How To Work At Home With Kids (11 Effective Tips!)

Due to recent events, you may be wondering how to work at home with kids. Many companies have given employees an option (or instructed them) to work from home.

Simultaneously, schools have all shut down and we have no idea when things will get better.

But while the young and single celebrate the idea of working in their pajamas with minimal interruptions by their cat, if you are a parent, you may be wondering how an earth you can work at home with kids.

If you are a busy parent reading this, I’m going to get straight to the point and begin with all the online resources available now for your child and then I will share 11 tips so you can learn how to work at home with kids.

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Apart from all the resources above, here are some tips to consider if you want to know how to work at home with kids.

1.   Create A Schedule For Your Kids

Creating a schedule for your kids is the key to them having a routine and you being able to create batches of time to do work.

Here is an example of a schedule you can create :

8am – Wake up

9am – Eat breakfast/clean-up/ potty time

10am- Learning/ creative time

11:30- Clean-up/ lunch prep

12pm- Eat lunch /potty

1pm- Nap time

3pm- Outdoor time /Potty

4pm- Snack/ Relax/ Tech time/ Potty

5:30pm- Clean-up / Reading

6:30pm- Dinner

7:30pm- Bath

8:30pm- Bed time (in your own bed)

 You can get creative and make this schedule into a poster with pictures.

TIP: It might be also good to write your schedule the night before so that you will be able to do it by the time you wake up in the morning.

2.   Keep Everyone In The Loop

If you want to know how to work at home with kids, it helps if you are transparent and open with your employer on the fact that you are juggling the needs of your children, so your co-workers aren’t caught by surprise.

For example, if you are about to start a conference call it’s ok to sometimes say,’ Just a heads up, I might have a kid walk into the room. If it happens, I will handle it and get right back to you’.

In line with this, there are times that you need to attend to your work at an earlier time within the day.

If this is the case, tell your co-workers your situation so that if you need to attend to the needs of your children or family, they will be able to understand immediately if you need to drop a call or answer their message at a later point in time. This will help them also to consider your availability should there be a need for virtual meetings.

If you want to see a really funny video of a toddles walking into a live interview, watch this. It will brighten up your day! 🙂

3.   Try getting up ONE hour earlier, sleep ONE hour later

I know this isn’t something a sleep-deprived parent wants to hear, but it works.

It is amazing how much you can get accomplished when the house is quiet and no little ones are demanding your attention. This is also the perfect time to write your to-do list and plans for the day without interruptions, so you are ready to take charge of the day.

The reality is, it’s a fine balance when you are trying to learn how to work at home with kids. Sometimes you will feel sleep deprived and sometimes you won’t have the energy to do it. But try it for a few days a week and you will see good results.

4.    Use a Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer

A Gr0 Clock is a light-up clock that trains your child to sleep. You can set your Gro Clock to turn bright yellow at say – 730 am. Until then it’s got a light blue light. If they wake up in the middle of the night and the light blue light is on, it’s still stay-in-bed time. If they wake up and the bright yellow light is on, they can get up.

You can set your Gro Clock to a bit later if you need an extra hour to work.


5.   Take Advantage Of Your Child’s Nap Time

Speaking of sleep, a great way to get a batch of work done is to take advantage of nap times. Make a list of priority tasks to complete during nap times and then focus on achieving only those tasks in the period of peace.

6.   Use Baby Wear If You Need It

If your new baby is a bit fussy and won’t nap without you, invest in babywear to settle your baby. That way you can sit and type while they nap on you.

You can try baby wear like baby carriers that allow you to carry your baby securely with you while you are doing your work. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you can actually work while doing your breastfeeding like answering calls or monitoring incoming messages either on your smartphone or email.

7.   Overlap Naps With Quiet Times

One tip if you want to know how to work at home with kids, is if you have more than one child, one of which is a bit older, you can plan nap times with quiet times.

So, allocate an hour to two for your older child to do a quiet activity while your new-born naps, so you can take advantage of the quiet time to do some work.

You can use the Gro Clock (mentioned above) to monitor the quiet times. Set a timer at the beginning of quiet time and it will change to a different color after quiet time ends.

If you want to train your child, you could incentivize them with a treat after quiet time ends. (Put the treat high out of reach but somewhere they can see)

8.   Loooooong baths

Kids love splashing around in the water! You can carve out extra work time for yourself by allowing your child to have long baths.

I am NOT suggesting you leave your small children alone in the bath, but you CAN work next to the bath in the doorway of the bathroom on your laptop, while they play in the tub.

A great way to have long baths is to keep things interesting with fun toys such as the Spin n Sort Spout which can be filled with water and has an automated water squirting spout for endless fun!

Alternatively, these Bathtub Crayons are quite cool and great for creative bath times.

Having said that, you don’t need to spend any money for bath time fun, you can use kitchen utensils like cups, strainers, spoons, etc.. Learning how to work at home with kids shouldn’t be expensive.

how to work from home with kids with bathtime games

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9.   Help them work with you

You can involve your children while you work by assigning them simple tasks such as filing and organizing papers or tidying up their toys. You can play a game where you are both working and make them feel like important busy bees!

They can get a gold star when they finish their work 🙂

If you instruct them properly, not only do they become of help to you but it is an opportunity for you to bond with them, and get some work done!

10. Set boundaries with your children

Let your children know that you will be working at home and the reason why you need to do it. To keep them occupied you can temporarily extend their television hours or at least situate them in a room where they can play or have fun while you are working.

You can have a physical sign on the door with a thumbs up, thumbs down or any other signal that works for you, so your child knows you cannot be interrupted unless it is an emergency when the thumb sign is down.

This will allow you to have a focus on your work with minimal interruptions.

11. Take alternate shifts with your husband

If your husband is also working from home, you can take alternate shifts. You can get up early and finish an hour or two of work and he can have breakfast with the children and then you can take over.

This will allow both of you to get some work time to focus on completing your work.

Do you have any other tips on how to work at home with kids? Please share them in the comments below!


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