11 Make Money With SEO

Do you want to make money with SEO? Are you loaded with SEO skills and wondering how to monetize them? 

Or perhaps you have heard about how much you can earn with SEO but you are not sure where to start?

Well, fret not! Search Engine Optimization is one of the most useful pieces of knowledge and skill to be equipped with! There are so many businesses out there that require this support.

So if you have this skill and are wondering how to earn money with SEO you are in the right place!

Make money seo

Please sit back, pick a pen and paper, and be ready to take down notes!

If you are short on time, here is a quick look at how to make money with SEO:

  1. Work In An SEO Agency
  2. Start An SEO Business
  3. Become An SEO Freelancer Or Consultant
  4. Set Up A Blog And Optimize All Your Posts With SEO
  5. Set Up An Etsy Store Using SEO
  6. Build An eCommerce Store Using SEO
  7. Use SEO To Earn Money From Advertisements
  8. Use SEO To Earn Money From Affiliate Sales
  9. Do SEO Keyword Research And Sell The Words
  10. Create And Sell SEO Online Courses
  11. Get A Job Providing SEO Services
  12. Sell SEO Copywriting Services


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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1. Work In An SEO Agency

Make money seo

SEO Agencies are like marketing agencies that provide SEO-related services to businesses. Most bloggers learn SEO on their own and incorporate those skills to optimize their blogs to increase their search ranking results.

However, not everyone has the time or capacity to learn and use SEO

Hence, if you were to join an SEO agency, your services will be hired by businesses that need help with SEO.

If you want to work in an SEO agency, you need to highlight your credibility in the following:

  • How much time you can save the client when they hire you.
  • How much money you can help them earn and/or save as a result of hiring you.
  • Highlight your experience in producing SEO-related successes and results.
  • How you can value-add to help them earn profits

If you think there is not enough demand for SEO agencies, please think again. Lots of businesses need help with SEO such as education providers, retailers, tour agents, and more.

This is an easy way to make money online with SEO.

If you are wondering where to find SEO agencies to join, you can try LinkedIn first. There are so many SEO jobs available there.

2. Start An SEO Business

This is related to the point above. Where joining an SEO agency means you become an employee, starting your own SEO business, makes you a business owner.

It really depends on your level of skill, time commitments, and business acumen. 

However, please remember one thing. 

Do not quit your job to run your SEO business until you have enough contracts and income streaming to the extent that you are able to replace your monthly income for at least 6 months.

Here are the steps you can take to start your own SEO Business:

  • Set up a blog and write articles related to SEO and Digital Marketing (get your free guide here)
  • Set up social media profiles and provide free and useful tips related to SEO. (Check out my Twitter page)
  • Get your blog or social media profiles featured on pages and sites that talk about SEO services
  • Join Facebook Groups for Virtual Assistants or SEO topics and provide information to people who have questions about SEO
  • Bid for SEO-related assignments in places such as UpWork or Fiver.
  • Feature testimonials of completed assignments on your sites and profiles
  • Offer free consultation and special promotions for booking your services
  • Start offering your own services and list down your fees on your sites
  • Start making money and get recurring clients

As you can see, if you joined an SEO agency, you would probably just have to focus on carrying out the SEO assignments only. 

But, if you run your own SEO business, everything is in your hands. This means the profits and the risks.

If you grow large enough, you may then start hiring employees to carry out your tasks while you enjoy the fruits of owning this business. 

3. Become An SEO Freelancer Or Consultant

This may also seem similar to the point above. But there are differences. Running a business means that eventually, you may grow large enough that you would want to hire your own staff to carry out the tasks.

However, being an SEO freelancer or consultant means that you do not want to run a business. You just want to get as many clients as you can handle to reach your financial goals.

So besides having SEO skills, you need to know how to find clients, how to pitch to them, and the good habits to maintain so that you get recurring clients.

Getting recurring clients is so helpful because if you continue to impress them for every assignment you get, they won’t want to hire other SEO consultants, since you are good enough.

Additionally, it frees up your time to focus on SEO assignments, rather than client acquisition.

You can use your social media extensively to help promote your services and highlight your expertise as an SEO authority. 

LinkedIn is a great way to find clients as an SEO freelancer. 

If you do not have time to set up a blog to highlight your services, you can always do it for free on LinkedIn. 

There are areas for you to publish articles and appear as an authority for SEO. Additionally, you can make numerous connections that LinkedIn will suggest for you based on your profile content.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has a great segment on writing and receiving recommendations which will help boost your profile’s visibility.

If you are a freelancer and do not have a LinkedIn profile, please get to it after reading this article!

4. Set Up A Blog And Optimize All Your Posts With SEO

Make money seo

This tip is the crown jewel of blogging. Learning SEO to earn money with blogs. 

If you set up a blog and do not optimize it using SEO, there is no way anybody will go to your blog, nor will it help you earn a single cent.

How to earn through SEO then?

Here is a quick summary of how blogs with SEO can help you earn money:

  • You write posts that fit search intent after doing keyword research.
  • Your posts answer questions that are helpful, solve a problem, and provide useful information
  • Your posts provide something your readers can take away, like a checklist, a list of solutions or steps, or even printables.
  • You provide free and useful information and then provide more expert coaching via online courses that people can purchase and self-study.
  • When you provide informative posts, you can sometimes recommend products and earn referral commissions.

After you have incorporated these steps, Google will notice that you are a trustworthy authority and you will be placed higher in search results.

Once you have accomplished these and have a respectable number of readers, you can then apply for sponsorships and get paid for sponsored posts. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started on SEO right now! By following this method, you would have answered the all-important question of how to make money doing SEO.

5. Set Up An Etsy Store Using SEO

Etsy is an online e-commerce platform to sell arts, crafts, and DIY products. There is a whole segment on learning SEO for Etsy, which can help you drive a ton of sales for your products.

You can master this in 2 ways. If you have your own products to sell, you can use SEO to optimize your Etsy store and appear on the top search ranking results.

Alternatively, you can go to Etsy and offer your SEO expertise to stores that you feel can do with some additional SEO support to enhance their sales.

The benefits of using SEO to optimize your Etsy store are:

  • Improved search results
  • More likely to convert window shoppers to actual buyers
  • Fulfills search intent and you make your customers happy

6. Build An eCommerce Store Using SEO

This point is slightly similar to the point raised above about running a blog and optimizing it with SEO. Where your blog is about writing posts that are informational, educational, and solves a problem. 

Your e-commerce website literally lists products for sale. The best thing you can do for your e-commerce store is to list products that have a high search volume and low competition.

For example, if you were simply selling ladies’ tops and that was your main description. 

Any lady would click on it, but most ladies may probably find that it does not appeal to their specific tastes. 

Then they would leave your site feeling disgruntled.

How can you make your listing for ladies’ tops be more specific and in turn, attract the right buyers?

  • Ladies’ tops for plus size 
  • Ladies tops for breastfeeding moms
  • Ladies tops for cold weather
  • Ladies’ tops for warm weather
  • Ladies tops for online interviews
  • Ladies tops for networking events
  • Ladies tops for parties
  • Ladies tops for rainy weather
  • Ladies tops for camping
  • Ladies tops for hiking
  • Ladies tops for size (insert your relevant sizes here)

Would you look at that? There are ladies’ tops for different occasions, weather, and sizes. It is so specific, and therefore, easier to target the right audience. 

Now that you have these different keyword modifiers for the same product, you can then do keyword research on each of these terms to see which is in high demand. 

Using this same formula, think about the product you wish to sell and try to come up with as many modifiers as possible. This will show you which are the right products to sell and who would be looking for them.

7. Use SEO To Earn Money From Advertisements

One of the best ways for blogs to earn passive income is through advertisements. If you utilize SEO and write blog posts that fit search intent, you will have good search results.

You can use the data from Google Analytics that highlights how many visitors you have to your blog. And then, apply for advertising agencies to display their advertisements on your blog.

Your readers will not have to pay a cent to see those advertisements. Neither does it cost you any money. 

These advertising agencies, such as Mediavine or AdThrive, will pay you to have access to your readers.

They won’t spam your readers either, nor will they get access to their personal information. 

You will just be placing advertisements throughout your blog, and every time a reader looks at it, you will earn money.

8. Use SEO To Earn Money From Affiliate Sales

Make money seo

This is another huge money-maker in the world of SEO. If keyword research is your area of expertise, then you would be able to see what kind of products people wish to purchase.

Using this information, you can write blog posts that promote a series of products and provide useful information about them. If your reader likes how you shared information about the product, they will then click on your link to buy it.

Here is an example of a blog post I wrote that shares the best gifts that you can buy for someone who works from home. 

It is not just a spammy post telling you a bunch of products you should buy. But there is useful information about why the product is helpful for someone who works from home. 

If your reader is enticed enough, they can click on the link you provided and buy it. 

By clicking on your link, the sale will be attributed to you. Thus, helping you earn a small commission.

But do take note though, that if you set up a blog and completely filled it with affiliate style posts, you will struggle to rank. 

This is because Google will think that you are just trying to earn from your readers and not provide value to them.

9. Do SEO Keyword Research And Sell The Words

This is such a valuable skill to have. Why? Because learning and mastering SEO takes time. However, once you get it, it is so profitable. 

Think of how many businesses out there could actually benefit from proper keyword research to help them stand out.

But they simply do not have the time or expertise to do so. This is where you can pitch to them, and show them the data you have for one or two sample keywords. It is also important that you show them how it is used. 

If they are enticed, they can then buy more keywords from you, and then just adopt them on their websites or e-commerce platforms. You can easily make money with SEO using this strategy.

You can do keyword research using KeySearch or Mangools to earn money.

This is also an opportunity for you to upsell your services. 

They may ask you to help identify areas in their website that need improvement from an SEO perspective. Hence, you can then provide an audit of their site.

10. Create And Sell SEO Online Courses

This is something that I do and it is really a profitable endeavor. I have created a few SEO courses on my own shopping page. But there were important steps I took before I could actually create my own course.

Firstly, I had to have trustworthy and authoritative expertise on the topic. Was I someone people could trust with their money to acquire information on SEO?

Yes! Because I had been active on my social media sharing numerous blogging and SEO tips.

 Additionally, I have published several articles pertaining to SEO on this blog, Out and Beyond.

Finally, I have incorporated SEO techniques in all my articles and have the figures to prove how SEO has helped my blog’s audience increase.

All these are factual data that cannot be fluffed about. Using this, I could create an SEO course based on my experiences, and highlight the mistakes I have made. I also shared the steps I took which fueled my blog’s growth.

By taking these steps, my readers became my customers, because they trusted me. 

As much as the process is a bit longer, it will be a lot more rewarding in the long run if you did it properly, step-by-step.

11. Sell SEO Copywriting Services

Make money seo

SEO copywriting is becoming a skill that is in high demand. Businesses are understanding the value of good copywriting, and how it can help you stand out.

Gone are the days when you could throw money at advertisements and expect fantastic returns on investments. Now, the value is in copywriting for SEO.

These are examples of SEO Copywriting services that you can provide:

Practical Copywriting Course for Beginners [FREE COURSE]
  • Product Descriptions
  • The messaging of the brand
  • Call to Action Button
  • The description in the landing and sales pages
  • Description in the website
  • Product checkout pages

These are highly essential skills that will help convert the reader or window shopper into a paying customer. If done well, businesses will be earning non-stop.

So why wouldn’t they value a good SEO copywriter? If you are wondering how to make money from SEO, try becoming an SEO copywriter.


Why Does SEO Help Your Online Income?

SEO helps your online income by increasing the number of visitors and traffic to your site! If done correctly, your search ranking results, website traffic, sales conversions, and advertising income, will all increase in tandem.

The best part, SEO if done correctly at the start, can help you generate sustainable passive income. It is not something you need to constantly update.

How To Become An SEO Expert?

  • Read up on Search Engine Optimization
  • Watch free YouTube tutorials
  • Check out courses by reputable experts
  • Practice SEO on your own and see how it works for you
  • List to podcasts from trusted sources about SEO
  • List down your successes in adopting SEO methods for clients or yourself
  • Offer free SEO consultancy services in return for a positive testimonial
  • Invest in your personal development to master SEO

As you can see, there are various steps you can take to become an SEO expert, with lots of free options as well. 

Do not let the lack of knowledge about SEO stop you from learning about it! Having said that, please also do not try to learn everything you need before starting to practice it.

It is good to experiment with SEO on your own as you learn, so you can understand its practicalities.

Why Should You Learn SEO?

You should learn SEO because it enhances the site ranking which further helps to gain more visitors. SEO is the magic sauce that will help your site fit search intent, make your readers happy, and send you to the top of google’s ranking results. With all these benefits, your site will be earning through online sales or passive income via display advertising.

If you were questioning how does SEO make money, this is how!


Well, there you have it, folks! If you wanted to know how to make money with SEO, this article should have helped answer all your queries!

I hope any doubt you had about how you could earn with SEO has evaporated. 

The type of services that you can market with your SEO skills is endless. If you like to interact with clients, you can promote your skills as a consultant, copywriter, or SEO agency.

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep to yourself and not speak much to others, you can always use your SEO skills to set up a blog and write content in peace. Eventually, your passive income can sustain you.

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