Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? An answer from personal experience 2022 !  

Affiliate marketing tends to get a bad reputation and many people continually question, is affiliate marketing worth it and whether it is legit. 

My answers to both are yes and yes. It is a hundred-percent worth it and it is legit. 

When most people hear about affiliate marketing for the first time, they don’t know what is affiliate marketing and automatically think, is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme? 

You might have seen me share my affiliate earning reports and emails on Instagram – there is actual money to be made through affiliate marketing. It is not a scam, and neither is it a pyramid scheme. 

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

If you don’t believe me then you gotta believe the stats – the Affiliate Marketing sector accounts for 16% of all e-commerce orders in the  US and Canada and the industry is worth $12 billion. 

Here, I’m going to share with you five reasons for your question – affiliate marketing is it worth it – and tell you wholeheartedly, yes it is: 

1. You Don’t Need To Create Anything 

2. You Can Monetize Your Blog Or Website

3. You Start With Little To No Cost

4. You Are Selling Something You Believe In 

5. Affiliate Marketing Is Scalable 

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some of the links on here are affiliate links, and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? 5 Reasons It Is!

1. You Don’t Need To Create Anything 

If you’re wondering, is affiliate marketing easy? 

Yes, to a certain extent it is easy because you don’t need to create anything. (But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s for everyone – I go into who affiliate marketing is best for and who shouldn’t do affiliate marketing a little later on in this article.)

You’re essentially earning money by creating affiliate marketing content on your online platforms, and the companies who run the affiliate program and sell the product or services are the ones who handle the invoicing and the delivery of these products and services, and even the aftercare and customer service, if required. 

You do not need to maintain inventory at all. 

I’ll give you an example when it comes to affiliate marketing for clothing – say you want to share with your readers about an amazing hiking jacket you used for your latest trip which you got off Amazon. 

You can use your affiliate link given to you by Amazon to share this jacket with your readers and if someone reads your review of the jacket, and decides to get it, they buy it directly from Amazon. 

Amazon is responsible for shipping the jacket out to your reader.

But guess who earns a little commission from the sale made through your reader clicking on the affiliate link? YOU! Just like that. 

2. You Can Monetize Your Blog Or Website

Affiliate marketing is worth it because it gives you a viable way of monetizing your blog or website

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

You might have thought that display advertising is the main way of earning money from your blog. 

I’m here to tell you – it is not and you shouldn’t just rely on one way of earning money from your blog. 

After all, why say no to more ways to monetize your blog, right?

Why affiliate marketing works so well when you have a blog is because your readers are likely to have landed on your blog with a problem that needs to be solved. 

They might be wondering how I fix holes in the wall before repainting it. 

You can provide them with solutions, but if you also provide them with a direct link to a repair service or a shopping link to a sealer, you’re helping them solve their problems even more quickly, and with very practical and tangible solutions!

You see now why affiliate marketing is such a great way for you to monetize your blog or website and why it’s so worth it to do so?

3. You Start With Little To No Cost

Affiliate marketing requires you to work with companies and brands that have affiliate marketing programs. 

They are the ones who would provide you with the trackable link to place on your website or online platform – you don’t have to pay to be on an affiliate program.

The only affiliate marketing costs, if at all, is the cost that you pay to set up your blog – which includes your domain, hosting, themes, and yearly upkeep. If you choose to do affiliate marketing on Instagram, you don’t even need to pay to run your account. 

Companies pay YOU to be on their affiliate programs because you’re part of their marketing strategy and costs. 

4. You Are Selling Something You Believe In 

Most people typically do affiliate marketing for products or services that they already use, so they already know that the product is something they believe in and would pay for (or they may have actually paid for it themselves first!). 

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

Affiliate marketing is worth it because whatever you choose to promote, you are doing it from a place of honesty and wanting the best for your readers, but at the same time, because companies value this honest review and take of the product and service, they pay you for it.

Since it is already something you would have used (and would recommend to your friends and family, so why not your readers), it’s probably something your readers are looking for too. 

And companies that engage you for their affiliate marketing program would have spent those dollars on marketing anyway, so why not go with someone more likely to persuade a potential buyer?

Do you see now why is affiliate marketing worth it? 

You literally get paid to just talk about something you like and believe in. You’ll even make back whatever you paid for, for the product, and more! 

5. Affiliate Marketing Is Scalable 

Affiliate marketing is worth it because you can scale it up whenever you want to or whenever you feel ready to. 

If you realise that a certain affiliate link is working well for your blog, maybe because your blog readers trust a certain site, product, or service you’ve recommended, you can generate more content with the relevant keyword. 

If you also decide to join more affiliate marketing programs or sites to earn more potentially, you can completely do so too – just remember to declare it upfront like I did at the start of this entry and you’re good to go. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process and monetization model where you can get paid by companies who want you to help promote and sell their products and services, through your online channels. Basically the more people you send to their site to purchase their products and services, the more you earn. 

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

How affiliate marketing works if you’re a travel blogger, for example, is:

  • You book a flight or hotel room through a site like Expedia and enjoyed the experience. 
  • You then tell your blog readers about how you secured a good deal on Expedia and provide a trackable link (provided by Expedia) to your readers for them to sign-up for an account.
  • Your readers then sign up and book a flight or a room through that link – after which Expedia will then pay you a small commission for directing your reader to their site. 

If you’re wondering, how did Expedia know that the reader was directed by you to their site, they track it through the trackable link, which in turn places cookies on their computer, which essentially helps websites remember that you’ve visited them before. 

I know your parents said never to accept cookies from strangers but listen – these cookies help you because these cookies then stay in your readers’ computers for a pre-determined period (for example, 24 hours) and you’ll earn a small cut from any, yes I mean truly mean any, purchase they make from Expedia during this period. 

This also means you could be asleep and someone halfway around the world reads your blog and uses your link to access Expedia and ka-ching, you’ve just earned a little money! 

Even if you were sleeping – talk about passive income! 

How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

You can start being an affiliate or start affiliate marketing by first setting up a blog or a website if you don’t already have one. 

1. Think of Your Website Name

2. Register Your Website And Get Hosting

You can use something like Bluehost, which I think is one of the best affiliate programs for hosting. I use it too – you can use this link for a good rate to host with Bluehost 

3. Look For Good Affiliate Programs

Depending on your blog niche, you’ll need to source for good affiliate programs that would give you a good commission percentage, and also have a decently-long cookie duration. 

I’ve saved you some time, just read my round-ups below for good affiliate programs in these respective niches:

If you need more guidance on how to write affiliate posts and the best affiliate programs, check this out

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make money with affiliate marketing, and it is very lucrative. But to make money, you need to put in the time, money, and effort to make it work for you. 

How much you earn will also ultimately depend on the commission percentage of the product or service, so this is something you should look out for and bear in mind when you are signing up for affiliate marketing programs.

You might want to make money with your blog, but if you’re not sure if you should do affiliate marketing, read on. 

Who Should Do Affiliate Marketing

1. Those Who Will Put In The Work

Affiliate marketing can be easy, but only if you put in the work – by writing the content that will guide your readers to the relevant keywords so that they will click on the affiliate tracking links. You will also need to research good affiliate programs that will pay you well and not just go with anything you see online.

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

2. Those Who Are Patient

Affiliate marketing will not deliver you results overnight. It takes time for your blog to get web traffic and it will also take time for your readers to come across your affiliate links. 

Even if they do purchase items using your affiliate links, it will also take time for companies to pay out the commission for your affiliate program – some companies take up to even 90 days to pay out the commission. 

You need to be patient if you want to consider affiliate marketing as a monetization strategy. 

3. Those Who Have Some Influence

Now you don’t need to be an Instagram or TikTok influencer, but you should have some influence – whether it’s your circle of friends, your family, or readers, to be successful at affiliate marketing. 

You should do affiliate marketing if you feel that people trust what you say and people trust your reviews of products and services. 

For example, I don’t have a very big following on Instagram (currently I have less than 10k followers), but when I launched a course offering, for example, affiliate marketing coaching, it got booked out quite quickly. 

My followers trusted me as an affiliate marketing coach because they’ve seen my content on my blog and Instagram, where I talk about affiliate programs and also my affiliate income report screenshots. 

If you have considerable influence and have taken my courses, did you know you can also register to be an affiliate with me and you earn a small cut if your friends or family buy my course? 

Even if only one other person bought it, you still earn enough to buy a coffee or even a small meal! 

Who Shouldn’t Do Affiliate Marketing

1. Those Not Passionate About What They’re Talking About

You shouldn’t do affiliate marketing if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing about. 

While you don’t have to have used everything that you’re talking about or selling, you need to at least have a substantial interest in the topic so that you come across as an expert on the topic to your readers, and they’ll trust you more. 

If the affiliate program is something you have zero interest in, then you might do better to look at other monetization options or to look around till you find an affiliate program that is tailored to your interests or your blog’s. 

2. Those Who Have Trust Issues 

Just take a look at affiliate marketing forums and you’ll see many people questioning if affiliate marketing is a scam and whether it’s possible to earn from an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are most certainly not pyramid schemes or scams and you’re never forced to sell something you don’t want to. 

But if you have trust issues, then perhaps affiliate marketing might not be the best option for you to monetize your blog or website.

3. Those Who Want Overnight Success

Affiliate marketing is for those who are patient, not for those who want overnight success. Affiliate marketing is not a magic bullet and you won’t earn immediately from it. 

You need to put in the work to do research for good affiliate programs out there, you need to look for keywords that people are searching for (you can use a tool like Keysearch for this), and then you need to write content that persuades and converts these readers into buyers.

And then you need to hope these readers click on your link (it happens, trust me), and await the payout from the companies running these affiliate programs. Repeat after me – It. Does. Not. Happen. Overnight. 

4. Those Who Don’t Do Their Homework

Like what I’ve highlighted above, affiliate marketing requires some work – it’s not very difficult, but you need to be prepared to put in some work and to be patient. 

You need to do your homework in looking for affiliate programs that work best for your blog and your niche, and then you need to spend time looking for keywords and creating the affiliate marketing content that would ultimately convert your readers.

You can’t just put an affiliate link there and expect readers to use your link without effort – that’s just not how it works. 

5. Those Who Don’t Want An Online Presence 

While you don’t need a blog to be an affiliate marketer and can do so on platforms like Pinterest, you do need some sort of online presence, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, or even just a website without a blog. 

If you don’t have an online presence then you can’t share your influence and your affiliate marketing links and you can’t earn from it, simple. 


What Is The Success Rate Of Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing conversion rate typically stands at about 1%, but this is a very rough estimate because not many bloggers and sites publish their affiliate conversion rates.

But while conversion rates are not high, if you get a substantial amount of buyers clicking through on your affiliate link with a substantial commission percentage, then you can still earn quite a bit from affiliate marketing. 

Is It Hard To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

It can be hard to earn a good, stable income from affiliate marketing since many others are also adopting this strategy. But I can assure you it is worth it, especially when you wake up from sleep and realize that you’ve just earned some passive income from someone clicking on your affiliate link halfway across the world. 

As you’ve seen from the article above, not everyone is cut out to be an affiliate marketer and not everyone should go into affiliate marketing. If you’re someone who prefers a stable source of income, affiliate marketing may not be for you.

But if you’re willing to set aside time and effort then, yes, trust me you can earn from affiliate marketing and affiliate programs. 

Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It?

The Amazon Affiliate program is worth it because it will cost you nothing to become an Amazon affiliate, but you do need to generate at least 2 to 5 qualified sales within 6 months of registering as an affiliate. 

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

As someone that earns quite a bit from my Amazon affiliate links, it is worth it because I put in the work at the start to make those initial sales. 

But if you’re not willing to put in that initial work then you might not find it worth it, and even cumbersome. 


Affiliate marketing works very well for me and my blogs and I hope I’ve also shown you that affiliate marketing works, if you’re wondering is affiliate marketing worth it? 

is affiliate marketing worth it ?

Affiliate marketing and affiliate programs are excellent ways for bloggers to monetize their blogs and earn alternative, passive income.

While it is not entirely easy, there are very low barriers to entry to starting affiliate marketing and you don’t have to invest a lot of money – just time and effort and to have a platform to post these affiliate links to, so you can earn, even while you sleep! 

If I’ve managed to persuade you that affiliate marketing is worth it (because it one hundred percent is!), then I hope you get started with finding an affiliate program or site that works best for you and start earning that money! 

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