frugal christmas gifts

Frugal Christmas Gifts ( Spread the Holiday Cheer Without Breaking the Bank)

That time of the year has come. It is time to purchase Christmas gifts again. Thinking of buying frugal Christmas gifts to give your co-workers, friends, and family this holiday season? 

But what to buy with a little budget is the question.

Suppose you don’t already know. It’s really not price, but thoughtfulness, that distinguishes a so-so gift from an awesome one.

For the best frugal Christmas ideas, you’re in the right place. I am about to bring you fun and unique Christmas frugal gift ideas that will surprise them. 

These frugal Christmas gift ideas are sorted by rooms, recipient, interest and price point. The important thing is, they are ALL under $20!!

With some planning, you can easily find something they will love, without breaking the bank!

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Frugal Christmas Gifts For The Home

Your home should tell your story and reflect who you are. Christmas time is the time to host and attend holiday celebrations with friends and families. 

Buying Christmas gifts to add to their home will be perfect for pretty much everyone in the holiday mood.

Christmas Treats Serving Tray 

A good Christmas snack spread is the perks of the holiday. Think candied peppermint popcorn, white swirl pretzel truffles and dark chocolate-dipped candy canes! 

We can’t resist combining sweets and savouries together. The best of both worlds, is having them in different sections on a serving tray.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Comes with three grids, which means you can place different kinds of snacks
  • Creative Christmas tree-shaped serving tray perfectly themed for the Christmas season.
  • A great addition to any Christmas party tabletop.

Vintage Nature Art Prints

If going out to celebrate Christmas is not an option. Introducing art into their living space is a great way to help them get away from everything complicated and express themselves. 

The warm colours all nature art décor prints give their eyes and mind space to rest from their busy life.  Hanging these nature-inspired prints on their home will bring nature closer to them.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Four different vintage prints for a low price; great frugal Christmas presents
  • This decor captures the marvellous colours of the sun’s rays sweeping over the vast rocky formations of famous national parks, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain.
  • Each print is shipped in padded Kraft Self-Seal Stay Flats envelopes specifically designed to ship art prints.
  • Superior handcrafted quality: Prints are sourced from a community of talented upcoming and independent artists from around the world.

A Photograph in a Locket Picture Frame 

What does the locket symbolise? A locket is symbolic of something precious that you want to keep close to your heart forever; a special memory to treasure. 

This elegant locket picture frame is ideal for displaying those precious moments in life, like birthdays and holiday celebrations.  Simply add a beautiful photo of a treasured memory and spread joy with this timeless photo frame.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Lockets are traditionally given to loved ones
  • The photo frame has a delicate yet elegant easel and will rest securely on any tabletop. 
  • Traditional look of antique frames with the modern design of contemporary picture frames.

Frugal Christmas Gifts For The Kitchen

Have you wondered why family and friends all tend to congregate in the kitchen during the holiday? The fondest holiday memories are made when we gather around the kitchen table. 

Some would even argue that the kitchen is the heart of a home.

 It’s not surprising that the best frugal homemade Christmas gifts can be made in the kitchen. I love making homemade gifts as a giveaway to friends at Christmas. They are fun, cheap and thoughtful!

Homemade Christmas Spiced Tea Mix

A variety of herbal tea blends are available for purchase during Christmas, but nothing beats a Christmas Spiced Tea Mix. This perfect holiday tea tastes like Christmas in a cup.

 It is citrusy, sweet, and spicy. Add some whiskey and quickly turn this hot tea into a hot toddy. Frugal Christmas gifts to make a mistle-toast to the holiday season!

Christmas Spiced Tea Mix Recipe

Frugal Christmas tips: Package them in a small mason jar with a red ribbon and your homemade Christmas gift is done. A mistle-toast to the holiday season!

Half -Pint Mason Jars

Why is this a good gift?

  • This tea recipe is a perfect watch Christmas movies and chill drink.
  • At Christmas time, everyone’s blood type should be pumpkin spice.
  • The hot toddy recipe will keep them warm, and the whiskey will keep them happy.  

Recipe Cards 

Every family has their old family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. These dishes have been handed down from your grandmother to your family in the 1960s or so.

They have also made countless appearances on your family’s dining table, and they are delicious!

Why not have these family recipes handwritten on recipe cards and transform them into memorable gifts that’ll be passed down for generations after?

Why is this a good gift?

  • Handwritten family recipes are priceless.
  • Preserving these recipes keeps loved ones’ memories alive after they’ve left us.
  • By compiling favourite family recipes, this gift is a sweet, sentimental keepsake.
  • Handwritten family recipes are priceless.
  • Preserving these recipes keeps loved ones’ memories alive after they’ve left us.
  • By compiling favourite family recipes, this gift is a sweet, sentimental keepsake.

A Bottle of Olive Oil

Wine is often the ideal choice for gift-giving, but there is a better alternative. A Premium Extra Virgin Oil! 

Cooking oil is something we use every day, and instead of the same bottle of wine, the gift of olive oil will make you stand out – in the right way.

Olive oil is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, allergies or dietary restrictions (vegetarians, vegans, people who don’t drink alcohol).

Why is this a good gift?

  • Olive oil can be integrated into any healthy and balanced diet.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is a gift – different, unusual, and overall the most precious.
  • This is single-sourced, pure, unfiltered and cold-pressed oil from the best variety of Koroneiki olives.

Christmas Cookies Scented Candle

Christmas is not Christmas without the iconic sugary Christmas cookies. And there’s nothing quite like the smell of Christmas cookies in the oven.

 It’s the perfect way to really get into the holiday spirit. It’s only beginning to smell a lot like Christmas if the room smells like fresh baked cookies.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Every irresistible note of freshly baked Christmas cookies in this memorable candle.
  • Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, and sugar notes. 
  • 110-150 hours burn time

Frugal Christmas Gifts For The Bathroom

The bathroom is the best place to think. It is an ideal condition to think of positive thoughts early in the morning when our mind is fresh or at night while winding down after a long day.

 Buy your loved ones some frugal Christmas gifts for some me time, and let them leave the world’s worries behind.

Holiday Soaps

There’s something about a good old bar soap that delivers a clean feeling that’s second to none. Buy them some Christmas scented bars to lather up with during their next shower.

That frosted, chilly scent of fresh snow in the air combined with the delicious smell of roasting chestnuts and cranberry sauce, the welcome warmth and aroma of gingerbread cookies– these Christmassy scents are bound to put anyone in a festive mood.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Perfect frugal stocking stuffers
  • Set of 4 Christmas scents – Cranberry Chestnut, Frosted Sugar Plum, Sugar Pear and Winterberry, and Gingerbread.
  • Captivating winter scents and festive wrapping.

Christmas Bubble Bath Bomb

A hypnotic bath bomb will make you want to jump in the tub as it fizzes. The bubble bath experience can be a totally mesmerising process.

Blast away your Christmas worries with a pampering bath bomb with a gift inside. No matter what your day was like, it’s going to end better with a bubble bath!

Why is this a good gift?

  • Colourful scented water with lots of bubbles and a surprise Christmas necklace inside
  • 99% natural ingredients safe for sensitive skin
  • All of the bath bombs come individually wrapped in a beautiful, vibrant box.

Christmas Hand Towels 

Everyone should own two sets of towels at least with each set consisting of a bath towel and a hand towel. A bath towel is designed to be big enough to dry you off after taking a shower or a bath. 

Hand towels are small towels that are used for drying your hands or face after washing them. Liven up the holiday atmosphere and bring Christmas joy to any room with these beautifully crafted themed towels. The Christmas themed embroidery and colour on these towels provide you with a festival feel at home.

Why is this a good gift?

  • It is made from 100% cotton with excellent water absorption and soft touch.
  • Six towels in six different Christmas embroidery designs with four colours
  • Embroidery design features Santa Claus, Christmas tree, reindeer, snowman, owl, flower.

Frugal Christmas Gifts For the Christmas Spirit

What gets you in the Christmas spirit? Decorating a Christmas tree? Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows? 

The best bit about Christmas isn’t actually Christmas Day – it’s the build-up. Here are some frugal Christmas gift ideas that will make you excited for Christmas.

A 2020 Christmas Ornaments 

The Christmas tree is the focal point for all your holiday decor, so it should make a statement. Make a statement with these funny 2020 ornaments. They are brutal but it also gives them something to chuckle about in these unfortunate and strange times.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Easy to hang: Ornament includes a gold ribbon loop for hanging.
  • The design is permanently printed on both sides onto a flat round ceramic ornament.
  • The perfect addition to the Christmas tree as a reminder of 2020.
  • Perfect frugal stocking stuffers

A Paperback Book of Cocktails 

During the months of work from home, virtual happy hours have become a popular way to stay connected with friends and family. This Christmas, up your drinking game by making fantastic cocktails from the comfort of your home.

 Making a fabulous homemade cocktail doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it may sound. An easy contemporary drinks to make at home guide is all you really need.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Colourful book is full of exciting essential 3-ingredient cocktails for the complete beginner.
  • It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!
  • Brimming with tried-and-true advice, this guide makes home mixology as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Simple steps on setting up a home bar for Christmas.

Candy Cane Peppermint

There is one ubiquitous candy at Christmas time. It is candy canes. Peppermint candy cane is a symbol and tradition during the Christmas holiday. 

It’s iconic white, and red stripes canes are one of those holiday treats that are hard not to love. 

While peppermint-flavoured candy canes are still mostly shaped like a cane, you can find them shaped like a spoon for your nice hot chocolate treat for Christmas.  

Frugal Christmas tip: Have a nice hot chocolate mix with marshmallows in a Christmas mug using a candy cane spoon.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Minty sweet stick is unlikely to be turned down by anyone during the holiday season.
  • Hit them with a cocoa drink, and you have peppermint mocha.
  • Super cute decorative on Christmas Trees.

Frugal Christmas Gifts For The Kids

Are you looking for some present shopping inspiration to find the perfect toy? Getting Christmas presents for kids can be really tough. 

But children’s gifts don’t have to be expensive. 

The important thing is fun and lots of it. I have a few frugal Christmas gifts for kids, that will amuse and delight these little munchkins this Christmas!

Christmas Stick Pens 

You can never go wrong with school writing stationery gifts. The Christmas gel ink pens are the practical writing tool for children during Christmas. 

Colourful patterns easily attract children’s fun, and the present will be well-liked by children.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Christmas party pens are designed with funny patterns, such as snowflakes, snowmen, candies, Merry Christmas.
  • Adding Christmas atmosphere into the classroom on the Christmas holidays.
  • Christmas pens are made of high-quality plastic, durable and sturdy, fluid to draw clean lines from beginning to end, and can be used for a long time

Christmas Fuzzy Fluffy Socks 

Funny Christmas socks are always the best way to take your holiday party outfit to the next level. Wearing Christmas themed socks are all the rage in the season of gifting, and they are practical too. It keeps the feet warm and toasty with super soft and warm premium coral fleece.

Why is this a good gift?

  • One size fits all socks, fit shoe size from 5 to 11.
  • Designs include unicorns, reindeer, gingerbread man, candy cane, Santa Claus, polar bear, snowman, penguin, cat, panda, and bulldog.
  • Superior printing technology ensures each cute design appearing with vivid colour and shapes.
  • These crazy-comfy socks feature the perfect amount of stretch in their fabric to easily slip on as well as off.

A Jar of Charms Cereal Marshmallows

These charms marshmallows are a magically delicious snack and a colourful, versatile dessert topping. These colourful dehydrated marshmallows make a great addition to a bowl of cereal or a warm mug of hot chocolate. 

These marshmallows are the same Lucky Charms shapes you know and love. Pour them into an airtight jar and put a ribbon on it!

Why is this a good gift?

  • 1 lb in sealed / resalable large bag
  • A great addition to any variety of products, the only limit is your own imagination.
  • Colourful marshmallows are aesthetically pleasing and delicious for Christmas. 

Sleigh the holiday season this year with this comprehensive list of affordable, conscious gifts that fit a frugal Christmas budget. They are pocket friendly, and it stretches your Christmas budget as far as it can go! 

These frugal Christmas gifts won’t make you look cheap and won’t break the bank. It only takes a little creativity to find unique and affordable Christmas gifts everyone will love. 

Gifts that are so good you might want to keep them yourself.!

I hope these budget-friendly picks bring joy to you and your loved ones. They are personal and will make your bank happy and your loved ones happy too.

It’s the season of joy after all!

Frugal Christmas Gifts ( Spread the Holiday Cheer Without Breaking the Bank)

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