Best Travel Hashtags To Boost Your Instagram Traffic!

Are you a travel enthusiast searching for the best travel hashtags?

You don’t necessarily have to be or want to be a travel influencer. You could but simply want to share your love for traveling and adventure. 

The right travel hashtags are sure to bring you more followers, help you find your tribe, and increase your engagement on this platform. 

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to share your travel finds and pictures and it is used extensively by travelers, travel bloggers, travel photographers, and travel influencers!

Let’s get straight to the best hashtags for travel for you to get started!

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Best Travel Hashtags

Best General Travel Hashtags

travel hashtags for Instagram
credit: instagram

What is the first hashtag can you think of in terms of traveling? 

It is #travel right? 

Place some generic travel hashtags in your captions and stories because we know there are high search volumes for these hashtags. With hashtags like these, your posts have a high chance of being shown when someone follows these hashtags.

Choose any of the best travel hashtags below to include in your posts:

#travelgram (1.5m posts)

#travelholic (1.1m posts)

#travelingram (28m posts)

#traveladdict (21m posts)

#traveltheworld (36m posts)

#traveldiaries (15m posts)

#travellife (14m posts)

#travelpics (12m posts)

#traveling (83m posts)

 #travelgoals (4.4m posts)

 #traveldiary (6.8m posts)

 #travelwithme (3m posts)

  #seetheworld (6m posts)

 #wordtraveler (7.8m posts)

 #travel (593m posts)

Best Vacation Hashtags

Vacation Hashtags

Choosing the right vacation hashtags is important to keep your audience up to date with your travels as well as attracting new followers. 

Vacations are something that most people do once or twice a year.

 However, if you are a travel influencer, every day brings you a new adventure and what better way to speak up on tourism than this social media platform?

A key aspect of vacation hashtags is to include the location of your holiday

This will serve as inspiration to potential travelers as well attract those who live around that area to see your content!

It’s critical to ensure that as many people as possible see your content whether you’re attempting to create a profile featuring gorgeous scenery pictures or helpful traveling information for different individuals trying to start their vacations.

Choose any of the best vacation hashtags below to include in your posts:

#vacationmode (8.4m posts)

#vacationtime (5.5m posts)

#vacationvibes (1.6m posts)

#vacationhome (689k posts)

#islandvibes (2.1m posts)

#vacaymode (1.4 posts)

#luxuryhotel (3.4m  posts)

#airbnb (6.6m posts)

#airbnbexperience (641k posts)

 #airbnbitaly (103k posts)

 #vacationfun (180k posts)

 #vacationgoals (1.02m posts)

 #vacationrentals (934k posts)

 #vacationdiaries (90k posts)

 #naturelover (39m posts)

Best Road Trip Hashtags

Road Trip Hashtags

This is for all of you who like the idea of packing your bags, getting in your car, and driving off to a destination for a quick road trip away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Want to please your wanderlust spirit? 

Taking road trips is more often than not, the perfect solution. Road trips are loved by many because all you essentially need is your car.

No bus, train, or flight schedule to fret about nor do you have to plan a road trip months in advance. Most road trips are about spontaneity where you are in complete control of your travel time and plans. 

The list below includes wanderlust hashtags for you to include in your content and draw in a crowd of fellow travel bugs like yourself!

#roadtrip (61m posts)

#roadtrippin 3.1m posts)

#roadtripping (1m posts)

#cruisin (1.9m posts)

#wander (8.4m posts)

#wanderlust (136m posts)

#wandergram (377k posts)

#theglobewanderer (7.9m posts)

#wanderlusttribe (217k posts)

 #roadtripwithme (5k posts)

 #roadtripwithdogs (20k posts)

 #roadtripusa (841k posts)

 #roadtripvlogs (10k posts)

 #adventuretravel (2.3m posts)

 #adventureseeker (2.1m posts)

Best Hashtags For Travel Photography

Hashtags For Travel Photography

As a photographer, there is no better way to increase your engagement with the best travel hashtags in 2021. 

People enjoy living vicariously through photos, and travel photographers enjoy sharing their greatest shots of our lovely world on social media. Travel photographs allow your audience to see different cultures, natural marvels, and places that aren’t always available.

It’s a kind of virtual tourism with the ability to draw in an audience.

Instagram is the finest platform for showcasing your photos. You want your work to stand out among the millions of others as a photographer.

A useful tip is to throw in the gadgets you use for your pictures to help aspiring photographers know which equipment to invest in, be it the best camera or tripod stand, you need.

When you hashtag brands associated with photography, there is a high chance of your picture being featured on their profile, giving you the exposure you seek. 

To do that, the implementation of the top travel hashtags is essential, hence here are a few options for you to choose from: 

#travelphoto (16m posts)

#travelphotography (166m posts)

#travelphotographer (4.4m posts)

#canon (118m posts)

#canonphotography (32m posts)

#canoneos (4m posts)

#sony6000 (4.7m posts)

#sonyphotography (4m posts)

#travelpic (7m posts)

 #naturepic (2.7m posts)

 #beachphotography (1.9m posts)

 #citylights (5.4m posts)

 #vacationpics (111k posts)

 #travelblogger (70m posts)

 #travelphotooftheday (397k posts)


How Many Instagram Hashtags Should I Use?

Instagram hashtags have been around for some time but are they still relevant? Using hashtags correctly can elevate your content and bring you a wider reach. 

The magic number to the question above is 11

With that being said, if you are going to mindlessly throw around travel hashtags for Instagram, that will not cut it. You will need to implement strategies to optimize the content you are posting out.

Try implementing these four categories when you create your travel hashtags

  1. General hashtags in traveling 
  2. Niche-specific hashtags
  3. Location hashtags
  4. Geotags

Say your profile is going to be dedicated to female, solo or  adventurous travel. 

That is your niche within the traveling niche, a specific one.

 So your Instagram page is going to cater mainly to female solo travelers, your profile being about the best places to go for, safety tips, foods to try, etc

You are going to want to throw in a mix of adventure hashtags along with general travel hashtags on your posts to draw in an audience who are seeking a similar adventure or someone who does not want to feel lonely during their solo travel. 

You might be thinking, why should you use general travel hashtags ?

There are going to be millions of searches under those few hashtags , so what’s the point? 

Nut the thing here is that we are trying to trick Instagram’s algorithm to think that your post is as relevant as all the top posts under the general travel hashtags. 

Location hashtags and geotags will draw in an audience who are looking to travel to the same location as you.

 Did you just have a blast hiking through Khao Sok National Park in Thailand?

 Do you have stunning pictures of the scenery and you want to promote the best women’s legging for hiking  in Thailand, to increase your affiliate income?

Then, throw in location hashtags like #khaosoknationalpark and #thailandtravel.

Instagram Hashtags Tips

1. Research And Relevance

This tip is a must. 

Conduct your due diligence and research before piling up hashtags under your post and ensure that it is relevant to the picture and niche you are catering to. 

A quick tip on finding relevant hashtags is to have a look and the accounts you would like to be featured in. Analyze the hashtags used by them, take a look at their bio, and have an idea of the type of hashtags used. 

This is a great way to capture the attention of the kind of audience you want to attract because it is highly likely that people who are passionate about traveling will stumble upon your post if the correct hashtags are used. 

Another tip to bear in mind is to keep up with the trending hashtags around the traveling niche. Spend some time on social media platforms like TikTok and take a look at what is trending at the moment. 

Keep your hashtags simple, short, and precise.

 You want to give your audience a clear idea of the topic and avoid confusing them. Implement hashtags that are currently being discussed and relevant to your content. 

By keeping them relevant, these travel hashtags will help you classify your content, allow your audience to follow a trend, and maintain a constant engagement with the travel community. 

2. Insights Feature

How many of you are aware of this feature? 

As a content creator or entrepreneur growing their business on Instagram, the insights feature is a useful one! 

Bear in mind that your Instagram account needs to be a business account to access this feature. The insights feature helps you analyze your Instagram activities, assess the engagement of your posts, and evaluate your followers. 

To access the insights feature on a post, click on the “view insights” tab at the bottom of your profile. 

You will then be shown a data summary of that post. 

Scroll down until you find Impressions, and from there you will be able to see the engagement obtained from travel hashtags Instagram. There you go! 

travel hashtags for Instagram
picture credit: instagram

Now you will be able to tweak your hashtags accordingly based on the impressions you receive. 

3. Keep A List

Keep a record or a template of potential hashtags or hashtags used in the past. 

What do I mean by this? 

Since your niche is traveling, there are bound to be some hashtags that you will repeat under every post like #traveling, #travellife, or even #wanderlust. Having a customized template with all the general hashtags under traveling will save you time when you are planning your hashtags. 

Fire up your notes app and have your templates ready to go. 

Instead of trying to remember the hashtags combination for each post, having a template will allow you to pick and customize the travel hashtags. 

As long as your hashtags are customized to each post, you should be good to go.

 Avoid copying and pasting your template for each post because there might be some hashtags that are irrelevantly trapped inside. 

The last thing we need is to confuse your audience when a post dedicated to specific road trips around Vietnam does not have trip hashtags but has travel photography hashtags jumbled up. 

4. Make Use Of Instagram Stories

With the recent updates on Instagram, users can now directly follow hashtags they are interested in just like how one would follow Instagram accounts. 

Including hashtags in your Instagram stories will increase the possibility of being discovered.

 In the upper left corner of hashtag pages is an Instagram Story icon. 

When you click on it, you can discover various posts from individuals that used similar travel hashtags as yourself. 

5. Stay Away From Banned Hashtags

What are banned hashtags? 

Banned hashtags are a series of hashtags that have been reported by Instagram users as being used in posts that violate Instagram’s standards. 

It is important to note that hashtags that are banned are not constant and vary according to the reporting received from Instagram users. 

Using banned hashtags will take your post from the grid, keeping your posts hidden, and affecting your growth on the social media platform. 

These are some examples of banned hashtags: 

  • #followforfollow
  • #tag4likes
  • #baddie
  • #tagforfollow
  • #mustfollow
  • #ass

Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

The travel connoisseurs mentioned below know how to tug at your heartstrings when it comes to traveling as they are enthusiastic about their trips, and know how to travel in luxury.

Since you are planning to bring along the world on your traveling journey, how about getting a glimpse of the magical journeys you are about to embark on through these hodophiles that have dedicated their life pursuing their passion. 

travel hashtags for Instagram
Picture credits:@muradosmann
travel hashtags
Picture credits:
travel hashtags Instagram
Picture credits: @doyoutravel
travel hashtags
Picture credits: @traveldeeper
trip hashtags
Picture credits: @gypsea_lust
travel hashtags for Instagram
Picture credits: @paulodelvalle
best travel hashtags
Picture credits: @kristarossow
wanderlust hashtags
Picture credits: @jamesrelfdyer
travel hashtags
Picture credits: @taramilktea
adventure hashtags
Picture credits: @alliemtaylor


A complete guide on the best travel hashtags at your disposal!

I wholeheartedly understand the tingling sensations you feel, when you are about to pack your bags and hit the road! 

Being able to document your journey and attract a large audience with the proper use of travel hashtags is exciting! 

Although it may appear insignificant, knowing Instagram hashtags may make or break an account’s development. Play around and organize the hashtags mentioned above to suit your content and watch the audience and engagement grow. 

Good luck!

Best Travel Hashtags

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