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Home Office Gifts That Will Improve Your Life

Home Office Gifts That Will Improve Your Life

Are you looking for all the best home office gifts you can buy for your loved ones?

Let’s say it together – The year 2020 is the year we never expected.

We said goodbye to 2020 and it’s now time to accept that having a perfect home office is a needed space in our home. Everyone and their cat is now happy to receive any home office gifts to make this new addition happen. 

As the world is dealing with the chaos of a global pandemic, your home office can be a calm and happy place for you to be a productive sloth.

Practical gifts for remote workers bring us joy throughout our workday at home, these simple little luxuries that put the “home” in front of the word office. 

If you are looking to buy some home office gifts to brighten your work area or anyone’s – your friends, your family members, your colleagues, your workers or your boss, here is a list of actually perfect presents. 

This is a work from home gift ideas guide- created just for you!


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These home office gifts are sorted into four categories by price: 

  1. Best home office gifts for anyone: This is a list of gifts for anyone working from home. No matter who you’re shopping for, they’ll love these gifts.
  2. Funny work from home gifts: Who says you can’t have fun at work? 
  3. Home office gifts for him: Especially great gifts for men
  4. Home office gifts for her:  Beautiful great gifts for women

Best Home Office Gifts For Anyone 

Desk Organiser 

Creating your own home office is vital when working from home.

It is time to get serious about your work-life balance and increase your productivity to spend more time with the things that matter more, living life. 

It is scientifically proven a clear space really means a clear mind. 

Our home office can be quickly filled with clutter. Having a desk organiser is the best gift for a home office worker like me to keep every knick-knack in order.  

Why is this a good gift?

  • Made of clear acrylic mixed with a white lacquer-like finish, creating a well-organised workstation to visualise and access contents quickly.
  • Features Medium Tray Holder, Note Pad Holder, and Cup Holder.

Perfect for: Busy organised professionals

Bad for: Organised mess believers

Insulated Water Bottle 

It would be best if you kept a giant water bottle on your desk.

 Having a supersize water bottle with you always is life-changing. I keep one in my work area. It sits there as a constant reminder for me to have my water breaks periodically. 

It keeps my coffee and tea hot throughout the workday and keeps cold drinks ice cold. 

Sure, you might have to go to the loo plenty more times but trust me your skin will be clear for it. I don’t know about you, but clearer skin is always a win. 

S’well bottles come in three sizes: 9oz, 17oz, and 25oz.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Stainless steel water bottles feature triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction, designed to keep beverages cold for up to 48 hours or hot for up to 24 hours.
  • Bottles are insulated with a copper wall layer to eliminate condensation on your essential work document. 
  • Live more sustainably with no need to compromise fashion and functionality.

Perfect for: Anybody. 

Bad for: Nobody. Water is life. 

Artificial House Plants

If you can’t be out in the outdoors, bring the outdoors inside. 

Having greenery in your living space adds more greens and artistic atmosphere to your home office. 

If you are worried about overwatering and underwatering those plants, artificial succulent is ideal greenery for decorating any home office.

 Put these small fake succulent plants decor on any office desk, table, or shelf to decorate a corner into a calming atmosphere. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Simple and elegant appearance designs in 3 different shapes of Lobe, Triangle Teardrop and Bowl with artificial succulents
  • No worries about keeping something alive.
  • Gold desk accessories provide an eye-catching statement 

Perfect for: Nature Lovers

Bad for: Tree haters

Adjustable Laptop Stand 

The laptop brings the freedom to move about and create a flexible work area wherever you are. 

However, every laptop user has experienced strain in their neck and back because of the forced downward perspective.

There is an easy fix! Buy an adjustable laptop stand. 

This is a great way to improve your posture when sitting at a desk for long periods. A laptop stand will raise your laptop screen to eye level, and it means you won’t have to crane your neck as much.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminium tray – makes carrying easy and holds your computer at virtually any position or angle.
  • Silent USB powered CPU cooling fans under the tray. 
  • Clip-on aluminium mouse tray

Perfect for: Jobs that require sitting in front of a computer screen all-day

Bad for: People who love to be outside

Funny Work From Home Gifts 

Humour in the workplace can be both career-enhancing and a robust social intelligence tool, but it needs to be executed with skill. 

Working alone in a home environment can become a monotonous routine, and that is why receiving gag gifts can bring fun into working. 

These funny gift ideas are fun and are useful. These home office gifts are designed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Fun Office Supplies 

Having functional notepads for any meeting is a must. 

A dumb pad as a gag gift for someone who often wishes they could say some of these things at work or in public but knows they shouldn’t is a funny work from home gift. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Be crass without being offensive with these cute pads.
  • Four funny adult-oriented note pads.  
  • Each pad measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches and has 50 sheets

Perfect for: People who take notes all the time

Bad for: Non-note-takers

Funny Coffee Mug 

Funny coffee mugs are sure to tickle my funny bone every time I see one on my screen in an online meeting. 

Here are 3 of the most comical cups to put a smile on your colleagues and bosses. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • The wording is on both sides.
  • Every morning before the daily chaos, you will smile drinking out of these mugs.
  • They are both useful and thoughtful with a bit of a dig.

Perfect for: People with a sense of humour 

Bad for: Serious monsters

Fun Snack Subscription Box 

Work from home gift baskets are excellent. 

It is the best care package for people you care about. We all know the best part of a gift basket is the great snacks to munch on. 

While working on an important project, take a snack break every once in a while. 

These naughty snack break times can be enjoyable with a specially curated work from home gift basket.

Why is this a good gift?

  • 5+ treats from a mystery surprise international country each month
  • Discover a wide range of flavours around the world
  • High-quality selection of different kind of sweet and savoury snacks

Perfect for: Foodies who love trying new things

Bad for: People with strict dietary restrictions

Formal Pyjamas 

If you have recently started to work from home, you know it is a little troublesome to have to change to formal clothes only when you go on a video conference. 

The best solution?

The only answer is pyjamas. It is pure comfort. But you might think I will look unprofessional in my meetings. 

A Japanese company called Whatever Inc has designed a funny work from home gift idea for you. 

The company started a Kickstarter campaign to ignite their production of “Work From Home Jammies”. They’re making the ideal attire for remote work. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Stylish PJs that are presentable enough for online work from home meetings
  • Business in the front, party in the back
  • Jammies are available in 3 colour variations: White Shirt x Grey Jersey, Pink Shirt x Black Jersey and Blue Stripe Shirt x Dark Grey Jersey.

Perfect for: People with a sense of humour 

Bad for: A serious person who can’t take a joke

Home Office Gifts For Him

Buying for men in your life can be challenging. But here are some best gifts for his home office life. 

Beer Glass  

We know many guys go-to drink is an ice-cold beer. And every guy has his favourite beer. Working from home means an appropriate time of day to start drinking beer can be anytime. 

Anytime is beer o’clock! 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Mouth-blown double wall glasses: extend the life of ice-cold beer
  • No condensation on the glass
  • Pint of beer a day prevents heart attacks

Perfect for: Beer Snob

Bad for: Non-drinkers

Incredibly Comfortable Boxers 

The best part of working from home, boxers all day. Get your new home office suit today, work shirt and boxers. Who says you can’t be comfy, cosy and sexy at work?

Why is this a good gift?

  • Feel secure and dry no matter what
  • Keeps the old boys nice and cool all day long
  • Variety of sizes and design

Perfect for: Great underwear for someone who is often very warm … down there

Bad for: Conservative dudes

Home Office Gifts For Her

Buying for the women in your life can be as challenging too. Here are some best gifts for her home office life. 

Foot Mask  

Since you are not wearing shoes in your home office, it is the best time to give proper care to your feet.

Rubbing the foot mask onto the feet and letting it work its magic. 

To prevent making a mess, wrap the feet with plastic wrap and put on socks over the plastic. There is no more straightforward way to achieve healthy, soft heels than with a foot mask while working 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Sure way to keep feet in fabulous condition
  • A compelling blend of deodorising and stimulating ingredients and packs an exfoliating punch
  • They use the finest and freshest ingredients

Perfect for: All women 

Bad for: No one

Scented Candles 

Home sets a foundation for comfort after the daily grind, helping us regain energy and inspiration. 

But if you are working from home, it is crucial to make the home office cosy, aesthetic and relaxing. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Made from high quality white-tinted heavy glass packaged in an exclusive signature box with cream, black and gold detailing.
  • Long-lasting burning of 50-65 hours guaranteed 
  • Three essential oil smells: Jasmine, Plumeria and Wild Rose & Fig

Perfect for: All women love scented candles

Bad for: Women with nasal allergies

We can imagine a world where working from home is the norm and we kind of like it! 

With that in mind, a home office is a place that should generate creativity, promote productivity, and offer both a comfortable and efficient environment.

Adding these specially curated best gifts for home office to any work area is sure to make anyone’s work life from home more comfortable, neater and happier. 

This is the best list of work from home gift ideas around to help you and your loved ones thrive while working from home. 

Wherever their workplace maybe —make it their sanctuary with these great home office gifts. 

I promise they will love you for these gifts. 

Home Office Gifts That Will Improve Your Life

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