180+ Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Blogs ( Make Extra Money!)

Looking for the best blog post ideas for beauty? 

Let’s be real Glam Squad, finding good beauty blog post ideas isn’t easy! 

In this blog post ideas beauty list you will save tons of hours, and instead, get loads of different beauty blog topics for your beauty blog!

So, whether you’re new to blogging, and don’t know where to get inspiration, or  need to quickly plan your beauty content calendar, I’ve got your back.

Here you will find 180+ beauty blog post ideas with topics that are relevant and interesting to your readers. Plus, it will be divided into 4 big categories so you can quickly see the category that is the most interesting for you!

Ready to save time and create engaging content?

If so, let’s dig in, go and snatch these click-worthy beauty blog ideas! 


  • Skincare Blog Post Ideas
  • Hair Blog Post Ideas
  • Makeup Blog Ideas
  • Product Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Bloggers 
  • What Should I Post On My Beauty Blog?
  • Tools To Create Click-Worthy Headlines 
  • How Do I Write My First Beauty Blog Post?

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    blog post ideas beauty

    Skincare Blog Post Ideas

    Maintaining a healthy skincare routine is a core topic in a beauty blog, besides if you want to use any makeup it’s important to have hydrated healthy skin.

    Therefore skin care blog topics are a main topic your readers will be interested in. You can create different angles based on age, type of skin, type of product, and so on. 

    Let’s see some interesting skincare blog post ideas!

    1. Is Oatmeal A Good Moisturizer? Benefits + Organic Face Mask Recipe

    2. 13 Ways To Have A DIY Spa Day At Home [ w/Free Checklist!]

    3. Age Like Fine Wine With The Best Skincare Routine For Your 60s

    4. 11 Tips On How To Choose The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin  

    5. The Best 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine For Dry Acne Prone Skin

    6. The Ultimate Tea Green Guide To Prevent Acne In 2021

    7. Is It Good To Use A Washcloth In Your Skin Care Routine?

    8.  5 Best Tricks To Protect Your Skin From Pool Water And Chlorine Itch

    9. 11 Unknown Skin Care Habits That Can Worsen Acne 

    10. What Is The Best Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatment In 2021?

    11. 7 Proven Methods For Keep Skin Hydrated Naturally

    12. Know The 5 Top Disadvantages Of Using Lemon Juice On Your Face!

    13. 8 Tips To Correctly Exfoliate Your Stretch Marks 

    14. 9 Benefits Of Lactic Acid For Acne Prone Skin

    15. How To Find The Best Natural Deodorant That Works For You?

    16. The Correct Order To Layer Your Skincare Products To Get Glowing Skin

    17. 13 Easy Homemade DIY Eye Masks For Removing Dark Circles

    18. The Comprehensive Guide To Lip Care For Smooth Dark Lips

    19. How To Treat Chapped Lips In The Winter Cold Weather

    20. 7 Celebrity Secrets For Having Younger Skin Around Your Eyes

    21. 31 Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid During Pregnancy!

    22. The Best Natural Glowing Skin Guide For Dark Skin Women

    23. Easy 10 Steps To Make Cucumber Aloe Face Toner At Home 

    24. Fade Dark Spots Quickly With This DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

    25. Best 6 Hacks To Get Rid Of Body Acne For Men

    26. My Favourite Evening Skincare Routine – 2021 Edition

    27. How To Reduce Wrinkles And Dark Circles On Your Face Using Aloe Vera

    28. Aloe Vera Skin Benefits: 5 Killer Ways To Glowing Skin

    29. 7 Common Skin Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

    30. The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Night Routine In 2021

    31. What Your Teen Needs To Know About Teen Skin – According To Experts

    32. 5 Easy DIY Teenage Skin Face Masks For Gleaming Skin

    33. 11 Things No One Tells You About Waxing 

    34. 7 Common Waxing At home Mistakes Rookies Do

    35. How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles [Without Botox!]

    36. 5 Surprising Benefits Of Banana Peel For Your Skin

    37. Dry Vs Dehydrated Skin? Learn To Treat Your Skin Correctly!

    38. Best Skincare Routine For Dehydrated Acne-Prone Skin

    39. 13 Unknown Tricks To Get Rid Of Body Acne 

    40. 9 Habits People With Gorgeous Skin Do Every Day

    41. 7 Easy Ways To Get Smooth Sexy Legs This Summer 

    42. 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Tried A But Facial

    43. How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

    44. Do You Suffer From Over-Exfoliation? [+5 Golden Tips To Avoid It!]

    45. 8 Natural Ingredients To Keep Your Skin Healthy & Young Looking Forever!

    46. ​​5 Best Tips On How To Prevent Acne In Your 20’s And 30’s

    47. What Is The Difference Between An Acid And Alkaline Cleanser? And Why You Should Know It!

    48. 5 Everyday Skincare Hacks For Sensitive Skin 

    49. 8 Amazing Benefits Of Rubbing Your Face With Ice [ Number 5 Is My Favourite!]

    50. 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Dermatologist Every Year.

    blog post ideas beauty and hair

    Hair Blog Post Ideas

    Another must-have topic for beauty bloggers!

    Whether your audience is female, male, young, or old, we all care about maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.

    There are many angles you can consider, including hairstyle advice, and specific tips based on the type of hair your audience has, e.g. brown (colour), short (length), or curly (hair type).

    1. 21 Most Popular Short Layered Bob Haircuts For Blond Beauties In 2021

    2. 7 Proven Hacks To Regrow Hair On Bald Spot Fast!

    3. Purple To Blond – How To Dye Your Hair From Purple To Blond Successfully!

    4. How To Hydrate Natural Hair At Home – Beginners Guide

    5. 47 Beautiful Hair Colours Ideas For Pale Skin 

    6. Trendy Summer Hairstyles For Thin Hair You Have To Try!

    7. 9 Tips To Prevent Frizzy Hair In Summer 

    8. 5 Hard Lessons I Learned From Dying My Hair 

    9. The Most Flattering Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes 

    10. 7 Unique Hair Colours For Petites In 2021

    11. How To Apply Hair Extensions For Beginners 

    12. 10 Quick And Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Short Hair Girls

    13.11 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Dying Your Hair Gray 

    14. Trendy Shoulder Length Straight Haircuts To Look Stunning Today

    15. 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Doing A Keratin Treatment

    16. How To Safely Remove Hair Extensions At Home – Easy Guide

    17. 7 Easy To Do  Hairstyles For Moms On The Go

    18. Expert Tips To Grow Your Dark Straight Hair Fast!

    19. Try This Secret Hack To Grow Your Brown Hair In Only 2 Week

    20. 11 Ways To Help Natural Hair Stay Moisturized For 5 Days!

    21. 8 Hacks To Stop Hair Getting Greasy After One Day

    22. How To Use Rosemary Water For Brunette Hair Growth? 

    23. 17 Best Natural Juices For Faster Hair Growth 

    24. 9 Disadvantages Of Drying Your Hair Weekly

    25. 11 Easy Men Hair Braiding Styles

    26. 50+ Cute Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes For Summer 2021

    27. 13 Tips To Maintain a Full Fringe Style Flawlessly 

    28. Ultimate GuideTo Get Beachy Waves Using A Flat Iron

    29. The Best Monthly Hair Care Routine For Working Moms 

    30. How To Get Healthy Shiny Hair Using Rice Hair Mask

    31. 15 Unique Low Pony Tails Hairstyles For Very Long Hair

    32. 7 Easy Hairstyles To Do Yourself Step By Step

    33.15 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff Once And For All  

    34. 11 Ways To Slow Down The Aging Of Your Hair

    35. 13 Best Tips To Moisturise Blonde Dry Curly Hair 

    36. Hair Botox Treatment Vs Keratin Treatment: Which One Is Right For You?

    37. 5 Ways To Easily Style Your Curtain Bangs 

    38. 8 Unknown Hacks To Prevent Your Curly Hair From Tangling

    39. 21 Best Hair Colours For Olive Skin And Brown Eyes 

    40.50 Beginner Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair – Step By Step Guide 

    41. 28 Gorgeous Long Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Brunettes 

    42. 9 Ideal Hairstyles For Traveling Outdoors

    43. 10 Bun Hairstyle Ideas For Thin Hair Girls 

    44. 45 Most Lovely Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair Women

    45. 7 Tips To  Avoid Frizzy Hair While Traveling

    46. 11 Easy Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Fine Hair

    47. 9 Best Long Hairstyles For Square Faces To Look Stunning!

    48. 35 Cute Hairstyle For Little Girls With Headband

    49. 21 Best Long Hairstyles For Teenage Boys In 2021

    50. 10 Best Hairstyle Ideas For Remote Working Moms 

    makeup blog ideas

    Makeup Blog Ideas

    Makeup is one of the most interesting and sought-after topics in beauty blogs. 

    People love to see makeup Tutorials, information about the best makeup for oily or dry skin, best makeup for the night, and many more topics around the art of makeup.

    In this section, you will find different ideas based on the type of skin, makeup for different occasions (night or day), based on the area of interest (eg. eye or lips), and many more angles! 

    1.15 Best Natural Looking Makeup For Women Over 40

    2. 5 Minute Natural Makeup Ideas For Moms On The Go 

    3. 25 Cruelty-Free KoreanSkincare Brands For Every Budget!

    4. 20 Ideas Wedding Makeup Ideas For Pale Skin Women 

    5. 10 Elegant Night Makeup Ideas For Dark Skin Women  

    6. The Most Efficient Way How To Clean Your Makeup Brush Naturally 

    7. The Best Eyebrows Shapes For Round Face With Big Nose 

    8. 17 Eye Makeup Ideas For Older Small Eyes

    9. Bullet Proof Tricks For Keeping Makeup On Oily Nose

    10. 7 Eyebrow Pencil Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making!

    11. 10 Best Lipstick Color For Brunettes With Hazel Eyes

    12. 25 Best Lipsticks For Fair Skin With Pink Undertones

    13. 70+ Cool Makeup Ideas For Your Graduation Party

    14. 19 Natural Graduation Makeup Ideas For Tan Skin 

    15. 31 Wonderful Makeup Ideas For Working In A Kitchen

    16. 13 Makeup Techniques To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

    17. Tips & Tricks To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup For Pale Skin

    18. Simple Makeup Routine For College Girl – Step By Step Tutorial  

    19. 7 Best Lipstick Colours For Wheatish Skin 

    20. How To Create The Illusion Of High Cheekbones In 5 Easy Steps

    21. 50 Gorgeous Neon Eyeliner Looks That Will Make You Stand Out

    22. 7 Proven Tricks To Make Your Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

    23. 15 Eye Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

    24. Makeup Experts Highlighting Makeup Tricks To Look Younger!

    25. 10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older And How To Avoid Them

    26.15 Proven Tips To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Your Nose, Chin, And Forehead

    skincare blog ideas

    Product Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Bloggers

    Finally, another big category in beauty blogs is the one related to products, whether it is the best cruelty-free moisturizer to get smooth skin, a specific product review like Cetaphil moisturizer review, or the best brands for this or that. 

    Whatever it is, remember to do your research, and give honest and well-informed recommendations, highlighting the pros and cons of the products, so your readers make the best purchasing decision possible. 

    Product-related blog post ideas for beauty is a great way to earn from your beauty blog!

    Skin Care Products

    1. 11 Most Affordable Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands

    2. I Tried The Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser Everyday For 30 Days (And Here’s What Happened)

    3. Is Osmia Organics Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

    4. 5 Best Skincare Travel Friendly Brands In 2021

    5. 8 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Skincare Subscription Box 

    6. 5 Best Anti Aging Snail Facial Creams In 2021 

    7. Best Organic Citrus Facial Toners Under $100

    8. 14 Best Pore Minimizers For Men In 2021

    9. 12 Tinted Sunscreens For Dark Skin Women That Provide Full Coverage

    10.The 7 Best Makeup Primers For Redness And Rosacea 

    11. The Best Coffee Body Scrubs For Your Body Skincare Routine

    12. The Best Organic Anti Cellulite Scrubs To Prevent Stretch Marks 

    13. Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products For Women 2021

    14. 13 Travel-Friendly Shaving Soaps For Men 

    15. The 11 Best Non-Toxic & Organic Foot Creams For Cracked Dry Feet

    16. Origins VS Korres: Which Sleep Mask Is Better For You?

    17. The 21 Best-Selling Korean Skin Care Products You Need To Have!

    18. 7 Unexpected Uses Of The Laneige Lip Mask

    19. Best 15 Face Masks For Super Dry Skin 

    20. The 11 Best Natural Eczema Creams Of 2021

    21. Best Organic Lavender Oil For Body Bath

    22. Are Maybelline Products Gluten-free?

    23. Are Gluten Unsafe Cosmetic Products Hiding In Your Medicine Cabinet?

    24. 6 Best Cleaning And Skin Care Products During Pregnancy

    25. 19 Best Natural And Organic Body Lotions For Pregnancy 2021

    26. 5 Must-Try Lavender Lotions For Sleeping Better 

    27. 6 Best Essential Coconut Milk Bath Soak For A Relaxing Me-time

    28. The Best Anti-Aging Creams For Acne-Prone Skin Women

    29. 7 Best Korean Vitamin C Serum For Oily Skin Under $50

    30. Worth It? Pixi Vitamin C Serum Benefits And Disadvantages

    beauty blog post ideas

    Hair Care Products

    1. Best 30 Natural Hair Dyes Without Chemicals For Gray Hair

    2. 8 Best Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatments At Home In 2021

    3. 11 Best Hair Growth Products For Men To Regrow Hair Fast In 2021

    4. 15 Best Palm Oil Free Shampoo For Shiny Hair!

    5. 7 Facts You Need To Know About Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    6. 8 Best Travel Size Hair Products For Your Travel Trips

    7. What Products Should I Use After Going To The Beach?

    8. Body Cream Comparison Pros & Cons Of 5 Of My Favorite Brands

    9. Top 12 Hair Product For Biracial Curly Hair

    10. Top 15 Quality Curly Hair Conditioner For Men 

    11. 11 Purple Shampoos Blondes Shouldn’t Shower Without

    12. Best All-In-One Beard Kit Gift Set For Men

    13. 8 Best Flat Irons For African American Hair

    make up blog ideas

    Makeup Products

    1. 20 Cruelty-free Vegan Makeup Products Under $100 To Look Beautiful

    2. The Best Eyebrow Pencil For Over 60s – With 5 Star Reviews!

    3. 10 Best Non Toxic Makeup Brands On Amazon

    4. Save Vs Splurge: 5 Classic MAC Lipsticks And Their Budget-Friendly Counterparts!

    5. Best 15 Vegan-Friendly Cream Foundations

    6. Best Eco-Friendly Coconut Lip Balms For Smooth Lips

    7. 7 Affordable Lip Care Gift Sets For Your Loved One

    8. The 13 Best Nail Products For Acrylic Nails Today

    9. 17 Best Zero Waste Makeup Brands In 2021

    10. 21 Best Professional Acrylic Nail Kit For Beginners


    1. Best Unisex Luxury Perfumes & Designer Perfumes In 2021

    2. 15 Best Women Colognes For Work And The Office

    3. 10 Best Jo Malone Scents For Women

    4. Sweet Lovers Alert: 9 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Cotton Candy

    5. 17 Best Bedroom Perfume And Lotion Organizer Ideas 

    What Should I Post On My Beauty Blog?

    After giving you the massive blog post ideas beauty list for your blog I would like to help you with some tips about how to search for topics.

    This is because it is important to align your topics with what’s trending or what your audience is currently interested in

    Let’s see a practical example of what I mean by grabbing and analyzing one of the ideas in this blog post list. 

    Market Research 

    Once you have a general idea about the beauty content ideas you would like to work on, it is time to do market research, and validate if the topic is something your audience would be interested

    For this, there are a lot of tools to choose from, but I’ll stick to some of the easiest and best ones to use: 

    • Google Trends, and
    •  Pinterest Trends. 

    Let’s take for example this blog post idea: Is Lactic Acid Good For Stretch Marks?

    The main topic there is lactic acid, but is oatmeal something your audience is interested in? Let’s find out.

    Taking United States as the location of your target audience this is what Google Trends shows:

    blog post beauty ideas

    As you can see there is a reliable constant interest in lactic acid, that’s a good sign as it means this topic is something your audience will be interested in!

    As for coming up with unique and interesting angles, you can use different tools such as the Google auto suggestion bar:

    blog post beauty ideas

    Also, you can play with the google search bar and add words or letters before or after your main keyword/topic, and see what comes up. 

    I know it can take its time (that’s why you’re here after all), but it is a great way to come up with new ideas! 

    Other tools and strategies you can use to get hundreds of interesting skincare post ideas and beauty content in general are:

    • Looking at your topic Google related searches and FAQs.
    • Searching on Pinterest for a new topic angle. 
    • Searching for trends in the Pinterest trends page, and Pinterest Predicts Free Annual Report.
    • Grab some of your favourite tea, and read through forum threads, such as Reddit or quora. 
    • Looking at your competitors’ blogs.  

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is an important aspect that we will not get into too deeply but is still worth mentioning.

    It is very important you write optimized seo articles with a focus keyword, but it is also important that you check if your keywords are easy to rank for. 

    There are 2 easy ways to do this; one free, and one paid.  

    • Free

    A free way to check if the keyword is easy for you, is to use the free MozBar chrome extension and check the DA (Domain Authority) of your competition in the research results. 

    If the DA of your competition is equal or lower than yours, you’re  good to go. However, if the difference it’s too high (e.g your DA is 1, and your competitor’s DA is 50), then it is better to aim at another keyword OR another angle.

    • Paid

    The paid way is through keyword research tools which help you check the difficulty score of a keyword. There are a lot of them, Semrush and Ahrefs are pretty popular. 

    However, I have used a very accessible and efficient tool for my blogs, Keysearch. It is very easy to use and inexpensive compared to the monthly prices of the most popular alternatives.   

    Whatever you choose, just be sure to have a keyword research process in place so your efforts are not in vain 🙂

    NOTE- It is 17$ per month but if you use my discount code and referral link, (KSDISC), you get 20% off, also a free 1 month trial!

    4 Tools To Create Click-Worthy Headlines 

    You can write the best article ever. However, if your post does not have a click-worthy headline you will lose lots of potential readers.

    It can be time-consuming to come up with an engaging and interesting headline.

     However,  there are ways you can speed up this creative process with tools and proven headline frameworks. 

    As for title/headline generator tools, there are different ones in the market, so you can have fun trying out which ones work best for you. Here is a list of some of the best ones bloggers use:

    Each tool will give you different outcomes and options, for example, Usetopic will only give you one headline idea per query. However, it uses GPT-3 technology and will give you ideas based on a general topic. 

    Here is an example when I typed “avoid acne”:

    As you could see it gave me interesting new angles, such as ‘food to avoid  acne’, which is an interesting combination.

    For example, you could write about the 17 Best Food Foods To Avoid Acne or you could pick one type of food, like green tea, and write The Ultimate Tea Green Guide To Prevent Acne In 2021.

    As for headlines frameworks there are various guides on the internet but what I like about Sumo – Kickass Headline Generator is that it already has great ideas following proven frameworks, in this example, you can see it has a list of ‘numbered list headlines’.

    blog post ideas for beauty

    If you click on it, variations of proven-to-engage headlines display and you just have to type in your keyword, and wala! In less than a second, you have 11 excellent headlines ideas for the keyword “keep skin hydrated naturally”

    Finally, when planning your article title, remember the user intent, your article needs to provide what they are searching for, which you can validate with the top-ranking results. 

    If you write a great article and an awesome headline but you don’t provide the solution the reader wants to have, then you won’t get any or very few clicks. 

    However, if you follow the previous tips you will go in the right direction to create what you want: engaging click-worthy beauty headlines! 

    blog post ideas for beauty

    How Do I Write My First Beauty Blog Post?

    To write your first beauty blog post you need to have a plan that consists of 5 clear steps: 

    1. Keyword Research – Don’t start writing without a focus keyword, without this, you won’t be able to rank in Google!
    1. Check User Intent – What does your reader want to see? Videos, Product Reviews, Educational Tips? – This will help you write the right  content your reader needs, and eventually click on it. 
    1. Plan Your Outline – This will help you organize information BUT also SEO optimize your blog post which again will help you rank in Google.
    1. Create valuable content – Let go of the first me-mindset! Write content that is valuable for your readers, if you answer your readers’ questions, and give them useful tips it is easier to create a loyal audience. 
    1. Make It Easy To Scan –  Do not write a bunch of text! Instead use short paragraphs, bold fonts, bullet points, and images to create a great  reading experience!

    If you want to learn more about writing great beauty blog posts check out my post about writing engaging, and SEO-optimized content for beginners

    This is a useful guide for any beauty blogger who wants to successfully monetize their blog with a-m-a-z-i-n-g content!  

    Also, in order to help more people succeed in their blogging journey, I have created two masterclasses where I give all my juicy insider tips that have helped me earn a monthly passive income, and work whenever and wherever I want!

    1. SEO Masterclass For Beginners. Do you want to improve your traffic with current pro SEO techniques? Here you will learn the exact strategy I did to have nearly 100,000 pageviews a month from Google, in 7 months!
    1. Pinterest Pro For Beginners. Want to skyrocket your pageviews to your blog? Pinterest is a perfect match for beauty bloggers! With the techniques I will teach you, I was able to get 10,000 pageviews to my site, in 3 months!


    Did you like the blog post ideas beauty list? 

    I hope that this blogging resource will help you inspire you and generate loads of engaging content on your beauty blog!

    Remember the tips I gave you about keyword and market research and I’m sure you will start to fill out your content calendar with tons of useful articles for your beauty blog. 

    So, time to start writing beauties, and enjoy the creation process!

    Note – If you are a beauty lover looking to make extra money with your blog, you can also check out other beauty side hustles that can make you good money today! If this sounds interesting to you, check out my article 11 Beauty Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now!

    Start Getting Traffic With These 180+ Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Topics!

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