Virtual Assist Pro – How To Find An Executive Virtual Assistant

Essentially a virtual assist pro is someone who works remotely and gets things done for entrepreneurs, coaches and other professionals (or companies).

A virtual assistant can save time and money, but finding the right VA for your business may seem to be a never-ending daunting process.

So much so that some business owners eventually give up on the idea of hiring a VA and continue doing things in the same old way.

They don’t feel ready, they don’t have the budget or they need more time to think about it,

Can you relate?

If you are thinking ‘Heck, yeah’ then read on.

After reading this fluff-free article, you will know why you should hire a VA, how to find one and if you are ready for it.

Let’s do it!

Summary of Virtual Assistant Pro

  • Social Media: 
    • Facebook Groups
    • Linkedin
    • Instagram


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What Does A Virtual Assistant Actually Do And Do I Need One?

Virtual Assist Pro

Not sure what a virtual assistant does?

A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely and offers various kinds of services to companies, businesses, and professionals ranging from admin work to higher-level marketing and finance tasks.

Great. So, at this point, you are probably not sure whether you need a VA or not – if you are, skip this section.

Let’s do a reality check:

  • Are there specific tasks that I would like to outsource?
  • Do I have enough budget to hire someone (either as a freelancer or in-house)?
  • Am I willing to delegate and let go of control?

Bear in mind that you must set clear systems and directions for the VA to follow. 

So if you answered ‘Yes’ to the three questions above, then you are ready, you can start delegating and free up your time.

Here is a brief list of the tasks you can outsource, but if you want to know more you can read my in-depth guide of 100+ tasks that you can assign to your VA:

  • Content Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Affiliate Management
  • Landing Pages 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Collections Calls
  • Diary Management
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Various Admin Tasks

How To Find The Best Virtual Assistant  Profile For Your Business

If you want to find the best fit for your business you have four options:

  • Job Boards and Freelance Marketplaces
  • Social Media: Facebook Groups, Linkedin and Instagram
  • Virtual assistant companies
  • Referral

Let’s deep dive into each of them.

1. Job Boards And Freelance Marketplaces

The fast and easy way to find a great VA for your business is to head over to freelance marketplaces.

Not only are they free, but they also have a pool of trained and experienced VAs with tons of reviews.

 Here are some of the most well-known and trusted platforms for freelancers:

If you are not on a tight budget and are willing to allocate some funds for the recruiting process you can use one of these jobs boards:

Profit factory is a good option for you if you are willing to shell out some cash upfront to help you overcome your fears around delegating and start outsourcing with no hassle. 

2. Social Media

Here is where you start doing your research – right from VAs’ online presence.

You can search for VAs and get an idea of what’s out there. Here is a Virtual Assistant Profile sample across different channels:

Let’s take a closer look at each platform.


Facebook groups are the go-to online communities for finding virtual assistant jobs.

That’s good news for you.

In fact, you can join a Facebook group and create a job posting for free( in line with the group’s main guidelines). It is as simple as that.

Here is how to find groups:

  • Go to Google
  • Do a boolean search
  • Type ‘ “virtual assistant” AND Groups’ in the search bar

Alternatively, you could look for virtual assistant groups on Facebook and join a few of them. Start off by joining these three groups:

Virtual Assistant Profile sample

Also, you could join a Facebook in your niche and share what you need. Someone may help you find your perfect fit. 

It could be a shot in the dark, but it is worth trying.


Virtual Assistant (Pro)

When it comes to organic reach(the average number of people who see your posts), Linkedin is much better than Facebook, as long as you have at least a few hundred connections.

Even if you don’t, you can leverage the platform to find relevant profiles.

 Did I mention that Linkedin has outstanding filtering functions?

That means that you can find VAs who work in certain industries who are based in specific countries – some people don’t care, but you may have a problem if you expect your VA to get back to you right away if your timezones have almost no overlap.

So, type ‘Virtual assistant’ or ‘Executive Virtual Assistant’ in the search bar and filter for ‘country’. For example:

On top of that you could even create your job posting or have access to more features with their paid membership:

  • Job posting – USD495 for a 30-day listing
  • Linkedin Premium – starting at USD29 per month


Virtual Assistant Profile

Instagram is the place to be if you want to find virtual assistants.. for free!

Simply go to Instagram and type ‘Virtual assistant’ in the search bar. 

You have two options:

  • Send them a direct message
  • Create your own job advert and publish it in your stories (or posts).

The latter works especially well if you have a few virtual assistants in your network. In case you don’t, you can start following a few of them and some of them will follow you back.

Alternatively, you can go to google and type: (“virtual assistant” AND “Admin”). You will get a ton of results for VAs who specialize in admin work.

Pretty awesome, right? By the way, if you don’t need admin work, just type the skill or task you want to outsource (e.g. web design).

3. Virtual Assistant Companies

If you are running short on time and you are willing to allocate some budget for the hiring process, you should reach out to a virtual assistant company.

A virtual assistant company is a company that specializes in connecting businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with trained and experienced VAs. These companies are very picky and VAs who get hired must pass a very fierce selection process.

That’s great for you because if you have enough budget you can rest assured that you will find a great VA with no hassle.

Since there are a ton of virtual assistants I thought of saving you time by doing the research for you. Here is a list of 100+ virtual assistant companies. Just click on the link and scroll down to find the one that best fits you!

In case that it is still to many here is the list of the top 7 Virtual assistant companies:

Best Overall: Time etc

Runner-Up, Best Overall: MyTasker

Best for Specialized VAs: Belay

Best for On-demand Tasks: Fancy Hands

Best Service Guarantee: WoodBows

Best for Bilingual VAs: Uassist.ME

Best for Solopreneurs: Prialto

To make it even easier for you here is a breakdown of each of them:

CompanyBasic planAverage price per hourLocationAdditional Info
Time10hours – USD290/monthUSD27.5US-based Money-Back-Guarantee
MyTasker10hours – USD140/monthUSD18India-basedFull-time VA option
Belay10 hoursUSD32US-based Ideal for solopreneurs
FancyHands1 hour – USD18USD16US-based Ideal for short tasks
WoodBows4 hours – USD49/weekUSD13US, Philippines, India Money-Back-Guarantee
Uassist.MEShared Assistant plan – USD1.059/monthUSD11+El Salvador-based Bilingual, unlimited calls the US and Canada
Prialto55+ hours – USD1350/monthUSD24US-based Admin, Ideal for solopreneurs

Why You Need A Virtual Assist Pro

Virtual Assist Pro

If you are a relentless DIY hustler, you are not alone.

The truth is that if you want to get more things done you don’t need to hustle more and harder.. you need to delegate. 

Hiring a VA is something you should do for the following reasons:

  • Save money – You don’t need to hire an in-house employee if you don’t want to.
  • Save time – You can start outsourcing and free up your schedule.
  • Be more productive – You can focus on the more profitable tasks.
  • Have a trustworthy team member – You can count on an extra pair of hands and humble your ego.

Let me give you an example. 

Let’s say you work with a vast pool of freelancers, they are great and you love them. But sometimes they make you feel like you want to pull your hair out.

Failing to meet deadlines, dealing with remarks which are out of line and just having the constant feeling of not being on top of everything.

Does it ring any bells?

So you could do it alone, strive and do more or.. you could hire a virtual assistant project manager and let her make sure that everything runs smoothly.

If you can’t let go of control, you could still keep track of their work with a tool like Airtbale to keep your peace of mind while avoiding micromanaging.

If it resonates with you, virtual assistant project management is something you should look into.

Essential Skills To Look For When Hiring A VA

According to Indeed, these are the top virtual assistant skills:

  • Reliability
  • Communication
  • Time-management
  • Resourcefulness
  • Self-motivation

In practice, as long as they are flexible and willing to learn they can accomplish anything.

How To Track The Time A VA Spent On A Task

You can ask your VA to track the time spent on each task so that she stays on point. There are several free time trackers out there. 

For example:

For instance, Toggl allows you to create daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Not only can you use these reports to boost productivity, but they will also come in handy when you hire a new VA to give her a benchmark to take into account, once she becomes more familiar with the tasks she must complete.

In most cases, they will be happy to use a time-tracker, too, because it will give them an incentive to be more productive and improve themselves.

It’s a win-win!

How Much Should I Pay A Virtual Assist Pro?

In case you decide to hire and train a VA on your own, without relying on virtual assistant companies you must be aware of market prices.

To be fair, if you ask around you may find that some VAs charge USD9 per hour, while others charge up to USD100 per hour or more. There is no clear standard here.

However, it is safe to state that general VAs charge a bit less (around USD15-30 per hour) whereas specialized VAs tend to raise their rates a bit (over USD40-USD75).

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How Do I Train Someone To Be A VA?

Virtual Assist Pro

There is one single aspect that is key to training a virtual assist pro effectively with no time wasted and that is documenting!

You must document every single task. 

Remember, you set systems and VAs execute. So if you document everything, it will allow you to automate the process and give specific instructions very quickly.

Don’t skip any step and be as clear as possible. 

If you notice that something is not clear just update your docs and make them better. The initial time investment will pay off quickly.

Give context and make her feel that what they are doing is critical to your success (because it is!), so tell them what would happen to your business in case they fail to follow your instructions.

Are There Any Property Management Virtual Assistants?


The question is.. what can they do for you?

A property management virtual assistant can:

  • help streamline your operations
  • maximise overall performance
  • reduce cost
  • boost your bottom line
  • scale and develop a robust real estate business. 

Dedicated property management virtual assistants can help you scale fast and perform at your peak.

In case you need a property manager virtual assistant you should hire one!

Virtual Assist Pro – Top Software To Use And Their Cost

Here is a list of free tools every VA should use:

How Do I Start Working As A Virtual Assist Pro?

The best way to start working as a virtual assistant is to get your hands dirty. 

However, you could get cracking and learn slowly through your own mistakes or you could drastically improve your chances of success with an online course.

I always recommend these two courses because they are no-nonsense guides packed with value. 

If you are serious about becoming a VA, choose the one that meets your budget and just go for it:


Now that you know all the ins and outs of how to find a virtual assist pro it is time to put it into practice.

Read through this post once again, make a plan and execute it. That’s how you run your business anyway. So choose one strategy and find your dream VA.

Happy interviewing!

Virtual Assist Pro – How To Find An Executive Virtual Assistant

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