$ 45000 A Year Is How Much An Hour?

When I used to look at job advertisements, one of the first pieces of information I looked for was the pay. So when I saw this annual salary, the question I had was $ 45000 a year is how much an hour? 

And how much is that monthly? Biweekly? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? 

Knowing these individual figures enables us to see whether a job’s salary is what we’re looking for, as well as helping us to stay completely in control of our budget.

And of course, we need to consider all the outgoings in our budget, especially how much tax we would need to pay on our income. 

So let’s dive straight in and look at the breakdown of the figures to work out the question:  $ 45000 a year is how much an hour.

Table Of Contents

  • $ 45000 A Year Is How Much An Hour?
  • Is $ 45000 A Year A Good Income?
  • How Much A Month Is $ 45000 A Year, After Taxes?
  • How Much Biweekly is $ 45000 A Year?
  • $ 45000 A Year Is How Much A Week?
  • $ 45000 A Year Is How Much A Day?
  • How To Budget With $ 60000 A Year
  • How Do I Make $ 45000 A Year?
  • What Types Of Jobs Pay $ 45000 Per Year?
  • Let’s Wrap This Up!


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$ 45000 A Year Is How Much An Hour?

So what is the hourly rate for $ 45000 a year? Let’s break that down into simple figures from the start.

For the sake of clarity here, let’s work this out according to an individual working an average of 40 hours a week for 52 weeks of the year. 

We want to know how much an hour is $45,000 a year?

  • $3,750 per month 
  • $865 per week 
  • $173 per day 
  • $21.63 per hour 

This is how we work out what is the hourly wage for $ 45000 a year:

40 hours worked per week x 52 weeks in the year = 2,080 hours worked per year

Which is approximately 260 working days per year

$45,000 ÷ 12 months = $3,750 per month

$45,000 ÷ 26 weeks = $1,731 biweekly

$45,000 ÷ 52 weeks = $865 per week

$45,000 ÷ 260 days = $173 per day

$45,000  ÷  2,080 hours per year = $21.63 per hour

So remember, how much is $45,000 a year per hour? Yep, you’ve got it – $21.63 per hour!

Is $ 45000 A Year A Good Income?

I think so! 

Obviously, it depends on your cost of living, expenditure, and also your perspective, but $ 45000 would provide a good standard of living in many countries. 

It’s also important to remember that being single, in a couple, or part of a family will also significantly impact how you view a salary of $ 45000.

One way to find out how far your $ 45000 income will go is to do a quick Google search to find out the average annual income for where you live and see how $ 45000 a year compares. 

If you’re in the UK, this is the government’s most recent research on median income. For the financial year from 2019-2020, the average household income in the UK was £29,000.

In the USA, the median household income in 2019 was $68,703, according to the United States Census Bureau.

GO Banking Rates also has an excellent article about the median income versus cost of living in each of the 52 states in the USA. 

And remember that however much you are earning, being able to create and stick to a sound budget will make your money go further than if you’re haphazard with it. 

Asking the question ‘$45,000 a year is how much an hour?’ means nothing if you’re overspending!

What Deductions Would I Pay On $ 45000 A Year?

One vital fact to be aware of is that taxation is carried out differently from one country to another. In some countries (such as the United Kingdom), taxation is governed at a national level and is determined by the size of your income. 

In some countries, income taxes aren’t standard across the country.

For example, in the United States, they vary from state to state tax: 

  1. Alaska
  2. Florida
  3. Nevada
  4. South Dakota
  5. Texas
  6. Washington
  7. Wyoming
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Tennessee

do not tax the wages of their residents

This means you would get to hang on to more of your paycheck!

 If you can be location-independent, this is definitely a consideration to include in your decision making.

In the United States, deductions are generally expenses such as:

Remember your gross income is the income and allowances you have before you make any deductions. 

Your net income (take-home) is the pay that you have left after deductions – the pay you use to work out your budget, pay for the essentials in your budget, and fund your non-essential activities. 

When calculating how much is $45k a year hourly, it is vital that we consider all of these core expenses before allocating income to our non-essential budget categories. 

The last thing you want is to miss, make an error, or fall behind on your taxes!

How Much A Month Is $45,000 A Year, After Taxes?

45000 a year is how much an hour

So let’s work on the theory that you are taxed approximately 30% of your total income, that way you should have enough to cover whatever you need to pay your tax and deductibles bill. 

Taxes are calculated using a standard formula regardless of your state of residence. 

All federal income tax charged is relative to your total earnings. In 2021, there are seven federal tax brackets in the US:

  • 10% tax on earnings up to $9,950
  • 12% tax on earnings between $9,951 to $40,525
  • 22% tax on earnings between $40,526 to $86,375 
  • 24% tax on earnings between $86,376 to $164,925
  • 32% tax on earnings between $164,926 to $209,425
  • 35% tax on earnings between $209,426 to $523,600
  • 37% tax on earnings over $523,600

However, it is also important to note that this does not mean you would be taxed at 22% on your $45,000 salary.

 It’s all about Marginal Tax Rates

Under the progressive income tax method used for federal income tax in the United States, the marginal tax rate increases as income increases.”

In practice, this means that you would pay:

  • On your first $995 = 10%
  • Between $9,951 $40,525 = 12%
  • Between $40,526 $45,000 = 22% 

Let’s work on the assumption that you’re making $3,750 per month before taxes (as per our breakdown above). 

Remember that in the US, you will need to pay taxes including federal income tax (constant across the whole country according to income), Social Security and Medicare. 

Plus any state taxation requirements.

If you are single with no dependents and making $3,750 a month, you would need to pay:

  •  approximately $405 federal income tax, 
  • $233 to Social Security, and 
  • your Medicare payments would be $54. 

Remember that these figures would change if you were to add on any dependents, workplace pension, health insurance contributions, and so on.

What Is The Monthly Take-Home Pay From $45,000 A Year?

45000 a year is how much an hour

Ok, we’ve worked out how much is $45,000 a year hourly before tax.

 With taxation worked out according to federal income tax brackets as in the previous section, this would total:



$984.28  +



Tax and deductions = approximately 12.55% of your total salary of $45,000

Annual take-home pay would total = $39,351.84

How Much Biweekly Is $45,000 A Year?

Biweekly payments are made on the same day of the week, every other week and will result in 26 payments per year. 

Note that this is not the same as being twice a month (bimonthly). 

Remember in our earlier breakdown, the $45,000 a year broke down to $1,731 biweekly before tax and other deductions.

 So you would receive the $1,731 payments every other week in 26 payments.

$45,000 A Year Is How Much A Week?

Whilst we want to focus on $45,000 a year is how much an hour, it would also be helpful to have a weekly equivalent. 

Weekly pay is exactly what it says – pay that is sent to your account, every week, on the same day each week. 

For a salary of $45,000, this would result in weekly payments of $865 before deductions.

$45,000 A Year Is How Much A Day?

If we want to work out how much that would be per day, we can simply go back to our calculations about $45,000 a year is how much per hour. 

The annual amount works out at $173 per day before tax and other deductions. 

How To Budget With $45,000 A Year?

If you are single, a $45,000 annual salary could be more than enough for you. 

Depending on your location and whether you are renting or own your own home already, you could potentially have a good amount of disposable income from that take-home pay packet.

However, if you have a family, knowing $45k a year is how much an hour could be really helpful. 

This is where budgeting comes into its own. I’ve put together this article on how to save more money budgeting and how to get one started for all those people out there who don’t already budget!

Top budgeting tips should always include switching a chunk of your monthly income into savings (whether that’s a tax-free savings account, investments, or similar). 

Putting some income away first means you don’t spend your surplus before you’ve had a chance to bank it. I’ll teach you all you need to know about managing a sinking fund right here.

So, what do you need to plan for in your budget? Key categories include:

  • Food shopping, toiletries, other essentials such as clothing
  • Rent/Mortgage payments
  • Insurance – car, home, health
  • Utilities – gas, electric, water, property tax (US)/council tax (UK), internet, phone
  • Transport (car, bus, train, bike costs)
  • Child care expense if needed
  • Minimum repayments on borrowing

NerdWallet has some great tools for budgeting if you’ve never created your own budget before.

 You can also have a read through this post about the advantages and disadvantages of budgeting if you need a little more persuasion! 

It also includes a range of possible budgeting tools to help you get started and maximise your earnings. 

What Types Of Jobs Pay $45,000 Per Year?

There are many jobs that will pay a $45,000 a year salary – some requiring a degree, and some being entry-level employment. 

If you make $ 45000 a year how much is that an hour? You’re right! That’s $21.63 per hour. Let’s bear that in mind as we investigate a little further.

So what are those types of jobs? According to recruitment specialists, Monster.com, roles such as:

Indeed has jobs listed within this wage bracket such as:

The US Bureau Of Labor Statistics has so much information on their site about median income by state, or by occupation. 

For example, we can see that the following job roles earn a median wage just a fraction above our $21.63 per hour:

Of course, you can always top up your income with a side hustle!

The jobs detailed in the first section will have variable rates and earning potential according to the location, time of day, length of the job, the desirability of the job:

These jobs are more about you negotiating the rates that you want to earn, or adding additional income streams, such as blog advertising or affiliate marketing:

And the following side hustles are all about how much time you have to spend sifting out the lucrative possibilities:

Let’s Wrap This Up! 

So we’ve thoroughly explored exactly what it means when we want to find out $ 45000 a year is how much an hour

The magic hourly number for a $ 45000 annual salary is $21.63 per hour.

It’s always a worthwhile exercise to make sure that you have a solid budget with clear saving goals. 

I’ve given you a treasure trove of links and resources to get yourself set up with a personal budget and awareness of what taxes you will be required to pay. 

Whatever your income, knowledge and organisation are key! 

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