Is Key

    According to Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, the ideal way to build a solid audience is to post at least: 

    •  2 stories per day followed
    •  by 2 posts on your feed each week. 

    Consistency is the building block to everything you want to accomplish. If you’re trying to read more, the only way to be good at it is to build a consistent habit to read every day. 

    This principle applies to an instagram sponsorship as well.

    However, keep in mind that you should tailor your post to your audience. When do you get the most interaction? Is it when you post once a day or when you post once every three days? Play around with the algorithm and see what works for you. 

    Post beautiful, well thought-off pictures on your feed to draw in brands and audiences. Everything is about aesthetics now. Find what is yours, an aesthetic that you will have fun sticking to, and create content accordingly. 

    Youtuber and influencer Ashley says that the two tools she swears by to curate her feed are :

    As a bonus, here are some videos to guide you through the creation of a well-planned Instagram :

    5. Hashtags And Geotags

    instagram sponsorship

    Hashtags and geotags remain relevant when Instagram growth is concerned. Let’s break them down. 

    Hashtags make it easier for people to find your content, therefore they’re essential for building your audience. Let’s say you’re in search of a baker and you live in Michigan. Now, get on Instagram, and type in “michiganbaker”. 

    You will find post after post from bakers in Michigan, narrowing down your search!

    When it comes to hashtags, you want to be as specific as possible while keeping them relevant to your content.

     If you’re trying to build your Instagram feed that revolves around travel, instead of using the hashtag “traveltips” under your post, which has 2.7M posts, try using “traveltipsitaly” which only has 644 posts. 

    By using specific hashtags, brands can find you with ease. Keep these tips in mind when you’re using hashtags in your post :

    • Use a max of 30 hashtags per post
    • 15 of those hashtags should be of those from the top posts of your niche
    • Include 5 popular instagram repost account hashtags 
    • Use 10 hashtags that are as specific as possible to your niche

    Geotags help you attain a reach within a certain geographical area. 

    Remember the search for bakers in Michigan? Say you’re a baker from Michigan and you geotag Michigan in your posts, brands that are looking to market to people in that location will be attracted to your post.

    6. Connect With Brands

    The easiest way to start scoring yourself paid instagram sponsorship is to reach out to brands. Now that we have covered the basics, and you have a clear idea of the niche market you’re into, and there’s a loyal tribe of followers, you can start listing the different brands you’d like to work with. 

    Even though it seems exciting to start working for big names like Adidas or Chanel, start contacting small businesses if you’re a budding influencer. 

    Once you’ve proven that you can convert the exposure of the brands to sales, you are bound to attract more clients because bear in mind, a brand’s aim is to obtain a solid return on investment. 

    These are the few people you’d want to reach out to :

    1. Brand Manager 
    2. Marketing Manager
    3. PR Manager

    It may seem challenging at first, however, there are tons of brands that are in search of influencers for the perfect influencer to represent their product! You just have to ensure that you’re out there and to do that, you should :

    • Have a professional email 
    • Connect your LinkedIn profile to your Instagram account (Some brands prefer to use LinkedIn to scout for talents)
    • Place your email in your Instagram  bio
    • Get in touch with Marketing Platforms

    If a brand reaches out to you, be straight with their budget allocation. There are brands that will approach you to work for free, and there’s nothing wrong with that but we’re here to earn from Instagram. 

    Here’s a general template on how to ask for money :

    Dear Brand, 

    Thank you for reaching out to (Your Brand). I’m intrigued by your brand and what it represents and we could work out a brand partnership! What’s your budget for this campaign? Happy to jump on a call to discuss more, too. 


    Your Name

    7. Master Your Pitch

    There’s no shame in reaching out to brands and pitching instead of waiting for brands to contact you. Sometimes, making the first move is necessary. 

    Having a strong pitch will put you in an advantageous position. When you’re seeking out brands, pay attention to the brands that have a strong social media presence. Brands are constantly using social media to promote their products and 90% of Instagram marketers state that Instagram is the most important platform. 

    Here are some key points to include in your pitch :

    • Conversion Data

    When you’re reaching out to a brand, you’re trying to show them that you can help boost their sales. Include data that will show a brand your engagement and conversion rate. 

    • Where is your audience from? 
    • What age group are they? 
    • How interactive are they with your stories?

    By including data as such, a brand can gauge how well you can influence your audience to most likely purchase a product from them. 

    • Media Kit

    A media kit is the business card of creatives, an elaborated business card. Anything and everything a potential brand needs to know about collaborating with your brand is compiled in this document.

    If you’ve never heard of a media kit, don’t worry and read through this guide on How To Create An Influencer Media Kit (free templates included!)

    • Keep It Simple

    You don’t want to come across as a suck-up when you’re pitching to a brand. Keep your email simple and straight to the point. Be sure to tailor your email to the different brands you’re applying to because there is no standard instagram sponsorship application.

    Explain why you’d like to work with the brand and focus on what you can bring to the table and how the brand can benefit from your service. 

    Use these FREE pitching templates to get started!

    8. Join Sponsorship Networks

    A sponsorship or marketing platform connects influencers to brands. These instagram sponsorship sites act as a middle man, introducing influencers that fit the criteria of a business. 

    Some of the best instagram sponsorship websites platforms are :

    9. Start With Collaborations

    instagram sponsorship

    Not to burst your bubble but it is unlikely that you can score a deal with an established brand at the very beginning of your journey. Since you’re going to be fairly new to the game, it is encouraged to start with collaborations.

    So what does that mean? You work for free TEMPORARILY.

    Even though it is important to get paid for your effort and the work produced, as a newbie, it is okay to minimize the expectations of getting paid right away for an instagram sponsorship.

    Now, this could mean a couple of things. When it comes to collaborations with brands, it could be as simple as receiving products or services from them instead of being paid monetarily. 

    By no means you should continue accepting products from brands instead of money but treat it as a portfolio-building process. You’ve created a dedicated audience, and you give a brand the exposure they need in return for them giving you the products. 

    From there you can see the engagement rate of your audience and use this information to attract brands that are willing to pay for your marketing technique. 

    One tip to bear in mind to increase your engagement rate is to leverage on all social media platforms. Yes, even though the aim is to secure an instagram sponsorship, you should take advantage of gaining exposure from any source. 

    Over 50% of marketers stated that social media has boosted their sales and it’s high time you take advantage of your Tik Tok account or blog.

     For example, your blog can have a detailed description of the products you are marketing, and creative videos can be made and displayed on your Tik Tok account, attracting a larger audience.

    Just like how a model builds a portfolio over time with different shoots, you’re building your own portfolio by working with different brands. So, it’s okay if you’re not getting paid at first, you’re gaining the opportunity to show your work.

    10. Put Out Specific Content

    Creating specific content is when you generate content with the sole aim that it will land you brand partnerships. This is where you bring in raw and unfiltered content with a twist of your own unique point of view. 

    As a newbie starting in this field, you wouldn’t have the experience that established influencers have and you can use this to your advantage to create content. Just like how in the world of freelance writing, writers are expected to write a few samples before contacting a client, putting out honey content works similarly. 

    Say you want to be a food and drink influencer

    You’re passionate about food and the dream is to try different cuisines across the globe but you don’t have any solid content yet to attract these restaurants.

    Starting putting up content about all the cafes and restaurants you visit on your Instagram page.

    Leave your reviews on the food and drinks, the ambiance of the restaurant, or even the service. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not been invited to try out these places, write about them anyway. 

    This way, you’re already putting yourself out there as an upcoming food and drink influencer and you can use these contents to pitch to restaurants that you actually want to review for. 

    Regardless of which niche you’re aiming for, this method works like a charm for all aspiring influencers to reel in opportunities!

    11. Maintain Authenticity

    Stay true to who you are once you’re onboard the influencer wagon. It is easy to be swept away when your followers increase and multiple brands are constantly reaching out to you.

    Always remember to stay true to your audience and provide content that reflects your brand’s value and identity

    More often than not, brands reach out to influencers because they have a genuine interest in providing the best information, services, and products to their audience. 

    Don’t stress about having to spend hours on Instagram when you’re starting this journey, use this social media platform as a regular user.

    Curate content consistently that’ll make your followers feel special and connected to you. 

    Remember that your tribe trusts your opinion, and it would be unjust if you start recommending products or services that you do not believe in yourself. Without your audience, you would not be an influencer and you would not have been able to land paid instagram sponsorship.

    Your audience IS the driving force behind your success. Stay true to your values and you can be in this for the long run. 


    Best Instagram Courses

    As you know, engaging storytelling is one of the keys to Instagram marketing. Now that you’ve learned how to get sponsorship for Instagram, you can elevate your skills and take your Instagram to the next level. 

    Growing your Instagram organically can be challenging, thanks to the ever-changing algorithm. Spending money on ads isn’t the go-to option anymore in terms of boosting your profile. 

    This is where online courses become handy. 

    Online courses can be done from anywhere across the globe, a convenient alternative for anyone to learn how to grow their Instagram. There is a variety of courses out there that are worth the money and will teach you all the inside tricks of growing your Instagram and how to get paid sponsorship on instagram.

    Best Paid Instagram Courses

    1. 30-Day Influencer Challenge by Marta Ostoja

    instagram sponsorship

    If you have any lurking doubts on how to get sponsored, be an influence, or monetize your Instagram, Marta is here to rid you of all your doubts, showing you a way to make it all possible. 

    This 4-week comprehensive course covers all you need to know on :

    • Your strengths and how to use them to your advantage
    • Strategic content creation
    • Use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage 
    • Monetize your Instagram

    Once you’re enrolled in this course, you will have unlimited lifelong access to the materials. There is a bonus media toolkit included for you in this course as well. 

    This course is for anyone who wants to :

    • Monetize Instagram that it becomes your full-time job
    • Get paid to travel or do the things you like
    • Work with your favorite brands
    • Grow your target audience 

    If you’re ready to gain a steady audience for your Instagram and be an influencer, get on board with this course. 

    2. Hype Your Brand

    This course is run by Sue Zimmerman, a coveted social-media enthusiast, and educator. She is a business coach who helps small businesses to get a firm grip on monetizing their Instagram.

    Sue specializes in helping new entrepreneurs, marketing executives, influencers, and professionals use Instagram to boost their brand and drive up the business. 

    This course covers all you need to know on :

    • Content creation and organization
    • Hashtag research
    • Instagram algorithm 
    • Developing a posting schedule

    Give this course a chance if you’re ready to grow your Instagram.

    3. Learning Instagram

    This course is suitable for anyone new to Instagram, seeking to learn about the basic ins and outs of this social media platform.

    This course covers all you need to know on :

    • How to shoot photos and videos
    • Processing your pictures and videos
    • Regramming photos

    If you’re someone completely new to the game, get started with this course to ease your way in. 

    4. Udemy

    There are thousands of courses on Udemy that teach you almost everything there is to know about Instagram. 

    Would you like to know how to earn six figures through Instagram? There’s a course for that. 

    Would you like to monetize your Instagram? There’s a course for that. 

    Would you like to know everything about Instagram marketing hashtags? There’s a course for that

    Get the picture? The courses offered on this site are affordable compared to the ones mentioned above. So if this is an investment you can make, then give it a go. 

    Best Free Instagram Courses

    1. How To Go From 0 To 500K+ Followers In 12 Months

    This course by Nathan Chan, CEO of Foundr is highly recommended by entrepreneurial tycoons including Gary Vee due to the valuable information shared to all aspiring influencers and marketers on Instagram.

    This FREE webinar entails all you need to know on :

    • How to create engaging content to attract an audience
    • Instagram Domination Method
    • The Bio Formula
    • How to create posts that will convert your audience to customers

    If you want to know more on how to grow your Instagram, then definitely check out this course. 

    2. Later – Instagram Training

    This free course includes everything you need to know on building and monetizing your Instagram. Real tips are shared for beginners and experienced Instagrammers alike. There are free e-books and templates for you to download and get started. 

    3. Free Instagram Course

    This course will teach you everything you need to know on how to achieve your first 15,000 followers. Topics such as how to organize your feed up to the best Instagram content ideas are shared in this course for you to benefit from.

    How Much Is It To Get Sponsored On Instagram?

    It pays to be popular in this world. Naturally, the more followers you have, the higher you will get paid for an instagram sponsorship. 

    However, instagram sponsorship for small accounts is still possible. Here’s a breakdown of a rough estimation of how much you can earn with instagram sponsorship. 

    Influencer RangeEarnings Per Post (USD)
    Nano influencer (10010k followers)10 – 100 per post
    Micro-influencer (10k50k followers)100 – 500 per post
    Mid-tier influencers (50k500k followers)500 – 5k per post
    Macro influencer (500k1 Mil followers)5k – 10k per post
    Mega influencer (1 Mil5 Mil followers)10k and above per post
    Celebrities (5 Mil followers and above)100k to over 1 Mil

    This is an estimated value of the earnings from sponsored posts and this value can vary depending on the type of brand deals you secure. Some brands are willing to pay more and some not so. 

    Know your worth and ensure that you’re compensated fairly for the return of investment gained by the brand.

    Can I Get Sponsored On Instagram With 1000 Followers?

    Yes! I shared exactly how in this article :

    It’s normal to want to start being an influencer and earn money from sponsored posts. Kim Kardashian makes up to USD 858,000 for a single sponsored post. That is an insane amount and even though you can’t earn that amount with 1000 followers, you can still find a business to collaborate with you.

    So how to find sponsors on instagram?

    These are some ways for you to get instagram sponsorship :

    When you’re setting up an Instagram account, ask yourself what would your brand be? What are you trying to convey to your audience?

    To have a successful Instagram page, you will need to create engaging content to grasp the attention of your audience and connect with them. Your Instagram page should convince businesses to partner with you to increase their sales. 

    Do not be discouraged if you have a small following base, because you can still leverage on them to secure yourself an instagram influencer sponsorship.

    How Do You Ask A Brand For A Sponsorship?

    . Regardless of having a large or small following base, it can get intimidating to approach a brand and ask for instagram paid sponsorship. However, if you are serious about monetizing your Instagram, here are some ways you can go about it. 

    1. Reach Out To Them

    The most direct way would be to reach them on their Instagram page or drop them an email stating your interest to work with a business. 

    1. Tag Brands

    The easiest way to get a business to notice you is to tag them in your stories or posts. You have to create awareness, making sure that the brands you want to work with, know about your profile and want to work with you. 

    Instagram Sponsorship Templates 

    Now that you’ve covered all bases, it’s time to start approaching brands but you’re unsure of how to approach the brands. Use these templates of sponsorship for instagram influencers to get you going. 

    Free Templates :

    Paid Templates :


    Now you’re all set to start earning from instagram sponsorship!

    Bear in mind that being an influencer and obtaining brand deals goes beyond taking aesthetically pleasing pictures and videos. You need to hone on your true self, ask yourself why you’d like to engage with brands, and ensure that you’re adding value for your audience and the brand.

    It is normal to feel out of place and uncomfortable when you’re reaching out to brands initially, but when you’ve built yourself a credible audience and you’re clear on your influencing purpose, the confidence to attract businesses will shine through. 

    11 Effective Ways To Get An Instagram Sponsorship

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