Best Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers

Best Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers

Hey, fashionista! Are you looking to amp up your profile with the best hashtags for fashion bloggers? 

As a fashion blogger, perhaps you use fashion to share your love for fashion, while others use fashion as a medium to convey important messages to represent smaller brands or to voice out for a cause. 

Regardless of the kind of fashion blogger you would like to be, being a fashion blogger and an influencer will give you a voice and you can use that to your advantage, amplifying your influence and helping more people become fashionable!

These hashtags for fashion bloggers will help you do just that, taking your Instagram up one step, and increasing your audience. 

Summary of the Best Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers

  1. Best General Fashion Hashtags
  2. Best Clothing Specific Instagram Hashtags
  3. Best Fashion Blogger Niche Hashtags
  4. Best Geotags
  5. Why Are Hashtags Important?
  6. How Many Hashtags Should I Use?
  7. Instagram Hashtags Tips And Tricks
  8. What Accounts To Tag On Instagram For Fashion?

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    Best General Fashion Instagram Hashtags

    best hashtags for style bloggers
    The picture was taken from

    General fashion hashtags are the most generic hashtags you can think of when it comes to fashion.

    I’m pretty sure you already have one or two of these hashtags in your head. Yes, I’m talking about the basic #ootd and #ootn kind of hashtags. 

    You might be wondering why general fashion hashtags should be included in the best hashtags for fashion bloggers when there are thousands and some million results. 

    That is because popular hashtags have a large following. 

    Instagram’s algorithm will select some posts to be shown on your feed when you follow a popular hashtag, so if your audiences follow these generic fashion hashtags, the chances of your picture appearing on their feed is high!

    Choose the hashtags from the options below to include under your posts :

    #fashion (998m posts)

    #OOTD (377m posts)

    #ootdmagazine (5.7m posts)

    #outfitpost (12.7m posts)

    #potd (54.1m posts)

    #ootn (11.1m posts)

    #igfashion (6.5m posts)

    #fblogger (9.3m posts)

    #style (580m posts)

    #instafashion (161m posts)

    #currentlywearing (11m posts)

    #stylegram (3.8k posts)

    #fashionblogger (150m posts)

    #fashionista (127m posts)

    #momstyle (2.9m posts)

    #iglook (16.2k posts)

    #igstyle (4.9m posts)

    #aboutalook (3.7m posts)

    #streetstyle (97.6m posts)

    #fallstyle (2.1m posts)

    #summerstyle (6.4m posts)

    #winterstyle (2.4m posts)

    #styleblog (10.8m posts)

    #lookbook (39.6m posts)

    #instastyle (57.4m posts)

    #lookoftheday (45.3m posts)

    #menswear (38.5m posts)

    #dailylook (36.m posts)

    #fashiondiaries (28.3m posts)

    #fashiongram (36.3m posts)

    #streetfashion (31.4m posts)

    #styleblogger (45.9m posts)

    #streetwear (51.7m posts)

    #fashionblog (29.4m posts)

    #photooftheday (952m posts)

    #fashionbloggeruk (159k posts)

    #fashionbloggerus (3.2k posts)

    Best Clothing Specific Instagram Hashtags

    hashtags for fashion bloggers
    The picture was taken from @theturqoiseflamingo

    This type of hashtag is the best hashtags for style bloggers because it is catered for users looking to style a particular piece of clothing. 

    Your content should serve as a search engine result.

    For example, when someone types in #whiteteestyling, you want your picture to show up.

    If your audience has a similar sense of style to you, your engagement rate will increase.

    Some examples are below but you should mix and match them based on what you’re wearing in the picture.

    #eveningdress (2.5m posts)

    #cocktaildress (927k posts)

    #workdress (80.3k posts)

    #whitepants (180k posts)

    #bootcutjeans (186k posts)

    #floralskirt (116 posts)

    #maxidress (6.5m posts)

    #khakistyles (68.1k posts)

    #polotee (32.4k posts)

    #flannelstyle (2.1k posts)

    #weddingdress (44.7m posts)

    #workattire (170k posts)

    #bohodress (456k posts)

    #halloweencostume (6.5m posts)

    #swimsuit (10.6m posts)

    #bikini (50.3m posts)

    #gymfit (1.5m posts)

    #yogapants (5m posts)

    Best Fashion Blogger Niche Hashtags

    best hashtags for fashion bloggers
    The picture was taken from @emmlaree

    Fashion blogger niche hashtags are what your personal branding represents.

     What is your account based on? Who are you representing? 

    Is your account for curvy girls? Are you encouraging body-positivity-movement? Are you laying out styling options for short, petite girls? Is your page dedicated to the wanderlust out there? 

    Knowing the best hashtags for fashion bloggers grows your reach, as it connects you with an audience who identifies with your content. When they resonate with you, your reach expands. 

    You can refer to some of the examples below, but yet again, tailor it according to the niche you’re representing.

    #curvygirl (9.5m posts)

    #curvyblogger (554k posts)

    #curvyfashion (2.4m posts)

    #bodypostive (16.7m posts)

    #selflove (71.8m posts)

    #embracewhoyouare (55.7k posts)

    #petitefashion (639k posts)

    #petiteblogger (281k posts)

    #travelfashion (313k posts)

    #fitfashion (556k posts)

    #womenempowerment (17.9m posts)

    #womenwholift (3.2m posts)

    #womenwhoexplore (2m posts)

    #womenwhotravel (1.1m posts)

    Best Geotags

    best hashtags for fashion bloggers

    A geotag is simply a location tag on your post. 

    By adding a geotag to your post, your picture will be added to the photo map, and you can use it to your advantage and engage with users from the area. 

    Geotags and location hashtags are underrated means to obtain a large audience and greater reach. That’s one of the great things about Instagram, it connects you with people from across the globe, so why not include them in your post. 

    Geotags are decided on the physical location of your mobile device, provided that your location setting is switched on for Instagram. 

    If you’re posting a throwback picture, make use of location hashtags such as the ones below, giving the opportunity for anyone who’s around the area or planning to visit the place the exposure to your content. 

    #eiffeltower (6.6m posts)

    #museudelouvre (44.3k posts)

    #brooklynbridge (3.4m posts)

    #sfbrdige (4.4k posts)

    #goldengate (1.1m posts)

    #burjkhalifa (5.2m posts)

    #fifthavenue (419k posts)

    #newyorkcity (31.3m posts)

    Best Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers FAQs

    Why Are Hashtags Important?

    Hashtags are talked about often by every blogger and influencer out there. 

    Even top fashion bloggers like Trisha Goklani sprinkles hashtags in her pictures.

    top fashion bloggers
    The picture was taken from @trishnagoklani

    But what makes them so important? Or are they important at all? 

    Yes, they are. 

    Users can rapidly get overwhelmed by information overload in today’s social media environment. 

    Using hashtags allows users to break through the obscene amount of digital content and focus solely on the information they need. Hashtags can be an integral part of a business or marketing strategy when used correctly.  Here’s why :

    1. Discovery

    black fashion bloggers
    The picture was taken [email protected]

    Hashtags will help to increase your potential reach.

     Hashtags are a great way for new people to discover your profile and your business. Every hashtag used serves as an avenue for the public to find your content.

    Hashtags work similarly to how SEO keywords work for a blog or website. 

    The idea is to drive higher traffic to your content and with the use of popular hashtags for bloggers, that can be accomplished. 

    2. Content Categorization

    black fashion bloggers
    The picture was taken from @abimarvel

    You know how when you google “trendy sunglasses 2021” once, and for the next coming week, you’ll be seeing ads for trendy sunglasses on all social media platforms? 

    Hashtags work in a similar way 

    For example, if you have fashion content and you use the best hashtags for fashion influencers, you will draw audiences who are interested in becoming fashion influencers, or people who are looking for fashion inspiration. 

    The more people are drawn to your content, your content will most likely appear on other people who have historically shown interest in similar content, therefore categorizing your content under the fashion niche. 

    3. Branding Awareness

    Hashtags will pave the way for branding awareness for your business. 

    If you’re a budding entrepreneur, using hashtags will help expand your target market and create brand recognition.

    As customers deal with your business, they will notice the appropriate hashtags you’re utilizing when they search for your brand. 

    This can result in an increased following, simultaneously bringing more potential customers. 

    How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

    hashtags for clothing boutiques

    Many Instagram experts are giving you different formulas on the number of hashtags you should use. 

    Bringing in traffic from hashtags isn’t solely dependent on the number of hashtags used but the quality of hashtags used and how they’re tailored to your niche and post. 

    There is no standard book of operations on how many hashtags one should use for their post. However, research has shown that the optimal number of hashtags that should be used is 11.

    This is how I do it. I categorize the hashtags into three sections:

    1. General hashtags on niche
    2. Niche-specific hashtags
    3. Location hashtags
    4. Geotags

    With general hashtags, there are bound to be thousands and maybe millions of search results. When there are a large number of followings to these hashtags, the chances of the post showing up on the explore page are high. 

    The aim is to trick the algorithm into thinking that your posts are equally relevant and to be shown to a larger audience who follows these tags. 

    Niche-specific hashtags hone down the hashtags. Since this article is about fashion, only keep your hashtags about fashion. 

    You see, when someone is in search of an #ootd inspiration, they’re going to type in a very specific hashtag like “#bootcutjeans”, “#whiteteestyling”, or “#khakistyles”, and when your posts have these similar tags, they’re going to come across it. 

    If you’re someone who runs a clothing store, hashtags for clothing boutiques can be useful to boost the business. So the next time someone is searching for #bootcutjeans, your store pops up in the search results!

    When the audience can connect with your style and they will automatically be drawn to your content, and voila, the purpose of the hashtag has been achieved. 

    Location hashtags and geotags attract people to a location.

     If you’re posing under the London Eye in a fabulous trench coat, throw in the hashtag #londoneye even though it is not related to the outfit. People around the area or those who are looking to visit the London Eye may come across your profile and that itself is an additional exposure!

    Instagram Hashtags Tips And Tricks

    best hashtags for fashion influencers
    The picture was taken from @heartzeena

    1. Relevance 

    Say you’re content is on coffee, the best coffee machines, best cafes to get coffees, and the best coffee blend, but you’re adding hashtags like #healthyandfitness, #modernhouse, and #inspiredbynature, they are not exactly relevant to your niche. 

    When an audience is frustrated that their search result did not show them something relevant, it is unlikely that you will be gaining more engagement or followers. 

    Having hashtags relevant to your post and branding will get you the reach and activity you want. 

    Also, avoid repeating hashtags for all your posts.

    I know sometimes laziness takes over and you’ve already used a set of hashtags for your previous posts, why not just copy-paste them? 

    That won’t work according to Instagram’s Guideline where it is stated the user should not post repetitive content or comments. You don’t want to be sabotaged by the algorithm now do you?

    Your hashtags have to be relevant and to put it bluntly, it has to make sense.

    You post a gorgeous picture of yourself by the beach, showing your audience how to style the trendiest sarong but your hashtags say #redcarpetlook. Even though it is related to fashion, it is simply not relevant to the post. 

    So, keep it relevant and stick to the top hashtags for fashion bloggers.

    2. Insights

    If you have an Instagram Business Account, optimize the Insights service that comes with it. With the analytics from Insights, you can see the engagement rate from your hashtags and use it to your advantage.

    best hashtags for fashion influencers
    The picture was taken from

    To view the analytics, you will need to click “View Insights” at the corner left on the post of choice and swipe up to see all data about the post. 

    This will help you gain a perspective of the reach you’re getting from the hashtags and you can make changes accordingly. 

    3. Have A Template

    best hashtags for fashion bloggers
    The picture was taken from @babba

    For this, we’re going to fire up our good old Notes App

    Regardless of the different styles you post on your Instagram page, there’s a high chance that you’ll probably be using a couple of the same hashtags from the best fashion blogger hashtags. 

    Even though it seems contradictory to point number one, where I said don’t repeat the hashtags, which you shouldn’t, having a few saved templates of hashtags will save you time for future posts. 

    When you have different lists of hashtags in line with different posts, it is easy for you to customize the list every time you’re about to post content. 

    For example, some of the lists of templates you can save are :

    By having a distinct set of hashtags for different themes, it will be a breeze when you’re putting up content because all you have to do is narrow the hashtags down to that specific post and you’re good to go!

    4. Use Instagram Stories

    Using hashtags on your Instagram stories is a fantastic method to increase your reach by being discoverable by new target audiences. 

    The aim is to get your content in the Top Posts and to be featured on the Explore Page. 

    If a hashtag is popular enough, anyone who searches for it on Instagram will be able to see live stories on that hashtag’s page, including yours, and if the content is appealing to them, you might just gain new followers!

    best hashtags for style bloggers
    The picture was taken from

    Two ways to go about this is to simply:

    •  type in a hashtag on your story or
    •  to use the hashtag feature 

    Either way works just fine. 

    5. Avoid Spam/Banned Hashtags

    Instagram bans a hashtag when it is associated with inappropriate content or bot/spam accounts. Instagram is fighting back against a rise in fraudulent accounts and misleading activity. 

    If content with banned hashtags is not on the top posts, you will not see them. Any recent posts or stories will be hidden. 

    The best way to know if a hashtag is banned is to simply check them before using it. Here’s a complete guide on how to check if a hashtag is banned on Instagram.

    Similarly, do not use spam hashtags like #follow4follow, #tagsforlike, etc because these are likely used by spam or bot accounts that are flagged by Instagram. 

    6. Have A Strategy

    fashion blogger hashtags 2020
    The picture was taken from @amelialiana

    With any business, you want to have a strategy in place when you’re using popular hashtags for fashion bloggers.

     Here are some of the strategies you can use to stay on top of the hashtag game :

    1. Always research the hashtags that are relevant to your industry and personal branding and use them as often as possible on your posts. 
    2. Keep all your hashtags and research finds organized in the notes app so it is convenient for you to use them whenever needed. 
    3. Constantly tweak the number of hashtags used and the placement of your tags depending on your Insight analytics. 
    4. Always check your Insights to see if the strategy implemented is working for you and make changes accordingly. 

    7. Instagram Hashtag Generator

    An Instagram hashtag generator is useful for anyone starting out because these tools will provide you a list of hashtags. However, do not rely solely on the generator as you still have to keep them relevant and specific to your content.

    Use them as inspiration along with your Instagram hashtags strategy to get the best results. 

    Some of the tools you could use are: 

    What Accounts To Tag On Instagram For Fashion?

    popular hashtags for bloggers
    The picture was taken from @sebinaah

    Right now, Instagram is without a doubt one of the most effective visual advertising platforms. 

    Getting featured on a high-following Instagram page is one of the most efficient strategies to grab the attention of as many target audiences as possible.

    Here’s a list of accounts to tag on Instagram for fashion :

    Another great way to gain exposure is to simply tag the brands that you’re wearing.

     This way, anyone searching for inspiration for the brand you’re wearing can easily come across your picture. 

    Some examples of fashion accounts to tag on instagram are below so that you can grasp the idea, throw in some fashion designer hashtags in the mix for extra exposure.

    fashion accounts to tag on instagram
    The picture was taken from @lissiejudd

    Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

    While the number of fashion blogs is at an all-time high, it is undeniable that social media platforms like Instagram remain the most important source of traffic for fashion blogs.

    Everyone jumps on Instagram first to find inspiration, I know I do!

    When I stumble upon something I like, I will then click on the influencer’s link in the description and then head over to the XYZ site. 

    Here’s a list of the best fashion bloggers to follow for you to be inspired and motivated to grow your audience. 

    Black Fashion Bloggers

    black fashion bloggers

    Amazon Fashion Bloggers

    amazon fashion bloggers

    Best Fashion Bloggers

    best fashion bloggers


    There you go, a comprehensive guide to the best hashtags for fashion bloggers! Fashion is a form of art, many use them to express their emotions. 

    Have you seen some people wearing outfits that you can never relate to? 

    New style inspirations, fashion bloggers, and fashion influencers will turn up in every corner as more people are trying to share their sense of style. 

    Whether you’re looking for lifestyle blogger hashtags or fashion blogger hashtags 2020, this article will guide you through it. Time to turn your profile into an inspiration for many!

    Note: Are you a lifestyle blogger? If so, check out this blog post where you will get 251 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will Love! + Pro Tips to make your lifestyle blog popular!

    Best Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers

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