4 Easy Steps To Start Teaching With Outschool

Want to start teaching with Outschool?

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned online teacher you probably feel overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in the ESL world (China’s ban on ESL private tutoring).

Or maybe you just want to start a side-hustle and earn an extra income.

Either way, teaching with a new company can be daunting and you may feel lost and never actually make that first step.

In this A-Z guide, I want to give you all the information you need to know about how you can become an Outschool teacher and start earning an income by teaching what you love.

Is that fair enough?

Let’s do it.

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What Is Outschool?

Vipkid vs Outschool

Outschool is an online learning marketplace where students aged between 3-18 can learn academic and non-academic subjects from home.

You get to create your own courses and then teach live lessons to groups of students via Zoom. You can leverage your experience and expertise in any field and create an educational program that is entertaining and relevant to your students.

Is Outschool Legit?


Outschool is an established company with over 900K learners in 174 countries. It was founded in 2015 and it became the go-to option for parents who wanted their kids to continue learning during the pandemic.

Is Outschool Safe?

Outschool does an excellent job to make sure that its classes are as safe as possible for kids

For one thing, the company strives to create a safe space where learners can interact with one another safely and feel confident that their physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as their privacy, is not compromised.

In addition, parents can sign up for classes or even participate in them, and instructors are background checked.

On top of that, all payments are secured and encrypted.

4 Things To Do To Start Teaching With Outschool

If you want to know how to become an Outschool teacher you should read this section (and skip everything else!).

1. Check The Outschool Teacher Requirements

teaching with outschool

Here are the basic requirements you must meet:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a resident of USA, Canada, England, Wales, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Have a reliable Internet connection (over 3Mbps upload and download speed)
  • Be able to pass a criminal background check and identity verification

As long as you have one or more expertise or passion to teach in your classes and meet the requirements above you are good to go. You do NOT need:

  • A teaching certificate
  • teaching experience
  • A degree

2. Apply In 6 Easy Steps

teaching with outschool

‘I meet all the requirements above.’

Lucky you! You can become an Outschool teacher and apply in 6 easy steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with Outschool – Become familiar with the basics of teaching with Outschool with the Get Started guide and check out their Facebook group for prospective teachers.
  • Complete Outschool 101 – Outschool 101 is a five-minute course covering everything you should know to start teaching with Outschool. You have to do it in order to start your application process.
  • Apply to teach – At this point, you can submit your application, share a writing and video sample, and all the details about the subjects you want to teach. Make your passion shine through, since this is what they expect from applicants.
  • Verify your Identity – You must go through a free, secure, and quick process to verify your identity through a company called Berbix that specializes in identity verification.
  • Complete your Background Check – Before you can start teaching you must pass a background check performed by Checkr.
  • Complete Required Training – In these training sessions, you will learn more about class content policies, safety, and privacy.

3. Set Up Your Teacher Profile 

teaching with outschool

Once you are done with the training sessions, you can schedule a call with an Outschool teacher to get a sense of how you can navigate and use the platform -it’s optional!

Regardless, you will be provided with loads of material to help you set up your teacher profile. In short, you need to provide:

  • Basic contact information(email, location)
  • Background information regarding who you are and what makes you a good teacher (including name, headline, and title)
  • Add an updated photo
  • Record a 30-90 second self-introduction video

Tip: While completing your profile bear in mind that you are speaking to children and parents! Be likable, genuine, and professional.

Don’t forget to set your schedule and availability – that’s another perk of this gig as you set your Outschool schedule.

4. Set Up Your Classes

teaching with outschool

There are four types of classes you can create:

  • One-time – These classes meet only once for a one-off topic
  • Ongoing – These classes meet every week and don’t have a start or end date as students can join and leave whenever they want. Lessons are not structured and organized into a coherent curriculum.
  • Multi-day – These classes are part of a structured curriculum and students must join the course from the beginning. The same students attend the whole course and they can have multiple classes a week for an extended period of time.
  • Flexible – These classes are offered through a series of pre-made videos, quizzes, or other material. Although there are no live classes, teachers must be actively involved and provide ongoing feedback.

It is recommended that you set up a one-time class, at the beginning.

What Can I Teach In Outschool?

best Outschool classes on the website

If you need some inspiration you can browse through the best Outschool classes on the website.

Here are a few examples:

Not your average science class, right?

Moreover, teaching on Outschool gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of price, course type, format and student type, class size, and course duration.

Other than creating an eye-catchy cover image, writing an enticing description, and creating a stunning video description you can also add assignments and progress assessment activities.

How Does Outschool Work For Teachers?

Essentially Outschool is a platform where teachers can create, promote and offer their courses. Once they get their profile approved and have their courses listed, teachers have access to a large and diverse community of learners and parents – yes you need to interact with parents, too – and outstanding company support.

The best part about it is that you have the flexibility to choose your own niche and create courses that are very different from anything you learnt in school.

Oh, you can also get paid well – keep reading to know more about it.

How Is It Different From Other Online Teaching Platforms?

If you are familiar with other teaching platforms or you are an online teacher yourself, chances are you aware of how Chinese companies used to work – if you are not in the know China banned all foreign teachers from teaching Chinese students online.

To have a clear understanding of how teaching with Outschool is different from teaching with any other online teaching company, it makes sense to compare Outschool with Vipkid, a major online Chinese company.

Vipkid VS Outschool

PayUnlimited earning potential. Some teachers make over USD100 per hourTeachers make around USD20 per hour
Lesson PlansOutschool lesson plans are not provided. Teachers must create their own coursesVipkid Lesson plans are provided
BookingsYour booking rate depends on your ability to market and position your coursesYour booking rate depends on your reviews and self-introduction video (Good teachers used to have solid booking rates)
StudentsYou get to teach any subject to English-speaking studentsYou get to teach English to Chinese students (Things have changed from July 2021)
RequirementsYou must be a resident of a limited number of English-speaking countriesYou must have a passport from an English-speaking country, a degree, and a teaching certificate

How Much Can You Make Teaching With Outschool?

‘That sounds good. Just one small issue… how much does Outschool pay?’

According to Outschool, the typical teacher earns around $40 an hour, but some top-performing teachers make $10,000 a month through the site.

The company takes a 30% cut, but that’s still big money for a side-hustle and it could obviously turn into a full-time income.

Outschool Teacher Reviews

At the end of the day, you will always need to try it for yourself, as some people will inevitably love it and others won’t.

In any case, it does help to know what current teachers actually think about teaching on Outschool – Reviews emphasize that kids are great, you have a lot of flexibility and freedom, but you need to be a self-starter, you must face lots of competition and sometimes your courses may get rejected – that’s frustrating.

Teaching With Outschool Pros And Cons

Here are the main pros:

  • Teach what you love – It’s not just ESL, you get to teach what you love.
  • Income potential – You get paid per student and you can make up to 10K a month and beyond.
  • High Flexibility – You choose your students, what to teach and HOW!
  • Peak hours – There is no such thing as peak hours. You can get students from Asia, Europe or the US or… That means you can teach at any time of the day regardless of your time zone.
  • The students are great – and their parents too. Seriously, this is a major high point emphasized in most reviews.

Let’s look at the cons:

  • It takes a while to get recurring students – No overnight success,
  • Bookings are seasonal – You may have a dry spell especially in the summertime.
  • Lots of prep work – No pre-made lesson plans.
  • Bad reviews – You need to learn how to deal with rejection and negative feedback.
  • High Competition – It is a great side-gig. Lots of people want a piece of the cake.

Teaching With Outschool – Tips To Succeed

teaching on Outschool


  • Just start…slowly – First off you must start, but treat it as a side gig, feel free to experiment and fail, and do not expect overnight success
  • Stick at it – Again, you may earn 10K a month after 2 months or… You may not. If you make even small progress, stick at it. Success is an exponential curve, so every small tiny effort in the right direction will add up and get you there
  • Test and double down – If you notice that one of your courses has potential, make a few variations and offer one-time courses to collect feedback and adjust accordingly. When something clicks, double down on that and create multi-class courses as a follow-up to your existing one-off programs.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen! – You must consistently listen to your prospects and audience if you want to create something that resonates with them.
  • Build Relationships – Build a relationship with your students and their parents. Thank them for signing up and even send them a thank you message after class. They will appreciate this and will most probably refer you to other parents – word of mouth is the best kind of marketing!
  • Teach what you like – Another key to succeeding with Outschool: teach what you are passionate about! Now, there must be a demand for it and you must address a problem or the desired outcome that your students want to achieve. 

That said, kids are very receptive and they can feel whether you are passionate about what you do, which in turn will determine whether they like your course or not.

Is Teaching On Outschool Worth it?

It depends on who you are.

If you are a passionate and creative teacher who enjoys crafting engaging lesson plans, then you will probably love creating your own courses and making tweaks based on students’ and parents’ feedback.

This drive will probably push you through the beginner stage when you will feel overwhelmed, have a low enrollment rate, and possibly receive negative feedback or even bad reviews.

In this case, teaching on Outschool is worth it, not only will you love it, but you will get a chance to make life-changing money in the long run.

If you are just in for making an extra income and you are not willing to put in too much effort – you have other priorities, that’s fine – then Outschool is probably not a good fit for you. You will be better off teaching with pre-made lesson plans and not much hassle – you can evaluate all your options here.


Working for Outschool can be a lucrative side-hustle that may even help you say goodbye to your day job. There are not many teaching platforms like Outschool, so you do need to roll up your sleeves, go up against and compete with an army of talented teachers.

My advice? Ignore them! Just do your best, create something valuable and make it relevant to your students.

That’s how you can build a new chapter in your life.

4 Easy Steps To Start Teaching With Outschool

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