47 Digital Nomad Essentials You Will Need In 2022

If you plan to start a digital nomad journey, you may be thinking…What are the best digital nomad essentials that will save me time, money and make my life easier? 

To answer this question I’ve made a digital nomad packing list of the best digital nomad essentials that will do just that for you!  

In this list, you’ll find the best tech gear, travel clothes, running travel shoes, and a variety of digital nomad essentials gear that will help you work efficiently and enhance your travel experience.

Because no matter what kind of digital nomad job you have, the digital nomad gears I‘m about to show you are like water for every remote worker. 

Here is a summary of what’ll you see today:


Dear reader, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, so I may earn a commission if you click on them. At no extra cost to you!! I hope you find this information valuable. Thank you for reading!

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Digital Nomad Essentials: The Must-Haves!

In this article, you will learn about the go-to digital nomad essentials when traveling and working on the road. 

Nonetheless, no matter where you go every nomad needs to invest in 3 digital nomad  essentials:

  1. A laptop: your work machine, without it, you don’t make money;
  2. A backpack: to easily move your things wherever you want to go;
  3. The best digital bank account: to get paid no matter where your clients are from, and with the best fees in the market.

If you have these 3 digital nomad essentials, you’ll be able to travel, deliver your work, and go surf the wildest waves in Portugal after a productive work day.

Below is a snippet of these 3 essentials. However, if you want detailed information about these and more digital nomad equipment keep scrolling down to learn more about the product features, pros, cons, and buying tips!

Best Digital Nomad Laptop 

Why? This laptop ticks all the boxes on the digital nomad essentials list:

  • High durability and resistance
  • Long battery life;
  • Lightweight, easy to travel with.

Best Digital Nomad Backpack 

Why? This backpack will help you live a pro digital nomad lifestyle because:

  • Has a large internal storage capacity;
  • You can use it as a carry-on travel backpack;
  • It is very durable and sturdy.

Best Bank For Digital Nomads 

As a digital nomad, it is essential to know the best ways to get paid internationally, in this case, Wise is hard to beat because:

  • It offers a multi-currency account;
  • It gives you a debit card you can use for online or physical purchases;
  • It offers incredibly affordable rates to receive and send money.

Best Travel Packs For Digital Nomads

Choosing the best travel packs is crucial on the list of digital nomad essentials. Below are 2 options you need to consider including packing cubes that help you easily organize and find your items.

Best Travel Packs For Digital Nomads Summary:

  1. Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack 

A c-r-u-c-i-a-l digital nomad gear. A comfortable travel backpack is one of the most important things you need to invest in when starting a digital nomad lifestyle. It is arguably the most important item in terms of digital nomad essentials!

For this big investment, a travel-wise choice is picking a comfortable digital nomad carry-on backpack. 

Why? Because it helps you lower the probability of your luggage being broken or lost. Besides saving money on baggage fees.

The Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack is one of the best choices in the market that will help you make this dream come true as its size is carry-on approved, so you won’t have to worry about that. 

Plus, it offers a large storage capacity to store your things and different carry options (such as the shoulder strap) in case you want to switch and lower the stress on your back!

Dimensions: 22″H x 14″W x 9″D (M/L)

Available sizes:  40L, 55L, 70L, and 80L.


  • Large internal storage;
  • A durable backpack that can last you years;
  • Very comfortable to use, you never feel too heavy.


  • It could have more internal compartments for organizing.

Note: If you decide to use a carry-on travel backpack remember the majority of airlines require carry-on luggage that is 22″L, 14″W, and 9″D, which usually translates to a 40-45 linear inches backpack. 

  1. Nomatic Backpack 

On the other hand, if you are a minimalist traveler and would like a smaller backpack, check out the Nomatic Backpack

This backpack may be smaller with a size of 20L expandable to 24L. Nonetheless, it comes with 20 internal pockets designed to serve the needs of travelers, and digital nomads, such as an RFID lockable security pocket or a hidden pocket for important items.

Package Dimensions: 20.7 x 12.8 x 7 inches.

Item Weight: 4 pounds.


  • The backpack has interchangeable panels that help you organize your items as you seem fit.
  • The backpack expands to 24L if needed;
  • It has a convenient laptop compartment.


  • It may be too small for some people.

Note: Hey, I know choosing the best backpack for your digital nomad journey can be daunting. So, if you want to check out detailed information about the previously mentioned backpacks and other top digital nomad backpacks click here.

  1. Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes 

Last, but not least, what if your backpack does not have all the compartments you wish it had? But, at the same time, you want to have the liberty to choose how to organize your stuff, and don’t want a small 20L backpack….Hmm, I got your back!

If that is the problem, the logical solution is to invest in a Set of Packing Cubes for traveling. These packing cubes are a lifesaver for the avid traveler and because you don’t want to waste time looking for things, these have been included on the list of digital nomad essentials.  

This incredible set comes with 6 packing cubes including a cube for your shoes, underwear, and your laundry!

Material: Nylon

Item Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 2.5 inches.


  • Lightweight material that adds little to no extra weight;
  • Breathable mesh design that lets your clothes breathe; 
  • The cubes are waterproof, which will prevent your items from getting wet.


  • Try to test them right after using them as some defective packing cubes could easily tear.

Optimal Digital Nomad Tech Gear List

Digital nomads tech gear is their work gear, you need to invest in high-quality tech gear to quickly and hassle-free work from anywhere! 

Below are different products such as the best laptop for digital nomads, the best mobile hotspot for digital nomads, best power bank, and other essentials you’ll need. 

Plus, there is also a nice to have a section at the bottom, which features extra items that are not entirely crucial but if you have the budget I recommend you get; as these little tech gadgets make working so much more efficient and stress-free!

Digital Nomad Tech Gear Summary List:

  1. Laptop- Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 

If you want a sturdy, durable and lightweight work machine that you bring literally anywhere (e.g. the Arctic wilderness), then get the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

The Lenovo Thinkpad is a highly durable laptop that is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions or harsh spills and drops and still works like a charm. That rocks! 

Item Weight: 2.4 pounds.

Memory Speed: 1.8 GHz.

Processor: 4.9 GHz core_i7_family.


  • Can operate for up to 19.5 hours on a single charge;
  • High-quality display and resolution;
  • A very smooth touching keyboard experience.


  • Pricey.

If you are still not convinced this Laptop Thinkpad is for you, then check out my article about the best laptops for nomads (from personal experience!), you will surely find something that suits your needs 🙂 

  1. Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank 

Staying connected and charged is one of the top digital nomad essentials and must-haves.

Nobody knows when an outage can occur; which is why instead of getting stressed out and wondering if you’ll meet your deadlines, you should get a power bank to charge your devices whenever you need. 

In this case, the Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank is the ideal solution as it quickly helps you charge your laptops as well as other devices such as your smartphone, cameras, and even drones.

Connector Type: USB type c, USB, USB type a.

Voltage: 120 Volts (AC).

Battery Capacity: 20000 Milliamp Hours.


  • Compact design, ideal for traveling;
  • TSA Approved;
  • Fast Recharging. 


  • Pricey.
  1. GlocalMe U3 Mobile Hotspot 

Internet, a laptop, and a backpack are the 3 essentials every nomad needs to work and travel the world. The GlocalMe U3 Mobile Hotspot helps you with this, as it is one of the best mobile hotspots for digital nomads in the market. 

One of the best features of this digital nomad gear is that it can be used with or without SIM, therefore you can use a local SIM plan or use the mobile hotspot CloudSIM technology to connect to the best carrier available in over 140 countries. 

Whatever you choose, you’ll never be without internet.

Max Speed: LTE: DL 150Mbps/UL 50Mbps

Battery: 3000mAh Li-ion battery

Ports: Type-C


  • 15-hour battery and doubles as a power bank;
  • Offers contract-free and flexible data packages;
  • Bills are clear to understand, easy to check, and offer multiple online payment options.


  • It can be difficult to set up and understand for some people, the company needs to improve their customer service. 
  1. JOOMFEEN Travel Adapter 

Let’s save you time, shall we? With your own travel adapter, you can just plug in your devices and get to work, easy breezy.

And nothing gets the job done as the JOOMFEEN Travel Adapter does, a powerful and affordable travel adapter that you can use in more than 150 countries.

Item Weight: 0.2 Pounds

Ports: Dual USB Port, compatible with almost all devices

Item dimensions: 3.5 x 2 x 2 inches.


  • Affordable and efficient;
  • It can charge 3 devices simultaneously;
  • Easy to travel as it has 5 different input plugs in one travel plug.


  • The adapter does not transform or convert voltage.

Note: The majority of electronic devices support dual voltage (Volts and Hertz) working on a range between 100 volts and 240 volts 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz. This is why you’ll likely need a travel adapter plug rather than a voltage converter.

  1. LaCie 2TB External Hard Drive 

If anything bad happens to your laptop, it is safe-wise to backup all the information. 

This is why an external hard drive that can store more data if needed and also backup your data is essential.

For this important task, I suggest you check out LaCie External Hard Drive, a small but highly durable External HD that backs up your laptop data wherever you go. 

The rugged mini stores 2TB. However, there are 4 rigged mini versions available, from 1TB to 5TB. 

Read Speed:130 Megabytes Per Second

Interface Compatibility: USB 3.0

Hardware Platform: PC and Mac.


  • Drop, Splash, and Dust Resistant;
  • Travel-friendly compact design;
  • Fast transfer speed.


  • Does not have a USB-C port.
  1. Bose Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

Wireless Headphones are highly beneficial and high up in term of digital nomad essentials.  

You can concentrate better while doing your projects and if the headphones have a microphone you can also use them for zoom calls or online teaching.  

Bose Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are one of the best options in the market, these are noise-canceling, with different levels of noise cancelation for a personalized and better listening experience anywhere you are. 

Battery: Lithium-ion battery.

Item weight: 8.3 oz.


  • Adjustable noise canceling;
  • Long battery life;
  • Very comfortable and great sound quality.


  • Big, these can’t be used while working out.

Alternatively, if you would like a more affordable option that you can also use while working out check out the SAMSUNG Galaxy Wireless Earbuds 

Nice To Have:

Best Clothes For Digital Nomads (Women’s And Men’s)

What Clothes Should I Pack? 

When you think about digital nomad essentials, you have to think about versatility, comfort, and convenience. 

This is why a minimalist travel wardrobe approach is one of the best ways for nomads to decide which clothes to pack. 

If you only think about the basics and the best fabrics for traveling then things get easier. So, when deciding which clothes to bring for traveling as a digital nomad this is what you need to consider:

  • Versatile clothes that work in different scenarios. E.g. for hiking or working at a coworking space in Spain.
  • Colors that are easy to mix and match. Neutrals such as navy blue, olive, or black can be used for formal or casual situations and are easy to combine with brighter colors.
  • Lightweight clothes that are easy to wash and roll up small.
  • Wrinkle-free clothes so you can be ready to go quicker. 

Plus: Another reason neutrals are a favorite between nomads and travelers alike is because it is easy to take care of as it makes doing laundry easier and quicker. 

Which Is The Best Travel Fabric? 

The best fabric for traveling clothes is merino wool. 

Why? Merino Wool travel clothing has amazing benefits such as:

  • Stain, odor, and UV resistance;
  • Highly breathable and durable;
  • Dries fast.

Plus, it’s antimicrobial which provides health protection, doesn’t wrinkle which saves you time AND the best benefit, it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, so yep it’s like the holy grail of travel fabric. 

Alternatively, other good fabrics for traveling are Bamboo viscose, Nylon, Polyester, and Rayon. 

So, this is my summary list of basic BUT essential nomad best clothing for traveling:

  • 5-7 casual shirts (t-shirts and/or tees): 

+Merino.tech Merino Wool T-Shirt Women’s 

+Merino.tech Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s 

  • 1-2 long sleeve t-shirts:

+MERIWOOL Women’s- Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt +MERIWOOL Men’s- Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt 

  • 1-2 dressy tops: 

+Daily Ritual Women’s Oversized Fit Tencel Short Sleeve Shirt 

+Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve Button Up

  • 1 pair of casual travel pants:

           +prAna Men’s Stretch Zion Pant 

           +prAna Women’s Halle Pant 

  • 1 pair of  travel joggers/leggings:

+AJISAI 7/8 Women’s Joggers Travel Pants 

+Dickies Dynamix Men’s Joggers 

  • 2-3 pair of shorts:

+Women’s Quick-Dry Stretchy Hiking Shorts Lightweight 

           +Men’s Stretch Outdoor Hiking Shorts Quick Dry 

  • 1 pair of socks:

+ZEALWOOD Unisex Low Cut Ankle Athletic Socks 

           +ZEALWOOD Unisex Crew Socks 

  • 5-7 underwear:

+Icebreaker Women’s Siren Merino Wool Bra 

+Icebreaker Women’s Sprite Merino Wool Hot Pants 

+Icebreaker Merino Men’s Anatomica Boxer 

Note: Remember this is an essential clothing list suggestion you can create your personalized wardrobe according to your needs and your travel destination.

Basic Tops 

Merino.tech – Merino Wool T-Shirts 

Soft and comfortable, contrary to cotton t-shirts, these Merino t-shirts are ideal for traveling, keeping you dry and fresh while feeling comfortable. It is made from high-quality 100% Superfine Organic Merino Wool from New Zealand. 

Also, this brand Merino.tech is currently offering a limited deal where you get 1 FREE pair of Merino hiking socks! 

Fabrics: Merino Wool. 

Available colours: 17 for women and 14 for men. 

Available sizes: 5 options, from small to X-large. 


  • Very comfortable; 
  • Dries quick;
  • No smell after sweating;
  • Lightweight material.


  • Sizing could vary between colors;
  • Some clients report the feeling is not as soft as other Merino wool t-shirts, however the majority report it feels soft and comfortable.

Merino.tech Merino Wool T-Shirt Women’s 

Merino.tech Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s 

Note: If you receive a defective shirt, you can return it within 60 days for a refund, exchange, or replacement.

Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt 

It is always important to have a long sleeve shirt to add extra warmth to your body, for this case I recommend Meriwool long sleeve shirts, which are very comfortable, itch-free, and odor resistant. 

Fabrics: Merino Wool 

Available colours: 9 for women and 10 for men.

Available sizes: 5 options for men (small to xx-large) and 4 for women (x-small to large)


  • High-quality material. Fits true to size;
  • Light but resistant fabric, easy to take care of;
  • It is so soft and comfy that you can even use it as sleepwear. 


  • Does not offer xx-large options for ladies;
  • Some people find the brand tag on the shirt’s upper back a bit annoying on the skin. 

Note: If you receive a defective shirt, you can return it within 30 days for a refund, exchange, or replacement.

MERIWOOL Women’s- Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt 

MERIWOOL Men’s- Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt 

Casual Business Tops 

Daily Ritual Women’s Tencel Short Sleeve Shirt 

One thing you have to take into account, especially on your list of digital nomad essentials, is having tops or accessories that give you a professional look, even just a little bit can make a big difference.

In this case, this casual button-down shirt does the job perfectly, it works both for important job zoom calls or for casual fun night outs. Plus, it is super comfy so you can feel relaxed while doing your projects!

Fabrics: 100% Lyocell

Available colours: 7

Available sizes: 6 options (from x small to xx-large).


  • 100% made with Lyocell, a durable fabric;
  • Very soft and comfortable;
  • Requires minimal ironing.


  • For some people, it fits too big, which is why some customers order a smaller size.

Daily Ritual Women’s Oversized Fit Tencel Short Sleeve Shirt 

Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve Button Up 

Made with 100% Merino wool, this business casual button-down shirt gives men a sleek professional casual fit without being too tight.

Fabrics: 100% Merino Wool.

Available colours: 7

Available sizes: 5 options (from small to xx-large).


  • Takes little luggage space (easy to roll up);
  • Odor-resistant;
  • No need to iron.


  • Some clients don’t like the white buttons on the black shirt.

Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve Button Up 

Note: Even if the company website says they accept returns on new, unworn items, in reality, clients report they accept returns as long as you prove why you are dissatisfied with your product. 

Basic Buttons 

Casual Travel Pants 

prAna Travel Pants 

Aside from comfy shorts and joggers, it is travel-wise to have at least 1 pair of pants for hiking, camping, going to eat out, or exploring a new interesting cultural spot.

In this case, prAna’s travel pants are one of the best options for digital nomad essentials, especially if you want a high-quality pant with durable fabric that doesn’t break easily and dries quickly making your laundry process much easier. 

Fabrics: 97% Nylon, 3% Spandex.

Available colours: 16

Available sizes: 10 options (from 0 to 18).


  • Quick-dry fabric;
  • It has a good amount of spandex in the waist for a comfortable stretch;
  • They roll up and can be used as capris.


  • The waist cut is low, some women don’t like how it fits on their hips.

prAna Men’s Stretch Zion Pant 

prAna Women’s Halle Pant 

Travel Joggers

AJISAI Joggers 

Double duty is very important as regards digital nomad essentials. When looking for bottoms a working pant with a tailored look is a smart investment to have. 

Look great and feel great, use it to sweat it out in the morning and then go to your favorite co-working space or just wander around the local park.

Fabrics: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex.

Available colours: 6

Available sizes: 14 options (from X-small to X-Large Petite).


  • Affordable high-quality fabric joggers; 
  • Usable Deep front pockets;
  • Easy care fabric;
  • Feels smooth and cool to the touch.


  • Some clients don’t like the shiny look of the fabric.

AJISAI 7/8 Women’s Joggers Travel Pants 

Dickies Joggers 

Fits just right. With these joggers, you won’t feel self-conscious at all with your body. Made of Polyesters, these joggers are quick-drying, wrinkle-free, and won’t take much space on your carry-on backpack. 

Fabrics: 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex

Available colours: 5

Available sizes: 21 options (from X-small short to 5X-Large Big).


  • Affordable high-quality fabric joggers; 
  • Great joggers for tall people, as they offer good sizes for different heights;
  • Good size pockets to store your phone or other things;
  • Very comfortable.


  • It can run small around the waist area so clients advise ordering a size up.

Dickies Dynamix Men’s Joggers 

Travel Shorts

MIER Stretch Outdoor Hiking Shorts 

Travel shorts are a must for digital nomad essentials, you can use them to hike, go to the beach, explore a new cafe or even work out. 

In this case, MIER quick dry shorts are a top-notch recommendation for digital nomads, as these are made with Nylon; a quick-dry, water-resistant, lightweight fabric.

Fabrics: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex, YKK Zipper

Available colours: 7

Available sizes: 7 options for women (from 2 to 14) and 6 for men (from 30 to 40).


  • 5 utility pockets, including 1 secure carry on the right thigh;
  • You feel cool all day as it is made with moisture-wicking fabric;
  • Durable flexible fabric that withstands scrapes from rocks or other sharp surfaces;
  • Comfortable and lightweight making it easy to travel with.


  • Some clients don’t like how the fabrics look in their body although the majority say the shorts fit very well.

Women’s Quick-Dry Stretchy Hiking Shorts Lightweight 

Men’s Stretch Outdoor Hiking Shorts Quick Dry 

Basic Undergarments


ZEAL WOOD Unisex Low Cut Merino Wool Socks 

The last thing you want is to feel itchy and uncomfortable while running, hiking, or walking around, right? This is why Merino wool socks are the go-to socks for digital nomad essentials to feel comfortable and cool all day round. 

Zeal Wood offers different kinds of merino wool socks, you can choose between the Unisex Low Cut Ankle Athletic Socks and Crew Socks.

All of them are made of high-quality Australian Merino wool. The low-cut ankle offers higher versatility as you can use them for different occasions, whilst the crew socks are better if you’re planning to do cold-weather activities like skiing.

Fabrics: 60% Merino Wool, 20% Acrylic, 14% Polyester, 2%Spandex.

Available colours:

Available sizes: 4 options (from small to X-Large).


  • Affordable high-quality merino wool socks;
  • Lightweight comfortable socks;
  • The socks hold up very well and are anti-blister.


  • They do not offer a lifetime warranty; instead , you’ll need to return it after 30 days of purchasing.

ZEALWOOD Unisex Low Cut Ankle Athletic Socks 

ZEALWOOD Unisex Crew Socks 

Women’s Underwear

Icebreaker Women’s Siren Merino Wool Bra 

Looking for a comfortable travel bra? The Icebreaker Women’s Siren merino wool Bra is a soft comfortable bra you can wear for hiking or daily activities. 

It is made of 83% Merino Wool and 12% nylon which makes it perfect for the avid traveler that needs a durable, odor-free fabric that keeps you cool and fresh all day long.

Fabrics: 83% Merino Wool, 12% nylon, 5% LYCRA.

Available colours: 2

Available sizes: 5 options (from X-small to X-Large).


  • The straps can be adjusted;
  • Comfortable even when worn several days in a row;
  • The bra has pockets in the cups where padded inserts can be placed (which is good for people that has prosthesis)


  • The straps are adjustable but you cannot unhook them to crisscross the straps.

Icebreaker Women’s Siren Merino Wool Bra

Icebreaker Women’s Sprite Merino Wool Hot Pants 

Pair the Icebreaker Siren Merino Wool bra with these everyday boy shorts and you’ll get the ideal setting for top-notch underwear comfort. 

Made with Merino Wool these hot pants are breathable, moisture-wicking, and easy to take care of, making it a great investment for digital nomad essentials and long-term traveling.

Fabrics: 83% Merino Wool, 12% nylon, 5% LYCRA

Available colours: 1 (Black)

Available sizes: 4 options (from X-small to Large).


  • Lightweight hot pants that are easy to wash;
  • Very comfortable and breathable;
  • Fits nice and keeps you warm.


  • Pricey.

Icebreaker Women’s Sprite Merino Wool Hot Pants 

Men’s Underwear

Icebreaker Merino Men’s Anatomica Boxer 

Lastly, for men seeking digital nomad essentials, these merino wool boxers from Icebreaker are the best for daily home activities or going out while taking care of your skin. 

These boxers are soft and stretchy so you won’t feel itchy or uncomfortable while wearing them. 

Fabrics: 96% Merino Wool, 4% Lycra Spandex.

Available colours:

Available sizes: 5 options (from small to XX-Large).


  • Very comfortable;
  • Do not stink after several days of using;
  • Easy to wash.


  • Pricey.

Icebreaker Merino Men’s Anatomica Boxer 

Nice To Have For Women:

  • Versatile clothing piece as you can use it in different ways and dries quickly: Sarong Wrap 
  • A dress is one of the best extra clothing pieces for women to quickly dress up and get going, and better if it’s made of Merino wool: Icebreaker Merino Women Dress

Best Digital Nomad Travel Shoes

How many shoes should I pack? A good question, you’ll need different types of shoes based on the place you are going and what kind of activities you’re going to do.   

However, if we focus on the essentials, you should pack shoes for two kinds of situations; casual and outdoor activities. 

Digital Nomad Essentials Travel Shoes Summary List:

  • 1 Pair of casual day to day shoes:

+Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Mountaineering Boot 

+Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe 

  • 1-2 Pair of Outdoor running travel shoes:

+ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Women’s Running Shoes 

           +ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

For Casual Day to Day

Merrel Slip-On 

Do you want to walk on and on for hours without your feet and legs hurting? Maybe that seems like an impossible task to do, however, with the right shoes, it is not so impossible, especially if those shoes are Merino.

Yes, they may not have the most trendy design, but  Merino slips-on delivers in comfort what they lack in trendy fashion design.

Fabrics: 100% Leather

Available colours: 8 for women and 16 for men  

Available sizes: 28 options for men (from 6.5 to 15) and 14 for women (from 5 to 11.5).


  • Slip-resistant outsoles, offering you security while walking on the wet and dry ground;
  • One of the best shoes in the market for people with flat feet or back problems as it offers great arch support;
  • Easy to slip on and off. Plus, the black version works nicely to dress out for dinner.


  • Not the most fashionable shoes ever designed ( I guess high-quality comfort comes with a cost!).

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Mountaineering Boot 

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe 

For Running

ASICS Running Travel Running Shoes  

Love running? If you do, then you should get a pair of ASICS Athletic Travel Running Shoes, which are ideal for active digital nomads who want a reliable and durable pair of footwear to work out. 

Fabrics: Synthetic, rubber, and mesh

Available colours: 9 for women and 18 for men  

Available sizes: 24 options for women (from 5 to 11.5) and 31 ( form 6 to 15).


  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • A durable shoe with solid rubber outsole;
  • Offers 5 types of running shoes, to fit every kind of foot type, from low arches to high arches. 


  • Not a budget-friendly shoe.

ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Women’s Running Shoes 

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes 

Nice To Have:

Basic Toiletries Items For Traveling

So, aside from a chilly afternoon Netflix marathon when no one it’s looking at you, as a digital nomad and civilized human being you want to look clean and presentable for your clients and people you’re going to meet.

In this list, you’ll find the essentials to do so, including a special section for the ladies.

Philips Norelco Showerproof Dual-Sided Body Trimmer and Shaver 

A basic personal care item. Sadly, safety razors are not TSA carry-on approved, so if you want to pack lightly I would suggest you buy disposable razors or electric razors.

The benefit of electric razors is that they save you time and although pricier than disposable razors, these are a more eco-friendly alternative as they last more time. 

A highly positive-rated electric razor, the Philips Norelco Showerproof razor can be used by either men or women and is considered one of the best choices to take care of your body hair, whether it’s leg hair, armpit hair, or other parts of your body. 

Item Weight: 0.9 Pounds

Power Source: Battery Powered


  • You can use it in the shower or dry; 
  • Helps you groom all body groom areas;
  • Blades are designed to prevent nicks and cuts, helping you protect your skin while shaving.


  • It is advisable not to use it on the face. 

Philips Norelco Showerproof Dual-Sided Body Trimmer and Shaver 

Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap 

With reference to digital nomad essentials, you need versatile products and durable gear, and Dr. Bronner’s Soap is one of them. This soap offers 18 different uses! You can use it for laundry, beautiful face skin treatment, washing your body, washing the dishes, and many more cleaning tasks!

Here you can see Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Liquid Soap, however, you should know this brand offers different kinds of soap scents, so you could also try other wonderful scents such as tea-tree, citrus, and baby unscented. 

Ingredients: This soap is made with organic oils. Where 90% are organic ingredients and over 70% of ingredients are certified fair trade

Weight: 32 oz (but you can also find other options from 16 oz to 4oz)


  • Eco-friendly soap made with biodegradable and cruelty-free ingredients;
  • A little goes a long way;
  • It is multi-use, plus you can use it for sensitive skin.


  • Some scents are better for washing lady parts, for example, clients advise using Lavender for a smooth experience instead of minty Peppermint. 

Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap 

RADIUS Toothbrush Flex Brush 

Who doesn’t want a healthy smile? In terms of digital nomad essentials, taking care of your health is very important and teeth health is no exception. Not only for your personal presentation but also for your health (especially if you eat a lot!).

Therefore, for this important goal, I highly advise you the award-winning RADIUS Toothbrush Flex Brush, a soft easy to handle toothbrush that can help you get healthier (and better-looking) teeth and gums thanks to its innovative design.

Colors: Black and White.

Item Dimensions:1.25 x 2.25 x 9 inches


  • Its flexible neck helps reach areas more easily, which means healthier mouth and teeth;
  • Higher toothbrush durability, at least 3x higher than the average run-of-the-mill toothbrushes.
  • They have options for left-handed people


  • The head of the toothbrush is not changeable.

RADIUS Toothbrush Flex Brush 

Plastic Free Zone Toothpaste Tablets 

Ideal for traveling, these toothpaste tablets are practical and easy to use. Besides, you can save space by using them as they take little space and you won’t have to worry about leaked toothpaste.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Citric Acid, Silica, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Magnesium Stearate, Stevia and Menthol Aroma, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Fluoride, Eugenol.

Quantity: 120 or 180 tablets per container.


  • Vegan friendly;
  • Improves your teeth health;
  • Very affordable price for the number of tablets.


  • They do not offer different tablet flavours.

Plastic Free Zone Toothpaste Tablets 

24-Hour Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant 

Yes, you can get deodorant in any place, however, this packing list is to get the best gear ideas for digital nomads who like to be prepared, if not you won’t be reading this, right?

So, to help you be odor-free and travel sustainably I advise you to check out this aluminum-free Natural Deodorant

Besides working really well it also offers an incredible smell, and it’s made of eco-friendly materials such as beeswax; which protects and hydrates your skin! 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Arrowroot powder, Kaolin clay, Beeswax, Shea butter, Baking soda, Fragrance or essential oil

Weight: approx. 3 oz


  • A little goes a long way;
  • Offers different fragrances such as Almond & Shea, Apricot Peach, and Basile clementine.
  • Offers both masculine and feminine fragrances.


  • You’ll likely need at least two weeks to adjust to a natural deodorant, as your body will start to regulate the amount of sweat it needs to produce now.

24-Hour Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant 

Humangear Travel Bottles  

Humangear, Tube Travel Gotoob 

Nobody wants to spend hours and hours searching for their tablets, right? 

Being organized lowers your stress levels and saves you time, this is why the Humangear Travel Tubes are one of the best digital nomad essentials to quickly store and find your medicine, toothpaste tablets, earbuds, snacks, and whatever fits really! 

Item Dimensions: 4.33 x 1.57 x 12.99 inches

Material: Plastic.


  • Easy to open and close;
  • Multi-use, you can store jewelry, snacks, tablets, etc.;
  • You can store thicker creams and lotions.


  • Can’t store liquid.

Humangear, Tube Travel Gotoob 

Humangear Gotoob+ Silicone Travel Bottle 

Getting leaked liquid all over your bag is a nightmare, the best way to prevent this is by traveling with leakproof durable travel bottles. 

One of the best highly rated options for this is the Humangear Silicone Travel bottles as the lid is leakproof, it is BPA-Free and TSA approved which makes traveling with them easier.

Item Dimensions: 6.75 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches.

Material: Silicone.


  • The company offers a lifetime warranty;
  • Easier to fill and clean;
  • TSA Approved travel size and clear size indications.


  • For some people, the amount of product that comes out after squeezing the bottle may be too big for their needs.

Humangear Gotoob+ Silicone Travel Bottle 

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag 

Get your toiletry items organized with the durable and lightweight Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag

Organizing things here is a breeze as the bag has plenty of room to store your toiletry necessities, however, it is compact enough to not take too much space in your luggage. 

Item Dimensions: 9.45″L x 7.48″ W x 3.74″ H.

Material: Polyester


  • TSA approved;
  • It has a hanging hook;
  • Has multiple compartments to store your toiletries.


  • It does not have a shoulder strap.

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag 

Kitgo Mini First Aid Kit 

You may not think this is urgent if you have digital nomad travel insurance, however, it is safe-wise to travel with a first aid kit to aid you at any small inconvenience you may have while traveling.

Kitgo offers different first aid mini kits with useful items, such as an emergency rescue blanket and a glow stick. A must have when considering digital nomad essentials.

Item Dimensions: 6.89″L x 2.17″ W x 4.92″ H

What is inside: band-aids, bandages, burn gel, tourniquet, fever cooling patch, eye pad, a triangular bandage, and many more things. 


  • Waterproof PU material;
  • Useful items for different emergencies;
  • Ideal size for carrying anywhere. 


  • Some band-aids do not stick well into the skin. However, you can see the warranty product to receive better band-aids.

Kitgo Mini First Aid Kit 

For Digital Nomad Women 

Lena Menstrual Cup – Reusable Period Cup 

An alternative to pads and tampons, the Lena menstrual cups give comfort while protecting you 12 hours day or night. As a plus for digital nomads and avid travelers, you can use these while doing sports and any kind of outdoor activity.

Material: Made of 100% medical-grade Silicone and BPA Free.

Experience level: For beginners and experienced.


  • There are options for light, regular and heavy flow amounts;
  • Easy to use, clean, and carry around;
  • Holds more than tampons.


  • There is a learning curve, some women take some time to learn how to use them but the majority consider it life-changing and environmentally friendly. 

Lena Menstrual Cup – Reusable Period Cup 

Lip + Cheek Tint, Plant Makeup 

For every woman their makeup preferences are different, however, as you may have noticed throughout my recommendations I like to support environmentally friendly products that are effective and create a better world.

This is why this Lip + Cheek Tint Makeup is a must for the sustainable digital nomad that doesn’t want to wear much makeup but wishes to have a little blush on their lips, cheeks, and even eyes.

Materials: beeswax, essential oils, rice bran oil, plant pigment.

Weight: 0.5 oz.


  • Natural materials that benefit your skin;
  • Travel size-friendly;
  • It is long-lasting, especially when applied to the cheeks.


  • It doesn’t offer a lot of pigmentation.

Lip + Cheek Tint, Plant Makeup 

Key Miscellaneous Items For Digital Nomads

Finally, don’t forget those key miscellaneous items to have a handy and smooth traveling experience. 

Key Miscellaneous Items For Digital Nomads Summary List:

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag 

The upgraded version of the disposable Ziploc baggies. Silicone reusable bags are very useful when traveling as you can pack and organize your food, snacks, things that you pick up as you travel, or things you need to organize.

Contrary to the travel bottles the Silicone Storage Bags can store more things, especially the homemade travel food you make such as sandwiches, veggies, or other snacks you want to bring to your coworking space 😉

Item Dimensions: 7.25 x 0.63 x 7.68 inches.

Item Weight: 0.67 oz.


  • The company offers different sizes for different needs from pocket size to bigger bags;
  • Easy to use and clean;
  • Leakproof.


  • It can be too small for some people.

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag 

LifeStraw Flex Multi-Function Water Filter System with 2-Stage Carbon Filtration

A personal water filter can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re going to places where it is not safe to drink from the tap water, like Latin America, however, it could also be of use if you are camping and are not sure if it’s safe to drink water from the river.

So, no matter where you go, having a personal water filter will help you stay hydrated and safe, undoubtedly a must-have for the avid traveler and challenging for the title of digital nomad essentials.

Plus, this is a 2 in 1 product as you will have a water filter and collapsible bottle in one place. 

Item Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 4.7 inches

Item Weight: 0.11 Pounds.


  • Ultralight product, easy to travel with;
  • Removes bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and heavy metals.
  • There are replaceable filters available when you need to replace them.


  • It doesn’t remove viruses.

LifeStraw Flex Multi-Function Water Filter System with 2-Stage Carbon Filtration

Note: The company stated that for every LifeStraw product purchased you’ll help a school child in need to receive safe drinking water for an entire school year! 

Also if you want a more budget-friendly option you could try the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter 

Visine Red Eye Hydrating 

If you are a digital nomad you know the sensation after hours of working; tired irritated eyes, a dried uncomfortable sensation.

Prevent that and don’t mess with your eye health, using the Visine red eye will help your eyes stay hydrated and protect your eyesight. They are always a welcomed addition to the digital nomad essentials packing list.


  • Relief in 30 seconds;
  • Easy to carry and travel with;
  • Very affordable.


  • For some people it may not work, if that happens to you try the blue version.

Ok, this is not an item, but as I previously mentioned this is a key factor when traveling as a digital nomad, in this article you can learn more about the best digital nomad banks, however below is a summary of the best bank for different contexts. 

Best Secure Digital Nomad Banks 

Paypal or Transferwise: because of the security measures taken by the companies.

Best Bank Account For Travellers 

Charles Schwab: because of the unlimited refunds on ATM fees.

Best Bank for Everyday Banking

Transferwise: Because of the all-in-one banking solutions they offer as a multi-currency account or a debit card you can use for online or physical purchases anywhere in the world.

Best Digital Nomad Packing Tips

  1. Pack Less, Enjoy More 

The #1 mistake you need to avoid when traveling is overpacking.

This is why you need to think about context before anything else and ask yourself: 

Why do I need to bring this?

Every item in your carry-on or baggage should serve a purpose and should be something that you think you won’t easily or quickly find in the place you’re going to. 

A good example of this is with shoes. Sometimes people overthink what kind of shoes they should bring and wonder, what if I need these sandals for one day or the other ones for the next, and what about hiking boots?

So, to help you decide which item to bring, as yourself these questions: 

  1. Is it comfortable to use?
  2. Is it durable?
  3. How many times will I use this?
  4. Can I use this item for different purposes? 

Of course, you could take a risk and try to buy the shoes or a travel item once you arrive at your destination. However, remember that you need comfort and quality so your comfort and time shouldn’t be compromised.

Apply those same questions and way of thinking for the other items in your pack and you’ll eventually narrow the list to what YOU truly need, your digital nomad essentials.

2. Invest In Quality

I previously explained why Merino is one if not the best fabric for travel clothes, right? 

Although, this does not mean you should only use Merino Wool it does mean you should look for high-quality items that (although expensive) the benefits outweigh the price.

Let’s see this in a practical example, Merino Wool is a fabric that is odor resistant which means you can use it more than one time, right?

This brings benefits such as:

  1. Changing less;
  2. Fewer laundry costs;
  3. Saves you time as you don’t need to do laundry so much.

So, in the end, you have more time for exploring, working, or just chilling out.

Additionally, using Merino wool clothes would mean you’ll need fewer clothes to bring as you need to change less, which saves space in your backpack, therefore you can travel lighter….win, win, win!

So, in the end, what I’m saying is to ask yourself:

  • Do the benefits outweigh the price?
  • Will this investment bring me more time to travel, explore, be at peace, sleep?
  • Can I afford it?

If the answer to those questions is Yes, then the digital nomad essentials gear is a good investment to make. 

3. Space Saving Packing Tips 

For a soothing packing experience where everything fits in your backpack or suitcase you should follow these basic but essential organization packing tips:

  1. Roll the clothes instead of folding them if the fabric is thin, this saves space and prevents clothes from wrinkles;
  2. Categorize clothing by type and put them together;
  3. If you fold, do it in a vertical direction as it saves space;
  4. Use travel packing cubes to help you create organization sections between your clothes, underwear, shoes, and other things.

Finally, check out this youtube video from Marie Kondo, an organization professional (yes, that exists) where you’ll learn how to properly fold the clothes to maximize space and pack like a pro.

Best Airline Baggage Money Saving Hacks For Digital Nomads!

  1. Check Your Airline Baggage Policy

Practically speaking, one of the best ways to save money with Airline baggage fees is to use carry-on luggage instead of checked baggage. 

This is because in the majority of airlines carry-on baggage fees are low cost or free. 

However, you not only save money but also lower the stress of losing your things and have fewer things to travel with; which are the benefits of a minimalist travel lifestyle and using minimalist backpacks.

Nonetheless, whatever you choose and need, whether it’s checked luggage or carry-on luggage, you should check out the baggage fare policies of your airlines and compare which is the best for your needs.

There are different ways to do so and  is very simple to do, let’s do an exercise:

#1 Method

  1. Use an airline fare compare website like farecompare or momondo;
  2. Scroll down or search the airline of your preference and quickly see its international baggage fees.

#2 Method

  1. Go directly to the airline website and look for the fees page, here is an example of Hawaiian Airlines 
  2. Tip: Check out the Exempt Section as there you could see the different ways this airline offers discounts baggage discounts.

For example, Hawaiian Airlines offers 2 bags free of charge to First Class Passengers or 3 bags free of charge to Pualani Platinum members.

This example is very important as it shows you Airlines offer baggage and other type discounts to members of their loyalty programs, non-economic class passengers, or those that hold a specific airline credit card such as the famous Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

  1. Book The Right Airline Ticket 

As you saw previously there are some baggage fee discounts based on the ticket you purchase.

This means buying an economy fare class ticket will not always be the most affordable option to travel if you also consider the hidden fees associated with baggage, which is why it’s important to analyze the benefits other tickets offer. 

By using websites like momondo you can see the available discounts every airline has and see which ticket and fare class is more optimal for your travel needs, as well as seeing the differences between 

For example, in this case, you can see TAP Air Portugal offers one of the best deals for a basic economy international flight from New York to Portugal, and if you click on discount (below the price) a window pops out and shows you the kind of discounts they offer.

This will change based on the ticket fare class so play with that until you find a deal that suits your budget needs.


And there you go, I hope this digital nomad essentials packing list has been useful for you! Remember everything nomad has different needs hence every packing list will be different. 

This is why you ought to personalize your packing list according to your needs but also apply the previous packing tips, as you’ll notice the difference between a high-quality durable item that saves you time and money contrary to affordable but less durable gear.

Oh, and please let me know in the comments which digital nomad essentials gear you think is a top essential and why!

The Digital Nomad Essentials Packing List 2021 Edition

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