31 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners (That Need Traffic Fast!)

Hey Blogging Newbie! Are you searching for the best blog post ideas for beginners?

Great, keep reading! Because in this article, there are 31 blog post ideas for beginners that will help you kick-start your blogging journey and make your readers really happy. 

I remember when I started blogging, thinking about what to write in my first blog post was SO overwhelming!

I get it. There are a bunch of things you want to write. So you start to think about unique blog ideas, high demand blog topics… 

But let’s take a step back, enjoy the journey, and let this comprehensive guide show you the way.

Here is a summary of what’ll you see in today’s article:

  1. 31 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners
  2. What Should Your First Blog Post Be?
  3. What Kind of Blogs Are popular?
  4. How Often Should You Blog?


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    31 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

    1. How-To Blog Posts

    How-to posts are probably among the easiest topics to blog about for beginners. 

    In your niche, find a problem that needs a solution. Do some research and provide a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

    But how do you identify what kind of problem people face these days? 

    One tip is, you can take a peek at Quora or Reddit. Once you find something that resonates with your niche, voila!

    Alternatively, you could input the topic in this FREE tool: 

    However, it doesn’t always have to be a problem. It can also be a mere guide – teaching people how to do something.

    Here are some examples of how-to topics you can write about:

    2. Listicles

    Writing listicles can be addictive. When writing a list of things you’re passionate about, you can go on and on – it’s hard to stop!

    Readers like to scan through information quickly. That’s the reason they search for “Best laptop for writers” or “Best Italian restaurants near me”.

    However, it’s better to narrow it down, make it more specific, if you want to have a chance of ranking on Google. 

    For example, “10 Best Laptops For Writers In 2021” or “7 Best Italian Restaurants In Bali”.

    This way, readers will know what to expect and perhaps won’t feel too overwhelmed reading something with the intent to purchase.

    For example:

    3. Reviews

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and your review posts might help readers do just that! 

    Writing reviews is one of the best blog post ideas for beginners.

     It can be one of your book blog post ideas, movies, games – depending on your niche, reviews are usually associated with something people want to buy. 

    Readers don’t want to waste money and they want to save time. 

    You don’t necessarily have to experience something to be able to write a review on it. Just do your research well.

    There are many trusted resources you can get reviews from, for example, Amazon, Etsy and Google.

    Examples of review posts are:


    blog post ideas for beginners

    Who doesn’t love a good quote? It’s also one of the easiest blog topic ideas for beginners.

    Sometimes people don’t have the time to string words. Or they are simply not wordsmiths. 

    So, this is where you come in. 

    Love and relationship, motivation, travel, food, fitness… quotes can be a blog topic for beginners of any niche. 

    Many people love posting quotes on Instagram. They’re inspiring, empowering and some people can resonate with those quotes. 

    Not just that, people also use quotes in videos, framed as a house deco, on mugs, t-shirts – they are everywhere! 

    To get you inspired, here are some blog post ideas for beginners on quotes:

    5. Mommy Blog Post Ideas

    Blog topic ideas for moms are undeniably popular. 

    One of the most famous mom blogs is The Realistic Mama, where according to their income reports, generates over $20,000 per month.

    From sharing parenting tips to making money as a stay at home mom, you can write about anything and everything that concerns being a parent. 

    So, if you’re dreaming of creating passive income from anywhere, even while nursing your baby, this is the way to go.

    Here are some examples of blogs on side hustle jobs for stay at home moms:

    6. Gardening

    blog post ideas for beginners

    The interest in gardening has grown significantly since the pandemic started almost two years ago. That means this is a great time to start a gardening blog.

    According to the BBC, gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100!

    Here’s an example for your gardening for beginners blog:

    7. Lifestyle

    Lifestyle blog post ideas are currently overflowing! You can write about almost anything in the lifestyle niche.

    But how do you attract readers to your blog, unless you’re someone famous or a social media influencer? 

    Fret not, you can always tailor your content to how it would benefit the readers instead

    Remember that influencers and bloggers are not the same. 

    And you can still make big bucks from blogging without having to become famous.

    You can write about:

    • A clean eating habit that has helped you lose weight
    • Hobbies you’ve managed to monetise
    • How you travelled around Europe on a shoestring.

    Ready to start your lifestyle blog? Check this post about 251 lifestyle blog ideas for beginners!

    8. Fashion And Trends

    Blog post ideas in the fashion niche will always evolve.

    Women, men, kids, plus size, petite, high-end, affordable, sustainable – the topics are endless.

    Do you need to be fashionable to write about fashion? Not necessarily. 

    Most importantly, do your research well and perhaps, keeping yourself updated with the fashion industry will also help.

    Read these articles for some inspiration on fashion blog post ideas for beginners:

    9. Student Life

    Are you a student who loves writing and wants to make a side income? There are many blog topics for students you can write about. 

    For example, you can write about tips on studying effectively, becoming more productive, starting a career, and living a better life as a student (having fun included!).

    It’d be great if you also share resources such as how and where to get certain books, reviews of affordable laptops, improving presentation skills or tips on writing a thesis or research paper.

    Here are some examples of blog post ideas for beginners in the student life niche:

    10. Fitness

    The health and fitness niche is selling like hot cakes! 

    Through this niche, you can educate and inspire people who are enthusiastic about leading a healthy lifestyle.

    It is not limited to exercising though – you can also share recipes for healthy meals. You don’t need to be an expert, just avoid sharing anything clinical or medical.

    A fitness blog for beginners allows you to share your experience. 

    Your journey to losing weight, for example. Or anything about the home workout to help people who don’t have time to run outside, or can’t afford a gym membership.

    You can take some ideas from these blog posts if you want to write about fitness while helping people earn or save some money: 

    11. Special Celebration

    Does planning special celebrations like Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and so on overwhelm you?

    If yes, other people might feel it too. By blogging about special events like these, you can help lift that weight off their shoulders.

    You can help make it as special as possible!

    Take Mother’s Day blog post ideas for example. You can write listicles of gifts, party planners, or how-to articles on indoor celebrations and activities you can do together on a special day.

    Check these blogs out for some ideas:

    12. Photography

    Especially if you’re a professional photographer, blogging will give clients a reason to feel comfortable hiring you.

    It’s a platform that shows your persona as a photographer. You can share your work and the value you provide. 

    You can write reviews on cameras, how-to posts on finding clients, and tips and tricks to photography. 

    But this doesn’t mean you can’t do it if you aren’t a professional photographer. It is one of the most interesting blog post topics for beginners.

    With passion and top-notch research skills, anything is possible!

    Here are some examples of photography blog ideas:

    13. Language Learning

    If you want to help people feel less ‘alone’ in the big world of learning a new language, start a blog in this niche.

    A language learning blog can either be a sharing of your language learning journey, general linguistic geekery or learning a specific language in a particular country.

    Here are some examples of blog post ideas for beginners:

    14. Travel

    Documenting our travel experience is undeniably exciting. Travel is one of the best topics for a blog for beginners.

    Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t start a travel blog. Because travel blog post ideas aren’t confined to exploring another country only.

    Write a review about the best Chinese restaurants in your city. Compare the best winter boots in the market. Blog about handy mobile apps for travellers. 

    The world is wide, the travel niche is, too!

    Are you excited to start your travel blog? Read this article to get some travel blog post ideas for beginners:

    15. Technology

    Technology is the buzzword that has been around since the Y2K. 

    Today, companies are gearing towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), digitalisation is everywhere and new tech trends are being introduced every day.

    Gadget reviews, listings of new tech products in the market, tech tips, digital culture – there are many topics of technology you can blog about!

    If you’re a technology enthusiast, you’d know how fast the tech trend changes. So, why not help other tech fans stay ahead of the curve?

    Let’s take a look at some of the best technology blogs:

    16. Food

    blog post ideas for beginners

    When finding topics to write a blog for beginners, food is probably everyone’s favourite. 

    While it’s understandable that there are thousands of food blogs out there, with the right skills and knowledge, your blog can stand out.

    As long as you’re consistent and keep equipping yourself with SEO and Pinterest skills, you’ll have a chance at earning a lot of money.

    You can blog about some killer recipes, tips to improve cooking certain food, reviews of certain ingredients, listicles, and many more.

    Lastly, don’t forget to tempt your readers with some appetising photos!

    Need some ideas? Check these posts out!

    17. Sustainability

    Sustainability isn’t just about greenhouse and net-zero carbon emissions.

    If you’re interested in blogging about sustainability, know that topics as simple as recycling are also included.

    You can also write how-to posts on sustainable packing and travelling, reviews or listicles of eco-friendly products and fashion, and other sustainable living tips from many perspectives.

    Here are some examples of sustainability blogs:

    18. Sports

    Blogging is one of the sure ways to make money with your love of sports.

    But you love different kinds of sports, which one should you choose? 

    Of course, the one which you have experience and a passion for. This tough decision has to be made if you want to generate an income with a sports blog.

    Blogging about sports is not limited to just games or tournament updates. You can also write reviews on gear and equipment, physiotherapists and sports clinics.

    You can also keep it broad if you like. For example, sharing expert tips and insights learned through your or other people’s experience playing the sport.

    Eager to start a sports blog? Check this article out: How to Start a Sports Blog In 2021 (Earn Extra Cash!)

    19. Making Extra Income

    People spend a good amount of time searching for money blogs. They want to make extra income and eventually achieve financial independence.

    Blogging about side hustles is a great way to help them achieve their goal. 

    This blog, Outandbeyond.com falls under this niche! 

    You can start with sharing ways to make extra money, listicles of freelance and part-time jobs, tips on starting a business, and many more. Not just that, making extra income also revolves around saving and investing. 

    Check these posts out!

    21. Relationships

    Often, when we see the word ‘relationship’, we’ll immediately think about romance and dating.

    Firstly, this topic is broad. There’s relationships with parents, siblings, platonic relationships, and many more. Once you’ve established your niche, you can commit to it better. 

    As long as you avoid going into the medical or clinical sense of the topic (unless you are a therapist or psychologist), by all means.

    You can also share tips or advice based on your experience. Say, you found love in 90 days. Or you finally escaped a toxic relationship. 

    Write them anyway, because if it works for you, it might work for someone else too.

    Do you want to help people earn money while writing about relationships? Check these articles out!

    21. Music

    Do you know that blogging is also a great way to share your love of music besides YouTube or Spotify?

    If you want to start a music blog, you might want to observe some of the successful ones. It’s okay if they’re not related to the genre you like. 

    You are just there to see what they have in common and how you can offer the things they don’t. 

    You can write reviews on musical instruments, concerts, music festivals, albums, industry news.

    Once you get the hang of it, maybe you can start attracting more readers by featuring interviews of famous musicians. 

    Here are some examples of music blogs:

    22. DIY Projects

    topics to blog about for beginners

    Do you build your plant rack, customise your kid’s school bag or love to make handmade gifts for your loved ones?

    If yes, maybe you can start sharing your talent with the world. Check this article out: DIY Small Patio Ideas On A Budget.

    While sharing the successful DIY projects is great, be sure to include the failed ones too. 

    This way, you can write about the dos and don’ts, lessons learned, and advice for your readers.

    The best part is, you can link the products you created and sell them through your blog. It can create a lucrative income stream!

    23. Entertainment

    The entertainment niche is made up of many sub-niches such as gossip, music, movies and films. 

    Here’s a tip you can use – most entertainment blogs leverage established fans of celebrities. So, snoop around the internet a little bit and try posting on certain celebrities to pull their fans over to your blog.

    You can also write reviews of movies, tips to get backstage passes (if you know any), or entertainment contests and upcoming events.

    Although it’s also one of the easiest blogs for beginners to start, you have to ensure your content is constantly updated with the latest news, so it can get tiring.

    Here are some examples of entertainment blogs:

    24. Hobbies

    Just like the lifestyle niche, blogging about hobbies is also quite broad and generic.

    To start writing about hobbies, it’d be best if you can choose something you’re passionate about i.e. your hobby. 

    From reviews to listicles and how-to posts, you can write anything regarding the selected topic/hobby. 

    Read this article for some ideas: 11 Hobbies That Can Make Money.

    As long as your content helps readers learn and achieve something, you’re already there. 

    Examples of hobby niches (that make money) are:

    • Writing
    • Illustration and design
    • Music
    • Cooking
    • Gardening
    • Photography
    • DIY crafts
    • Comedy
    • Coffee
    • Brewing beer
    • Gaming

    25. Pets

    blog post ideas for beginners

    If you’re an animal lover who has started a side hustle pet-sitting for your neighbours, blogging is another way to add to your income.

    Blogging about living with a python might sound more intriguing than caring for a British Shorthair kitten, but stay close to what you’re familiar with. 

    Start with what you know.

    Say you have a Persian cat. They are pretty difficult to care for because they are prone to a host of health issues. So, there are many ideas you can get for your blog posts. 

    Do more research and write about ways to help Persian cat owners deal with their pet’s kidney and heart conditions. Otherwise, you can also share tips to avoid these illnesses.

    Here are some examples of pet blogs:

    26. Interior Design

    Do you have an eye for effortless interior design that keeps people coming back for more? If yes, you should start an interior design blog. 

    It’s even better if you already have an interior design business. A blog is a great platform for you to attract more clients. 

    You can write about ideas and inspiration, how-to posts, best of something, recommend a product and many more.

    Don’t forget to narrow your topic a bit though. For example, instead of writing about ‘kitchen ideas’, you can try ‘small kitchen design ideas’.

    Here are some examples of interior design blogs:

    27. Gift Ideas

    As simple as it sounds, finding gifts for people isn’t easy. Most of us crack our heads thinking about what to get for that particular someone. 

    We don’t want our gifts sitting on a rack collecting dust, do we?

    There are many topics you can write about such as tips for buying practical gifts, gift inspiration, Secret Santa, getting gifts on a budget, creating a wish list and so on. 

    If you’ve ever been complimented on your ability to find meaningful gifts for people, you should start a blog! It will be a great help for clueless gifters out there:

    28. Personal Development

    Setting up a personal development blog is something you should start if you love learning about the mindset of success and share it with others.

    Writing about self-development will not only help others but it’s an opportunity to help yourself too. As you write, it’d be easier to grow a habit of persistence.

    No doubt, some people see motivational blogs as pointless because everyone knows you have to work hard to succeed. Everyone knows you gotta move on after a breakup. 

    But what they don’t realise is, some people do struggle. And speaking from experience, reading personal development blogs does make me feel less alone.

    This niche gives a lot of potential because there will never be too many ‘self-help’ articles.

    Here are some examples of personal development blogs:

    29. Career

    Starting a career blog is another excellent way to help people.

    The truth is, career blogs don’t just cater to job seekers. It’s not just writing tips to structure a CV or how to nail a job interview.

    You can also reach out to people who need inspiration in career development, or those who are dealing with the boss from hell and difficult colleagues. It’s a wide niche.

    From giving tips on work attire to staying motivated in a corporate job, blogging about careers can be a never-ending journey:

    30. Gaming

    If you haven’t heard, games revenues for 2020 alone reached over $159.3 billion.

    That means, if you want to start blogging in this niche, the time is now! Whether you want to launch this as a new career or just sharing your passion with the world, it’s totally up to you.

    However, blogging about gaming isn’t something you do to ‘test water’. Even if you’re not an expert, you must at least know what you’re doing. 

    Once you’ve decided the focus of your gaming blog, the rest will fall into place.

    Here are some examples of gaming blogs:.

    31. Politics

    Many people seek political news and information every day because they want to keep updated with what’s happening in their country.

    If you have a strong passion for politics, writing a blog is an excellent way to share your political opinions. Since it’s also a broad niche, perhaps, you might want to establish your focus first.

    Through your blog, you can create a community of people who love to bounce political ideas and at the same time, make money doing something that you enjoy.

    Here are some examples of political blogs:

    What Should Be Your First Blog Post?

    blog post ideas for beginners

    Congratulations on setting up your blog! If you’re wondering what to write as your first blog post, here are some tips to guide you.

    1. Introduce Yourself

    You enter this new online world with a mission to share your story and help people. But no one knows you yet. And you want to gain their trust, be on their bookmark list. 

    To achieve all this, you can kickstart your blog by introducing yourself. 

    Tell them why you are here and what your intention is. 

    Explain why you’re blogging and what you’re blogging about. Most importantly, let them know that they can get involved and interact with you seamlessly.

    The more your readers know you, the more they will trust you.

    2. Meaty Intro Post

    Another option instead of an introductory post is, write something of your niche anyway. With effective keyword research, you will appeal to your target audience.

    Considering it’s your first post, find the balance between making it perfect and just getting it done!

    Edit your post carefully so it won’t appear as low quality but at the same time, avoid delaying publishing it because you’re a perfectionist.

    You can also amplify the post through Pinterest. Create a nice visual and a catchy title. 

    Your first post doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect but it is an important benchmark to your writing style. Don’t worry about it not being your best post because the more you write, the more you’ll improve.

    What Kind Of Blogs Post Ideas For Beginners Are Popular?

    Here’s a list of the top 20 most popular topics for blogs for beginners according to Wix.com, the leading cloud-based website builder. 

    This list is built based on real Wix user examples.

    1. Food blogs
    2. Travel blogs
    3. Health and fitness blogs
    4. Lifestyle blogs
    5. Fashion and beauty blogs
    6. Photography blogs
    7. Personal blogs
    8. DIY craft blogs
    9. Parenting blogs
    10.  Music blogs
    11.  Business blogs
    12.  Art and design blogs
    13.  Book and writing blogs
    14.  Personal finance blogs
    15.  Interior design blogs
    16.  Sports blogs
    17.  News blogs
    18.  Movie blogs
    19.  Religion blogs
    20.  Political blogs

    Guess what… almost all topics listed above are included in the 31 topics for blogging for beginners! 

    So, choose the topic you’re most passionate about, start that blog, grow your readership and eventually, it will turn into a sustainable stream of revenue.

    How Often Should You Blog?

    In the world of blogging, how often you should blog is a common question.

    I am going to give you my personal opinion, as someone who gets over 100k readers a month and earns over $10k a month from my blog.

    Some may disagree with me, but I can only share what I have experienced. 

    While the answer is subjective, as a beginner, you should blog as often as you can. 

    You need to have a decent bank of content for Google and your readers to take you seriously. 

    But it also depends on your niche and capabilities too, the last thing you want is to suffer from burnout.

    If you are in the entertainment or political niches for instance, constant updates are important. Because the rapid changes in these fields are inevitable.

    If you like to have a writing routine, you aren’t working full time, you can publish one post per day. 

    If you are working full time, maybe once per week. 

    You can even post once a month if you are super busy. Just do it consistently. 

    So the short answer is, it depends on you and what you want to achieve.

    If you want success and money sooner, you need more content. There is no way around it. 

    More quality content = more traffic = more income

    But once you have around 300 blog posts, you can take your foot off the pedal and post once every few months, and just update old posts! 

    DISCLAIMER. More blog content doesn’t necessarily mean more traffic if you don’t upskill your SEO and Pinterest game. 

    But if you have been blogging for some time, written 100 posts and you still aren’t making $1000 a month, check:

    1. Is all your site and content SEO optimised?
    2. Have you pinned your content on Pinterest using Pinterest SEO?
    3. Is there an ad network running on your site?
    4. Have you got relevant affiliate links on every post? 

    Ultimately, no matter how often you write, do it without sacrificing quality. 

    I recommend this value for money SEO course – SEO SUCCESS FOR BEGINNERS if you want to know the exact strategy to follow for free organic traffic to your blog, every single month.

    7 Best Blog Post Ideas For Beginners Generator 

    If you find yourself sitting around wondering about some blog topics for beginners, here’s a list of tools that can help:

    1. HubSpot
    2. Answer The Public
    3. BlogAbout
    4. Portent’s
    5. SEOPressor
    6. FatJoe 
    7. Sharethrough

    Tip: Want to learn more about the best blogging tools for your blog? Read my article 37 Blogging Tools For Beginners To Skyrocket Traffic & Income In 2022!

    In the beginning, you will find blogging difficult. Bear in mind that it’s a long journey and starting anything isn’t always easy. 

    Blogging is also a process. As long as you keep learning and upskilling yourself, you will be able to deliver the best content.

    If you ever feel like giving up, you can search for income reports of some successful bloggers to get inspired and motivated. It’s just a matter of time because, in the end, all your effort will be worth it.

    You got this ! 

    31 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

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