Why Is Blogging So Popular? From Personal Experience [2022 Update]

You, yes you right there reading my blog right now wondering why is blogging so popular? 

Trust me when I say I too didn’t expect that years after blogging first came about (remember Livejournal and Blogger?), blogging nowadays is still popular.

But hey, this blog is living and breathing proof that blogging is not just popular, but relevant, good for business (my business!), and even effective in earning me an income and letting me live life on my terms.

I’m not the only one out there, many others have also earned a sizeable income from blogging

why is blogging so popular

So before you even wonder further about whether are blogs still relevant, hold the hesitation and give me ten minutes of your time.

Read this article where I tell you why is blogging so popular, the purpose of a blog and why is blogging important in this day and age.  

15 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Popular?

1. Anyone Can Blog

2. Blogging Is For Everyone

3. It Is Free

4. It Is Easy

5. To Document Events And Experiences

6. Blogs Are Trusted Sources Of Information 

7. Blogging Can Help Others

8. Blogging Can Help You Earn Money

9. Blogging Can Help Your Business

10. To Establish Your Credibility 

11. You Can Practice Writing 

12. Blogging Is An Outlet For Creativity 

13. Blogging Gives You An Outlet To Inspire Others 

14. You Get To Meet People 

15. Blogging Is Fun 

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15 Reasons Why Is Blogging So Popular?

1. Anyone Can Blog

Why blogging is so popular is because there are very low barriers to entry when it comes to blogging. 

Anyone can think of what they want to blog about and then blog – you, your mom, even your grandmother! (If they do get your help to get the platforms set up then help them out a little, won’t ya?) 

In fact, if you want to make it a little weekend project, I have just the guide to get you started on your first blog

2. Blogging Is For Everyone

Because anyone can blog, blogging is literally for everyone, and that’s why it’s so popular. 

You can be a mother wanting to document your child’s life, you can be a podiatrist who wants to share your knowledge on what types of shoes you should wear for your gait, or even a retiree who wants to help others with their gardens.

There isn’t a limit to what you can blog about or who you can blog for! 

3. It Is Free

Now it doesn’t cost a dime to start a blog at all. 

There are many free blogging platforms around, whether it’s Blogger or WordPress and if you’re hesitant about getting a domain or paying for blog hosting, it is completely possible to get started for free.

BUT (now, don’t say I didn’t tell you early on!) there are benefits to choosing to pay for blog hosting and your domain from the get-go and one of the main benefits is better SEO, which helps drive more traffic to your blog – I go into this in some of my articles and my SEO blog training

4. It Is Easy

Because blogging is for everyone and it is free to set up, it is extremely easy to set up a blog. You just need a name for your blog, and your topic of choice, click sign up on the blogging platform of your choice, and you’re good to go! 

With blogging apps being increasingly mobile-friendly, you no longer also have to be stuck behind your desktop to blog. 

You can blog on the go, live from your travels capturing your days right when it ends instead of waiting to come home to recount them. See just how easy it is?

5. To Document Events And Experiences

Blogging is so popular because it’s an excellent way for anyone to document their events and experiences, especially for travel

why is blogging so popular

I know this because I have my very own travel blog and have talked about my travels – like my crazy motorbike road trip in Vietnam!  

6. Blogs Are Trusted Sources Of Information 

Considering when did blogging become popular, around the mid-1990s to 2000, it’s been a good two to three decades since the first blog landed on the world wide web. 

Yet, blogs are still a very much trusted source of information and have remained popular over time precisely because of this fact – people ARE reading and trusting advice on blogs! 

7. Blogging Can Help Others

Blogging remains popular because it’s an easy, fuss-free, and inexpensive way for individuals and professionals to help reach out to others. 

If you have a passion for cooking and a gift for simplifying amazing recipes, you could help many young adults trying to cook for themselves by blogging about simple recipes they can follow, like what Just One Cookbook has done with her blog! 

8. Blogging Can Help You Earn Money

Ultimately, let’s face it, we gotta earn money to pay our bills (and for our travels too!), so one of the reasons why I choose blogging and I’ve stuck with it all these years is because it can help me earn good money. 

why is blogging so popular

There are many ways a blog can help you earn money, don’t let your beliefs limit you as to what a blog can do: 

  • Display advertising
  • Blog sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital courses
  • Writing
  • Coaching

9. Blogging Can Help Your Business

It’s easy to see why are blogs good for business. 

They are trusted sources of information, they’re inexpensive and easy to set up and with a blog, you can gain organic traffic from the web – which is great if you’re a new business owner struggling with overheads and trying to keep costs low.

Just think about the last time you needed a product and service and what you did immediately when you thought about buying it. 

You searched for reviews or listings online, didn’t you? 

And once you had your results, you clicked around and likely got something from the results on the first page.

If you can get your blog to the first page of the Google search result for a related keyword close to your product or service, that’s how blogging can help your business and that remains the reason why are blogs effective. 

10. It Can Establish Your Credibility 

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or someone who wants to start your own business, blogs are a great way to establish your credibility and help you get clients. 

Let’s say you want to provide productivity solutions to busy professionals, someone who might need this service might google ‘time-saving life hacks’. 

If you can write an article on 10 simple time-saving life hacks for busy professionals, someone might chance upon your business blog, find your tips useful and for all you know, become your next client! 

11. You Can Practice Writing 

You know how we used to write all those essays back in school? When was the last time you wrote something longer than a text message or a social media post? 

why is blogging so popular

If you’ve been wanting to write better, blogs are a great way for you to practice your writing skills. You can also get better by getting feedback on your blog from your friends and family or even your blog readers.

You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start writing to get good. So start today and create your blog right now! 

12. Blogging Is An Outlet For Creativity 

Another reason why is blogging so popular could be that blogging allows different individuals to express their creativity and skills. 

You could be feeling uninspired in your day job where you have to push papers from 9 to 5, but if you have a blog, you can work on it after hours and express your creativity through writing or coming up with interesting topics to help others. Even coming up with blog themes is a great way to get creative!

13. Blogging Gives You An Outlet To Inspire Others 

Blogging is a great way to inspire others to do the things they’ve dreamed of doing but don’t dare to take that step out. 

I used to read blogs by travel bloggers like Nomadic Matt and wonder if I could someday be like him, travelling the world and working from my laptop remotely. 

As you probably know now from my blog, I’ve found it to be possible to make a living from my blog, save and even give myself a treat once in a while (after all why work so hard if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor, right?), and now I want to inspire you to do the same. 

You one-hundred percent can, I’m telling ya! 

14. You Get To Meet People 

why is blogging so popular

Blogging is so popular also because it’s a great way for people to meet like-minded individuals.

 Most of your readers would be people who relate to your content and once you have a sizeable community, you can organize blogger meetups or community meetups in your area.

Even if meeting up is not an option, I’ve lost count of how many amazing online friendships I’ve forged through my blog over the years and I can’t imagine how life would be if I didn’t start my blog and meet these people! 

15. Blogging Is Fun 

Ultimately, blogging is so popular and has stayed popular over the years because blogging is fun, okay?

 I say this in all absolute seriousness, I wouldn’t have spent years writing and building up this blog if it wasn’t a fun and enriching experience for me. 

I can write about anything and everything, AND get paid to do it. What’s there not to love about this? 

Don’t be afraid about being an amateur blogger – I’ve been there while you’ll make mistakes, and you’ll also learn and grow from them! 

What Is A Blog?

Essentially a blog is a website or web page that is regularly updated and can be run by anyone, whether they’re an individual, group, or a larger organization. 

Blogs can cover many different topics such as lifestyle, travel, or even politics, and the tone that blogs take can vary widely depending on the topic. It can be informal, conversational, or even formal and more corporate. 

In the past decade, blogging has become so popular that even the Oxford dictionary and the Britannica all have definitions of what a blog is. 

Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

The main difference is that a blog is a type of website, but not all websites are blogs. Blogs tend to be updated more regularly than standard websites. Content on blogs also usually appears in reverse chronological order, where the newest blog entry appears first.

Conversely, a website may not need to be updated so often and likely only needs to be updated when the content on the website is outdated. 

What Does A Blogger Do?

You might think all a blogger does is work on their blog. You’re half-correct. Bloggers do write posts, but they also spend time editing the content, promoting it on other channels, and then researching and strategizing their upcoming content pipeline. 

why is blogging so popular

Time is also spent on optimizing the content such that it is easily picked up by search engines like Google. 

There are many things that a blogger can and should do to get more views through Google – so it really isn’t just writing! 

But if you’re wondering what is blog writing – it’s really just writing about anything that your readers will find interesting and useful. 

You can get inspiration by seeing what people are asking online through tools like AnswerThePublic, or by just throwing a topic into Google and catching the types of content and questions that come up. 

Reasons To Start A Blog 

Apart from understanding why blogging is important, you might be wondering why you should start a blog. I give you ten quick reasons to start a blog:

  • To get better at writing 
  • To inspire others 
  • To pick up new skills by starting a blog
  • To build up your online presence
  • To earn money 
  • To get to know new people
  • To have a record of your daily life or travels
  • To gain access to new opportunities
  • To share your stories with a wider audience
  • To help people solve their problems 

How To Start A Blog

You don’t need a lot of knowledge to start a blog. You basically just need to follow these steps:

1. Choose a name for your blog.

2. Decide on a hosting platform, such as Bluehost

3. Install a blogging tool, such as WordPress.

4. Pick a blog theme. I recommend lightweight WordPress themes like Astra and Genesis Pro. 

5. Design a logo. It can be something simple because you can change it eventually so don’t overthink this. Use a free designing app like Canva to get you started. 

6. Install essential plugins (like Yoast SEO for SEO and Akismet for spam comment protection) on your blog, or find someone to do it on the freelancer platform Fivver

7. Look into monetization options for your blog, such as display advertising. I go more into ways of making money from your blog in this article

8. Drive traffic towards your brand-new blog by telling everyone about it, mastering SEO, writing frequently, and mastering Pinterest! 

How To Be A Good Blogger?

Being a good blogger means that you follow the steps above, but also remember that starting isn’t the end-all. You need to continue your efforts and be consistent. 

Try to blog at least once a week and make sure it’s high-quality content that people would want to read. 

You can get ideas on what to blog about by using a keyword research tool like Keysearch which shows you which keywords are being searched heavily and your competition online.

If you have time and want to drive even more traffic to your blog, you can also consider guest posting.

 Why guest blogging is important is because it is a very viable SEO strategy that not only gets your blog name out there but also helps your blog rank higher on search engines. 

If you want to know of other easy-to-implement SEO strategies that can help you become a good blogger, you can try out my SEO blog training where I share the exact ways that I got to my first 100k views on my first blog (and then replicated that same success on my subsequent ones!). 

FAQs On Why Blogging Is Popular

Why is blogging beneficial to us?

Blogging is beneficial to us as it allows you, the blogger, to create and control your online presence and persona, instead of leaving it up to chance or what the search engines throw up.  

Imagine a prospective client or employer searching for your name on a search engine like Google – aside from landing on your social profiles on Instagram and Facebook, if you have a blog, they would also be able to get a sense of you and your abilities through the blog. 

In this instance, a blog and blogging would help you by inflating your chances of getting hired by a prospective client or employer or just helping others search for your name to see the version of yourself that you would like to portray. 

What has made blogging a big success?

Blogging has been such a big success because basically anyone can create a blog because of how easy it is. You don’t have to be a skilled web developer or an experienced writer. 

As long as you know the steps on how to create a blog, you can literally…create a blog! And the best part is you can even do it all within one weekend. 

So instead of constantly wondering why blogging is so popular, take action, read my article above and take that first step towards creating YOUR blog. If you use my special link to sign up with Bluehost you can get started for as low as $3.95/month!


If you were unconvinced as to why is blogging so popular, I hope that this article has shown you just why is blogging popular. 

why is blogging so popular

Even though there isn’t such a thing as it being too late to start a blog, you should probably get your head in the blogging game sooner rather than later!

Having a blog changed my life and I hope it’s also helped people like you, my readers, in wanting to make a change in your lives, whether it’s saving more money or choosing to gain new skills. 

It’s really never too late, trust me on this and take that leap. For all you know, you’ll be one of those popular blogs a few years down the road. I’ll be rooting for you – pop into my comments section or DM me on Instagram at @aishapreece if you have questions! 

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