Amazon Customer Service Jobs From Home Pay [2022 Update]

I googled ‘Amazon Customer service jobs from home pay’ and I couldn’t find any clear and comprehensive guidance on this topic.

That’s when I put on my researcher hat and dug in to find the most up-to-date information and put it together in an easy-to-consume piece for you.

In this article I am going to explain the different types of Amazon customer service jobs you can do online and the Amazon customer service salaries out there.

I will also touch on whether you are a good fit for a specific role, which skills you need to qualify for each of them, the requirements and more.

Ready? Let’s get started! The Amazon Customer Service Jobs From Home – Pay details are below:

7 Amazon Customer Service Jobs From Home – Pay

  1. Virtual Customer Service – USD11 per hour
  2. Alexa Support Associate – USD15 per hour
  3. Resolutions Specialist – USD17 per hour
  4. Seller Support – USD19 per hour
  5. Seller Support Team Manager – USD70K
  6. ACCS Operation Team Manager – USD65K
  7. Customer Service Operation Manager – USD90K


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Amazon customer service jobs from home pay

What Is Amazon Customer Service From Home?

Customer service is the backbone of the e-commerce giant and it is key to all the success achieved in the past two decades.

If you genuinely like to help people and have a knack for problem-solving, then you could earn a decent income while working in Customer service for Amazon.

However, it is not for everyone. 

You will need empathy, patience and a certain degree of flexibility, if you wonder ‘How do I work for Amazon from home?’ 

This is a great opportunity, especially if you don’t have previous extensive work experience.

Keep reading to find out the amazon customer service hourly pay.

Amazon Customer Service Work-From-Home Jobs: What Do They Pay?

Amazon offers both part-time and full-time remote job opportunities.

As a work-from-home customer service representative, you are eligible for benefits — provided you work over 20 hours per week.

Want to know about the Amazon work-from-home salary?

  • According to Glassdoor estimates, the average work from home customer service associate salary is USD16 per hour, although it varies depending on the job requirements. 
  • Please, note that usually there are not many Amazon work-from-home jobs in Customer Service and you are expected to work from a home location approved by Amazon for all scheduled hours.

What Customer Service Jobs Are Available?

Amazon customer service jobs from home pay

1. Virtual Customer Service 

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Would you feel comfortable in a fast-paced and multi-tasked work environment?
  • Are you Internet savvy?
  • Are you flexible regarding your work schedule and don’t mind working on weekends?

If you answered ‘yes’, then you could become a customer rep and work for Amazon from home. You will get to work for Amazon web services or Audible, which is a membership program offered by Amazon. 

Alternatively, if you are more technical-oriented you could work for Blink and provide expert-level troubleshooting advice on tech issues.

Either way, you don’t need a specific skill set or years of work experience. 

To be considered a good fit, you must prove that you can think on your feet, communicate smoothly with customers and solve their problems with empathy and ease.

During peak season (November through January) you must be willing to manage a busy schedule and work on holidays. However, during low season, work-life balance is the norm and Amazon even encourages students to apply and tries to accommodate their school schedule.

2. Digital Devices And Alexa Support Associate

To qualify for this position you must be passionate about new technologies and have a technical bent and a genuine interest in problem-solving.

Besides outstanding listening and customer service skills, you will need to have a basic understanding of Device platforms along with the ability to explain technical jargon in plain English.

Bonus points if you can display awareness of the latest trends in tech, so bear that in mind before applying.

As with other customer service roles, it is paramount that you are flexible with your working schedule and are willing to work overtime, weekends and holidays. 

Some people have complained about work-life balance, especially during the peak season although company culture is often considered an asset by most employees in this role. 

Also, you will get to work with minimal supervision. No micromanagement here!

3. Resolution Specialist 

This role is definitely not for everyone. If you have extensive knowledge of labor laws and regulatory policies keep reading, otherwise move to the next section.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average pay for this role is USD17 per hour.

As a Resolution Specialist, you must have excellent communication and organizational skills and the ability to find the best solution that works for the company and the client. 

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Responding to service inquiries regarding existing deposit accounts, ATM and debit cards, consumer loans and eCommerce applications.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements 
  • Updating policy information and registering new customers online.

Amazon also expects that you are flexible with your working schedules and willing to work on major holidays.

4. Seller Support

The ‘Selling on Amazon’ program enables both individuals and businesses to sell their products and inventory on Amazon Marketplaces. 

Amazon buys and stores the inventory, and takes care of everything from shipping, returns and pricing to.. yeah, as you can guess customer service.

As a Seller Support associate, your job is to offer excellent customer service to Amazon Sellers and Merchants by:

  • addressing chronic system issues
  • providing process improvements
  • developing internal documentation
  • contributìng to a team environment

To apply for this role you will need:

  •  a Bachelor’s in any subject and 
  • some previous work experience. 
  • great communication skills and 
  • digital literacy.

Your flexibility in terms of working hours is highly appreciated, so make sure to make that clear in your job application, as this role also includes night shifts and no unplanned leaves during the first 4 months of training.

You must have a good Internet connection and a disturbance-free workplace.

Before applying, check out their location requirements. The last time I checked they were actively recruiting in the Bangalore area (even though the role was remote), but they also hire in the States and other locations worldwide.

You can find out more on their company page.

Amazon customer service jobs from home pay

5. Seller Support  Team Supervisor

If you excel at coaching and guiding your colleagues to boost individual and team performance, read this section carefully.

To qualify for this role you must have(at minimum) 2 years of supervisory experience in a customer service environment and show proof of the following:

  • Ability to analyze data and use them to drive decision-making.
  • Experience with behavior-based coaching relating to specific goals
  • Experience in dealing with Human Resources regarding behavior and performance management

In terms of day-to-day tasks, you can expect to:

  • manage performance and behavior of tens of Seller Support Associates through effective 1:1 meetings, coaching, and mentorship
  • review and analyze performance metrics to identify areas of opportunity that will drive performance improvement
  • manage schedules, conduct audits and liaise with other departments

It is a challenging role with a fair amount of responsibilities and a good paycheck.

If you feel comfortable wearing multiple hats (Coach, Team leader, Mediator, Negotiator), look no further and check out the current openings.

6. ACCS Operations Team Manager

If you are good at people management and you can quickly manage high volumes of tasks and projects in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision this role is for you.

You must have at least 2 years of experience in a Project/Program management role, familiarity with managing teams and a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

Once you manage to get the job, key responsibilities include:

  • People Management – Managing a team and ability to conduct performance improvement programs
  • Operations Management – Drawing actionable insights to solve complex customer support issues 
  • Process Improvement – Delivering medium to large scale process improvement programs 

Visit their company page and check if they need your expertise.

7. Customer Service Operations Manager

Can you coach and develop people, rapidly respond to changing priorities, and collaborate on initiatives that involve senior stakeholders in a fast-paced environment? 

Then, this may be the role for you.

The hiring process is pretty competitive and some of the basic qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years’ experience in a related role
  • 5+ years’ experience in Operations and leadership experience
  • Project Management experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Project management and leadership skills are key to success, as a Customer Service Operation manager must:

  • Lead and manage teams of a handful of Customer Service Managers and hundreds of Customer Service Associates
  • Interview, train and motivate employees
  • Manage the career growth and development of the CS Manager team
  • Manage workflow and achieve performance goals

To succeed in this role you must be willing to take on a lot of responsibilities and be very driven in terms of career goals.

Applicants should apply via Amazon’s internal or external careers site.

Why Work As A Customer Service Associate For Amazon?

Working as a Customer Service associate is a great option if:

  • You need a stable income: whether you work full-time or part-time you will get to earn a decent income, especially during the peak season (November through January)
  • You want to get the foot in the door: if you land a temporary role it is your opportunity to get your name out there and connect with relevant people. You might be able to secure a full-time role or even move up and get higher-paying jobs
  • You want to enjoy great Company Benefits: Over 70 percent of part-time employees in Amazon’s Virtual Customer Service and Customer Fulfillment work more than 20 hours per week, which means they receive benefits – if you want to know more about benefits you can read the following sections. Benefits are not available for temporary positions.

Not enough?

Read about Amazon work from home reviews here.

Requirements To Do Amazon Customer Service From Home

To work for Amazon from home you must meet two basic requirements, regardless of the customer service role you intend to apply for:

  • You must have (or be able to obtain) High-Speed Internet (10 MGB download / 2MBG upload or better).
  • You are expected to work from a home location approved by Amazon for all scheduled hours

Location Requirements To Work For Amazon

In addition, make sure to check out location requirements before applying as some roles require that you are based in South America, India or one specific State in the US.

What Is Amazon’s Hiring Process?

The process will vary depending on the role and other factors, but it usually takes 1 to 4 weeks from start to finish.

After applying and taking an online assessment you can expect to have at least one job interview (up to 3 for senior roles), pass a background check and take and attend an onboarding training.

What Are The Benefits For Part-Time And Full-Time Employees?

Unlike most companies that only offer benefits to full-time employees, Amazon offers a variety of benefits to part-time employees as well. 

Full-time benefits include:

  • 401(k) savings plan
  • Medical, vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage
  • Discounts on Amazon purchases
  • Generous parental leave
  • Flexible accommodation for parents

Part-time benefits include: 

  • Offered life and disability insurance
  • Vision & dental coverage
  • Provides funding for medical coverage

You can read more about the benefits of working at Amazon on their Benefits page.

Other Amazon Jobs You Can Do From Home

Not interested in a customer service role. No problem!

Amazon has 1500+ remote job openings in Software development, Health and Safety, HR, Content and more. On top of that, you could make quick cash, by working online gigs with Amazon and even start your own side-hustle.

Head over to my guide on 14 Amazon jobs you can do from home and find the path that best fits you.

Other Companies Hiring For Customer Service From Home

In case you do want to work in Customer service, but the idea of working at Amazon makes you cringe here are 5 companies hiring for remote customer service roles:

  • Aerotek – Leading global staffing and recruiting firm serving virtually every major industry in the world.
  • Concentrix – Concentrix is a global provider of business services that enable high-quality communication between clients and customers. 
  • Kelly – Kelly specializes in placing workers in a variety of industries
  • Liveops – Liveops provides global companies with cloud contact center and customer service solutions
  • Pearson – Pearson is an international learning company offering an extensive range of products and services for educators and learners of all ages. 


Here you go! Now you know everything about the Amazon full-time work-from-home customer service associate salary.

Whether you want to land a part-time role and make extra cash or you are looking to boost your career and leave your mark, you now have all you need to make up your mind and click on that ‘Apply Button’ with confidence.

Now, it‘s up to you.. Don’t overthink it and make your move.

Good luck!

Amazon Customer Service Jobs From Home Pay + Info

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