375+ Best Travel Blogger Names To Boost Your Travel Blog!

Are you a budding travel blogger searching for the best travel blogger names? 

Here is an article that will show you 375 variations of attractive travel blogger names that will stir up the excitement of starting a travel blog. Choosing a travel blog name is considered an important step as it should be something that reflects who you are, representing your personality, passion, and hope for traveling. 

Deciding on a name can quickly turn into a tedious or even stressful process because there are too many things to consider before settling on a single name. Lucky for you, there are tips on tricks laid on in this article on how to achieve some clarity in naming your blog. 

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get straight to the travel blog name suggestions!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

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375+ Best Travel Blogger Names

Solo Travel Blogger Names

best travel blog names

1. The Keen Solo Traveler

2. Single Magic

3. Selfish Traveler

4. Wonder Bug

5. Joyous Trip

6. Me And My Shadow

7. Unchaperoned Traveler

8. Solitary Holidays

9. Solo Wanderlust

10. Single And About

11. Keep Calm And Travel On

12. Individual Roamer

13. Single Voyage

14. The Silly Traveler

15. Holiday For One

16. Magic Holidays

17. Travel Book

18. Travel Everyday

19. Excited Fernweh

20. Trekking One 

21. Booking Away

22. Globe Off

23. Global Traveler

24. Backpack For One

25. Fiesty Traveler

26. Holiday Love

27. Sunset And Sunrise

28. The Wanderlust Doctor

29. Eager Traveler

30. Camp Out

31. Sit On the Beach

32. Safety And Travels

33. Kayaking Away

34. Balinese Girl

35. Jolt Up

36. Kindred Traveler

37. Go, Solo

38. Plane Alone

39. Travel Today

40. On A Journey

41. Lilly’s Travels

42. One Country At A Time

43. Every Destination For One

44. One Step At A Time

45. Stepping Into The Abyss

46. Natural Traveler

47. Traveling Today

48. Travel Delight

49. Solo Hunt

50. Single Holidays 

51. Trip For One

52. A Happy Trip

53. World Famous Chica

54. Adventures By Mimi

55. Thinking Of Travels

56. The Introverted Traveler

57. Holidays And Excitement

58. Brewing Solo Traveler

59. Desperate For A Trip

60. Tripping Away

61. Camp For One 

62. Steps And Laughs

63. Map With Me

64. Follow Footsteps

65. Thinking Of Holiday

66. Holiday Delight

67. Solo Globetrotter

68. Nomadic Doctor

69. Thinking Of Planes

70. Thirty-Something Traveler

71. Solo Funded Traveler

Luxury Travel Blogger Names

travel blog title ideas

72. Lux Holidays

73. Splendour Traveler

74. Holiday In Style

75. Comfortable Traveler

76. Lavish Trips Only

77. Dictionary Of Spas 

78. Valet Travels

79. Chalet For Sunset

80. Designer Travels

81. Opulence Wanderbug

82. Luxurious Holiday

83. Style, Travel, And Smile

84. The Elegant Traveler

85. Deluxe Suite For Two

86. Premium Trips 

87. The Expensive Hodophile

88. Extravagant Camper

89. Exorbitant Nomad

90. Voyage For Comfort

91. High Living

92. Splendid Traveler

93. Quirky Expensive Traveler

94. Indulgence And Holiday

95. The Long Traveler

96. Traveling Across The Globe

97. Different Day Different Country

98. Privileged Traveller

99. Wandering Luxuries

100. Million Club Travel

101. Boutique Lush Travels

102. Holiday For Lux

103. Elegance On Shores

104. Pleasure Travel List

105. Billionaire Buckets

106. Introductory Luxury

107. Opulence And Travels

108. High-End Sunrise

109. Gold In Bag

110. Traveling Gem Pieces

111. Navigated Luxuries

112. Diamonds On Maps

113. Premium Ticket Adventures

114. Everyday Luxuries

115. Thinking Of Extravagance

116. Treat Today And Tomorrow

117. Holidays In Gifts

118. Remarkable Travels

119. Philanthropic Holidays

120. Posh, Cushion, And Champagne

121. Designer Tickets

122. Expensive Flip Flops

123. Private Holidays

124. First Time Lush Travels

125. Luxury On-The-Go

126. Opulence Escapades

127. With Privilege Comes Traveling

128. Big Lush Travels

129. Bold And Blissful Destinations

130. Traveling Millionaire

131. The Posh Explorer

132. Grand Pearl Roads

133. Cushioned Suitcases

134. Fancy Travels

135. Voyage With Dollars

136. Millionaire Campers

137. The Daily Luxuries

138. Rooftop Footsteps

139. Kingdom Of Travels

Budget Traveling Blog Names

travel blog name ideas

140. Constricted Travel 

141. Bargained Road Trips

142. Traveler On Credit

143. Frugal Holidays

144. Frugal Traveler

145. Fiscal Plans

146. Cheap Cruises

147. Frugal Explorer

148. Traveling One Dime At A Time

149. Allocated Voyage

150. Rationed Holidays

151. Dream Trips On Budget

152. Filtered Bucket List

153. Adventure On Budget

154. Cheap Travels

155. Travel Possibilities

156. Ignoring Travel Bills

157. Pausing Finances

158. Finite Sources For Travels

159. Cheap Camper

160. Wanderlust On Budget

161. The Wanderlust Auditor

162. Alice In Frugal Wonderland

163. Ambiguous, Thrifty Traveler

164. Frugal Foreigner

165. Sensible Traveler

166. The Proud Low-Cost Traveler

167. Frugal Globetrotter

168. Thorough Holidays

169. One Trip At Time

170. Always Planning

171. The Tart Budgeter

172. Geographical Budgets

173. Traveling Within My Means

174. Half-Priced Holidays

175. Low-Cost Holidays

176. Dream Camper

177. Slashed Voyage

178. Marked Down Tickets

179. Depreciated Ambiance

180. Bargaining Traveler

181. Low-Cost Expeditions

182. Caravan On The Go

183. Beach And Budget

184. Bike And Bills

185. Simple Atmospheres

186. Captain Budget

187. Hike To Pay

188. Simple Journey

189. Kayak Ready For Budget

190. Delightful Simple Traveler

191. Climate And Coffee

192. Getaway Without Breaking The Bank

193. Frugal Escape

194. Caravan And Chocolates

195. Reasonable Dreamer

196. International Low-Cost Holidays

197. Solution For Traveling

198. Depreciated Downtime

199. Bargain Boathouse

200. Cut-Rate Cruise

201. Easy Expeditions

202. Dime A Dozen

203. Departures On A Dime

204. Half-Priced Hiatus

205. Irregular Itinerary

206. Nominal Flight

207. Budget Backpack

208. Cheap Compass

209. Budget Bon Voyage

Adventure Blog Names

attractive travel blog names

210. The Eager Experiences

211. Adventurous Atlas

212. Island Incidents

213. Contingency Camping

214. Hiking Through A Hiatus

215. Adventures Abroad

216. Backpacking Delight

217. Excited Explorer

218. Adrenaline And Attraction

219. Muddy Backpack

220. Trails Of Footprints

221. Beach Buzz

222. Rage Travels

223. Freetime Fun Outings

224. Spontaneous Cruiser

225. Boutique Bums

226. Happening Hospitalities

227. Courage, Caravan, And Coffee

228. Nomad Adventures

229. Bold Voyage

230. Brave Destinations

231. Thrill And Travels

232. Hike And Bike

233. Journey Everywhere

234. International Finds

235. Adventurous Delight

236. Fast Travels

237. Fiesty Trip

238. Backpacker On The Go

239. Extravagant Backpacker

240. Jeopardy And Joyride

241. Collecting Trips

242. The Vehicular Adventures

243. The Fiesty Journey

244. Actual Destinations

245. Rough And Ride

246. Astral Adventures

247. Country Finds

248. Foreign Flight

249. Domestic Dreamer

250. Unraveling Adventures

251. Venturous Globetrotter

252. Panel Holidays

253. Transatlantic Destinations

254. Optional Finds

255. The Wide Voyage

256. Horizontal Hiatus

257. Frequent Freetime

258. Babe And Backpack

259. Ocean Expeditions

260. Jungle And Joy

261. The Adventure King

262. Captain Cruise

263. Changing Locations

264. Finders Keepers

265. Treasures On-The-Go

266. Picking Pieces

267. Traveling On-The-Clock

268. Sunset And Sangria

269. Tropical Tequila

Travel Blogger Names For Couples

travel blog name suggestions

270. Travel As We Grow

271. Ying And Yang Explorers

272. Everyday Nomads

273. Footsteps Of Two

274. Passionate Travelers

275. Luggage And movements

276. Couple And Coffee

277. Nerds On Vacation

278. Yacht For Two

279. Practical Postcards

280. Outdoors With Jenny And James

281. Attached Adventures

282. Routine Round The World

283. Holiday Treasures

284. Twin Tickets

285. Vacation Vagabonds

286. The Quaint Travelers

287. Eye View Of Two

288. Connected Passports

289. The Overpackers

290. Party For Two

291. Recreation And Resorts

292. Traveling Geeks

293.  Titans And Travelers

294. Sunshines With Her

295. Universal Travelers

296. Savvy Suitcases

297. Unseen Travel Addicts

298. Yoga And Odysseys

299. Theme Park First

300. Adventures With Him

301. Two Travelers

302. Traveling Together

303. Super Tourists

304. Coupon And Outdoors

305. Quaint Quests For Two

306. Sanctuary For Us

307. The Good Adventures

308. Partners In Vacation

309. Stunning Travelers

310. Married And On-The-Go

311. Scattered Travelers

312. Chapter Of Adventures

313. Our Wild Trips

314. Whirpool Of Adventures

315. Freckled Travelers

316. Lust, Leisure, Luggage

317. Sentimental Travelers

318. Trails Together

319. Affectionate Ambience

320. Attachments Abroad

321. Foreign Fondness

322. Relishing Hospitality

323. Hankering Hiatus

324. Cherishing Canoes

325. Decadent Travelers

326. Get Together Today

327. Getaway With Gerard

328. International Itinerary For Two

329. Soft Spots For Travels

330. Safari For Two

Food And Travel Blog Name Ideas

travel blog name ideas

331. The Hungry Explorer

332. Delights In Corners

333. Tasty Meals On-The-Go

334. Citrus And Cruise

335. Fruity First Class Trips

336. Fiery Freedom

337. Spicy Suitcase

338. Smoky Roadtrips

339. Tangy Traveler

340. Delectable Sanctuary

341. Robust Relaxation

342. Herbal Hiatus

343. Hungry Trippers

344. Extra Fries And Tickets

345. Earthy Experiences

346. Bitter Beach

347. Dessert And Hotels

348. Bake My Way 

349. Sugar And Postcards

350. Travel Eats

351. Dining Worldwide

352. Flight And Fries

353. Golden Crunchy Cruise

354. Delicious Dreaming

355. Flavored Flights

356. Peanut Butter Packages

357. Fried Expeditions

358. Juicy Joyful Rides

359. Peppery Picnics

360. International Cuisines

361. Twist On Local Travels And Meals

362. Saporous Sections

363. Scrumptious And Scenic

364. Succulent Journey

365. Global Eater

366. Pancakes At Paris

367. Divine Delights

368. Flip Flops And Fishes

369. Tasty Travels

370. Downtime With Doughnuts

371. Camping And Roasting

372. Zesty Island Finds

373. Tourist Meals

374. Roam To Eat

375. Safari Soups

376. Dulce De Luggage

377. Lodging Off Chocolate

378. Flavoring Travels

379. Universal Food Addicts

380. Hungry Nomads

How To Choose Travel Blogger Names?

attractive travel blog names

Take these tips below as guidelines to ease the process of choosing a travel blogger name. If none of the above-mentioned names appeals to you, know that there are many ways to come up with a name. 

Tips For A Successful Blog

1. Domain Name Availability

A key tip to bear in mind is to check if the travel blogger name of your choice is available.  

But first, what is a domain name? A domain name

All computers with access to the internet have a specific IP address to distinguish them from other computers and because it is impossible to remember each IP address of all the websites, the domain name system was developed. 

Every website has a domain name that is assigned to a specific IP address. This way, it will be easier to distinguish the millions of websites online. There are a couple of tools to help you check the domain availability. 

If your search results show that the domain name is not taken by a site, then you are good to go with your new travel blog! These sites can help you identify the availability of domain names:

2. Niche Down

I know what you are running through your mind, travel niche is as specific as it can get, right?

Well, you will be surprised that it may not be the case. The travel niche is rather broad and can be divided into various segments. There is a travel niche that caters to every different type of traveler. 

Are you someone who budgets every detail and do so with your travel ventures? You could niche down to budget traveling. 

Are you a happy-go-lucky couple, relishing every moment you can get on a new adventure? You could niche down to couple traveling. 

Do your toes curl in excitement thinking of all the food you can try at every corner of the world? You could niche down and come up with travel and food blog names.

Are you getting the idea?

So why should you niche down? When you niche down on a specific topic, it will make you an expert of sorts, attracting a following that will remain dedicated to your content. More audience means more traffic, making you a happy blogger.

Say you dedicate all your blog posts specifically tailored to traveling for ladies, like Woman Wandering Beyond

By niching down, you will attract ladies from across the globe, trying to find the best safety or traveling gear tips for women! If a reader loves the content on your blog and they are able to relate to it, they are highly likely going to re-visit your blog in the future. 

Similarly, if you are a foodie and an enthusiastic traveler, all you got to do is come up with food travel blog names. Forget about other traveling niches and focus on just that!

3. Screen Through Social Media

Now that you have niched down, there may be some travel blog name ideas running through your mind.

Before we can move forward with setting up the blog, it is best to screen through all social media platforms that you are planning to use, and check if the travel blog titles you have in your mind are already used by others.  

Identify the character limit on different platforms and check if the name you are choosing fits within the requirement. 

4. Use Your Name

Using your name adds a definitive personalized touch to your blog. If you would like to make it fun, combine your name with some adjectives for travelers and you could have the perfect blog name!

Here are some examples:

  • Addy In Wanderland
  • Resilient Traveler Becca
  • Adventurous James
  • Spontaneous Sally

Adding your name adds a personal flair to your blog and it is one of the quickest ways to come up with travel blog title ideas.

5. Personalize The Name

An alternative way to decide on your travel blogger name is to personalize it based on your identity. So how do you do that? Try asking yourself these questions and formulate as many words as you can relating them to yourself.

  • What kind of person are you?
  • Are you cheeky? Broody?
  • An extrovert beyond one’s wildest imagination?
  • How is your travel style?
  • What are your hobbies?

This is a fantastic approach to make your blog stand out, come up with the best travel blog names, and be an accurate representation of you.

6. Get Creative With Travel Related Words

Say you are preparing a list of food and travel blog name ideas. Using travel-related words in your blog title will help in giving readers an idea of the content of your blog at one glance. 

To help with that, here are some travel-related words you could throw in the mix to make your travel blog name a descriptive one.

A: Allure, Adventurous, Away, Ambiance, Atlas, Atmosphere, Attraction, Abroad.

B: Bon Voyage, Beach, Biking, Backpack, Budget, Boutique, Break, Boathouse.

C: Caravan, Camper, Camping, Cruise, Compass, Canoeing, Climate, Captain. 

D: Downtime, Destination, Delight, Decadent, Dreamer, Dream, Departures.

E: Energetic, Experience, Expedition, Explorer, Extravagant, Environment, Escape.

F: Freetime, Flight, Free, Freedom, Flip Flops, Foreign, Friendliness, First Class. 

G: Get Together, Getaway, Guide, Globe, Globetrotter, Global, Gifts.

H: Hiatus, Hike, Hospitality, Holiday, Host, Hotel.

I: International, Ideal, Itinerary, Island.

J: Joy, Journey, Joyride.

K: Kid-friendly, Kayaking.

L: Leisure, Lifestyle, Location, Luxury, Luggage, Lost, Live, Liberty, Lazy, Lodging.

M: Memorable, Music, Muse, Marina, Motion, Maps.

N: Nomad, Nominal, Nomadic.

O: Outdoors, Outstanding, Odyssey, On The Road, Outside, Ocean View, Occasion

P: Passport, Party, Paradise, Playtime, Pleasure, Postcards, Palm Trees.

Q: Quiet, Quaint, Quest.

R: Round The World, Recreation, Relaxation, Roam, Route, Road Trip, Resort.

S: Sanctuary, Suitcase, Sunshine, Solo, Safari, Sailing, Sands, Scenic, Sublime.

T: Tourist, Theme Park, Traveler, Trip, Tropical, Train, Trails.

U: Universal, Unique, Unchartered.

V: Voyage, Vacation, Vagabond, View, Valuable.

W: Wander, Wonder, Wanderlust, Wondrous, Wild, World, Waves, Whirlpool.

Y: Yoga, Yacht, Youth.

Things To Avoid When Choosing A Name

travel blog name ideas

1. Avoid Grammatical Errors

Having a distinctive name with no complex punctuation marks or unusual letters or grammatical errors will improve your chances of having a loyal following. Remember that, aside from finding your blog online, the individuals you encounter while traveling may very well be a great source of the new following.

Keeping your name easy to pronounce and logical, will increase the chances of people finding your blog. 

2. Avoid Overused And Cliche Travel Blog Names

Even though this may seem contradictory to the point mentioned above to use travel-related words in your blog, what I mean by avoiding cliche names is this. 

Say you want to use the word vagabond in your blog name. Personalize it to you to make it unique like vagabrothers instead of saying the vagabond traveler. Put your own spin on the blog name to make it special. 

3. Avoid Symbols, Punctuation Marks, And Numbers

You see, this is our goal – to ensure the travel blog is easily discovered and memorable. If the blog name is complicated with symbols, punctuation marks, and numbers, it will take longer for users to type it out on google, making it a long process for them. 

Throwing these things into the mix will affect the probability of your blog being discovered and that will affect your traffic which is not an ideal outcome. 

Travel Blog Name Generator

Try checking for travel blog name generators if you need some more ideas.

These programs generally enable you to enter a keyword or two and then offer you a variety of travel blog name suggestions. Although they may not be accurate, they could serve as an inspiration to spark some ideas.

Who Are The Best Travel Bloggers?

Best Solo Travel Blog

I sifted through hundreds of travel blogger names before I decide on this one! I wanted something that could grow with me 🙂

travel blogger names
Picture credits: womenwanderingbeyond.com
travel blog title ideas
Picture credits: emilyluxtontravels.co.uk
best travel blog names
Picture credits: adventurouskate.com
travel blog name suggestions
Picture credits: oneikathetraveller.com

Best Couple’s Travel Blog

travel blogger names
Picture credits: uncorneredmarket.com
attractive travel blog names
Picture credits: theoppositetravellers.com
travel blog name suggestions
Picture credits: nomadicboys.com
travel blog title ideas
Picture credits: bruisedpassports.com
attractive travel blog names
Picture credits: taleod2backpackers.com
travel blog name ideas

Best Food And Travel Blog

travel blogger names
Picture credits: thetravelbite.com
attractive travel blog names
Picture credits: theeverywhereist.com
travel blog title ideas
Picture credits: eatlikeagirl.com
travel blog name ideas
Picture credits: legalnomads.com


There you go! Over 374 of the best travel blogger names are listed out for you plus some valuable trinkets to help you come up with a travel blog names list. 

It is okay if you do not use these specific travel blog name ideas, but I do propose that you be inspired by this list and then add your own personal touch to come up with the ideal travel blog name.

Traveling is an exhilarating experience for any individual and coming up with a blog name could be one as well. 

Do not entertain the thought that you would not be able to come up with travel blogger names that suit you, you will figure it out as you go, and then you can start your adventure into the travel blogging world!

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