25 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog (Personal Experience!)

Have you been wondering if and why you should start a blog?

If you were looking for a sign – THIS IS IT!

There are so many reasons and so many things you could blog about. Whether you’re starting a personal blog or a blog within a website, blogs will always prove useful to you.

For me, I share how I escaped from the humdrum of a 9 to 5 and built freedom for myself, and teach you how to do the same too! Hence why you’re here 🙂

Let’s start taking notes on why you should start a blog!

At a glance, here are some reasons as to why:

1. Anyone Can Blog

2. Be A Part Of A Community

3. Be Your Own Boss

4. Become An Subject-Matter-Expert

5. Build A Portfolio

6. Build Discipline

7. Build Online Presence

8. Creates Media Opportunities

9. Fun! Fun! Fun!

10. Gain Confidence

11. Generate Income

12. Grow Tech Skills

13. Improve Your Writing Ability

14. Inspire Your Audience

15. Learn New Skills

16. Low Setup Costs

17. Make A Difference

18. Market Your Business

19. Meet New People

20. Personal Growth

21. Rank Higher On Google Search

22. Room For Creativity

23. Tell Your Story

24. Work From Anywhere

25. Work On Your Own Time

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Why You Should Start A Blog:

1. Anyone Can Blog

Let’s start, what are the benefits of blogging?

 Well, first off everyone and their mothers can blog!

 Blogging doesn’t require any highly technical skills and anything you need to know about blogging can be easily taught, especially if you find a good beginners course *Ahem Ahem*

2. Be A Part Of A Community

The blogging community is NEXT LEVEL! Imagine a bunch of people who are technically meant to be your competitors but end up becoming your biggest support network and friends!

The blogging community is very friendly and always the first to offer help whenever you run into any issues.

 The best part is, that the blogging community is global so you know at any hour of the day, you definitely have a friend to lend an ear to! 

3. Be Your Own Boss

Ah, one of my favorite reasons! You get to be the awesome boss you’ve always hoped you’d have! 

Work in PJs? Go ahead!

Unscheduled holiday? Pack your bags!

Taking the afternoon off cos your sister invited you for sushi? Let’s go! 

Blogging allows you to call the shots with no one breathing down your neck! You get to dictate your work hours, how much you want to work, and the amount of commitment you want to put into your blog. 

4. Become An Subject-Matter-Expert

Writing a blog on specific subjects will quickly make you an expert on the matter. The best part is that you can learn as you go. 

Aside from YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) topics, most topics don’t require you to be an expert on them when you first start writing. For example, you can take readers on a journey as you learn to bake and become better and better at it. 

As they go with you on your journey, they learn to trust you. You will become well known in that niche and become one of the go-to authorities for that subject. 

5. Build A Portfolio

Writing a blog helps you build a portfolio. If you’d like to pursue writing jobs or even content marketing jobs, your entire blog can be your portfolio. 

Even if you don’t have any specific goals right now, knowing you have something solid if and when the time comes is a great security blanket. 

6. Build Discipline

So you might not see this as a reason to start a blog but hear me out. We could all use a little more discipline in life, well most of us anyway. 

Blogging is demanding in the way that you have to be consistent if you want results. Even if you are blogging for fun, you will still need consistency to build an audience. 

As you continue writing, it will build your discipline and help you out in other aspects of life as well. 

7. Build An Online Presence

Remember what I said about becoming a subject matter expert? That helps you build your online presence. 

When you’ve become recognizable in your community, you can use it as a kickstart to grow your blog into something more if you want. 

Even if you don’t necessarily want to (yet), your online presence will help open up more opportunities for you. 

This brings us to the next point…

8. Creates Media Opportunities

Blogs can help you get numerous media opportunities. For one, it could lead you to become full-fledged authors like these bloggers who got publishing deals after writing their blogs. 

Or perhaps you’d like to have your own show, be on TV, the radio or write for magazines. All these are possible through blogging as you get more known in the community. 

I myself recently got invited to two podcasts; one for Niche Pursuits and another for Doug Cunnington due to my authority on building successful blogs – have a cheeky listen if you have the time! And those are not the first media opportunities I have had – blogging really opened up doors for me!

9. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Oh, so much fun! You should start a blog just for the fun alone!

 I can’t think of many jobs where you can just go on and on about a topic you love, with no one to control you, and make pretty good money at it too!

Of course, there are ups and downs, I won’t conceal that but the fun days outweigh the non-fun times by a tonne! 

10. Gain Confidence

All cards on the table, when I first started blogging, I didn’t quite know what I was doing. 

I made SO many mistakes along the way, felt like I wasted time doing things that weren’t vital at that time, and wondered if people even wanted to read my writing. 

But LOOK AT ME NOW! I am confident in writing and sharing my knowledge on my blogs (yes plural, I also run Women Wandering Beyond). 

I am also confident to give talks, create digital products, run courses, and conduct coaching to help others.  Blogging helped me get there. 

11. Generate Income

Now, this! Blogging is a great way to generate passive income.

 Nothing like spending the weekend at the beach and checking your email come Monday to see you’ve made $$$ while you were trying to push the capacity of your waterproof sunscreen

When you do enough work up front and continue to update and grow your blog, you can even make enough to replace your day job. Definitely a plus when you consider to blog or not to blog!

12. Grow Tech Skills

Technology scares me! I’m definitely not a “techie” person. But blogging has allowed me to learn some basics and I’m not such a noob anymore. While you always have resources and the community on hand to help, it’s a great add-on skill to have. 

13. Improve Your Writing Ability

When I look back at my posts from my early days, it’s clear to me how much I’ve grown as a writer. Blogging does improve your writing ability as you go along.

As you go along, you’ll notice it gets easier, and faster to get a post out. You’ll always learn what resonates with your audience which helps improve the content you put out.

14. Inspire Your Audience

One of my favorite reasons to write a blog – you get to inspire people!

 It is such a satisfying feeling to know that you’ve inspired someone to change their lives for the better. In fact, that’s the reason I started blogging so for me this is an unbeatable advantage!

When you start writing and receiving positive comments about how you are inspiring people, it will make you want to do it even more! 

15. Learn New Skills

Blogging gives you an avenue to learn plenty of new skills. 

From photography to social media management, to marketing to public speaking, and many more, the number of new things you can learn is almost endless!

I myself learned SEO as I blogged, along with how to create digital products and some basic tech skills. The resources are also endless so you never have to worry about being stuck if you’re trying to learn something.

16. Low Setup Costs

Blogging is inexpensive to start and easy to set up, which is a great plus when  questioning what to consider when you start a blog. 

You will need to buy a domain and set up hosting, but the other additional services are entirely up to you. I would recommend starting light and easy and seeing how your blog picks up after a year. 

Essentially starting a blog is just a very small investment. In fact, with just $100 a year, you can start a blog

17. Make A Difference

When you think about why you should start a personal blog, consider this: Just like how you get to inspire people, you get to actually make a difference in people’s lives through blogging! 

It is music to my ears when my readers tell me my blog has helped them make extra income, learn new skills, or make major life changes that they’ve always wanted to do!

Blogs give you an opportunity to truly make a difference in people’s lives.  

18. Market Your Business

Blogging helps you build connections over time which will help you in growing your blog. 

You can build connections with partners, sponsors, guest bloggers, media, and other networks as you go along. 

As you market your blog through your content, socials, and interaction within the community, you can also market other ventures you are a part of. It’s a win-win!

19. Meet New People

So, how to know if you should start a blog? Well, a great thing about blogging is the community and people it opens you up to. Other than the online community, you have opportunities to also meet people in person! 

There are always events and meetups held in various communities that you could be a part of! Nothing like putting a face to the online names you’ve seen. 

No matter what you blog about, you will definitely be able to meet new people who share your likes and welcome you into their circle. 

20. Personal Growth

Other than the new skills you pick up and the skills you hone, being a blogger grows you personally as well. 

I can say for sure blogging has made me more resilient, up for challenges, mentally stronger, and more resourceful.

Throughout my blogging journey, I’ve seen myself grow and my goals take their form. And it has been a truly rewarding journey. 

You will find yourself turning into your best version as your go through your blogging journey. 

21. Rank Higher On Google Search

Here’s what to know about starting a blog: if you are a business owner, blogging will help put your business on the map. 

Writing good quality content and then implementing SEO strategies will help you rank higher on Google searches which in turn benefits you when people are searching for services that you offer. 

Even for personal blogs, ranking on Google helps you draw more audience which is great for your advertising and affiliate marketing. 

22. Room For Creativity

Blogging is a creative outlet for you to express your thoughts and tell your story.

 You get to be the creative director of your own blog and dictate exactly how you want your content to be.

The best part is, that you can always experiment with your content and style as you go along – there’s nothing to stop you! It’s definitely one of the reasons to start blogging!

23. Tell Your Story

Think of blogging as an online diary – that your mother doesn’t have to pry open from your locked drawer! To be fair mine would never do that, but you get what I mean!

You get to tell your story exactly how your experience is, in your own words, whichever way you want to. Blogging about your life is a great way to keep track of your milestones in life and see how far you’ve come.

24. Work From Anywhere

While the world was being swept away with the idea of working from home, bloggers everywhere have been enjoying this advantage since the beginning of time! 

Okay, since the beginning of blogging 🙂 

Why starting a blog is a good idea is that as long as you have your computer and the internet, you’re good to plonk yourself anywhere and start working! 

25. Work On Your Own Time

Still asking yourself “Why should I start a blog?” 

Heard of a 4-Day Work Week? How about 3? How about working just on weekends? Or just in the morning and stop at lunchtime? You get to decide whatever you want! 

You are free to set your own working hours and days. Bask in that sense of freedom!

What Is A Blog?

A simple google search will tell you that a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”.

To expand, blogs are information that an individual, a group of people, or a company presents in a conversational style. 

While blogs used to be more personal, many businesses now are also producing blog content. 

So what’s the difference between a blog and a website you ask? 

The main difference is that websites are static in nature and not updated often, except for eCommerce sites that regularly update new products. 

Blogs, on the other hand, have fresh content that is updated frequently and are more dynamic in nature. Blogs can be a part of a website as well. 

Now that you get the gist, let’s move on to why you should start a blog! 

How To Start Blogging With Zero Experience?

Convinced to start a blog and don’t know how? Don’t worry cos although it seems complicated, you could actually set up a blog over a weekend!

First of all, you need to pick a niche. If you need any help, here are some of the most profitable niches now. 

Generally, there are 8 simple steps to start a blog, which are:

1. Choose A Name

This is the fun part! But don’t spend too long on it. There are plenty of resources that can help you name your blog no matter your niche – for example, mom blog name ideas, makeup blog name ideas, lifestyle blog name ideas, food blog name ideas, travel blog name ideas, and many more!

2. Set Up Hosting With Bluehost

Hosting is like setting up land for your website to be. I always recommend Bluehost for these reasons:

3. Install Website Builder WordPress

Since you bought your hosting with Bluehost, you can automatically set up WordPress and they will link it for you. All you have to do is choose your password for WordPress and follow the next steps!

4. Pick A Theme

At this point, you should already have a free theme from following the instructions from WordPress earlier. If you want, you can upgrade them for as little as $50 and get themes that are more aligned with you. 

5. Design A Logo

Another super fun thing that can get you lost for days and days! My advice is to set aside 2 hours and get it done on Canva for FREE. Or if you want, use Fiverr and hire someone to do it for you at a cheap rate. 

6. Install Essential Plugins

Here are the essential plugins you can find on WordPress to install:

  • Akismet – A spam protection plugin that catches spam and automatically deleted them.  
  • Comments Not Replied To – Shows you the list of comments you haven’t responded to so you can keep your engagement up. 
  • Contact Form 7 – Adds a form on your contact page so people can contact you.
  • Ultimate Social Media Icon – Allows you to connect all your social media profiles to build your credibility and connect you with prospective clients.
  • Yoast SEO –  Helps to improve your rankings on Google (SEO).

7. Learn How To Get Paid

There are plenty of ways you can make money blogging. The 5 easiest and quickest ones are:

8. Start Driving Traffic To Your Site

Now you need to focus on website traffic. You can drive visitors to your blog in a few ways :

So was that easy or was that easy? 🙂 Before you go all “it’s easy for you since you’ve done it for ages” on me, I’ve actually got an even more comprehensive guide here that will help you out. In any case, I’m always happy to answer questions if you have any!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why You Should Start A Blog In 2022

9 reasons you should start a blog:

  • Start a blog to inspire 
  • Start a blog to improve writing 
  • Start a blog to learn skills
  • Start a blog to build brand
  • Start a blog to face fears
  • Start a blog to generate income
  • Start a blog to meet people
  • Start a blog to document your life

What Are 4 Reasons People Blog?

Top 15 reasons people write blogs:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Interest
  • Network
  • Digital nomad lifestyle
  • For fame
  • Generate income
  • Advertising 
  • Banding
  • Connect with people
  • Learning
  • Inspiring
  • Make a difference
  • Build portfolio
  • Build online presence
  • Be own boss

Ready To Start Blogging?

I’m sure you would have noted more than one reason that you could relate to as to why you should start a blog. I hope I’ve inspired you enough to start blogging now!

I feel like I say this all the time (and I probably do), but blogging changed my life – I have more freedom, flexibility, money, and fun since I started blogging.

You could also do the same and I’m excited for you to explore that opportunity. 

If you ever feel stuck, I have multiple resources to help you and you can always shoot me a message 🙂

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