Travel Writing Courses That Will Help You Travel The World With Your Writing

Travel Writing Courses That Will Help You Travel The World With Your Writing 

I am an avid traveller who loves writing. My dream was to travel the world and write about it. However, the problem was, I had no journalism degree or any travel writing experience. I overcome this problem by taking a few travel writing courses.

The travel writing courses enhanced my skills,opened my eyes up to all the best travel writing jobs and helped me fulfil my dream of traveling the world while writing! 

I am writing a guide on all the best travel writing courses, as it took me AGES to research and find the best ones. I even ended up taking some useless ones that wasted my hard earned moolah. I am hoping this guide will save you time and money. 


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

Here’s a quick summary of the best travel writing courses available in the market:

Travel writing is an extremely popular but competitive industry. Attending a travel writing course can help you enhance your skills and stand out from the competition..

Before I discuss all the best travel writing programs, let’s take a step back, as you may be wondering …

What is a Travel Writer? 

Essentially, someone who transforms their trips into a delicious written piece that demands to be read – and gets paid for it.

However, there’s a bit more to it than just writing about your trips. Being a travel writer isn’t as easy as it sounds because not every destination is a story.  Most aspiring travel writers think their girls/lads trip to Bali is something everyone wants to read about. The truth is yes, you can always write about famous tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal or the Niagara Falls, but you have to find a good story angle to sell your piece.

It helps if you avoid travel writing clichés. Try to find something unique about a place… maybe a trail that no one else has ever visited. I would much rather read about a stay with locals at Lenggong Valley, an archaeological heritage in Perak, Malaysia – than a lads trip to Bali. 

Think of yourself as a journalist, be curious and inquisitive so that you’ll have something refreshing to present to an editor. 

So, do you need to have special skills to become a travel writer?

Not really. Having a Journalism degree can be an extra advantage, but if you are like me, you don’t have one, you can make up for it by doing a travel writing course.

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    Best Travel Writing Courses: 

    You can enhance your skills anytime and anywhere with the best travel writing courses online listed below. I have taken most of them myself and I think for the value you get , they aRE the most affordable on the market:

    The best online travel writing course in my personal opinion: 

    How to Become a Travel Writer

    NomadicMatt, a superstar travel blogger, collaborated with award-winning travel writer David Farley (author of An Irreverent Curiosity and a writing professor at Columbia and New York University to create the ‘ How to Become a Travel Writer Course’. 

    The course covers everything you need to know about travel writing – from the art of storytelling to making money as a writer.

    travel writing courses nomadicmatt

    Main features:

    • SEO and affiliate marketing expert interviews.
    • A private Facebook group to support you.
    • Personalised feedback on your work and monthly strategy calls.
    • All the travel writing jobs hiring now
    • 14-day free trial.

    Price: USD49 per month and USD399 per year.

    Other travel writing courses I recommend from the cheapest to the most expensive:

    1.Travel Writing: Explore the World & Publish Your Stories! (Udemy)

    This course is conducted by Dave Fox, a renowned travel author whose work has been published in places such as Lonely Planet, Travelers’ Tales, and the Rick Steves series. 

    The 3-hour lesson includes articles and downloadable resources that help students write engaging stories, get their work published and make personal connections.

    travel writing courses udemy

    Main features:

    • Full lifetime access to course content.
    • Has a high 4.6-star rating out of 5.
    • Ranked at No. 4 on Buzzfeed’s “23 of the coolest Udemy online classes.”  
    • Certificate of completion.

    Price: USD89.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    2.The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program (Great Escape Publishing)

    This course is designed by Lori Allen, the Director of Great Escape Publishing, and also the Editor of The Right Way to Travel

    You’ll learn specific ways to write powerful headlines, tips and useful tools for interviewing hotel and restaurant owners and bump up your writing income with photos.

    travel writing courses great escape
    travel writing courses great escape

    Main features:

    • Offers the opportunity to pitch to International Living magazine.
    • Sample email pitches you can copy.
    • A list of best-selling trends and articles.
    • Travel article templates you can follow.
    • Special gifts!

    Price: USD165 for one-time full program access. USD38 with 8 instalments.

    3.Travel Writing (Writer’s Digest University)

    This course is taught by Jack Adler, author of Make Steady Money as a Travel Writer — Without Traveling. There are 6 lessons that should be completed in 6 weeks. 

    You’ll learn how to pitch articles on topics like booking trips and hotels, finding discounts, health considerations for travellers, and many more.

    travel writing with jack adler

    Main features:

    • The course focuses on writing and selling travel articles without necessarily travelling.
    • Fellow students too, are allowed to give feedback on your writing.
    • The online class is easy to navigate.
    • Certificate of completion.

    Price: USD379.99.

    4.Online Travel Writing Course (Gotham Writers)

    This is an introductory course based in New York that’s geared towards new travel writers. It is a 10-week workshop-style program packed with basic lessons, research strategies and tips to sell your work and build relationships with publications.

    travel writing courses gotham

    Main features:

    • The course is hosted on a multi-featured portal using 3 primary tools (The Blackboard, The Notebook, The Booth. 
    • Course instructor reviews all student submissions weekly.
    • Classes are recorded.
    • A written record of your progress.

    Price: USD409

    5.The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course (Morris Journalism Academy)

    There are many courses in travel journalism but this one lives up to its name. Multi-award-winning travel writer, Daniel Scott from Australia, designed this course with a series of 12 tutorials that takes about 12 to 24 weeks to complete.

    You’ll learn about writing winning stories for books, magazines and blogs as well as the business of travel journalism.

    travel journalism course

    Photo from Morris Journalism Academy

    Main features:

    • Certificate of completion only if you pass the exam (you get to improve more this way).
    • If you’re not ready to ‘graduate’, you can keep learning at no charge.
    • You can get a refund if you fail the exam, provided that you have completed the course and showed “reasonable effort.”
    • Offers assistance in getting your work published.
    • 7-day free trial.

    Price: USD803 with payment plans available too

    6.Freelance Travel Writing & Photography Course (New Zealand Institute of Business Studies)


    What’s a good article without stunning, professional-looking photos? That’s why this course is listed. 

    Taught by Jill Malcolm, the author of award-winning travel book, ‘At Home on the Road’, this course shows you how to get fresh ideas for travel stories, and how to tell stories through photos.

    travel writing courses NZIB

    Photo from New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

    Main features:

    • Self-paced course with assignments.
    • Flexibility to schedule your studies and complete assignments.
    • Opportunity to network with other students through the Student Forum.
    • The course material (including books) is sent to you no matter where you live.
    • Discount for an upfront payment and fee covers the cost of materials, books and stationery.

    Price: USD1,577 with payment plans available  

    If you aren’t financially ready to enrol in courses, here’s a good book for you to start with:

    The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pitching Your Way to Better Pay

    travel writing book

    Written by Gabi Logan, a professional travel writer who spills the secrets of how to be a highly-paid travel writer.

    I read this book and it transformed my mindset and gave me hope that I could become a well-paid travel writer! 

    What’s in the book?

    • How to earn professional writing rates right away.
    • What you need on your website.
    • How much magazines pay.
    • What editors want and don’t want in a pitch.
    • Where to pitch (listings of more than 1500 magazines).
    • How to get lucrative gigs writing for travel companies.

    Price: USD17.99 on Amazon.

    Now that you know all the best travel writing courses out there, you may be wondering… 

    Why do people hire travel writers?

    Because (good) content is the new currency, especially in this digital age.

    Travel websites need the traffic to their site and publishing houses want to sell their magazines. The hotel,cruise,food, catering and car rental industry, as well as travel agencies also hire travel writers. 

    In today’s world, travel journalism is highly in demand, even with the recent pandemic.

    People are still travelling, just within borders. Moreover, travellers are looking for more unique but local travel experiences. 

    Travel writers are hired to produce content that is engaging, informative and refreshing.

    What should you do to increase your chance of getting hired?

    • Create a portfolio of your work, including all of your writing samples.
    • Search writing job websites for opportunities.
    • Advertise yourself to travel brands and pitch some article ideas to them.
    • Approach small travel brands for a start – the smaller they are, the better your chances of breaking in.
    • Sign up for travel writing classes.

    Here is a list of writing jobs for beginners 

    How much can you get paid as a travel writer ?

    Some clients pay a flat rate per submission and some pay per word.

    To give you an idea of how much you can earn as a travel writer, here’s a list of selected publications from Who Pays Writers with rates:

    USD0.20 per word (400-word opinion, editorial, column or essay)

    USD0.30 per word (2000-word feature)

    USD0.50 per word (1200 words)

    USD150 per submission

    USD400 per submission

    USD0.50 per word (999-word news story)

    USD0.25 per word (1200-word criticism, review, or arts/entertainment coverage)

    USD1.35 per word (800-word opinion, editorial, column or essay)

    USD0.10 per word (1000-word)

    USD0.17 per word (600-word opinion, editorial, column or essay)

    USD0.33 per word (1200-word feature)

    USD0.06 per word (800-word feature)

    USD0.03 per word (1000-word blog post)

    USD0.13 per word (1500-word fob)

    Where to find travel writing jobs?

    You can either look for jobs in these boards and services:

    Or pitch directly to these publications:


    USD50 to USD75 for a request to the website. 

    USD100 to USD150 for interviews and personal stories. 

    USD150 to USD200 for specific income advice.

    • Verge Magazine – A Canadian digital-only publication that looks for articles “with a purpose”, which can be in the form of working, volunteering, studying or any other purposeful reasons for travelling.


    A small flat fee for contributions.

    • Horizon Guides – publisher of special interest travel guides, covering niche subjects


    Starting rate of USD474 per assignment.

    • Go World Travel – looking for writers who are capable to trigger curiosity in readers to go and see the place for themselves.

    Payment: USD30 to USD40 per article (up to 1600 words).

    • Tales2go – you can write for one of the Tales to Go issues available on their website or as a subscription service.


    USD50 per submission (1000 to 3000-word submissions have a better chance of being accepted).

    • Matador Network – a site that connects blog owners with travel writers where you’ll find “journalist opportunities” that describe what kind of topics site owners are looking for.


    USD25 to USD40 per article.

    • Listverse – not focused specifically on travel, but you can easily use your expertise in travel writing to create an engaging list – your original idea, for this site. They publish lists of no more than 10 items e.g. “Top 10 Bizarre Traditions”.


    USD100 per submission.

    • The Expeditioner – offers travel news, commentary, insight and video from bloggers around the world.


    USD30 per article.

    • ROVA Magazine – an online publication that focuses primarily on road trips.


    USD200 per article.

    • Wanderlust – a huge publication that gives a stiff competition for travel writers, but you won’t know unless you try.


    USD474 per 1000 words!

    Travel writing is 90 percent marketing and 10 per cent writing. You need to keep abreast with what editors like and be comfortable selling yourself and your ideas. 

    Sign up for travel writing and photography courses, and read as many travel writing examples as you can.

    Publish articles that will get noticed and make every post as good as it can be, so you build up a brand for yourself. You have to have a target audience or aim at a specific type of traveller to build a tribe of followers.

    Most importantly, write not just because of the money. Write because you want to help people plan their trips, or ‘take’ them to places that they may never see.

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    Travel Writing Courses That Will Help You Travel The World With Your Writing 

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