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43 DIY Small Patio Ideas On A Budget Less Than $400!

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Have you been googling the words, ‘ small patio ideas on a budget’?

After the pandemic, it seems everyone and their cat has taken up baking, a new side hustle or indoor fitness.

Nevertheless, there is an emerging new trend, small patio ideas on a budget’.

This trend makes perfect sense.

Since spending many months inside like hermits, people realized that we may as well make our indoor surroundings as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Having said that, when I googled, DIY small patio ideas, the ridiculously priced suggestions made me want to explore alternative more budget-friendly and easy patio ideas.

After scouring the internet and speaking to both my sisters who are interior designers, I discovered that to have a beautiful patio on a budget you need any of these 42 elements.

Every single beautiful patio picture I have seen on the internet or in person has one of these 42 elements. It’s like a budget-friendly formula to a beautiful patio.

The best part is there are many DIY patio ideas on a budget, which will make your dream of a small and cozy patio come true!

You can try a combination of any of these 42 patio ideas on budget which can be bought for under $400 in total. But you don’t need to try all of them, if you can’t afford $400.

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DIY Small Patio Ideas on a Budget

1-   Patio Furniture

Patio furniture ideas on a budget is one of the key items to make your patio as comfortable and chic as possible.

You want to be able to sit in the morning with your coffee and listen to the birds chirping.

Or ignore your phone in the evenings and read a nice book.

Turns out there are a range of patio furniture options here for under $100. The key is to buy a simple set and then make it fancy and comfy with pillows and blankets, more on that later.

Price : Less than $100

small patio ideas on a budget patio furniture

2-   Patio Umbrella

The second item to complete your small patio is a patio umbrella. There is nothing worse than getting second degree burn while reading a book in the sun.

Actually, being shat on by a bird is quite bad too. And being rained on.

So, either way, a patio umbrella is needed. You can find quirky-cool patio umbrellas for under $35 here.

Price: Less than $35

small patio ideas on a budget


3-   Patio Fireplace

On cool nights, a crackling fire is the best way to bring the family together and happily bask in the heat, while enjoying the outside view.

The great thing about these patio fireplaces is that they are small patio designs on a budget.

You can avoid fire hazards as they are self-contained and also, I spotted a few under $80.

Have a look to see which suits your budget best.

Note- Be prepared to fight the family pets for the best spot near to the patio fireplace.

Price: Less than $80

small patio ideas on a budget


4-   Patio Lights

Not everyone can afford a patio fireplace or want to deal with the fuss of setting it up and that’s fine. Patio lights are the next best option.

Patio lights are the key to having that hygge-like warm ambiance than the Danish have mastered.

Make your little patio nice and cozy with dim twinkly lights strung around your patio.

Here are a few priced under $40

Price : Less than $40


small patio ideas on a budget

5-   Patio Plants

The cheapest and smartest way to spruce up your little patio and bring it to life is by getting some plants involved.

Having bright little plants draped around your small patio emitting fresh oxygen has a unique way of making your little patio feel like a safe haven.

I know this, as my mum lives in the city but she has plants in her little back patio. I can sit there for hours in peace surrounded my mother nature and her little plants.

The more plants the better. Their leafy goodness blocks out noise and pollution.

I spotted a few cheeky bright plants here, and you could probably get 2 -3 for under $50

Price : Less than $50

DIY small patio ideas on a budget

6-   Patio Pillows

A simple way to make your patio comfortable and inviting is by throwing colorful little pillows on your patio for you, your family or your guests to relax on.

Instead if spend lots of money on expensive furniture, keep it cheap and cheerful with fluffy bright pillows.

Pillows are small patio ideas diy and no one will ever complain about having soft bright pillows to relax on.

You can find some cool reasonably priced pillows sets here for under $15.

Price : Less than $15

small patio ideas on a budget

7-   Patio Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are also a budget-friendly way of dressing up your patio furniture and are one of the best small patio ideas.

Bright light blankets can transform your tired plain patio into a visually appeasing sanctuary that everyone wants to relax in.

There is a huge range of wonderful blankets and throws here for under $20.

Price: Less than $20

small patio ideas on a budget

8- Outdoor Patio Curtains

Chic yet affordable, these outdoor curtains add a minimalist charm to your patio, without being too heavy on your pocket!

They are definitely an add-on to patio budget ideas

Patio curtains are inexpensive small patio ideas and make it very easy for you to enjoy yourself outside, protecting you from the heat, cold and rains.

Check out these ones priced under $50

Price- $50

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

9- Patio Rugs

Patio rugs make a big difference in the overall appearance of your patio and definitely end up in the budget patio ideas list.

The rugs make your patio look so inviting, and they’re decently-priced. Why pass up on such a great deal?

Here’s a range of comfortable rugs below $40.

10- Patio Cooler Table

If you want to chill and hangout with your guests, a cooler table is a crucial addition to cheap patio options.

What’s better than a fine evening with cool beverages? The cooler can also double as a table!

You can find decent cooler tables for less than $80 here.

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

11- Patio BBQ Grill

A barbecue grill is another element you can include in your budget backyard patio ideas list.

Grilled dishes with cool beverages on the cozy patio would make for an excellent party night!

Some reasonably-priced barbecue grills below $100 for you.

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

12. Patio Hammock

One of the coziest accessories in a patio, hammocks are another word for comfort and are cheap small patio ideas.

Adding a hammock in your backyard creates a more laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, and you can definitely add it in your list of best patio ideas on a budget.

Here are some decently-priced hammocks below $50.

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

13. Patio Flooring

A cost-effective way to liven up a patio is using wooden flooring.

Hardwood flooring gives the patio a classy appearance with homey vibes and are low cost patio ideas.

Here’s a range of wooden deck tiles for below $50.

14. Patio Gazebo

A gazebo is an excellent way to complement your backyard patio, especially if you like rustic aesthetics.

Aside from being eye-catching, gazebos also protect you from harsh sun rays and rain and are a great patio ideas diy.

Here is a range of gazebos below $200

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

15. Patio Pavers

Using gravel or brick for paving is another one of the low cost diy patio ideas.

These pavers are long-lasting and very durable. They also give the patio a natural, charming appearance.

16. Patio Shades

Roll up bamboo blinds are also one of the inexpensive patio options.

Bamboo shades are sturdy, provide privacy, and also add raw, natural elegance to your patio.

You can check out these shades below $50

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

17. Patio Fountain

A water fountain definitely enhances the ambiance of a patio, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive too!

In your budget diy patio, a small fountain will be a wonderful element.

Here are some budget-friendly options.

18. Patio Storage

Storage is essential if you have set up your patio. You can store the extra cushions, pillows, decor accessories, or any cleaning supplies you have, without any clutter.

Storage boxes blend in with the patio furniture, and hence are a perfect addition.

Here’s a range of storage boxes below $50.

19. Patio Heater

Not everyone prefers a bonfire/fire pit, and that’s why we have other easy patio ideas on a budget!

You can enjoy the cooler months in your heated patio, without worrying about the smoke.

Here is a budget-friendly range of patio heaters.

20. Patio Projector

A cozy night out at the patio with your close ones must include watching your favourite movie/series.

A projector can enhance your outdoor movie watching experience in the comfort of your patio!

You can check out these decently-priced ones for your patio

21. Patio Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs/pods add to the relaxing atmosphere of the patio and are great cheap diy patio ideas for decorating your space!

These are some comfortable and affordable ones below $50.

22. Patio Sound System

For many of us music enthusiasts, a sound system is one element we can’t do without in our patio.

Music adds to the calm ambiance of the patio. Imagine a candlelit dinner for two under the stars in your small patio accompanied with soft music, sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Here’s a range of pocket-friendly options below $50

23. Patio Wind Chime

The soft tinkling of the wind chime as the breeze blows through it is a delightful addition to your patio!

Wind chimes are a wonderful decor element and patio on a budget ideas too.

Here are some reasonably priced ones below $50.

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

24. Patio Dreamcatcher

Another low budget idea for your patio is hanging a dreamcatcher.

Simple and beautiful, dreamcatchers are an excellent piece of decor which can fit perfectly with a patio’s vibes while also bringing in positive energy.

Some very cute and decently-priced dreamcatchers below $50

25. Patio Bug Repellent

As much as we want the same enchanting outdoor patios as in the movies, we all know that bugs and mosquitoes are inevitable in outdoor patio.

A small, handy bug repellent is all you need in such a case to convert your patio into one you dream of!

You can check out these affordable bug repellents under $50

26. Patio Liquor Rack

For all the wine lovers and cocktails enthusiasts, it can be a task deciding where to safely keep their liquor in your patio. Worry no more, because there are many liquor racks available at decent prices.

You can choose the liquor racks which match the decor and style of your patio. Such an easy way to display your priceless collection!

Here’s a range of quite affordable liquor racks below $50

27. Patio Games

Games are a great way to bond over with family and friends.

There are different types of games you can keep in your patio and it is an easy option to entertain your guests!

Some reasonably-priced patio games under $50 for you

28. Patio Birdhouse

Nature lovers would definitely want to include a budget-friendly natural element to their patios.

Aside from enhancing the aesthetic value of your outdoor space, a birdhouse provides a natural and peaceful atmosphere and is a great conversation starter!

Here’s a range of super cute birdhouses below $50

29. Patio Misting System

A patio misting addition is a ‘cool’ addition to your garden patio ideas on a budget.

Misting systems help in cooling your patio and are very beneficial in the hot summer months.

You can take a look at budget-friendly ones below $50.

30. Patio Wall Decor/Art

Minimalistic/contemporary, wall art suits all styles of patios and enhance the aesthetics.

You can easily decorate your patio with the hanging art or sculptures and it won’t even cost too much as these are cheap small patio ideas!

Here’s a range of decently-priced decor items below $25

Apart from these, you can also include the following in your patio:

FAQs On DIY Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

What Is The Cheapest Type Of Patio To Build?

You might wonder what the cheapest type of patio to build is. Concrete is the most cost-effective yet durable material to build a patio.

The paste of Portland cement and water, when mixed with gravel, crushed stones, sand and other constituents, produces long-lasting concrete.

What Is The Most Low Maintenance Patio?

If you question what is the most low maintenance patio, the answer is one with porcelain paving.

Porcelain is the least expensive option for patio pavers due to its low maintenance, after gravel and bricks.

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Patio?

Perhaps you wonder if it’s cheaper to build your own patio. Yes, it most definitely is. You can save between 15% -35% with a DIY patio.

A patio costs between $7 – $37 per square feet on an average however you save ~ $5 – $15 per square feet with a DIY patio. That’s a whopping $1500 you save in a DIY patio.

Is A 10×10 Patio Too Small?

Is a 10×10 patio too small? No, it isn’t for a group of 4 people. Though you can always do with some extra space too!

A 12×12 patio is perfect for a gathering of 6-8 people. If you’re planning a round dining table, plan an area with 9-10 feet for ample space for 6-8 people.

What Shape Should My Patio Be?

If you wonder what shape should your patio be, it should be in a square or rectangular shape for maximum utilization of empty space and money.

A square/rectangular patio blends with the rest of the house, regardless of the decor style, & the furniture fits more readily against straight walls than with a circular/free form patio.

Small Patio Ideas On A Budget

What Patio Material Does Not Rust?

You might wonder which patio material does not rust. The best material is cast aluminum as it doesn’t rust/corrode easily.

Other materials like teak wood and stainless steel are also long-lasting and don’t corrode quickly.

What Are The Styles Of Patio?

What are the different styles of patios? Bistro patio setting, living room patio, sundecks, and dining patios are some of the most popular patio styles.

You can curate the patio in modern, rustic, gabled, or louvered types and integrate the above styles according to your backyard space.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Patio?

You might wonder what’s the best place to put a patio. A patio is usually in the backyard or at the side of the house, separated from the main house.

People use different types of pavers in patios for flooring and boundaries. You can also set up your patio alongside a garden for a more natural atmosphere.

Do You Need Drainage On A Patio?

Do you need drainage on a patio? YES!

A proper drainage system ensures water doesn’t collect on edges and protects your patio from moisture, cracks, and mold damage . If water seeps in the flooring, it will decay the base of the patio over time.

Sitting water can also become breeding grounds for insects.

If you analyse any good patio , you will find one of the 42 simple patio ideas above.

The great thing is you can pick and choose the small patios ideas according to your budget.

Keep the diy patio ideas simple, budget-friendly and you can always add extra items when you save or make extra money.

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